9 Stone Cum Queen in the Suburbs

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(This is my third story for Literotica)


Here I am.

I am the 9 Stone Cum Queen.

My cunt is tighter than your wife’s.

I am five foot six. That’s the perfect weight for my height, a doctor told me.

I’m a good height for the average man. When I’m wearing heels and I bend over a table I find my cunt is at just the right height for the average man to slide his cock into.

Are you an average man? Would you like to bend me over your table?

Here I am. I’m in a house in the suburbs. I am wearing fishnet hold ups and black high heels. I have a man’s cock in my hand. I have just wanked him off into the face of his big-titted wife.

His cock is still dribbling cum. It runs over my knuckles. It falls and splatters on her enormous tits.

Are you married? Do you have a girl? Does she let you come on her face? Does she flinch?

I never flinch.

Here I am. It is earlier the same day. I am lying on the sofa. I am wearing a string of pearls and nothing else. The sun streams through the window. The sun feels good on my tits.

My tits are 30Ds. Do you understand what that means? They are a good handful. You could take one in each hand. Your hands would be full.

I think you could call them big tits. Not massive, but big. If you saw me out on a summer’s day wearing a tight t-shirt with no bra you would think; “I want to fuck that girl and her big tits.”

I bring out that sort of reaction in men.

Me don’t buy me flowers. Men come up to me and say; “I want to fuck you in the mouth. I want to fuck you up the ass.”

Here I am. Lying on the sofa. Sun on my tits. Finger up my ass. Smile on my face.

The phone rings. I answer.


“9 stone cum queen?”


“This is 11 Stone Whore Wife.”

“Hey! How are you?”

“Bored, horny. I was wondering if you would like to come round and eat me out?”

This is how my friends and me talk all the time. Isn’t it incredible? Sometimes I phone up my friend John and I say; “Johnny, would you be so kind as to come over and spray my tits with cum? I’ve been fucking myself with my fingers all afternoon and even though I’ve come several times but I really want to jerk myself off with some fresh spunk smeared over my filthy titties. If you’re busy, you wouldn’t need to come in, you could get yourself hard on the way over and when you arrive I could just open the door and drop to my knees. You could shoot all over me whilst I squeeze and pinch my tits. Would you mind terribly?”

In my fifth story for Literotica I will go to a Barbeque and end up with four men’s cum on my perfect tits. It will be the messiest and gooiest I have ever gotten my breasts.

“Oh 11 Stone, you live such a long way away. It takes me over an hour just to get there! How can you entice me?”

“Well if you came over now, my husband is home in a couple of hours it would be a nice surprise for him.”

“If I come over and lick your cunt and ass out, maybe finger-fuck you. Make you come a couple of times, would you let me wank your husband?”

“Of course I would darling, but normal rules apply.” She said.

“OK, I’ll be there in an hour or so.” I replied.

“Look forward to seeing you, and remember, dress up!”


What 11 Stone Whore Wife meant when she said ‘normal rules apply’ is this; 11 Stone and her husband can screw who ever they like but he must always save his cum for her alone.

I think it’s a shame for a girl to stick to one flavour but there you go.

I do like rules though.

I have lots of rules for sex. I like working within limitations.

Here are some of my rules.

Rule 1: I will only be fucked up the ass on my birthday. I had my first anal on my 21st Birthday and since then I’ve decided to wait until that day every year. It’s my extra special treat.

In my ninth story for Literotica I will tell you about six of my seven ass-fuckings. I will explain exactly how I like to be taken up the rear.

In my tenth story I will tell you about my 24th Birthday when I chose a cock that was too big to fit up my ass.

Rule 2: I will never have straight vanilla sex with a man. By vanilla I mean normal naked sex. I have vowed to always add at least one extra kink to proceedings. Like…

…doing it in a public place.

…wearing heels.

…wearing stockings or hold ups.

…doing it with a guy and a girl at the same time.

…doing it with two guys at once.

…doing it with three guys at once.

…doing it with four guys at once.

Rule 3. If a guy comes on my face, or on my tits, or on my clothes I will not wash it off until I get home. When I walk down the street people will see and say; that girl has got cum on her face.

Rule 4. I will never fuck more than five guys on one go. I’m not a slut you know.

11 Stone Whore Wife wants me to dress up, I love to dress up for her, and she likes to dress up for me too.

Here’s what I wear.

