A Chance Meeting

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I can see it in my mind as if it were yesterday. Which it wasn’t that long ago really. I was walking along the beach shortly before sunset. It had been a long day at the office and it was the weekend and time to relax. First a little about me I am 5′ 7″ tall, have long blonde hair down to almost my waist, green eyes, and a tan all over. I try to lay out and sun every weekend if possible and love to lay out nude. I am not petite but I am not big either. I am stuck in the middle here I weigh around 155 pounds and have breast that still stand up well considering I am in my early 40’s.. Any way back to my walk on the beach. I was walking toward my favorite spot at the far end of the beach, it is a small outcropping of rocks kind of secluded away from the rest of the beach. As I got to the edge of the rocks I started around them and froze in my tracks. I was not the only one here.

I backed up a little so I couldn’t be seen I wanted to survey the situation first before walking on around there. Laying on his stomach was a man, a naked man… He looks to be about 6 foot 2 or 3 inches tall, and obviously likes to tan all over too. He was broad across the shoulders, his hair falling along his back, it is thrown over on one shoulder, it is a dark blonde looks like it would be darker if not for all the sun it gets. His back gives way to a wonderful looking ass. It is well shaped, the kind you just want to reach out and hold in your hands. His legs are long and muscled. I realize I am starting to fantasize about what it would be like to see more of him.

I can feel my nipples harden a little at the thought of seeing the other side of this man. I look around to make sure we are alone there. Wouldn’t want someone walking up and catching me studying this fine specimen of a man. Once I know we are alone for sure I go back to checking him out. My eyes go back to his ass and the way it turns down at his legs. His legs slightly spread but from this angle I can’t see enough there. He starts to stir and move about. Slowly almost as if he feels he is being watched he turns over. The sand speckles his chest as I can see it trapped in the fine hair that lightly covers his chest. He looks around and then settles back down to sun some more. Good he didn’t see me, I didn’t want to be found staring at him. My eyes slowly follow the light trail of hair that runs down the center of his tight muscled stomach. Then I see his flaccid manhood laying across a soft looking mat of brown hair as its head lays on his stomach. It has sand on it and it sparkles in the sun as it is starting to set. The sand must be bothering him though as he reaches for it and starts to brush it off.

I feel my heart beat faster as he lifts it and rubs along the shaft loosening the sand that has stuck there when he was laying on it. I have never really watched a man touch himself in such a way. It is almost erotic the way he is so soft with his touch, he reaches down and swipes his hand across his balls to remove the sand from there too. My goodness my mind just know registers the fact that his balls are shaved. And they look so big as he cleans the sand from them.

Again I look around to see if we are alone here.

As I look back to him he now has the shaft in his hand again this time taking the sand from off the head. The whole picture in front of me has started to make me very horny. I haven’t had time to spend going out lately with business and all. I guess I didn’t realize just how much I needed to be satisfied. I feel my fingers starting to stroke the skin between my breast as I watch him. He is still trying to get the sand off it looks like, then I notice it is starting to swell and get longer in his hand. I realize then that he is enjoying his own touch as I am starting to enjoy mine. His fingers wrapping around his shaft starting to make little small stroking motions along it. My fingers now have found my nipples and are softly pinching and rubbing them. His hand now goes down and caresses his balls, cupping them in his hand rolling them around. His other hand touches his nipple as he lets out a small gasp and his cock jumps a little on its own. It is starting to raise off his body as it canlı bahis stiffens. Still hovering over his stomach though as it lengthens and hardens. His hand grabbing the base and squeezing it as he pulls it up and runs his hand the full length of it. It must be about 6 or 7 inches long and so thick that his hand has a large gap between his fingers when closed around it. He is starting to enjoy it more because I can hear him moan as he is stroking it . I am watching the skin pull up around the head when he goes up on it and the head swell and tighten when he pulls down.

My fingers now on one hand are starting to trail over my tummy as I reach to feel myself also. I open my wrap so that I can have better access to myself. I reach inside my bikini bottoms and run my fingers over my mound. Feeling the rush of my touch my clit stands up and starts to swell with the anticipation of being stroked and touched.

He is starting to stroke faster now and he is pinching his nipple like I am mine. His hand moving and squeezing the shaft. He then runs his fingers up and rubs the head in the palm of his hand and I notice the precum that is there when he pulls back down to his shaft. his body is starting to tense as I can tell he is close to cumming.

