99 Erotica Nights Ch. 01: Spring

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Hello all. I really want to take part in the Survivor Revival challenge, but I’m still working full time so that people can continue to drink water, so I’ll do my best, and please be kind since I won’t be able to edit like I’d like. I will also be challenged to post every day, though I promise I will try.

My first story welcomes spring. I hope you enjoy it, and that maybe it brings a small slice of happy distraction into your world.


Hope shouldn’t have let her mother badger her into attending her great aunt’s funeral. She didn’t even remember the old lady, despite her mother’s arguments otherwise.

The wake was way out in the country at her second cousin’s house. The old Victorian was stuffy and filled over any reasonable capacity with black-clad mourners and the smell of overcooked ham. Her mother had quickly disappeared into the throng of people, and Hope found she didn’t really care. She made her way through them all and headed towards the kitchen, hoping for a cookie or something decent to nibble.

The kitchen was even more crowded, to her disappointment, though she should’ve expected it. Her eyes surveyed the room without really seeing it, then landed on a glass door on the other side of the room. She pushed her way through, feeling more than a little claustrophobic, then was finally sliding it open.

Cold, wet air slapped her in the face, but it was comforting after the too-many-people smell. Sliding the door shut behind her, she stepped out onto a wrap-around porch. The house was huge, probably over a hundred years old and beautiful in a way that modern houses just weren’t, even if it wasn’t in the best shape. The porch was a wrap-around, with steps that lead down to a backyard that was more a forest that a yard. It must look amazing when everything bloomed, and she wished it was nicer out so she could follow the gravel trail that wound through the sleeping trees and shrubs.

The clamor inside dulled down to a nice, consistent hum, which she found relaxing for some reason. Rain fell from a fleecy-gray sky, the kind that came down slow enough that you didn’t feel the need to run through. It was soft, a nice spring rain that would bring the trees back to life and urge the blooming of spring flowers.

She closed her eyes and allowed the cool air and pleasant sound of rain combined with the muted hum of people to just flow around her. Breathing deeply, she found the chilly air refreshing, smelling of a hint of spring.

“It’s a bit much, yea? Inside?”

Her eyes flew open and her hand jumped to her chest as she whirled towards the sound of the voice. “Um, yeah. Sure,” she stammered. Hadn’t she been alone on the big, old porch?

A guy who couldn’t be much older than her sat on the railing a few supports down from where she stood. One foot hung over the inside of the porch rail while his arm wrapped around the other one, knee held up to his chest. “Sorry,” he apologized, his smile sending her heart fluttering. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“You didn’t,” she insisted, working to push the fluttering away.

He watched her, then pushed his fingers through his dusty-colored hair, smoothing it over to one side. His eyes were as green as spring, she could tell even though she wasn’t close enough to him that she should have been able to tell. His look told her that he didn’t buy her lie, but he let it go.

“I had to get out,” she said after a moment of silence between them. He watched her curiously, and she wasn’t sure if she should approach him or not. “Too stuffy.”

He chuckled and her heart fluttered again. “For sure. Nice day, though.”

“For a funeral, I suppose. It’s appropriate, or something.”

He chuckled again. “Or something.” He turned towards the woods behind the house and breathed deeply. “Still, it’s good weather. Change in the air.”

She tilted her head, not entirely sure where the conversation was going. “Sure. I guess it is the first day of spring.”

He turned back to her, a curious look in his eyes. “Is it now?” he asked, one eyebrow raised. The way he said it puckered her lips. He was playing with her.

She snorted. She should just walk away, she didn’t have to talk to this guy, but the prospect of going back inside and talking to distant family was unappealing. And, it wasn’t like she had anything better to do anyway. “Yea, it is. I’m Hope, by the way.”

“Hope? Nice name. I’m Niko.”

“So, how are you related to my great aunt Mary?” she asked.

“Hmm?’ he asked, toying with her.

She raised an eyebrow. “You’re here for the funeral, right?”

“Not exactly. I mean, yeah, I guess, but I’m not kin or anything like that. More like a friend of the family?”

“A friend? Aunt Mary’s?”

“I was,” he agreed.

“You were friends with my eighty nine year old great aunt? You?” she asked, pursing her lips.

