A Bowl of Cherries Ch. 05

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Molly began her morning ritual as she waited for her alarm to go off, her eyes still shut. She ran her hands up her thighs and over her flat stomach to her breasts. She was always surprised she wasn’t a lesbian as barely a day went by when she could keep her hands off herself. Strangely, her breasts felt rough and jagged.

Before she could contemplate what that meant, a noise distracted her. Maybe it was just Richard getting ready for work. Molly thought for a moment before remembering that Richard had not been over the night before. She opened her eyes and saw a squirrel on her dresser, knocking over her cosmetics.

When she sat up in bed, her movements attracted the squirrel’s attention. It stared straight at her, but not in the face. In fact, it seemed as if it was ogling her tits.

Molly instinctively looked down at her breasts and saw that they had been replaced with pine cones. Suddenly, the squirrel leapt from the dresser to the bed and chattered as it began chewing on her tits. Molly screamed and tried to cover up with the sheet, slapping at the squirrel in a futile attempt to release it from her prickly globes as her alarm began to sound.

The squirrel became transparent and eventually disappeared as Molly realized that she had been dreaming. She confirmed that her breasts had returned to normal as well. Not all of her dreams were this strange, but she could have done without the second piece of cherry pie the night before.

It was Saturday and Molly had to do her Christmas shopping. Getting something for Richard was going to be difficult. After picking out gifts for her family and friends she still had not found anything that expressed how she felt. She did see some clothes that would look nice on him, but Richard already dressed very stylishly, and some more shirts and trousers seemed impersonal. On the other hand, they had only been going out for a few months, so it seemed too soon to go all-out on an extravagant gift like an expensive watch.

Strolling through the holiday department, Molly saw a tree decorated with pine cones instead of ornaments. Removing two and holding them to her chest, they were about the right size. She picked up a bag of them and on the way out she grabbed a large red bow.

Back at her apartment, Molly undressed and tried to figure out what to do with the pine cones. When she taped them to her breasts, they wouldn’t stay on and they looked unnatural. She wanted to substitute the pine cones for her breasts, as in her dream, but that wasn’t bahis firmaları possible. Well, maybe it was but she didn’t want to go that far.

Molly thought some more and remembered the time she wore a coconut bra at a luau. Maybe something like that could work. She went to the kitchen and started cutting the pine cones with her biggest knife, being careful not to chop off her fingers. She ruined the first few but eventually she had two that looked OK. They weren’t perfect, but they completely covered her breasts and the tips pointed slightly upward.

After taping them in place Molly tied the bow around her hips and dug her phone out of her purse. She set the camera timer, balanced it on the counter, and used the bare kitchen wall as a backdrop. It took several takes to get it right, but when she was happy with the result she cropped the picture from her shoulders to her knees.

“Halfway done,” Molly thought as she removed the itchy things from her chest. Then she called the hair salon across the street, luckily they could fit her in tomorrow. It wasn’t her usual place but it was close, which was best for what she had in mind. Finally she sent the picture to Richard with a message:

Cum discover the true meaning of Christmas My place 5PM tomorrow Don’t be early Don’t be late

The next day Molly spent a couple hours in the chair having her hair cut and styled into glittering golden spikes of varying lengths. Thankfully the wind was calm when she left. Molly had already painted her nails green, when she got back she did her lips in a matching color. Taking a last look in the mirror, Molly grabbed her phone and took a few pictures of her hairdo for posterity. The stylist had done an excellent job, she looked like something out of a Lady Gaga video. She would have to get her hair trimmed short since there wasn’t much else she could do with it the way it was cut, she hoped that Richard wouldn’t mind.

Molly made her final preparations in the living room. After stripping, she taped the pinecones on and fastened the bow again. Molly became the Christmas tree that she didn’t have time to put up as she wrapped the tree skirt around her feet in the center of the living room. She stood with her legs together, bent slightly at the knees and waist, and put her hands on her hips with a few minutes to spare. After realizing that she had locked her apartment door behind her she quickly unlocked it and got back into place again just before her doorbell rang.

“It’s open.”

It was kaçak iddaa Richard, wearing a Santa suit. “Ho, ho… oh,” he said as he saw Molly and dropped his sack on the floor.

“What’s the matter, Santa – you’ve never seen a Christmas tree come to life?”

