A Close Shave for Linda

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Rena and I had a great relationship going back many years. When I lived in Montreal, we were an item for a while. We were friends, became lovers, ceased to be lovers but remained friends and occasional sex partners. We decided to each lead our own lives and have our own separate relationships. Even when I moved away we stayed close. I got back to Montreal on a regular basis and always looked up Rena. We made time for each other, maybe visiting a little bistro, taking in a concert or just hanging out at her small apartment. Sometimes we had sex, but not always.

However, sex was always guaranteed on our ‘personal care’ nights. This is when we continued a tradition established years ago when I would shave Rena’s ‘private parts’, as she called them. We would lay a couple of large beach towels on the side of the bed. Rena, wearing just a bathrobe, would sit on the towels with her feet on the edge of the bed and her legs spread wide. I usually wore just a tee-shirt and boxer shorts. I would move between them and go to work. I was quite proficient and skillful at it. On a small side-table I had a bowl of hot water, cold water, shaving gel, an aloe-based moisturizer and lots of towels, both damp and dry. I always used my own special razor and expensive scissors. It was more like a ritual – you might say it was a labor of love. It also served as great foreplay. By the time I had shaved, dried and moisturized her, we were both ready to shag each other’s brains out. The evening was usually topped off with Rena’s fabulous home-made pizza and a couple of bottles of Shiraz.

On occasion, I would stay over at her apartment but often I needed to get back to my hotel to be ready for the next day’s business. Her apartment was not large. On one side of the entrance was the bedroom. Opposite was the living room. The passage between them led to the eat-in kitchen off which were a bathroom and a utility room.

It was on one such evening, just as Rena was about to settle onto the beach towels and everything was set to go, when the doorbell rang. With a puzzled look Rena headed off to check it out.

“Rena!” I heard a joyful voice cry out.

“Linda!” was the equally happy response.

“Shit!” I thought. This does not bode well.

“Andy, this is my sister, Linda, from Kingston. I think you’ve met before. Somebody’s wedding maybe, or was it a baptism? Anyway, you know each other.” Rena led her to the open bedroom door.

“What are you doing in town?” Rena asked her sister.

“I am just here for a one day conference. I’m heading home on the eight o’clock train tonight. I thought we could catch up a little. I didn’t think we would finish so early. So I’ve got a couple of hours before the train.” Linda glanced at the set-up.

“But I can see you’re busy. I’ll just go grab a bite to eat and I’ll call you on the weekend.”

“You will not!” protested Rena. “You’ll have some pizza and wine with us, right Andy?”

I beamed my warm ‘outward’ smile and nodded.

Linda put her shoulder bag on the chair in the hall.

Rena had talked about her sister, a librarian living in Kingston. She is married, no kids, an avid outdoors type and a crossword aficionado. It was obvious that her activities kept Linda fit and in good shape. At 5′ 6″, she was shorter than Rena and slimmer – an attractive woman but not beautiful. She tied her auburn hair up in a neat bun. As an older sister, by three years, Linda felt it her place to offer advice and commentary on Rena’s life choices. Rena neither sought nor accepted any criticism from anybody.

Linda’s sensitive eyes took in the scene through her rimless glasses.

“What on earth are you doing in here?” Linda asked. It looks like a hairdresser’s salon!”

“In a way it is,” Said Rena. “Andy has kindly offered to shave my private parts. He’s quite good at it, having done it many times.”

If this was meant to shock Linda, it had no such effect.

“My! I’ve never thought of having that done. I think I’d be too scared to try; too experimental for a timid soul like me. And I wouldn’t even suggest Bill trying to do anything like that.”

I assumed Bill was her husband. I didn’t remember him at all; I didn’t remembered her too well either.

“It’s a quick and harmless procedure,” laughed Rena. “It makes you feel good and sexy and comfortable. Plus it’s neat and tidy.”

“That is a point,” mused Linda. “We’re off on a three-day cruise soon and it would solve the swimsuit problem.”

“You should let Andy practice his magic on you while you’re here.”

