A Bookstore Beginning

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Lynn’s fingers clutched the steering wheel as she sat in the parking lot of the book store. Nervously she glanced around making sure she did not recognize any of the people or cars. Her hand moved to the door handle but stopped. This is crazy she thought jamming the key back in the ignition. He probably won’t show up, and even if he does, he won’t talk to me, once he sees me he will just keep on walking.

“What if he does show up?” She whispered to herself. She looked in the rearview mirror at her reflection then took a deep breath.

“Its time to quit being a coward,” she said into the mirror. Grabbing her purse she opened the car door and slowly walked up the path to her favorite book store.

The scent of coffee called to her but she kept walking, afraid of making a mistake, what if she got the coffee and spilled it on herself, and then he really showed up, or worse she spilled it on him and he left. Smiling at her own vivid imagination she shook her head and wandered around the store.

As she entered the poetry section she felt her heart pounding and almost turned around. The row was empty so she took a deep breath and let it out trying to calm herself down.

Lynn still couldn’t believe she had agreed to this meeting in the first place. They had emailed each other for months, He was single, happy for the most part and why he enjoyed talking to her she still hadn’t really figured out. She had tried to be honest with him, she was in the process of ending her marriage, she had children, she was chunky, and still he wrote her. Everyday when she signed on to her computer she expected him to be gone, if he didn’t email her one day, she would think this is it he’s gone now and she would be surprised when she found another email waiting for her.

Lynn had agreed to meet him but only on her terms, a public place, she would tell him what she was wearing, and where she would be, then he could show up, and when he realized his mistake he could quietly walk away without ever saying a word. Of course he assured her he wouldn’t just walk away and she even pretended to agree.

As she stood staring without seeing the book of poetry in her hands a woman jostled her and she almost dropped the book. Fumbling she tried to catch it before it fell. A strong hand closed over the book, and partially over hers.

“Lynn, you have to be nice to the books or you get in trouble,” came a teasing whisper from the man standing closely beside her. He gently took the book from her hands and looked at the binding.

“Nice choice.” He said handing it back to her.

As Lynn reached out to take the book back her hands shook. He covered her hand with his; it felt rough and calloused and made her skin heat up with excitement.

“Look at me Lynn.” He demanded softly as he stroked his thumb over her fingers. With a half smile she raised her eyes to his. He could see the fear and had to restrain himself from reaching out to touch her lips. He tried to tamp down the thought of them wrapped around him sucking and pleasing him. He smiled at her.

“You know how hard it is for me to stand here and not touch you?” he asked as he worked hard not to let his eyes drift down to her full pale cleavage.

“Oh Paul, I can’t believe your really here.” she whispered. He sighed at the disbelief. He didn’t like her lack of self confidence, a little fear could be fun but this was too much. With a glance around to make sure they were alone, he leaned closer until his lips touched her ear.

“I just want a little taste.” he said as he slowly slid his hand down her back and caressed her rounded bottom giving her a squeeze as he slid his hand down to the top of her thighs and back up. Her soft gasp made him grin. He nipped her ear with his teeth and then licked the skin just below it before stepping back to give her a little breathing space.

Lynn sighed with pleasure. Her heart was racing and his touches burned like fire through her. Without thinking she put her hand up, took a half step closer and pressed her hand lightly to his chest. His heart thudded underneath it. He reached up and covered her hand.

“I’m going to end up embarrassing us both if you touch me like this.” He said even as he held her hand against his skin. Lynn smiled and slowly slid her fingers lower. The blush on her pale skin was deep as she let two fingers rest snuggling against the snap of his jeans. He groaned and leaned forward again

“I want you to come with me.” He said quietly yet with authority. He closed his hand around hers.

“Will you come with me?” He asked waiting for her reply. She hesitated, and started to pull away, her uncertainty and fear tugging at her. Then she looked up at him and he held her gaze. Slowly she nodded her head. This was a man who could make her do just about anything she thought to herself.

It had been like this since the first email they had exchanged, every time; he said something or asked something that surprised her. He always seemed bahis firmaları to know what she was feeling, what she needed, and more than that she felt safe and protected. Lynn smiled slowly and nodded her head.

