A Confession

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I have a confession to make. There is a woman I am obsessed with, and she has no idea. And she can never know, ever, because if she did, it would destroy both me and her. In fact, both of our careers might be in jeopardy by me just having this conversation with you.

I know, I know, you are always very tight lipped about this sort of thing. That I think is why I have always considered you a friend. But this, all of this, must be forgotten the moment we leave this place. No, promise me.

Ok. Let me start from the beginning. First, I was hired on at Strapp & Rose as a lowly copy writer, churning out your basic legal type stuff for the partners and the junior partners. I was hired right out of school, not because of any legal experience but because I “showed potential”. That was a year ago. My old roommate swears it must have been the suit, but I bought the thing at J C Penny’s for two hundred bucks, so that wasn’t it.

I like to think that I genuinely had something that they wanted, some unseen talent or hidden skill that they knew they could claw out of me. Maybe I was just cheap labor.

I worked in the front office, sectioned off like all of the other drones in a cubicle the size of a cheap hotel bathroom. Rarely, if ever, did I get to go past the velvet curtains and into the back office where all of the real magic happened. But I did my job faithfully, naively thinking that if I put in enough time and showed enough dedication, I might get noticed and get promoted someday. Hell, if I hadn’t been typing legal jargon all day, I would have forgotten that I worked in a law office.

When I started, I joined a group of people that was already pretty tight. These five people spent nine hours a day and most Friday nights together, so when I came in I was the alien, the weird foreigner. I was obviously not part of their clan, and they let me know it from the minute I walked in.

So I did my work, writing out legal copy and ignoring the incessant chatter and horseplay between the other five people in my department. Most nights I stayed late, knowing that once everyone from the front office was gone was when I would get a lot of extra work done. It was on one of these nights, I think in November, that I met her.

I knew who she was immediately from the pictures on the wall of the hallway leading back to the partner’s offices. She was Edie Rose, partner and half of the name on the sign out front. She was tall, almost Amazonian it seemed like then, with dark toned legs that shot from her torso and made her long wool skirt look ashamed. She had amazon-green eyes and jet black hair tied back in a tight spiral on the back of her head.

I immediately imagined her in a tight black leather dominatrix outfit, giving a firm lashing to her newest boy-toy who I secretly wished would be me. As she walked by my cubicle, she turned her kryptonite-green eyes on me and asked “what are you doing here so late? The office is closed, you should go home.” With that, she shifted her mile-long legs and quickly disappeared.

That night, lying in bed in my small apartment across town, I found myself becoming aroused at the thought of my new boss. I imagined her calling me into her lush corner office and firmly telling me to sit down. She comes around the corner of her desk, slowly unbuttoning her designer blouse revealing her beautiful, round breasts.

In my dream, she kneels down in front of me, slowly unzips my trousers, pulls out my dick, looks up at me with her fierce green eyes, and puts me between her soft, red lips. While I fantasize about my boss going down on me, I discover I have grown hard and begin to stroke myself.

Edie Rose slowly stands up in front of me and coyly wipes her mouth with the back of her perfectly manicured hand. With her intense gaze locked on mine, she hikes her skirt up her tanned thighs, and quickly slides her thong down to her feet. Her gaze still locked with mine, she says “take off your pants”.

With my pants around my ankles and my white-knuckled hands squeezing the edge of the chair, Edie Rose straddles me, her wool skirt pulled up above her black leggings. She firmly grabs my cock and begins to slide down onto me, making soft noises as her dark eyes flutter. She is wet inside and warm.

She starts slow, moving up and down and occasionally looking me in the eyes before lifting her head and biting her bottom lip. I know that I can’t try to kiss her; you don’t try to kiss a woman like Edie Rose. Bravely, (still dreaming, of course) I release my grip on the chair and move my hands onto her smooth thighs, feeling the strong muscles under her warm skin push her up and down on me.

As she quickens her pace, her back arches and her breasts heave against my face. She grabs a hold of the top of the chair to support her strengthening gyrations. She tips her head back and parts her dark red lips, letting out a deep, sensuous moan. Edie Rose’s perfect nails dig into my thigh as she grinds against me. As her breathing grows faster so do her gyrations and her fingers lace themselves canlı bahis into my hair and yank my head back hard.

She holds my head back; and as she starts to tremble, she looks down at me with her fierce green eyes, her open mouth letting out the hot gasps of air of a woman in the throws of an orgasm. I come as well, exploding inside of the terrifying Edie Rose.

Coming out of my fantasy world, I realize I actually came on the inside of my boxer shorts. Slightly embarrassed, I cleaned myself up and put on a clean pair of underwear.

What’s that? Yeah, I think you better order another round. This story could take a while. Better make this one a double.

So, for a few days afterward, I couldn’t look anyone in the eye. I felt like they all knew I was having fantasies about Edie Rose, and were secretly snickering behind my back. This was ridiculous, of course. The other people in my department treated me with the same indifference as they always did and rest of the office treated me like the nobody I was. Luckily, I never ran into Edie Rose. I can only imagine that if I had, I probably would have tucked tail and ran the other way. And I would have, too, if I knew then what I was going to be getting myself into next.