“I couldn’t possibly let a canlı bahis şirketleri man do anything that personal to me. Besides, it would be too embarrassing!”

“I could do it blindfolded.” I offered.

“That would frighten me even more!” cried Linda.

“Now is your chance” said Rena. “It will take me twenty-five minute to get dinner ready. You don’t have to strip off. Just hitch up your skirt and drop your panties. Andy won’t mind, will you, darling?”

“I’d be happy to help.”

“I bet you would.” said Linda with a trace of irony.

“This is your last chance before the cruise.” said Rena heading for the kitchen.

“Mm. Maybe. Maybe… mmm… “. Linda frowned at me, “You’ve done this before?”

“Many times! I consider myself an artist.” I boasted.

“With many women?”

“Good heavens, no!” I replied. “It’s a personal and delicate procedure calling for the utmost sensitivity.” I lied.

“I don’t know, Andy. I’m a private person; a little inhibited.”

“You could just go for the trim. That wouldn’t be too embarrassing. Then you could decide on the shave if you feel comfortable.”

“OK. Maybe I’ll try the trim. Andy, could you turn around while I get ready?”

“Of course”, I said turning around so that I could watch her reflection in Rena’s dressing table mirror.

Linda wore a tweed suit; skirt with a matching jacket which covered a pale blue Egyptian cotton blouse. She wore a pair of what my mother called ‘sensible shoes’ out of which she now stepped. She removed her jacket and laid it on the bed with great care. Her skirt was short but tasteful. It showed off her shapely legs which did not need pantyhose in the Montreal springtime. . Linda’s hands moved to her waist. Her fingers eased the skirt around her waist, rotating it until the twin buttons and zip were accessible at her side.

After unfastening the buttons and sliding down the zip, Linda did a little shimmy. She eased the waistband of her skirt down to her ankles. The skirt lay at her feet. I saw a pair of tight white panties through which the uneven pattern of her pubic hair was clearly defined. A few wispy hairs protruded out from each side. Linda picked up the skirt, folded it neatly and laid it on the bed beside her jacket. I felt a thrill of anticipation as her fingers found the waistband of her panties. She took her time to slip them down her legs and off over her feet revealing a magnificent thick, auburn bush. A bit wild, but it looked soft and easy to shave.

She now sat on the pre-laid towels at the edge of the bed, her knees squeezed close together, still wearing her blouse. I turned and flashed my most calming smile and spoke with a soft, reassuring voice.

“Just sit here on the towels and I`ll show you what I`m doing. If you lean up…” I propped her up on her elbows. “… you’ll be able to see what I’m doing. You might want to do this yourself one day.”

I glanced down at the shaggy patch of pubic hair that adorned her sex. She laid back, her legs still clamped together. It seemed that I wouldn’t even get to glimpse the treasure enclosed between them.

First, I used the scissors to remove any long straggling pubic curls and trimmed it back to nothing but stubble. I shaped a neat vee contour on her mound, clearing it as close as her clenched knees would allow. Then I leaned over her legs and, using the scissors with great care, began to crop the remaining hairs on her mound. It took quite a while. I used my left hand to gently push her mound from one side to the other as I clipped. I zeroed in to get the shortest trim. When I’d finished with the scissors, I leaned back with a sense of satisfaction. It was a good trimming job. I could see white skin peeking through the auburn stubble. My cock twitched a little at this sight.

I took the washcloth out of the bowl of piping hot water and moistened her pubic area.

Linda lay back on the bed as I wiped the damp cloth across her pubic mound. I spent a little more time than I needed to wash her. Linda leaned up again on her elbows to watch my ministrations.

I retrieved the shaving gel from my kit and squirted some onto my palm. She flinched a little as my hand massaged the shaving gel on her mons veneris.

“It’s been a while since anyone touched down there,” she apologized.

