A Cambridgeshire Summer Ch. 01

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She searched the house; they were nowhere to be found. The gardens, they had to be in the gardens — there was no other place they could be. I know I’m right, she thought. I know they’re lovers. With feline stealth she crept down the path into the well-kept gardens. The sun, at its zenith, bathed the solitude with its benign warmth; it was a glorious summer day. A light breeze breathed a sigh through the trees, cooling the afternoon.

Cecilia cautiously skirted the orchard, every nerve and sinew alert. Then, as she neared the edge of the orchard, she saw them. Even though she’d anticipated the scene, the shock of the discovery sent her heart racing. “Oh my god…” She muttered.

There in the clearing in front of her, a blanket on the ground, with the remnants of a picnic scattered about them, were the lovers. The young woman, lithe and athletic, was on all fours, her derriere thrust high towards her lover who gripped her hips tightly as he thrust into her body with vigorous abandon. Her face was a picture of sublime delight as she craned her neck to look back at the young man, tanned and equally athletic, who was so active behind her. Cecilia could see the indentations caused by his fingers digging into the girl’s hips. She could see the exquisite anguish etched on his face as he continued to pump enthusiastically.

Dear Lord they’re beautiful. Cecilia experienced the flush of desire spreading through her sex while she watched. She felt a desperate need to touch herself intimately when her desire slid from her body. There was nothing she could do however, for at that moment she heard the young man grunt.

Cecilia realised that she had arrived at the last possible moment when the grunt was accompanied by a squeal of delight from the girl. “Baby, you’re doing it inside me,” the girl cried. “I can feel your cock pumping…”

Her lover responded by clutching desperately at the young woman’s hips while deep groans and moans burst from him as he so obviously climaxed.

“Shit, Bekah,” Cecilia heard him groan eventually. “I love you. That was… That was incredible.”

Cecilia stayed a moment longer, a moment in which she saw the boy’s penis, still oozing its goo, spring into view when the girl fell forward onto the blanket. Despite her arousal, Cecilia knew that to dally would be dangerous and so she turned her back on the scene. As she and crept away Cecilia heard the girl demand, “Kiss me.” The image of the two lovers kissing caused the woman to groan out loud. Aroused to a pitch not experienced for years, and although she was tempted to turn back, Cecilia steeled her resolve and continued on her way, leaving the pair alone.


“Hi, Aunt Sissy. Good day?”

“Splendid, my dear,” Cecilia answered and dropped her purse and car keys on the kitchen table. “And your day, Rebekah?” she asked. “What did you and Damian get up to?”

“Oh, nothing much, Aunty,” Rebekah shrugged. “It was too nice a day to stay indoors, so we had a picnic out in the orchard.”

Cecilia surreptitiously studied her niece. The girl can lie, she thought. “A picnic? how lovely.” Cecilia couldn’t resist a little probe, “Did the man come about the gardening? I meant to tell you before I left, but I was in such a tizz this morning that I completely forgot.”


“Yes, about the gardening.” Cecilia watched her niece for a reaction. “He was meant to call this afternoon. I expect if you were in the orchard he would have found you… Perhaps he had another appointment. I’ll phone him later.”

Cecilia could see that her niece was disturbed, she hid it well, but it was evident. “Well, he never showed up,” Rebekah responded, turning and hurrying from the kitchen. “I’m just gonna wake Damian, he’s been snoozing upstairs.”

Cecilia felt a stab of guilt at her deception, but quickly suppressed the emotion. If things went her way, Rebekah wouldn’t suffer for long.

The siblings appeared subdued when the trio sat down to dinner later that evening. Mrs James from the village had arrived in the late afternoon and prepared poached salmon, potatoes and salad. Simple fare but perfectly suited to an English summer’s evening. The woman had done her duty and scurried home to her Saturday evening television.

“Not got much of an appetite, Damian?” Cecilia asked her nephew as he pushed the food around his bahis firmaları plate. She noticed he held his fork in his right hand in the American manner.

“Sorry, Aunt Sissy,” Damien responded. “Guess I’m just not too hungry.”