“Yes, I’ll come.” He grabbed the book from her hands and tugged her towards the cashiers. He kept his hands to himself as he paid for the book and held the door for her as they left. Lynn couldn’t help glancing around afraid someone might recognize her and wonder or worse say something. She didn’t want to explain or share.

“Get in your car and follow me.” He said as they walked towards the parking lot. He got into a mid-size truck that was parked several spots away from her car. Lynn’s heart was pounding as she followed the blue pickup out of the parking lot and on to the freeway. As he exited the freeway she followed, her stomach quivering as she pushed the gas petal down to keep up with him. He drove out of the city, she was starting to worry again as the road became a dirt road and he finally came to a stop in the middle of nowhere.

He got out of his truck and walked towards her car. He smiled at her as he opened her door. Lynn took his hand and climbed out of the car. Gently he pushed her back against the car his hands on either side of her. He held himself just inches away from her.

“I need to kiss you Lynn.” He said as his mouth came down on hers. She whimpered as he finally touched her with just his mouth, his lips pressing and rubbing against hers. He moved so slowly just nibbling and tasting her lips. When she sighed he slipped his tongue into her mouth. The warm heat of her mouth as she sucked on his tongue had him edging closer, fighting not to pull her against him. He drew back from her and rested his forehead against hers trying to slow down his breathing, Then he let his hands slide down her arms and rest at her waist.

“I don’t think the picture you sent me does you justice.” He said as he lifted one hand and laid the back of it between her breasts. The soft skin felt silky as he moved his hand softly over her.

“What color is your bra Lynn?” Paul asked as his fingers slid back and forth in the valley of her breasts.

“Purple…” Lynn whispered.

“Show me.” Paul demanded. He lowered his hand and waited watching her. He loved the blush that stole over her cheeks, he loved the fact his words embarrassed her, because he knew it was partially arousal too.

With shaking fingers Lynn slowly undid the top three buttons of her soft blue sweater, exposing the lacy purple bra that let her nipples peak through. His eyes were glued to the hardened peak. His mouth watered as he imagined it in his mouth. He said nothing, just stared.

“Please.” Lynn whispered. Her hands moved to his waist, her fingers clutching at him.

“Tell me Lynn, tell me what you want.” He said suppressing any emotion from his face.

“Please touch me.” She asked quietly, her head bowed so he could hardly hear her words.

“Good girl.” He said and smiled at her. He took one finger and teased it against Lynn’s taunt nipple then squeezed it between his finger and thumb until she whimpered. Releasing her he took her hand and said

“Come with me.” He pulled her through the trees to a small cabin hidden amongst the trees. Lynn started to re-button her sweater. His hand grabbed hers and pulled it away.

“I want to be able to see you.” He said as he pulled her inside of the cabin.

Paul slammed the door and pushed her roughly against the wall.

“Hands on the wall.” he demanded. Lynn could feel him now, rubbing against her ass, the length of him insistent between her cheeks. His hands came up her sides and around to hold each breast in his hands. He began to squeeze them first softly then a little harder, pinching each nipple through the lace of the bra before sliding his hands slowly down her stomach, and then down the front of her thighs to her knees, then so slowly back up, teasing as they pressed against her inner thighs and grazed against the lace crotch of her panties.

“Paul?” Lynn whispered shakily as his hands moved away and then landed on the wall next to hers, his hips still pressing against her rubbing himself against her rounded ass cheeks.

“MMM, It’s all right baby, I know what you need.” he moaned as his mouth caressed her neck. She couldn’t help her hips from rubbing back against him then.

“What color are your panties?” He asked as he crowded up against her holding her hip with one hand while he balanced himself against the wall with the other.

“They are purple too.” She whispered and whimpered as he jerked her skirt up over her hips to look at them. She cried out as his hand slapped down over her butt cheeks twice in rapid succession. The slaps startled more than hurt her and she gasped again huddling against the wall.

“You know you deserve that, Lynn, you doubted me, you doubted whether I would want you.” He said as his hand soothed the slap marks. He rubbed each kaçak iddaa cheek through her lacy panties then tugged them up and thrust his fingers between her legs, wetting the crotch of the panties pushing his fingers into her with only the panties keeping him from entering deeper. Then his hand moved away replaced by his knee. He shoved it hard between her legs.

