A Bath and a Shave

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There are no underage (under 18 years old) sexual relationship in my story!


She called a few days ago and asked to meet again, saying she wanted a bath and it shaved again. I had met her thru Ms.P. I had given Ms.R. a bath and a shave. The first meeting had gone well so I agreed.

I walked into the smell of fresh fish being fried and some steamed veggies. Ms R. was a great cook. she was showing some gray in her red hair.

Looking down at her ample chest I could tell she had them in a push up bra. She was in her late forties but looked younger. I was a few years older.

After dinner I went to start her bath filling. She stood still while I removed her clothing. First the shirt over her head. Next the bra as I watched them both relax. Next her skirt, stockings, and panties. One by one they fell onto the floor at her feet.

She stepped in the warm water as I gathered up her garments to place on the hamper. Now soaking in the tub, I put soap on a luffa to use on her to relax her body.

I had lit a few candles to place by the mirrors to give light without the bright lights.

I started with her back and shoulders, then on to her front, down one leg and up the other. She slid down and raised her hips above the water line so I can soap her up for a shave.

Grabbed a straight razor and started removing the unwanted hairs. Slowly I worked splashing her to see what needed to finish the fine lines and then to rinse her clean again. Dragging the razor over her skin is a strange bahis şirketleri feeling, to be so close with a sharp tool and to be a light touch so as not to nick the soft flesh with a straight razor.

When that saw done I pulled the plug in the tub, had her stand to rinse again then wet her hair to shampoo, rinse, condition, and rinse again. I got the big fluffy towel to dry her off. She walked off naked into the bedroom as I put everything away.

I found her sitting on the bed naked with a bowl of green. We smoked a bowl and talked a bit when suddenly she spread her legs open and asked “how did it look and feel?” Reaching down with my hand I felt it, “much smoother and kinda hot.” This was different from last time.

She then informed if I wanted to touch it she must get a pad. She spread it on the bed and sat on it. I rubbed the palm of my hand over her newly shaved pussy several times. Wetness was starting to trickle onto my fingers as I stroked her. I started to spread my fingers open while stroking and could feel her wet lips open.

She told me she wanted to do this the last time I gave her a shave, but could not bring herself to ask so she kept quiet and let me leave. Later she asked Ms.P about it and she told her to ask. I had given her a shave month’s before, but when we were finished she sent me on my way. It was just a bath and a shave.

This time she had more in mind as I sat there rubbing her slick pussy she started to shake and she said best to warn you I’m a squirter. Before long bahis firmaları she bucked her hips and streamed a flow of juices that spread wide when it hit my hand. Three pulsating streams, a long hard one, the middle one was a hot hard quick blast and finally was a slow dripping orgasam. As she relaxed back on to the bed, I got her cigarettes and a glass of wine.

I lit the smoke handed it and the wine glass to her. Sitting up to take them both. Wow that was different. I’m so glad I asked. sipping from the glass she handed it back, I set it on a table.

“So what do we do now she asked? Are you leaving?”

“I will leave when you say or stay if you need something.”

“There is one more thing, if you don’t mind I would like to see your, you know… thing.”

I untied the draw string and let my shorts fall to my feet. Stepping out of them I moved closer to her so she could inspect my less than half hard cock. She opened her lips and moved forward and to meet me as I leaned toward her. I felt her mouth around my cock and she sucked and stroked it with her lips. Within seconds I could feel it swelling.

My hand slid between her legs and a finger slid up into her wet folds. I teased her with a finger touching her to make her squirm. My cock was fully hard now and she pushed her lips down it and back up again till the head, then down again.

I curled my finger in her, found the g spot and rubbed it till them hips were bucking again like a bronco. I kept up the pace and she slammed her legs together kaçak bahis siteleri holding my hand in place as she shook and juiced all over it.

I stopped moving my finger. I could still feel her lips on my cock and she was moving slow. She took my cock out of her mouth and whispered would you put this cock in me, as she blushed.

I climb on top and she takes my cock in her hand and slides it into her very wet hot pussy. I stroke her very slow. She moans as it moves even if just slightly. The wetness helps with the slow long deep strokes. Minutes pass with the slow speed and then I feel her hands on my ass.

She is pulling it up and almost out of her, then pushing down forcing it deep into her. I push harder and deeper every stroke now. I want to watch as she cums on my cock.

Lowering my head I can reach one of her nipples licking and sucking on it makes it swell so I switch to the other nipple and make it hard.

I grab both of her titties and push the nipples together and flick my tongue over both at the same time. She again with the bucking hips starts and I kiss her on the lips as she gasp about to cream again. I tell her give it to me and I will finish with you.

With that she wraps her legs around me and I drive in deepest and squeeze them hips. I feel her juices running up the length of my cock and out of her down over my balls and drips on to her. My cock explodes shooting my cum up into her soaked wet hole.

I go to the bathroom and wash myself. Bring a hot wash cloth and clean up Ms R. A hard thing to do when she keeps on leaking. I know now why we needed the pad. I ask her if there’s anything else and prepare to excuse myself. She ask “Can…can we do this every month?”

“Yes Ms R. anything you want.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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