“Did you overdo it at your picnic?” Cecilia’s face was a mask of innocent enquiry.

Damian reddened visibly, “Uh… Yeah, that must be it.” His embarrassment was obvious, “Can I be excused?” Without waiting for his aunt’s consent Damian pushed his chair away from the table, stood, and left.

With Damian gone Cecilia sipped her white wine in contemplative silence and eyed her niece. “You’re both quiet tonight,” she said eventually breaking the silence.

“It must be all the sun today,” Rebekah countered smoothly, taking a delicate sip of her own wine. “This is good wine, Aunty. I usually prefer Californian, but hey, when in Rome…” The girl shrugged and took a deep draught, draining the contents of her glass.

She’s better at this than her brother, Cecilia thought. “For all their faults I do prefer a French wine,” she responded. Cecilia held the bottle aloft, “Another glass, my dear?”

“Yes please.”

Cecilia poured and then invited her niece into the lounge. “We’ll be more comfortable in there,” she added. “I’ll just get a fresh bottle. Would you like to try a red?”

“Whatever comes to hand, Aunty,” Rebekah answered.

Cecilia settled into the sofa. “He’s a handsome young man; your brother,” she opened. “And an airline steward – is that the phrase? He looked divine in his uniform when you both arrived.”

“Yeah, he’s cute I guess,” Rebekah responded, her manner non-committal.

“Oh, but he’s positively scrumptious,” Cecilia delivered with a feline aspect to her expression.

“I… I wouldn’t know.” Rebekah was clearly discomfited by her aunt’s constant line of approach. She took another gulp of wine.

“Is something worrying you?” Cecilia’s tone was all concern.

“No, no…” Rebekah answered quickly. “Nothing’s wrong.”

“Are you sure, dear?” And then, deliberately changing tack, “A drop of red?” Cecilia filled her niece’s glass without waiting for a response. She sipped delicately at her wine and watched Rebekah before adding, “I thought most of them were gay.”

“What? Who?” Cecilia’s tangential conversational gambits and the wine were taking effect.

“Those airline boys,” Cecilia clarified. “I thought they were gay. Damian doesn’t strike me as the type…”

“He isn’t,” Rebekah responded.

“Oh, I know he isn’t,” Cecilia smiled. “He’s so energetically heterosexual… I can just tell.”

Fifteen minutes passed, the level in the bottle fell past halfway. The conversation had changed to more mundane subjects, the family in America, Cecilia’s house set in idyllic Cambridgeshire countryside, and Rebekah’s plans for the future.

“Of course there will be no chance of children, Rebekah, will there?”

“I… Why ever not, Aunt Sissy? I… I mean…” Rebekah grew ever more flustered. The wine was working now; she grew ever more flustered and confused.

“I didn’t have an appointment in town today.” Cecilia’s voice was a whisper. “I suspected you — you and your brother.”


Cecilia cut her niece short. “I came back this afternoon…” She paused when the girls’ eyes widened with the realisation. “I went into the garden. I saw… I saw your picnic.

Rebekah stared at her aunt. There was no argument, no denial. What would be the point? Cecilia obviously knew.

Then the wine and shock took effect. “I’m gonna throw up.” Rebekah ran from the room with her hand over her mouth.

“I suspected you, so I laid a little deception.” Cecilia stood in the doorway while her niece spat thick goo into the toilet bowl. “I searched the house first, but you weren’t in, so…” She shrugged, “And there you were, in the garden.” Rebekah, still kneeling, turned her wan, pale face to her aunt. “You looked lovely, dear.” Cecilia felt the zing of lust again, despite having masturbated in her car following the discovery. “You have such a fine physique — especially with your bottom presented to your brother like that — very pretty — and then there’s the delicious Damian of course.” Cecilia’s voice thickened. “Now that divine creature is very well put together, a fine specimen.”

“Aunt Sissy… kaçak iddaa I…”

“Now, dear, don’t fret,” Cecilia crooned. “Wipe your face and come back through here with me. You and I need to have a little chat.”


“Would you fuck Aunt Sissy?” Rebekah delivered the question as her brother tongued at her sex.

