A Bad Girl at Christmas

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Matthew couldn’t help but smile. Any time he was able to see his two favorite girls in the same day was always a good day, but as it was Christmas, this one was especially so.

“Shit!” The car, fishtailing quickly left and right on an icy patch of road, came back under control without much difficulty, but reminded Matt to keep his mind on his driving until arriving safely at Louise’s house. He adjusted and descended the vehicle’s speed slightly, and let his heart settle back into his chest. Still, with very few other cars on the road and another twenty minutes to get to his destination, he couldn’t help but reflect.

He had just dropped off his daughter at his ex-wife’s home. It was the first time in four years that Matthew was able to open gifts with his daughter on Christmas Day, rather than on the 26th or 27th. Though happy to be out of a very bad marriage, he still missed his daughter greatly, and the morning held wonderful significance for him.

After a nice breakfast and cleaning up the wrapping paper and bows from the floor, they put the finishing touches on a snow fort behind his apartment building. Matt played with his daughter in the cold, letting her win a snowball fight. At 5’8″ and 165 pounds his muscular frame held up a bearded face that towered above the eleven year old girl. The ski cap worn to cover his ears couldn’t contain the long strands of grey hair peeking out the back to his shoulders. After many genuine laughs, he made some hot chocolate for both of them to warm up. When the time came to start getting ready to leave, the kind-hearted father loaded his car with opened presents he’d given his daughter and with wrapped ones for his new girlfriend. He was a genuinely nice man.

He’d been dating Louise for a couple months by then, and thanked his lucky stars for their mutual friend who’d introduced them. For one, he thought it uncommon for a man in his early 40’s to be hooked up with a woman in her late 20’s, and two, that she’d continue seeing him after what he was sure must have been merely a sympathy date. She had long brown hair, deep brown eyes, was in wonderful shape, and the long slit in the skirt she wore that first night did little to hide the sexiest pair of legs he’d seen in quite some time. But continue, she did, and they’d been seeing one another about once every week, since… lately, even more often.

There was one unfortunate break in the routine; after their first date, it had been over three weeks until their second one. She had spent the better part of a week away at a teachers’ conference and, while away, her father had been unexpectedly killed in a car wreck. When he’d heard about the bad news, his heart went out to her even though they barely knew one another. He had given a very thoughtful sympathy card with a dozen yellow roses that waited for her when she returned from an additional week away for arrangements and services.

Almost two weeks after that, they spent their second night out. They’d gone to a bar where one of Lou’s friends was playing in a band. She drank a lot that night, especially for a woman of such small size, and though he’d thought he’d be able to make it home afterward, she insisted it would be better to check into a hotel room, rather than run the risk of getting a DUI. Once in their rented room for the evening, she was naked almost immediately. He kissed and adored every inch of her body, starting with her softly opened mouth. Their lips and tongues licked and pecked, tasted and accepted, rolled and sucked on each other’s. As he descended Louise’s nude body, he licked a slow trail down her neck, over her left shoulder, and down the length of her arm to the palm of her hand. Sure, she was horny, but when he sucked on the pad of flesh below her thumb, she felt herself moistening within immediately.

Matt knew the effect he was having on her by the way she vocally exhaled. He licked his way back up, pausing to suck on the tendon on the inside her elbow, then tonguing farther up to her armpit, then down along the curve of her breast. His tongue flicked her nipple to full attention, but rather than sucking on it, adjusted over her body, doing the same to her right one. Matt’s hands were full, taking his own shirt off, then repeated the same, slow path with his tongue down Lou’s right arm and back up.

When his lips found their way to her right breast again, this time Matt paid it more attention. He peppered her areola with tongue flicks, then blew on the moist, sensitive, brownish-tan pad, cooling it rapidly and making it turn bumpy. Then he pinched it between his lips while quickly swirling the tip of his tongue around her nipple. Feeling it grow harder until it was a small standing pebble, he closed his teeth about it, continuing the circling licks at the very tip. Louise squealed out a sexy moan as he did, her hips undulating beneath his belly. He slid over to her left nipple and gave it the same sexy treatment, and she found herself nearly ready to climax before he had even touched her below.