“Ride it Lynn” He demanded rubbing it between her thighs. She moaned as her hips began to move sliding the wet folds of throbbing skin back and forth making the leg of his jeans damper with every sliding movement.

“Enough honey.” He said as he slid his thigh back and away from her. Lynn sank against the wall resting her cheek against the cool surface until he gently pulled her back against him and put his arms around her just holding her for a moment.

“Thank you” she finally whispered as her fingers clutched at his arms.

“Your right, I didn’t think you would come.” He chuckled in her ear.

“I like how honest you are, but I’m still going to punish you for doubting me.” He pulled away then and led her to the cushions in front of the fire.

Lynn quivered at the thought of punishment but said nothing. She watched as he built a fire and admired the shape of his back as he worked. He turned just in time to see where her gaze had lingered and smiled at her. Pulling up a pile of pillows he collapsed against them and held out his hand to her. She sank down against him loving the feel of his strength.

Paul put his arm around her pulling her close to him and then kissed her. His tongue traced her lips his teeth pulled gently on her lower lip until it was wet and swollen. His tongue pushed slowly into her mouth making her whine for more. She arched against him pulling at his hair to get more of him. Her eagerness excited him, he wanted her mouth but he made himself wait, instead he pressed one finger into her mouth rubbing it on her tongue.

“Lick it Lynn, show me how good you can be with your mouth.” She looked up at him as her lips slipped around his finger, he moved it in and out and he cupped her head with his other hand showing her what he wanted.

“That’s it baby; show me what you will do to my cock when I let you have it.” He groaned as she sucked and rubbed her tongue swirling it around him. Finally he pulled his finger away when he couldn’t take anymore. Pulling her to him until she straddled his lap, her skirt bunched up around her waist, Paul’s hands slowly pulled her sweater open then slid the straps of her bra down her shoulders until the bare flesh was exposed.

“So pretty,” he murmured as he took one nipple into his mouth sucking and tugging gently on it with his teeth as he let the other hand move down her back to rest on Lynn’s ass holding her tightly against him.

“Stand up!” He ordered and she moved off his lap. He stood with her and yanked her skirt off and then her bra.

“That’s better.” he said staring at her until she was nervous and jumpy.

“I want your mouth on me now.” he said crooking his finger at her.

Lynn stood close and let her hands slide up his chest pushing his shirt from his shoulders and gently licked and kissed his chest. Her fingers slid lower, and rested on the snap of his jeans then popped it open. Her fingers shook as they slid Paul’s zipper down. Her hands teased his skin as they circled his waist and gently almost hesitantly pulled his jeans and boxers down.

“On your knees.” he demanded and she sank right to the ground in front of him, her eyes never leaving his throbbing cock.

“See how hard you make me?” He asked as he stepped closer and rubbed his thick length against her face. He stood in front of her and gave his cock a slow stroke.

“Do you want it Lynn?” He asked holding himself just an inch from her lips. Her tongue darted out to lick her lips as she nodded. His fingers threaded through her hair.

“Tell me.” He suggested as he pressed his hips forward so the head of his cock touched her lips.

“I want to taste you.” Lynn whispered,

“Please?” She asked. He groaned.

“Open your mouth for me.” He said as he rubbed the head against her lips spreading the drop of moisture from the tip over them. Her tongue came out again and flicked over the tip then he pressed forward and watched as his cock slid into her mouth. Her tongue rubbed over him as she sucked. Her moans vibrated against him and made him ache for release. He thrust forward into her mouth tugging on her hair to keep her from moving away. Her hands rested on each side of his cock, while she slid the length of him in and out of her mouth. She tilted her head back to take more of him. His hand rested cupping the back of her neck, not forcing yet keeping her from moving away. Lynn eagerly sucked laving her tongue over him, then sucking him in until he touched the back of her throat. She began to choke, he stayed still letting her get used to the feel of him so deep inside her mouth then his hips jerked forward and kaçak bahis he was fully in her mouth.