“What?” Damian asked, immediately ceasing his oral attention upon his sister.

“Aunt Sissy. Would you fuck her?”

Damian climbed along the bed and lay next to Rebekah. He had no fear of discovery, Cecilia was out and Damian was at ease in his sister’s bed. At least he had been.

“Fuck her? Aunt Sissy?” Damian’s expression was bemused. “I’ve never thought about it,” he mused. “Why?”

“She’s looking pretty good,” Rebekah replied. “I just wondered if you thought she was… Attractive, y’know, sexy…”

“Yeah, well…” Damian began. “Is this some kinda trick? I confess to wanting Sissy, and then you go nuts?”

Rebekah grinned and kissed her brother’s cheek fondly. “No stupid, I just wanna know. So tell me, is she hot?”

Damian returned his sister’s grin. “Sure,” he said. “Sure she’s hot. I’d fuck her, yeah…” His expression turned serious, “But I love you. Why would I want her?” Damian rolled his sister onto her back from her position on her side. He manoeuvred himself between her thighs and eased his erection into her body. “I love you,” he repeated, and leaned in to kiss Rebekah gently.

“I love you too,” Rebekah sighed into her brother’s mouth as they kissed. She felt the length of him sliding into her. He was iron hard, so stiff, so thick and long. “Oh god, Damian,” she growled softly. “Fuck that thing into me… You’re so fucking gorgeous.”

Damian whispered, “Should I fuck Aunt Sissy with this big cock? Would you want me to fuck her like this?”

He was surprised by Rebekah’s response. Her eyes shone as she replied, “Yes, yes… I want you to fuck her…” The girl’s voice grew thick and hoarse. “I want to watch you with her… I want to see her face as you pump your big fucking cock into her.”

“You dirty…” Damian began and then hooked the back of his sister’s knees behind his arms. He forced Rebekah’s knees back almost to her ears so that her sex was tilted and vulnerable. Then, punctuating each word with a savage downwards thrust, he grunted, “Do… You… Want… Me… To… Bang… The… Old… Bitch… Like… This?”

“Oh god!” Rebekah squealed. “Rip it up, baby. Tear my pussy up. Fuck me. Fuck me… Yes! That’s so good, baby.”

Damian was surprised at his sister’s ardent reaction. He could feel Rebekah’s pussy juicing around his penis. She was really aroused; she was more vocal than he could recall her ever being, and her language… The obscenities excited him.

Damian perpetuated the game, “Imagine the scene, Bekah, think of me doing it to our aunt.” Damian studied his sister’s contorted face. “Imagine her on all fours, her ass in the air, and me sliding my dick in and out of her. D’ya think she shaves her pussy? A refined English lady like her. D’ya think she shaves it?”

“Damian… Oh, Damian…” Rebekah took hold of her brother’s buttocks and pulled him closer, forcing his entire length deep. “That’s so nasty… Aunt Sissy and your cock…”

Rebekah grunted, on the verge of an intense climax she knew that the scene her brother was describing could soon be realised. Her aunt’s words the previous evening about how she had seen Rebekah and her brother in the garden, about how she wanted to feel Damian’s thick cock inside her body, to taste him… The words had appalled Rebekah at the time, but once the wine and the shock had dissipated, and her aunt had explained that she loved both of them dearly, Rebekah found she was aroused by the idea.

“You want to… You want to sleep with Damian?” She had asked quietly.

“Yes,” her aunt had admitted. “And I want you as well, my dear. You’re so beautiful, and you remind me of myself at your age.”

“Me?” Rebekah questioned, astonished at her aunt’s audacious suggestion.

“Both of you.”

Now, with her brother embedded as deep as she could manage him, and with thoughts of her aunt lewd suggestions pouring through her mind, Rebekah climaxed with vocal abandon. Damian, his own orgasm triggered by his sister’s noisy outburst, pumped spurt after kaçak bahis spurt of his semen into her body.

“Bekah,” he groaned and slumped heavily on top of her. “I love you, that was so — so filthy. Fucking Aunt Sissy, what a nasty idea, you’re so bad.”