Matthew bahis firmaları descended further, criss-crossing her belly with long, swiping strokes with the flat of his tongue, painting her with his saliva. The only time his tongue hid back inside his mouth was when he kissed over her soft curls. It seemed forever to her that he pecked kisses over her bush… lower… lower… nearly to her clitoris. Lou’s mouth was closed, moaning with every breath, but when he ducked down to peck a quick kiss on her vulva then slid off to the side to lick down her left thigh, her mouth opened to emit a groan of frustration a half-octave above her norm.

The tongue-lashing continued down her thigh, past her knee, then Matt finally used one of his hands, gripping Lou’s ankle and lift it into the air while he sucked on her calf. He sat on the edge of the bed, placing the ankle up onto his shoulder, kissing the muscular flesh as he undid the belt, zipper, and button of his pants. Sliding over to make the return trip up her right leg, Matt faced toward her, using both hands on himself to slip the pants down his legs and push his socks off and onto the floor. He playfully flicked his tongue along the arch of her foot to see if she was ticklish; where she normally would have been, at this point every sensation she received was too erotic to notice.

His hands kneaded and massaged her thighs as his face, lips, and tongue slid torturously slowly upward. Pressing the insides of her thighs forward and up, he saw her slit opening in the faint light from the window like the petals of some nocturnal flower. Finally his tongue entered her body, licking up one side and down the other, lapping her folds. Louise’s insanity was nearly over, and the moment she felt his tongue flicking up and over her clit, she climaxed violently and loudly. She begged Matt to fuck her, but he ignored her pleas, lost in his own desire. He continued licking over her clitoris, flicking his tongue madly and the echo of her orgasm hit her harder than the first. Her thighs pressed against his hands, quivering without control. Her voice filled the room with sound, and the musky scent of her pussy filled the air. Just as she thought the tremors had completed and calmed, Matthew quickly slid two fingers into her pussy, curling around her walls and swiping inside. When he pinched her clitoris between his lips and gave it the same attention as he’d done to her nipples, she found the aftershocks more dangerous than the quake, itself. With lightning flicks of the tip of his tongue across her clit in every direction, back and forth, up and down, diagonally this way and that, her entire body imploded, and wave after wave streamed through her. She climaxed a third time, unable to control the flailing of her body, cumming all over Matt’s fingers. He held them stiffly in place as her labia pulsed and vibrated on them.

The orgasm seemed to last an hour, but in reality was only less than a minute, when her body settled in place onto the bed, nothing more than a mass of gelatin. Matthew lowered his face one final time, licking over her folds, savoring the thick juices that coated them. Once he finally lifted himself off from her, he looked down to regard Louise’s body. He’d thought she was pretty before, but seeing her there, knew she was a lot more than that; glancing up from the shapeliness of those legs he admired the first time he saw them, to the pussy he’d just ravished, to her flat belly and the lifting mounds of flesh on her chest, up to her face, he couldn’t come up with any other words to describe her than just, “Beautiful.”

After Matt’s eyes had wandered up her body, the rest of his body followed. They kissed deeply, softly, and passionately, and she inhaled and tasted the remnants of herself on his lips and cheeks. He touched her face gently, and was not only in absolute awe of this young woman, but humbled to be with her. Lou repeated softly that she wanted him to fuck her, but he couldn’t stop doing anything but hold this precious treasure. She’d recently lost the man who’d meant more to her than any ever had, and knew he was already more than content in pleasing her.

Matt curled in beside her, spooning and just holding her, until she eventually fell asleep. Listening to her regulated breathing, Matt’s cock throbbed against the soft, round curves of her ass. A moment of wondering panic as to why he hadn’t made love to her invaded his brain, but as she held his hand between her breasts like a little girl would hold a teddy bear, he knew he had made the correct decision in holding off, this time.