“Yup,” he agreed. “We could be friends, you and me. If you wanted.”

She cocked her head. “You’re weird.”

“Is bahis firmaları that bad? That I’m weird?”

She studied him for a moment and found that she was more curious about him than weirded out. “Weird can be good.”

He rewarded her with a smile, then sprung to his feet with the grace of a trained dancer, thrusting his hand out towards her. “It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Hope.”

She took his hand, then suppressed a shiver at the chill of his skin against hers. He shook her hand, then held it for longer than was necessary, but she didn’t pull away, either.

The air felt charged around them as she looked up into his vibrant green eyes. There was something about them that was so interesting, she wanted to see them closer. Not just that, she wanted to be closer to him, as if his touch had opened her up. There was a space in her chest that she needed to fill, and he…

The sound of the sliding glass door behind her had her jumping again, her heart clamoring in her chest as she pulled her hand from Niko’s. He stepped back, looking over her head at the intruder. She followed his gaze and saw an old man stepping out onto the porch, his head already angled towards his hand to light a cigarette.

“Gross,” she muttered, scowling at the unwelcome intruder.

“Hey, you wanna get outta here?” Niko’s voice was right in her ear, and his words felt like vines tying her up inside.

She very much wanted to get away from the smoking man, whose back was turned to them as he puffed on the first pull of his cigarette. “Uh-huh,” she agreed, still watching the man as the first waft of smoke ruined the fresh smell of rain.

Niko’s lips brushed against her ear and she nearly swooned. She pivoted back to him and almost fell into his arms, he was that close. His smell quickly replaced the harsh scent of smoke. He smelled like the rain. He smelled like spring.

“Come on,” he said, mischief in his smile. He took her hand and she found it wasn’t as cold as she remembered. Part of her wondered why she was so eager to escape with a guy she just met, but she let it go. What else was she gonna do, anyway?

He led her around the porch and out into the small yard behind the house, then down the gravel trail. Rain fell around them, but it was warmer than she expected. It felt nice as it landed on her skin like soft kisses. She looked back towards the house and saw the man still smoking on the porch. She scowled at him as she allowed Niko to pull her deeper into the woods.

“Where are we going?” she asked as the house disappeared and the sleeping forest surrounded them.

“Somewhere special,” he said.

“Do you live here?” she asked, feeling stupid the second she said it. Of course he lived here, how else would he know about somewhere special?

“I live around here, yea,” he said, tugging her further down the trail. Rain fell softly around them and soon she was quite wet, but it didn’t bother her. Gravel crunched under their feet as they continued on, farther and farther from the house.

Niko continued to hold her hand as they walked, she hadn’t even realized it at first, but now that she had her heart fluttered again. He was quite a bit taller than her, and even with his dusty hair matted with rain over his eyes, he was still quite attractive. Her face bloomed with heat and her core clenched with the first blush of arousal.

He looked back at her and smiled, somehow he seemed so much more now, like the woods around him were where he belonged. The woods seemed more complete with him in them, too, somehow. She snorted at herself at the ridiculousness of the thought, but it still felt true.

“We’re almost there,” he said, sounding excited. His pace increased, and she found herself almost jogging to keep up with him.

“Niko!” she exclaimed as she nearly tripped over a large root, her dress flats not exactly designed for hiking. As it was she stumbled, but his strong arms caught her easily.

“Sorry, sorry,” he said, not sounding sorry at all as he steadied her. “I’m just so excited to show you. I know you’ll love it here.”

He took her hand once more and squeezed gently. Her core clenched again and she bit her bottom lip, so attracted to this stranger that she didn’t care where they were going, as long as she could go with him. “Sure,” she agreed. He smiled, then pulled her once more down the trail. “Where?”

“Just up here, just a little farther.” He kept a brisk pace, but not quite as quickly as before she’d stumbled. The path turned then headed down a steep slope. “Careful here,” he said, releasing her hand. She suppressed her disappointment at losing his touch.

She frowned when she noticed the gravel had stopped, the trail now more that of a deer trail. Shouldn’t she have noticed when it stopped?

His confidence quickly snuffed the twinge of uncertainty at the loss of the trail. Niko climbed down the steep slope gracefully, she knew she’d never be able to move like that. When he got to the kaçak iddaa bottom, only a few feet below her, he held his hand out.