“Not one as pretty as you.”

Molly noticed that Richard was staring at her stomach and became self-conscious. Had she gotten some lipstick or nail polish on herself?

“The small mole above your navel. That was you in the picture? I thought it was a Warhol or something. And your hairstyle is amazing.”

Molly blushed at the compliments.

Richard continued, “You’re very creative for a banker. Now why don’t you come sit on Santa’s lap?” He sat on the couch and slapped his leg.

Molly stepped out of the tree skirt and straddled Richard, her arms wrapped around his neck.

“So, what do you want for Christmas, little girl?”

Molly thought for a minute, biting her lip. She could probably use a new couch since the flipside of the cushion they were sitting on was still covered with her cum, but Richard probably wanted her to be less practical.

She placed a hand on Richard’s crotch. “I’m not picky, I’ll take whatever’s in your sack.”

It was Richard’s turn to blush. “Have you ever seen the North Pole?”

Molly giggled. “What would Mrs. Clause say about that?”

“She gave me the boot a couple years ago.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. You must be very lonely, unless you have an elf fetish.”

Richard chuckled and gave Molly a kiss. She pulled the beard down since it got in the way and it was kind of creepy to be making out with Santa. It looked like Richard hadn’t shaved for a couple days so there was some stubble that grazed Molly’s cheeks as they kissed.

Richard reached into his bag. “Would you like a candy cane?”

He had already stuck it in her mouth before Molly realized that it was plastic. Richard twisted the handle and it began to vibrate; it also chimed “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” Molly sucked it like a cock as Richard thrust it in and out of her mouth. After it was coated with her spit, he asked “Would you like to have your stocking stuffed?” She nodded and after a couple of misses because the bow obstructed his vision he managed to pop it into her cunt. Molly leaned back as she felt the toy inside her. As Richard fucked her with it the song became louder and softer, louder and softer, causing them both to laugh.

Richard put his mouth to Molly’s pine cone tits and kissed kaçak bahis and sucked them. Although she could not feel his tongue, Molly moaned anyway to keep up the illusion. She pressed her breasts together and wondered what it would feel like if Richard tittyfucked her (probably not pleasant, so she kept her thoughts to herself).

“I got you something else,” said Richard as he retrieved a bottle of peppermint flavored lube from the pocket of his Santa suit.

“I’m already so wet I don’t think I’ll need it.”

“Oh, I think you will. Bad girls take it in the ass, and you’ve been very naughty this year.”

Richard put his hands on Molly’s hips, moved her so that she was laying face-down across his lap, and began spanking her.

“I’ll be good next year, I promise.”

“I don’t want you to be good, I want you to be even dirtier.” Molly’s firm ass made a nice sharp sound with every strike as Richard continued to slap it. She began to squirm as her bottom turned red and her clit brushed against his knee. Molly humped Richard’s leg like a horny dog and with the candy cane lodged in her pussy she quickly came.

She grabbed Richard through his pants. “Is this package for me, too, Santa?”

He undid his fly and Molly put some lube on the head of his cock. The peppermint made her lips tingle as she began to suck. She wiped off the rest of the lube on her pussy and her clit twitched with excitement. Molly used her tongue while she continued to blow Richard, tracing the vein. She could feel his dick swell inside her mouth.

Richard lifted Molly’s hand from his thigh when it was time to proceed. Molly knelt on the floor, resting her wrists on the couch while he lubed up his cock. Then she felt a slight, pleasant burn as he lubricated her asshole. There was quite a bit of resistance as he started but Richard was gentle (as gentle as you can be when you’re trying to fuck someone in the ass). Finally the head of his cock made it inside. He started slowly until the lube took full effect. With the candy cane still hanging from her cunt, Richard drilled Molly’s ass, the bells on his coat jingling.

Molly looked back between her legs to get a better view while she adjusted the vibrator. Pausing to enjoy the action, the pine cone flew off her right breast and hit her in the face. Her hair was probably a mess already, but it had been worth it.

Richard quickened his pace and Molly rubbed her clit, bringing herself to orgasm right before he came inside her. Her contractions forced the candy cane from her pussy – it probably just fell out but Molly imagined that it shot across the room.

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!” Richard shouted as Molly thought “Best. Christmas. Ever.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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