The following morning in the hotel room, they both needed to leave for home to find clothes into which to change for work, but she still took the time to return the oral favor from the night before. They had taken a shower together, and the sight and feel of her body glistening in lathered soap and water was too much for him to hide what he wanted. Lou dropped to her knees while the hot water snapped down Matt’s back, taking him into kaçak iddaa her mouth. She was able to make him cum within minutes, swallowing every drop of it.

Dressed in the prior night’s attire, Matt drove Louise home, and finally realized this was much more than just a sympathy date for a nice guy… she actually liked him! At work the rest of the day, his heart fluttered, and once he called her, they’d made arrangements to see one another that weekend. They’d been dating ever since, it had been a wonderful two months, and the sex was nothing short of mind-boggling. As Matt pulled the car into her driveway, he knew he was in love with her, and was ready for the first time to tell her so.

He gathered her Christmas gifts and carried them up to the door. While he shifted the boxes to one arm in order to ring the doorbell, but saw he didn’t have to once he read the note taped to the door: “Merry Christmas, Matt… come on in! love, lulu”


Six months ago, Louise was an emotional wreck. Even though the relationship she’d had with her housemate Holly was an open one, Holly’s decision to move out to be with a man was devastating to her. Lou went through all the steps of a break-up, the wondering why, the many nights in tears. They’d lived together nearly four years and, though Louise knew they’d each eventually want to get married and have children, it just threw her that Holly would find the man of her dreams before she did.

Louise missed their nights together terribly and, with no one onto which to hold if neither found a guy for the evening, turned to her computer and sulked. She would log in to chatrooms for hours and hours at a time, playing with anyone who’d pay her attention. She’d become especially attached to one woman, but when Lou came back from a week away visiting family, she’d learned her cyber-partner had chosen not to be faithful to her. This simply brought back thoughts of Holly leaving again, and more nights were spent crying.

“What’s wrong with me?” she wondered. She knew she was intelligent… she knew she was attractive… so why didn’t the people she wanted want her? Her mother breathed sighs of relief that Louise was no longer with “that woman,” and nagged her to finally meet a nice man. Daddy, on the other hand, was nothing but supportive of his beloved daughter, assuring her she’d know the right thing to do, the right person with whom to spend her life, when it happened. He was the same way when her engagement was broken when she was 23. He was even more so when she was raped at 18… always loving, supportive, and encouraging. Her greatest qualities, she thought, came directly from him.

The one thing cyberring did do for her over those first few months alone, other than giving her the fantasy of climaxing with someone else, was to help bring her confidence back. She helped others online, giving advice when they were facing difficulties in their lives, and she’d opened up for some to do the same for her. By the start of the school year, she began testing the waters and dating once again. And again. And again. Before she knew it, she was juggling her schedule of free nights among four different men.

She was excited to have been asked to represent her school district to attend a three-day conference in Washington, DC, at the close of September. There, she had the chance to not only attend informative meetings and seminars, but the opportunity to sight-see in the nation’s capital for the first time since she was in 7th grade. On her last morning there, though, she received the most devastating news of her life. Daddy was killed in an accident, and Mom was in the hospital. Her flight home was changed immediately, and she rushed to take care of what was left of her family.

A week later, Mom was at least okay and had been discharged from the hospital, though it would take some months of physical therapy to be able to use her right hand again. Lou, however, returned to work, confused and lost. Though everyone was kind and polite to her, it still was going to take some time for her to compose herself and find her way to a new normalcy. Over the next two and a half months, two things occurred: first, the only thing that she found to consume her enough to overcome her grief was sex, and second, of all the men with whom she was spending time, Matthew was winning out as she narrowed the field down to one.

The yellow roses he’d given Louise were her first sign; they had always been Daddy’s favorite. The first night they’d spent together afterward was her second; Matt was so loving, so passionate, yet never gave her the feeling in the least that sex was the only reason he was there. Even though they didn’t make love that night, the sex was amazing as he used his mouth on her body far better than any man she’d known, and better than most of the women. And the following morning, when she saw his body for the first time in the light? Even though he was fifteen years older than she was, he was certainly kaçak bahis very easy on the eyes. His chest had just the right amount of hair… his face handsome… his body firm… his cock large and wide and gorgeous.