“Oh God yeah”. He moaned and pulled back only to thrust into her wet mouth again. She sucked furiously on him, his hand held her head as he pumped back and forth into his mouth. Her moans were stifled, looking down he could see how hard her nipples were. He jerked harder into her mouth. Her fingers moved to his balls, and as she rubbed them he knew he couldn’t hold back. His first stream of cum landed hot on her tongue and she swallowed the second dribbled from her lips.

Paul pulled back and collapsed on the pillows, pulling her forward, she went right back to his cock, lapping and softly sucking. He grabbed her hand and held it against his heart as it raced. She kept her mouth on him until the pace finally slowed.

“Did that make you wet baby?” He asked.

“Do you like sucking me?”

“Yes” She whispered snuggling against him.

“Let me see.” He said pushing her forward and onto her knees,

“Ass in the air for me.” He demanded. She moved slowly, her fear of exposure and of his displeasure filled her. The air was cool against her wet lips as she arched her back showing him how wet she was. He didn’t touch her he just looked at her, watching as her breasts swayed nipples taunt with excitement. He stood and smiled at the pretty wet lips between her legs.

“Don’t move.” He said and with that he pulled his jeans up slid the zipper up and walked away. He went into the other room, Lynn couldn’t see him any more, she pressed her face into the covers. She wanted him to touch her, her pussy was crying out for attention; she wanted to reach between her legs and touch herself. She slid one hand between her knees, just as she was about to slip one finger against her swollen wet skin he came around the corner.

“What are you doing?” He asked, his voice demanding the truth.

“I was going to touch myself.” she whispered.

“All right, then show me.” He demanded dropping to his knees behind her. Lynn felt the tip of her finger slide against her and then inside. As she pushed it in she jumped forward as his hand came down on one ass cheek. She whimpered and rubbed two fingers into her slit back and forth. He slapped her again and then again, this time lower, grazing her lips and upper thighs with his hand. Her body jerked forward she moaned and panted.

“Oh Paul I’m sorry, wait.” she whispered as he slapped her again, this time with just fingers against her wet lips.

“You know you need it Lynn.” He growled softly leaning down to kiss her shoulder, even as his fingers landed again with a wet slap.

“Spread your legs further apart for me.” He demanded. Her knees slid apart and her ass moved lower. His hand came back to her cheeks with a loud crack.

“Keep your ass in the air; don’t try grinding on my fingers.” He said.

“Yes sir.” She moaned quietly, lifting her bottom higher. The full round cheeks were pink from his slaps, her swollen lips soaked with her juice. He leaned forward and sucked one into his mouth, and then the other rubbing his tongue over her and then in between and inside of her. She ground back against his face earning her another quick slap.

“I’m going to cum” she whimpered.

“NO.” He yelled slapping her twice again then standing behind her. He quickly pulled his pants open then moved behind her, slapping his cock against her wetness. Lynn wiggled her hips against him.

“You won’t cum until I tell you do you understand?”

“Oh,” she whined her fingers digging into the pillows. She rubbed her nipples into the soft fabrics letting it scrape against them and excite her more. His fingers pushed inside her she clenched him with her muscles trying to keep them inside her, he lightly slapped her again as he pulled them back. She quivered and it made his cock jump forward. With a hard thrust he pushed deep into her.

“Not yet,” he warned as he began to slide in and out of her. Reaching around his fingers slid around her breast then pinched her nipple first softly and then harder.

“Oh I can’t stop it.” She cried out grinding against him. She rubbed herself into him pressing back feeling him so hard inside her. He rubbed her ass cheeks and held her tightly against him pulling her up and pressing his chest against her back, his hand reached lower, his finger and thumb pinched her clit softly and he thrust hard into her. Using his hand he pressed into her wet flesh to hold her close and jerked into her.

“Now, cum now baby.” He yelled out as he exploded into her. She cried out as she clenched him inside of her, her cream sliding over his throbbing cock as it spurted in her. Her slick lips ached and tingled her whole body convulsing, shivering as the wave of her orgasm spread throughout her body. Paul pushed her forward and rolled to his side taking her along, still deep inside of her. He opened her legs and fingered her clit, her hips humped against him out of control she spread herself for him and grabbed his arm, pushing his fingers harder against her, He took hold of her hand and pressed it against his cock still inside her, she rubbed them both softly, and then more insistent.

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