I began to lather her stubbled mound until the tiny curls stood out in frothy relief and I felt ready to proceed to the next step. With a steady hand I made the first pass of the blade from her belly to the top of her mound leaving tracks of much shorter stubble. canlı kaçak iddaa I then came down from each side towards the center. I paid close attention to the vee shapes that led down to her womanhood. With persistence, I pulled and pushed her flesh to smooth the way for the razor as I continued my fluent strokes. Now the sides of her bush had narrowed to a central crest. I stopped to rinse the blade in the bowl once in a while to remove any clots of hair. Then I massaged in a little more gel around her mound. I appreciated her trust in allowing me this intimate entree to her private parts. I shaved with care, leaving no trace of hair on the mound of her pubic area.

Her legs were still closed together, but no longer clenched. My gentle manipulations around her mound had relaxed her to a sense of comfort. Now I took the warm damp cloth and stroked the top of her thighs from her mound down to her knees and back. I eased my hands between her thighs. She looked up at me with a questioning look and blushed a little. Applying the foamy gel to my hands, I again pressed between her thighs. With unhurried strokes, I caressed the tops of her thighs. Linda allowed me to ease her legs apart just a little. This let me apply some gel to the inside of her thighs and the upper part of her outer lips. Taking the razor, I started shaving but I was having difficulty as I rubbed against her other thigh with my knuckles. Gradually I felt her legs open a touch wider. She now lifted her elbows and lay back on the bed relaxing. I continued shaving half way up her inner thigh and outer lips taking great care because of the limited space. With a circling motion I dabbed a little more gel to the outer lips of her pussy.

Using both hands, I eased her legs further apart. This allowed me much better access. I also benefited by getting my first glimpse of her gorgeous pussy. Taking the razor, I started shaving but I was still having trouble since I was rubbing against her other thigh with my knuckles. But I persisted.

As I shaved, I kept passing my razor over both inner thighs making sure I’d got all the hairs. Linda moved her legs apart slightly allowing me to get much deeper between them. There was still only enough room for me to use one hand. I knew this was going to be difficult and dangerous, with such a small area to work with. All gelled up, I ran my hand up and down the inside of her thighs. This was not necessary at the moment, but by now I was getting really horny.

I cleaned up the remaining hair from her pussy lips taking every opportunity to touch and stroke them. I slid the fingers of my left hand inside her folds, stretching them outward to hold each outer lip so I could sweep the razor across it. This meant scooping my fingers inside her lip. I did this on both sides. I needed to pull them to one side as I shaved her. I loved the way they felt; smooth and warm. I suspect she was getting a little wet herself. Finally, I had to spread her pussy lips to expose the tiny line of hairs at the rim. Now I had a perfect view inside of this exquisite pink pussy unfolded before me. I could clearly see the little hood that provided sanctuary for her nub.

I cleaned the shaving gel off with the warm soft, cloth. A bowl of fresh, clean water was next to wipe away any soapy residue and those annoying tiny hairs that remain after a trim. Next came a drying with a crisp, dry towel as I readied her for my home-remedy cream made from a mixture of aloe vera and olive oil. Now I needed to apply the soothing cream.

I knelt between Linda’s legs which were now spread wide open, her pussy less than two feet in front of my face. I dipped two fingers into the jar of comforting balm. I smoothed it over all the shaved areas starting with her mound and included the inside of each thigh. Scooping more cream, I started in again on her labia, rubbing the full length inserting my thumb to hold the underside of each lip. This time I focused some extra time and attention to where her pussy lips joined around her clitoris. I grazed my palm up against the covered hood and watched as her clit began to extend. This reaction delighted me. Her pussy seemed to glisten and become moist just from my gentle application of the cream. My stiffening cock gave another twitch.