Then my fingers find my clit and I squeeze it and then dip my fingers down to bring moisture up to my clit from where I have started to slowly flow. My juices starting to flow out and the cloth in my bottoms is wet. As I run my fingers up along my clit on both sides of it and then squeeze, I feel it is trapped between them and it throbs from the touch. I stroke it as I watch him stroke faster now his hand almost a blur as he is going so fast. His head is swelling so big it makes me want to wrap my lips around it and feel it in my mouth.

With that thought I let a moan escape my lips and he stops suddenly and looks my way. He has heard me over the waves, I must have been louder then I thought. His eyes search the rocks looking for me then I can tell he has seen me.

He says “you might as well come out, so I can see you too since you have seen all of me.”

With that I slowly walk around the rocks. I tell him I am sorry for spying and will leave if he wants me too. He motions for me to sit beside him on the sand. As I sit he is looking me up and down.

Then he says “I see you have been watching awhile.”

I tell him “not long” which he replies ” long enough to get a wet spot yourself.”

I blush now realizing I have been caught. I tell him “I have never seen a man stroke himself in such obvious pleasure before.” As I look down he is still about half hard and there is a lot of precum leaking out. I slowly reach for his cock and he doesn’t say a word. He just lays back and lets out a small moan. I run my hand over the head and make my hand slick from the precum and then start to stroke him like he was himself just minutes earlier. My little hand looks so small wrapped around his cock, it is swelling and hardening fast as I give it the attention it needs. The head swelling up again and turning a nice shade of purple as I feel it throbbing in my hand like my clit was earlier. My pussy feels like it is on fire from the rubbing earlier and not being able to finish. But for now I feel I must finish what he so badly needed to finish minutes ago. With that I dip my head down and slowly lick the head and taste his precum. I am not a real big fan of the taste but his is sweet as well as salty so I think I can do this. With that I open my lips and suck him into my mouth and swallow all of him I can. He is so thick it is hard to get far down. His head and about and 2 inches is all that will fit.

But I start to swirl my head in little circles running my tongue under the head. Feeling him suck in his breath as I lick all around it while I suck My other hand going down to caress his balls. Feeling the bare skin on his balls, I know I must lick them too. I pull off his cock and slowly lick down it toward his balls and as I take them in my mouth one at a time he moans even louder. His cock bouncing in the air as I lick and suck on his balls. Sensing that he is close I slip back up and take it bahis siteleri in my mouth again and let it slip back till it just touches my throat. Causing him to spasm and jerk. My hand stroking what won’t fit in my mouth and my mouth moving over him. I feel him start to tense up and hear him say if I keep going he is going to cum. So I suck even harder to bring it out of him and his body jerks and shakes as I feel the cum start to swell up the shaft and the head swell as it shoots out onto my tongue. I try to swallow as fast as I can but he is cumming so hard that I can’t keep up and it dribbles out the corner of my mouth. He finally starts to slow down and his body lays still as I clean him up with my mouth. finally popping it out of my mouth as it goes down some. Wiping it up from my mouth with my finger and licking it clean too.

He slowly opens his eyes and focuses on me and tells me that was incredible. He says now it is his turn to return the favor. Thank God he wants to return it, I never even thought about it when I did him. I hadn’t even ask him if he wanted me to do that I just did it.

He slowly lays me down and pulls my wrap back to expose my body. He slides my top off my breast so that he can see what there is there. He see a large set of C cup breast with hard tight nipples is what he sees. As he slowly leans over to kiss me I feel his breath across my lips and then he touches my lips in a kiss that leaves me panting and wanting more. His lips exploring mine and his tongue sneaking out to touch my lips and invite my tongue out to play. As our tongues meet he pushes his tongue gently into my mouth just a little to tease me then I return the kiss and explore his mouth for a moment. While he is kissing me his strong hand is on my breast caressing it and cupping it. Feeling the weight in his hand like he wants to make sure he is not imagining things.

His mouth then slowly starts its journey toward my breast. He kisses over my throat and stops to lick and nip at the soft skin there before moving on. He finds his way down to my breast and starts to lick around the outside edge working inward softly toward the nipple causing me to strain toward his mouth try to hurry him into taking the nipple there. His hand cupping my breast he finally gets to the nipple and I feel his mouth close on it as he sucks as much of my breast in as he can. His tongue flattening out and licking slowly over the tip of my nipple. Till I feel the tip of his tongue flip off the end of my nipple causing it to vibrate and harden even more. His other hand going down my body till it is over my mound rubbing me through the material of my bottoms. I can feel him pushing the cloth inside my lips and rubbing my slit causing me to get even wetter. His mouth starting to trail lower now working toward my pussy. He stops at my belly button to kiss and lick around it teasing me for just a moment before moving down.