I put on lilac bra and skimpy panties bahis firmaları with black lace frills. This is high class stuff. You know those powerful beautiful women in business suits that you know are way out of your league? They wear underwear like this.

I pull on fine fish-net hold ups. They stop midway up my thigh. You know your favourite piece of porn? The one where your favourite porn star wears beautiful fishnets and gets fucked by two guys on the floor. You walk around all day with a hard on wishing you could have a girl who’d wear fishnet hold ups and lie on the floor for you. Well these are those kind of fishnets.

I put on a red one piece dress that hugs my tits and ass and is just a little short, stopping an inch or two above my knees. The bottom of the dress is pleated and flares out. It lets the wind up so my cunt feels cool. When I cross and uncross my legs men will see flashes of my stocking tops and my bare thighs. You know those confidant sexy older women who wear tight dress over their big tits and asses. They’re a little too old for you, but you know they are from higher stock and you know they suck cock better than your wife or girlfriend ever could. Well this is the type of dress they wear.

I slip on black shoes with four-inch heels and a thin ankle strap. I can walk easily in high heels. I can fuck in high heels. If I were to take your cock into my mouth I would kneel in such a way that you could see I was wearing high heels. You would come in the mouth of a girl with high heels.

Listen. It’s important you know exactly what type of shoes these are. They a matt black leather, they are closed and rounded at the toe. Even though the heel is long, it is not really thin; it is maybe a quarter inch wide. They have a slightly retro feel to them. Like a sexy shoe from the 1950s.

There are expensive shoes. You know those girls who you can never dream of having? Those girls who are just way out of your league? They wear shoes like this. They fuck in shoes like this.

In my first story for Literotica I wore red shiney shoes with four inch heels and two tiny ankle straps.

In my second story I wore bright yellow shoes with three inch heels.

In my fourth story I will get fucked hard in 6 inch heels that I can barely walk in. It will be absurd.

I go outside. I walk to the train station.

The dress is tight around my tits, did I say that already?

The dress is tight around my ass, did I say that already?

The dress has inch wide shoulder straps, it shows my bare arms and shoulders.

The dress flares out at the bottom. It’s a sunny day but the cool breeze lifts my dress just slightly.

Men can’t keep their eyes of my long fishnet legs.

Men can’t keep their eyes of my tight high ass.

I get on a tube to Liverpool street station.

On the tube I sit in front of a guy. I cross and uncross my legs. He can see the stops of my stockings. I think maybe the skirt might just be short enough that he can see a glimpse of the stocking tops. We get off at the same stop and I stand close behind him on the escalator so that my breasts lightly brush against his back. I lean forward and whisper in his ear; “I can fit three fingers up my cunt. I can fit my thumb up my ass-hole but it hurts a little.”

I take a train out to the suburbs. It takes me to a town beginning with B.

I sit opposite another guy. I cross and uncross my legs so he can see my stocking tops. I do it so many times that he knows I’m doing it on purpose. He stares long at my legs and looks up my skirt. He rubs himself a little. I lean over and move in close to his ear. He can see down the top of my dress. I whisper; “I get fucked up the ass once a year. On my birthday. On my twenty fourth birthday I chose a cock that was too big. We kept trying but couldn’t get the cock to fit up my tight ass-hole.”

I leave him and walk to another part of the train.

In my fourth story for Literotica I will choose a guy at random on a train and let him fuck me hard.

I get off the train at a town beginning with B. I come out of the station and turn left. I take the second turning on the right. I turn left and then right again. 11 Stone Whore Wife lives at number 48. If you can find her house you win a prize.

She will suck you off on her doorstep.

11 Stone opens the door.

11 Stone is a big, sexy, strong older woman with long curly auburn hair. She is 37. She has absolutely massive G cup tits. That is freakishly big. She has a big fat ass too but that doesn’t mean she’s fat herself. She isn’t fat; she is big. She goes in at the waist.

She has a white cashmere jumper that is too small and is stretched tight over her massive boobs. She is wearing a tight knee length skirt that has a slit up the side. She is wearing bright red ‘fuck me’ five-inch heels. She is wearing black nylons.

11 Stone has a cock sucking mouth. You know just to look at it.

I met her when I was young. She taught me how to suck cocks. We would go to pubs and find men and take them kaçak iddaa home. She would sit on a sofa whilst I got on my knees and sucked their meat. She would tell me where I was going wrong.

She taught me how to take their full length.