I noticed Linda reach up and touch her breast. One hand moved down her chest until she arrived at her bare tummy. Linda started to stroke her hands across it. I read this as a good sign. I continued to float light, airy circles around her clit. I toyed with the lubrication, rubbing it on her hood, kneading the growing nub. Linda canlı kaçak bahis brought her legs up and placed her heels on the bed. After a few minutes she raised her hips to meet my touch. That was my cue to place a finger just at the entrance to her treasure, skimming the rim which was now quite wet. Her breathing quickened. I sensed a slight movement of her hips rising to meet my finger seeking deeper penetration. I responded by inserting my finger into the entrance of her pussy, feeling her wetness growing. Then I slid my long middle finger into her soft velvety tunnel. Delving deep, I curled my fingers so I could stroke the top of her love channel. She smothered a moan as she enveloped my finger thrusting deeper into her until it nestled into the extremity of her cavity. As she got wetter, I nudged two fingers inside and felt her pulsing response. I walked my fingers and felt her g-spot getting firmer.

“Mmm, mmm,” she responded.

With that, I exposed her little rosebud and lapped the swelling bulge with light flicks of my tongue, then sucked it with pursed lips.

“Mmmmm.. MMM,” she continued, as I persisted with the two fingers walking motion on her g-spot. She moaned and her torso tightened with a rising tension. My eyes traveled upwards, across the rounded curve of her stomach which she still caressed with an increasing rhythm.

“MMMM.. yes, MMMM…, ooooh…, YES!”

I coaxed her to her first orgasm. Finally, her body spasmed. Little pants coming from her lips as her orgasm finally took over her whole being. Linda shuddered and her thighs clamped around my ears as she climaxed. My tongue kept working on her engorged clit. My fingers prolonged her climax into post-orgasmic spasms throbbing around them.

I stroked her thighs as her orgasm subsided and her labored breathing slowed. As she eased her legs open again, I ran my tongue across her slit once more and poked my tongue into her depths before looking up at her. My cock was like a marble statue, hard as a rock and pushing out the front of my shorts.

I looked into her eyes and asked in whispered tones, “Do you want me to fuck you?”

She stared back at me for what seemed an eternity. Her brow furrowed by doubt and hesitation. Just then, the noise of a pan crashing against something in the kitchen broke the magic between us. Linda seemed to awaken from a daze.

“Best not…,” she whispered. “Not here.., not now.”

Linda relaxed back on the bed as I toweled her off. I pampered her denuded, bald pussy – giving it far more personal attention than needed. I offered Linda the towel as she leaned up and then helped her ease off the bed. She reached over to retrieve her panties and stepped into them. As she pulled them up, the tight fit and clean lines were obvious.

“Most impressive!” She noted. “A real professional job.” She breathed her thanks in my ear and she kissed my neck and cheek a couple of times.

Linda put the tweed skirt back on and smoothed it down. She pulled up the zip and tucked the buttons through their buttonholes one after another. She smoothed the tweed down seeming to take great pleasure in the feel of the material on her thighs.

She smiled at me and put a hand on my obvious erection. “I’m sorry you’re not taken care of down there but I’m sure Rena will see to that!”

“And soon, I hope”

I stood up, not sure what was going to happen now that I had crossed the line with my friend’s sister. How would Rena react?

“What just happened here?” I asked. “Is this a complication for you?”

“Not at all.” she said. “Maybe we should just stick with the elementary ‘shave’ story. Keep things simple.” She smiled. “As if I had just had my nails filed or my hair done…”

We moved towards the kitchen where the wonderful aroma of fresh baked, homemade pizza filled the air. A bottle of wine was open on the table and three place settings awaited us.

“How did you go on?” asked Rena. “Was it as embarrassing as you expected?”

“Not at all,” replied Linda. “Andy is a perfect gentleman. He made me feel quite at ease. It’s just a pity nobody is going to appreciate it. By the time my useless husband gets around to checking it out, I’ll probably be in need of another shave!”

We all laughed.

“Maybe next time I’m passing through Kingston,” I smiled, “I’ll bring my kit with me!”

Later, we waved Linda off in a taxi heading to the train station. Rena and I cleaned up the kitchen and headed to the bedroom to resume our ‘personal care’ exercise.

“Is Linda’s pussy as nice as mine?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I lied. “I didn’t get to see it.”

“So that satisfied glow she had was all due to the shaving?”

“I guess.” I responded as I entered Rena. Maybe she wondered why she got the longest, hardest fucking she had enjoyed in a long, long time.

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