“Yeah, but you said you’d fuck her.” Rebekah heaved her brother off. “I think we should do it.” She grinned and continued, ignoring her brother’s expression. “We should go to her room tonight and seduce her.”

“You’re crazy,” Damian sighed and shook his head. “I’m going to shower.”

“We’ll see,” Rebekah smiled after her brother had left. She slid a finger into the goo of her brother’s seed, still warm inside her body. She lifted a dollop of viscous gloop to her tongue and tasted the salty tang of him on her tongue. “We’ll see what happens tonight.”


Damian woke just as the door clicked shut.

“What are you doing?” He hissed into the dark. “Sissy is just down the hall, are you crazy?” There was no reply, just the shadow, darker than the surroundings, moving toward his bed. “Bekah,” Damian whispered urgently, “get outta here, we’ll get caught.”

Damian felt the mattress dip when the figure settled on his bed. “Shush,” he heard, “everything will be fine.”

Something wasn’t quite right, Damian tensed. That voice? That scent? It wasn’t his sister in the room with him.

“Damian,” his aunt muttered. “I know about you and Rebekah. I saw you and her in the garden.”

“But…” Damian struggled upright, his voice affirming his growing anxiety. “I…”

“Honestly,” his aunt soothed, “everything will be alright. I promise.” Her hand touched his bare chest. “Rebekah knows I’m here. She knows I want you, Damian.”

“Are you crazy?” Damian pushed his aunt’s hand from his body, threw back the covers, and rolled from the bed. “Me and my sister?” He blustered. “…And you…?”

The bedroom door opened, light from the hallway spilled into the room. Damian turned and watched his sister enter. Naked, Rebekah walked to her brother and kissed his cheek.

“Relax, honey,” she cooed. “Aunt Sissy and I talked this whole thing through. She knows about us, she won’t tell, but…” Rebekah smiled at her aunt, “she wants you too.”

Damian sat on the bed. He was dumbfounded, confused and anxious. “Is that what this morning… I mean…” He ran his fingers through his hair. “You set me up?”

“I suppose we did.” It was Cecilia who spoke. “I know you love your sister, Damian. I do know what love is, I had a lover myself once…” Cecilia looked wistful for a moment and then recovered. “I saw you both in the garden and you looked so beautiful. I want to share it with you. I love you both, you’re my brother’s children, and I want to express that love in the same way you do.” Cecilia gave a wry smile. “And you’re such a lovely specimen, Damian. So athletic… And your cock…”

Damian stared at his aunt when she spoke of his penis. He looked at her, studied her. She was in good shape, he’d give her that. There was also the facial resemblance to his beloved Rebekah, the familial likeness.

Is this how Bekah will look in twenty years time? “I…” He began.

“Come on, baby,” Rebekah murmured and sat next to her brother. “Kiss me, feel my skin…” She tucked her hand into the waistband of her brother’s shorts. “Let’s get you all big and angry for Aunt Sissy. Then we can both suck you.”

Cecilia remained silent; she didn’t want to disturb the girl in her work. She felt the rush of desire when Damian turned his head towards Rebekah and the pair exchanged a tender kiss. Rebekah’s hand moved rhythmically inside Damian’s shorts and caused the boy to close his eyes and groan.

“Bekah…” he sighed.

“You’re getting stiff,” Rebekah drawled. “Let’s have you out of these shorts. Show Aunty how big you are.”

Compliant as puppy, Damian stood and allowed his sister to pull his shorts down. Cecilia swallowed when she saw the fully erect length of her nephew.

“He’s wonderful,” she whispered. “An Adonis…”

Rebekah kept her stare focused on her aunt as she slowly dipped her head to her brother’s cock. She gave a dab at the tip with her tongue and then popped the whole head of the thing between her lips.

Damian groaned as his sister stroked his shaft and sucked at the glans; her tongue, unseen, was swirling all around the underside of her brother’s penis.

“Come here, Aunt Sissy,” Rebekah urged during a lull in her oral attention. “Taste him.” She offered Damian’s cock to her aunt.

…To be continued.

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