She flushed, not nearly as confident that she wouldn’t make a fool of herself on her climb down. “Jump,” he urged, his hand extended to her.

“I can’t,” she said, disappointed in herself.

He smiled up at her. “You can. I’ll catch you.” She looked at him skeptically and he laughed. “I will. Trust me?”

She bit her bottom lip, then nodded. She reached out for his hand, leaning over the steep slope. Her foot slipped in the soft mud and she cursed her shoe choice as she slid down the slope.

Before she got far she found herself in Niko’s arms. He smelled good, and the rain on his skin just made him smell better. He looked down at her with those big, green eyes and she moved forward until their lips met, uncertain about the move, but now it was too late to take it back.

His lips were cooler than hers. It felt nice on her lips and she lingered for longer than she’d meant to stay. When she went to pull away he snaked his hand around her neck and held her close, pressing his lips against her own. He kissed her, a gentle press of his lips against hers, then small kisses, catching her lip between his own.

She opened for him, kissing him back, and soon the kiss grew into something more passionate. His other hand slid down her back and landed in the curve just above her ass. Her own were wrapped around his neck as she pulled him closer. She couldn’t have said what he tasted like, just that he tasted good.

His kisses started a current of desire swirling through her body. His touch ignited something inside her she hadn’t felt in a long time, and that she’d never felt this strongly. Too soon he pulled away, both of them panting. She frowned and he chuckled.

“We’re almost there,” he said, sliding his hand down her shoulder, her arm, then to her hand. He took hers in his and stepped away from her and she reluctantly let him go, willing to follow him wherever he wanted her to go.

Her head swam with desire as she followed him deeper into the woods. Something changed, she felt it, but she couldn’t have said what it was, and then there was a lovely pond before them, mist around the edges so that it looked like a glassy mirror. When it had stopped raining she didn’t know.

“It’s lovely,” she whispered, afraid that if she spoke too loud that she’d shatter the magic of the place. The pond, ringed in mist, was surrounded on all sides by trees that somehow didn’t reflect on the pool.

“I knew you’d love it,” he said, sounding incredibly pleased. That she’d pleased him made her feel all tingly inside. “You wanna go inside?”

She looked at the lake, confused, then she turned to him and saw a small, handsome lean-to on the shore a short distance from where they stood. He turned towards it and she followed. It sort of resembled a log cabin, it was certainly cabin-like on the sides, with a roof tiled with wooden shingles covered in moss that sloped until it stopped a few feet from the ground. The opening of the lean-to was divided in two by a stone chimney made of smooth stones the color of bricks and mud.

“Niko, this’s wonderful,” she breathed, taking in the whole scene.

“Wanna come inside?” he asked, his hand slipping from hers.

She nodded and he smiled again. She loved his smile. He stepped up onto the raised platform of the lean-to, then held his hand to her and pulled her up inside, too. It was drier than she expected, the inside of the structure warm and cozy despite the entire side of it open to the pond. It was warmer than she’d expected, and she was surprised to find a soft-looking green mat on the floor, the shape of a yoga mat, but thicker. More like a small, portable mattress. Her face flushed when she realized that was exactly what it was.

A thought flicked through her head that he’d planned this all along, he had to have, but she didn’t care. It was amazing to be part of this, to have been shown this small slice of paradise. He watched her taking it all in, looking anticipatory. “Thank you,” she said, stepping closer to him.

“For what?” he asked, his hands sliding around her hips. He pulled her closer, close enough that she could smell his woodsy scent again.

“Showing me this, bringing me here. It’s wonderful.”

His smile lit up her life. “I’m very glad you like it. I thought you might, but I couldn’t be sure until you saw it.”

She stepped closer, pressing her body against his, then went up on her tiptoes. “I like it. No, I love it,” she whispered, then brushed her lips over his again. He pulled her closer and kissed her again, small kisses that pulled at her lips but never went deeper. Her hands laced behind his neck and she melted into the kisses, longing to deepen them, but also willing the gentle, sensuous kisses to continue forever.

“Do you want me?” he asked.

She pulled back a bit, readied with a sarcastic answer, but she got lost on the way in kaçak bahis his green eyes. “Mmm-hmm.”