In the shower, she lathered up her body with the small rectangle of hotel soap, then used her own body to wash his, pressing her legs against his, her chest against his. Louise then turned around to press and wiggle her lathered back and ass to wash him, and as his arms closed about her body, she thought it was a perfect fit. She turned to face Matthew once more, encouraging him to spin around as well. When he did so, she reached around him and took the base of his hard member into her small hand. She skillfully stroked it, not letting the soap get too close to the slit of his head, making sure not to burn it with the bubbles. She rubbed the front half of her body all over him, pressing her soft breasts into his back, and carefully reaching up on her toes so as not to slip in the tub, yet feel the contour of his ass in front of her hips.

In a few minutes, she stopped her hand job. While Matt turned around to once again wrap his arms about Louise’s body, she kissed him softly, then squirmed with a smile from the embrace. She slid down his body, out of the way of the streaming water, letting the soap rinse off from his stomach and his penis. Once it was completely rinsed, she knelt around him with her hands clutching onto his hips, urging him to turn with her. With Matt’s body blocking the shower, Lou took him into her mouth, sucking sweetly, passionately, and lustfully. After being nude with her for hours and the panic of what he may have missed the night before behind him, the sensations she gave, visually, physically, almost spiritually, exploded in return from his body and through his throbbing cock. She nourished herself with his seed, swallowing hungrily and excitedly.

Just two days later, Matthew was invited to her home and her bed; with the awkwardness of the first time being naked out or wondering if one could please the other out of the way, they found themselves exploring each other’s bodies with ease, wonder, and delight. For the next two months, it was more of the same, each time better than the last, at least once every week.

No, there was no doubt that Matthew was winning out as Louise narrowed the field down to one. However, the only thing she found to consume her grief was sex, and she grieved every single day, not just once a week. There were others who were familiar with her body and mind, and they played on that knowledge as surely as she did with theirs.

As October ended and November began, Lou found herself absolutely depraved, and acted more like a slut than she had since her sophomore year in college. She had wasted away an entire summer without sex and was bound and determined to make up for lost time. The thought even occurred to her more than once to throw away her birth-control pills, considering to replace the life that was lost with a new one, but at least kept her sanity in that regard. In every other sexual sense, though, Louise was a lost soul. At one small party, she pulled a train with three different men. The next weekend she took on four at the same time. By Thanksgiving, she’d danced on stage during an amateur night at a strip club, found herself amid a threesome with a married couple she’d known, had allowed herself to be videotaped masturbating for another male friend, and stooped to submit as a fantasy for another to dominate her for a night.

She granted most any man who knew her fairly well a fantasy, but kept her inner soul hidden to all but one. Come December, she knew more and more that the needs of the one outweighed the needs of the many. She slowly weaned herself away from the others, but gave in to one final weak moment.

Louise’s mother had gone out of state to stay with her side of the family while recovering for the holidays. Lou, with no one left around for the week, knew it would be a great opportunity to really get to know Matthew better. However, he had his daughter from the 23rd through noon on the 25th, and both agreed since the two girls had yet to meet one another, that the holiday might not be the best time to spring the thought that he’d had a new girlfriend to the child. She spent the morning of Christmas Eve online chatting and felt terribly alone… not so much from actually being alone as from missing Daddy… her first Christmas apart from him. Later that morning, she received an invitation over the phone to catch a football game at a friend’s house… a male friend’s house… a male friend who’d taken part of the train and the fivesome and had been granted a fantasy’s house. Thinking more of missing Daddy than she was of missing Matt, she found herself accepting the offer.

On her way over, she realized what she was doing. A pang of guilt jolted through her heart, but it wasn’t enough to force her to make a U-turn. The voyeur in her psyche couldn’t refuse the idea of seeing more than one stiff cock at once. The exhibitionist in her soul couldn’t let go the chance to show off, to be felt by more than only two hands, if only for one last time. Yes, this would be her last time, she affirmed, and drove on.

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