She taught me how to tease their helmets.

She taught me how to cup their balls in my hand.

She taught me how to look them in the eye.

She taught me how to swallow.

She taught me how to take it in the face and not flinch.

When 11 Stone opens the door we share a long sweet slow kiss. I never kiss a man this way. Our breasts touch each other.

She leads me into the kitchen. She makes me coffee. She sits on a high stool. She cross her legs. Her nylons are thin and shear. I know that they are stockings and that she is wearing suspenders. I can see the tops of her nylons through the slit in her skirt. The tops of her stocking are a neat black band. Her stockings have a seam that run up the back.

I say to 11 Stone; “Two weeks ago I went out in stockings like that. I found a guy and got him to come over my face in the middle of the street. I didn’t let him touch me or anything. He just shot over my lips and chin. I wrote about it and stuck it on the internet.”

11 Stone says to me; “I wore white stilletto heels and a tight mini skirt to the park the other day. I found three young men who said I was a slag. They called me a dirty whore. I slipped off my slutty black see-through knickers. I made each one of them come into my panties, whilst I showed them my massive tits. I played with my nipples and fondled my boobs whilst they took turns to soak my panties in spunk. I took the panties back and put them back on. They were absolutely drenched in cum. I wore them all day and then later that night I told my husband. I stuffed the panties in my mouth and held them there whilst he fucked me. Standing up, against the mirror.”

I say to 9 Stone; “I went to a club last week and chose three men at random. One by one I let them come to a cubicle in the girls toilets where they took turns to fill my mouth up with their jizz. One was fat, one was ginger, one was married. I wrote about it and put the story on the internet.”

11 Stone says to me; “My husband phoned me whilst he was fucking a nineteen year old in his car. She was dressed in a cheap mini skirt and had pale fat legs. He said he had paid her just twenty pounds. She had sucked him for five minutes and then he just got her legs up high on the back seat. He pulled her slutty thong to one side and pounded her hairy ugly pussy. I said that he had to remember the rules and he had to save his spunk for me. He drove home fast. He walked through the door with his cock hard and erect. He forced me to the floor and rammed his cock in my gob. I could smell teenage cunt on his cock. He started pumping cum into my mouth straight away. There was so much I started choking.”

I get on my knees and crawled over to 11 Stone sitting on her stool. She opened her legs as far as they could go in her tight skirt. I look in between her legs and see that her cunt is bare. She is wearing no panties. I run my hands up and down her nylon calves.

I love the feeling of nylon. I stroked slowly and gently. I move my head forward between her knees and take in the beautiful, musty smell of this gorgeous older woman’s cunt.

I stroke the nylon. I lick her shoes. I like her shiny red leather five inch heels. I stroke her nylons. I lick her nylons.

She pulls her skirt up her legs. It is hard. The dress is tight. She gets it up past her stocking tops. She lifts her heavy ass up and gets the tight dress round so it’s up by her waist.

Her cunt is exposed. Her cat is out. She has a neatly trimmed bush. She has deep red pubic hair.

The poor woman wants me to lick her snatch. She is moving her pelvis back and forward. She wants this beautiful firm twenty seven year old to eat her cunt.

But I’m not finished stroking her nylons. Kissing her nylons. Kissing her shoes. Licking her shoes.

She lifts her legs up and hooks each one over my shoulders. I run my hands up her legs and down the back of her thighs. Following the seam all the way. I run my hands over the smooth white flesh above her stocking tops.

My red glossy lips are centimetres away from her lightly pulsing pussy.

From where she is sitting she can see my tight arse sticking out with me on all fours. She can see my heels.

She says; “Please lick my snatch. Please lick my cunt. Please lick my slit.”

I run my tongue up her slit.

I kiss her clitoris.

I lick her snatch.

I bury my face in this gorgeous 37 year old woman’s warm pussy.

I eat cunt.

My face is full of cunt.

All I can taste is cunt.

All I can smell is cunt.

She is wet. I have her cunt juice all over my mouth all over my chin and face.

We stay this way for ages. Her strong legs are wrapped around me. Her heels dig in my back. I stroke her nylons. I eat cunt.

I am so grateful to her for letting me eat her kaçak bahis cunt. Her cunt is beautiful. I suck and slurp down as much as I can of her cunt juice.

I slip my tongue right inside. Right inside her cunt as far as it will go.