His mouth closing over my mound as he kisses me through the material. I can feel his breath going through the cloth and burning into my flesh. I feel his tongue slide along the side of my leg along the edge of my suit. He stops to tug at them with his teeth trying to pull them down. Finally he is done playing and reaches up and pulls them down as I raise my ass to let him slip them off. He pushes them off my legs and then parts my legs and settles in to lick me like I need to be licked. I can feel his tongue licking along the top of my mound slipping gently into my slit. The tip of his tongue parting my slit as it slides lower toward my hole. Causing me to squirm and wiggle try to hurry him. I need to feel the release that has been building since watching him touch himself.

His tongue locks in on my hole and slips in as far as it can go. When that doesn’t seem far enough for him he pulls my lips apart with his fingers and then has me put my feet on his shoulders so that I am opened up to him. From here he can probe deeply into me with his tongue. I feel it sink into me tasting me as he swirls it around inside me making me shake from the pressure that is building inside. I can feel my first orgasm starting to gather rapidly in my tummy radiating outward starting bahis şirketleri to consume my whole body. As I feel it starting to take over he must to because he suddenly sucks my clit into his mouth and bites down on the base of it and sucks hard as he flicks his tongue right across the tip. My body responds with convulsions and I feel my orgasm explode from within me. God I need to feel this. I hear my moans and light screams of passion as he continues to suck and lick causing my clit to throb and pulse as I shiver from the pleasure he is giving me. As my body starts to slow down he doesn’t let up he continues to suck and lick at my clit then he slips three fingers into me and starts to stroke me. The feeling of his fingers filling me and his mouth pleasing me starts the feeling of impending orgasm all over again. My body responding to this man I don’t even know. That I believe is part of the excitement. God he knows how to use those fingers as he bends them just right to catch my g-spot and cause me to go into another orgasm. God I have never come this quick again before, I love it. He bites down harder on my clit causing me to scream out in pleasure -pain.

As my orgasm still courses thru me I feel him slip up between my legs and run his cock thru my slit getting himself wet so that he can give me what I really want. I feel him start to slide his cock inside me. The head slowly slipping in and god it feels good I need to have someone fill me. To feel my body and mind be taken to places it hasn’t felt for awhile. As he slides all the way into me I feel him stretch me, causing the walls of my pussy to squeeze him tightly as he tries to pull out a little I try to keep him inside me as long as I can. I can hear the wave crashing in around the rocks as the tide comes in. Our bodies starting to rock in a rhythm with each other. He raises my legs till he has a hold of my ankles and is starting to pump into me harder driving in as I feel his balls slapping hard against my ass. As he drives in his cock rubs down across my clit with each stroke he makes. My clit responds by throwing me into my next orgasm. My muscles squeezing him harder and causing him to moan and comment on the tightness. Saying that it feels like I am trying to break it in half I am squeezing so hard. My body spasms below him as he keeps slamming into me with all he has to give. I can feel him bumping the back wall of my pussy with the head.

When my body starts to calm a little from the orgasm he brought forth he says to turn over he want to do it from behind. With that I turn over on all fours and he positions himself behind me and slips his cock into me with one easy full stroke. Now I can feel the water lapping at our feet as we continue to make love on the secluded end of the beach. It is now dark and we are in the moonlight making love. He grabs my hips and starts to thrust deep inside me pulling me into him as he drives forward. Our bodies slapping together as we are both starting to sweat now. It feels so good to be filled to the point of almost overflowing. His body starts to shake and his strokes get more powerful and shorter. He is close I can tell from the way his head is swelling inside me. He reaches around and rubs my clit as we rock with the rhythm of two wild animals. His body screaming for release as well as mine. He squeezes my clit and I feel myself slip into that wonderful state of bliss that only an earth shattering orgasm can cause. I scream out I am cumming ,he drives me forward and buries himself in me as deep as he can get. His cock expanding and the head feels like it is going to explode inside me as I feel his cum wash over the inside of me as it shoots forth from his cock. Feeling it pulse inside me pushes me the final edge of my orgasm and I fall forward bringing him with me as we both lay in a state of total contentment. His cock still buried in me as we catch our breath. The water now almost reaching our waists when it rushes in. Feeling cool and helping to relax us after the energy we have spent. He rolls off me and holds me in his arms were I fall asleep staring up at the stars feeling totally spent and happy.

When I awake he is gone. I look around and wonder if it was just a dream or did I really make love to a stranger. I then see a heart drawn in the sand by my head with the words Thank You written inside it.

I believe I will come back here a lot more often now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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