Another smile flooded her core, then he was kissing her again, pressing his damp body against her own, the heat between them warming her chilled skin. He bit at her bottom lip playfully, then pushed his way into her mouth. Their kisses soon turned passionate, taking her breath away. As the kisses grew more intense the need to feel more of his skin pressed against her own grew, too, until it was unbearable.

She struggled with the buttons on his shirt, then when she finally fumbled with the last one she pushed it off of him, pulling his hands away from her body with the motion. She whined into his mouth and he chuckled, then tugged her own blouse over her head, a stretchy black top that hung on her in a very flattering way.

He stepped back and looked at her and she blushed, covering her curves, embarrassed by her body. He frowned and closed the small distance between them, his fingers tracing her bra under her arms to where it clasped behind her back. She trembled and he kissed her, then she felt the bra fall loosen as his skillful fingers unclasped her bindings.

His fingers traced her skin as he slid the garment from her, releasing her breasts as it slipped from her shoulders and fell to the floor. She sighed in relief before she could stop herself, then flushed. “Sorry…”

Niko stared at her hungrily. “No sorrys,” he said, a finger under her chin to lift her face to his. “You have a beautiful body.”

She went to turn away, but his gentle touch on her jaw froze her in place. “I’m chubby.”

He snorted. “Not at all. You’re perfect. Women should have curves. Your breasts are perfect.”

His words sent a shiver of joy down her spine. She didn’t argue with him. She didn’t need to, she suddenly didn’t feel fat around him. No, quite the opposite. She felt sexy. She liked how he looked at her, like she was everything he needed. It made her feel powerful.

A cool breeze stiffened her nipples, she felt the skin pull tight as they pebbled. He didn’t touch her, just watched her with a look of hunger in his eyes. Her eyes trailed down his chest, following a dusty trail of hair to where it disappeared into his pants, and then down further to the shape of his member outlined through wet slacks.

Hope stepped close to him again, pressing her chest to his as she reached up and pulled his head down to hers again. He kissed her hard, the gentle kisses from earlier replaced with need and desire. His hands trailed over her skin, cool fingers leaving gooseflesh in their wake. Instead of making her cold they sensitized her wherever they passed, heating her core and driving her mad.

Her hands slipped down his chest and her body followed. She backed him into the unlit fireplace, then worked at the button and zipper of his slacks. They stuck to his hips so she left them on, snaking her hand into his tight, silky trunks, surprised at her own boldness.

His cock was perfection as she released it from the confines of his trousers. She’d never seen an uncut penis before, both of the men she’d been with before had been circumcised. It surprised her how natural it looked, and how much she liked how it felt. Before she knew it she was on her knees before him, the smell of him filling her head.

For a split second her confidence faltered and she looked up uncertainly. This was crazy, her ready to suck the dick of this beautiful man she’d just met and randomly followed into the woods. Her hesitation faded away when she saw how he looked at her, desire burning bright in those emerald eyes.

Niko’s hand threaded into her hair and she stared up at him for another second, then leaned in and pressed her lips to the tip of his cock. His precum smeared over her lips and she licked them before she realized it. His taste was raw and natural, and while it wasn’t delicious, it was heady.

Their eyes met as she slid her lips over his head, pushing his foreskin back gently. He growled in pleasure and she flushed, his desire fueling her own. His flavor filled her head as she pushed her way further down his member, which seemed to still be growing in her hands, both longer and firmer.

“Hope,” he moaned as she sucked hard, stopped about half-way down his shaft. He was too long for her to take in completely, she’d never mastered the art of deepthroating. He didn’t seem to mind as she wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and pumped upward as she pulled her head back.

She let him fall from her lips while holding him firmly in hand. “You’re so sexy,” she praised. “I’m not usually like this.”

“You’re not usually beautiful and passionate?” he asked, gently pushing her head closer to his member, more a suggestion than a command.

She giggled. “Not this easy. You’re just… There’s something about you.”

“I need you, Hope,” he said, his words genuine.

“Mmm-hmm,” she murmured as she slid her lips back over his silky glans. Another flush of precum filled her mouth as she sucked down on him, savoring the velvety feel of his foreskin as it slid down his rock-hard manhood. Again she let him fall from her lips as she pulled up his shaft. “You taste good.”

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