11 Stone has a looser cunt then mine. She has had such a lot of cock. She can take two cocks in her cunt at the same time. I have never done this. I don’t think I could fit two cocks in my cunt at the same time. I think it would be impossible.

I once said to 11 Stone; “Next time you take two cocks in your cunt can I come and watch?”

I pull away from 11 Stone. She looks disappointed. I stand up and pull my skirt up. I get my skimpy lacy lilac panties and pull them down over my long fishnet stockings. I leave them around my knees and get back down on my knees.

Both our cunts are free.

11 Stone is only the second person to see my shaven cunt in my stories so far.

We get back to the same position. Her legs are over my shoulders. I get back to her cunt. She is happy. I am happy. My legs are wide. My panties are stretched tight between my legs. I didn’t take them off. It’s sexier this way. I look like someone who didn’t have time to take them off. My cunt and ass are exposed but I am still fully clothed. My knickers are stretched tight between my wide open legs.

If you were to walk in with your hard cock, you would have the choice of three holes.

You couldn’t fuck my mouth because I’m eating her cunt.

You couldn’t fuck her cunt because I’m eating it.

You couldn’t fuck her ass because she’s sitting on it.

Theoretically you could fuck my ass but I wouldn’t let you because it’s not my birthday.

You could fuck her mouth. You could slide you cock into the slut mouth of this big tittied whore whilst I eat her cunt.

You could fuck my cunt hole. You could get behind me and stick it into my tight shaven cunt.

I have a tight cunt. If you had a small cock I could tighten my cunt walls around your cock and make it tight. If you had a medium cock it would be a good fit. You would fit in nice and tight. If you had a big cock it would stretch my cunt. It would hurt, but I would like it.

I have had too much cunt. I need air. I need some attention myself.

I get up and take 11 Stone Whore Wife by the hand and lead her to her living room.

I get on the sofa and get my legs up high. My knickers around my ankles they are stretched tight between my wide-open legs.

I sit like that whilst 11 Stone pulls her tight cashmere jumper over her tits. She pull the jumper off. Her tits are truly gigantic. She wears a black lace bra that does nothing to contain these truly tremendous boobs.

She unhooks her bra and massive globes swing free. She is a freak.

Her skirt is wrapped around her waist. She is wearing stocking and suspenders and high red heels. Her cunt is dripping wet.

She gets on her knees. She stroked my fishnets. She licks my fishnets. She kisses my high heels.

She licks my cunt. She licks my cunt good.

In my first story I denied my cunt.

In my second story I denied my cunt.

In this story my cunt is not denied. The beautiful woman will make me come but you will have to wait until my next story before I take a cock up my cunt.

How many times do you think I will say the word ‘cunt’? Does your wife say ‘cunt?’ Does your girlfriend say ‘cunt?’ Say hi to her for me.

11 Stone Whore Wife licks the shaven cunt of her 27 year old friend.

She loves the taste. I grab the back of her head and push her head deep down into my crutch. She strokes my fishnet hold ups.

It takes her ten minutes to make me come. This is how she does it. She licks my clit lightly, quickly intensely. She puts her long tongue up my cunt. She takes it out, then licks my clit light and fast again. She does this pattern five times.

She tells me she is going to stick her little finger up my tight ass-hole and that I will come with her finger up my ass.

She know’s how rarely I let my shit-hole get invaded. She pushes my legs back further so my ass hole is fully exposed.

Only I know how far apart my legs go. Only I know how far apart I can stretch my ass-hole.

She lubricates my ass-hole with her tongue. I have a woman’s tongue rimming my sweet little hole. She’s running it round and round. She takes pussy juice from her own sloppy cunt and runs it over my ass-hole. She is tasting her own cunt and my ass.

She slides her tongue inside my ass-hole. Her tongue is up my ass. It feels fucking fantastic.

If you were to walk in now there would be three holes you could fuck with your hard cock.

You could slide you cock into my mouth. I would take it with no complaint.

You could fuck her wet pussy. She is so wet she would barely feel it. You would have to fuck her very hard.

Or you could fuck her up the ass. 11 Stone Whore Wife loves being fucked up the ass and is much less fussy than me. She would love it. She would say; “Thankyou for fucking me up the shit-hole whilst I have my tongue up her ass.”

I am close to coming. She takes her tongue out of my ass hole and swaps it for her finger.

She slips her finger her up my ass hole. She fucks my asshole with my finger.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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