As the weeks went by, the monotony of my job continued, and my fantasies about Edie Rose grew more intense. I sometimes watched her from my cubicle as she verbally assaulted an intern or put uppity junior partners in their place. Each and every time I watched her force her potent will on someone below her, it made my fantasies about her dominating me even stronger.

I found myself on several occasions sitting at my small desk getting hard while watching her and having to take a trip to the men’s room. After one of these frequent trips to the semi-private bathroom on the first floor, I opened the door to find Samantha, the ring leader and queen bitch of the group from my department standing outside with her arms crossed and her head tilted angrily to the left.

“Hey Jack. Some of the other CW’s have noticed you seem to be frequenting the bathroom in Reception. Is there something wrong with the bathroom on our floor? Are you too good to go where the rest of us go?” Samantha snapped disdainfully at me. Samantha was a pear-shaped twenty-something big mouthed troll with apparently nothing better to do than invade other people’s privacy and generally make everyone as miserable as her. She also had a really irritating habit of abbreviating everything.

So I gave her my best “can’t-be-bothered” look and said, “What are you talking about, Samantha?”

“Are you slow or something?” She snapped back. “I asked you if you think you are better than the rest of us up in the M.O. (Main Office)? I mean, you obviously can’t use the same bathroom as us, you never try to go to lunch with us, and I have never once heard you express any interest in our scrap-booking circle on Friday nights. So I will ask you again, and I am not letting you out of this doorway until I get an answer. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE BETTER THAN THE REST OF US?”

“You want an answer Samantha? Ok, here is your answer. Yes, I do think I am better than you and the rest of the writers. Why? Because I do my job, I do it well and I do it the right way the first time. I stay late or come in early to make sure a project gets done on time. I don’t suck up, I don’t gossip behind peoples back, and I don’t take the time out of my work day to discuss the new stickers I just added to my adolescent scrap book. And you want to know why I have not tried to spend time with your repugnant little swarm? It’s because I can barely stand to be in the same room as you as it is. So no, I will not be joining any of your extracurricular activities.”

Samantha at this point seemed about to blow her top. Her face was bright red and her jaw was clenched in sheer unbridled anger. No one had pissed her off like this in a long time. I had to keep going.

“Now let me ask you a question, Samantha. Do you believe that you deserve to work here? No, seriously. I want an honest answer. Do you think you deserve your salary when you probably put in maybe twenty hours of actual honest work per week? And, more importantly, Samantha, are you so naïve to think that our boss and the partners of this law firm are oblivious to your serious lack of productivity?

You and your little flock spend the better part of each day debating how much fatter Helen from accounting has gotten since last Christmas, and yet miraculously you still have a job. Some simple words of advice, Samantha: Come to work on time, shut up, and do your job. We can all be captivated by your latest eating-disorder gossip when we walk out the front door. Now, if you will excuse me.”

As I tried to push my way past Samantha and into the hallway, she finally found her voice and began to retort.

“Now wait just one G.D. minute, you S.O.B….”

And just as she was about to tell me how big of an asshole I was, the women’s bathroom door swung open and out stepped the endlessly long legs of Edie bahis siteleri Rose. The look on her face told us both she was not amused at the moment, and cut Samantha off in mid-curse.

“Samantha, I believe Marcus was looking for you upstairs. Something about needing some copies made. I suggest you find him and see to whatever he needs.”

“Oh, yes, of course Ms. Rose, right away.” Samantha said, her eyes brushing the ground as she scampered away.

“And you. I don’t think I know you.” Said Edie Rose, turning her emerald eyes on me.

“Um, no m’am. I’m Jack Gordon, I’m a copy writer. I’ve just been here about six months. It’s nice to finally meet you, Ms. Rose.”

“Hmm, yes, I am sure it is. Listen, Mr. Gordon, I have a special project I need completed by the end of the day, and I think you might be the man for the job. Think you are up for it?”

Both of us still standing in the restroom hallway, Edie Rose stared down at me with a stoic look of indifference.

“Well, of course Ms. Rose. I would be happy to. What is it you need done?”

“So eager to please.” She said with a small smirk. “Come to my office in one half hour, and I will give you the assignment then.” She said as she began to walk away.

“Oh, and by the way Mr. Gordon, I heard your conversation with Ms. Moore just outside the bathroom door. I’m glad to see one of her co-workers finally had the balls to put the little piglet in her place. I like a man who can take control.”

I watched her turn and walk away, her hips swishing back and forth under her wool skirt. I became a little aroused again, but thought better of it and marched back to my desk feeling quite proud of myself. Back at my cubicle the other group was nowhere in site. Probably off somewhere doing actual work or holed up in the break room talking about me. Not that it mattered. I had bigger things to worry about, like having to actually step into the private office of Edie Rose, the object of my fantasies these last few months.

I wondered what special project she could have in mind for me, someone who hadn’t even been at the firm for a full year yet. I sat at my desk tapping my pencil against the computer screen lost in thought until I realized I had five minutes until I had to be in her office.

I stood up and immediately began to sweat. On my way to Edie Rose’s office, I stopped at the water fountain and splashed my face with cold water, which did little to ease my anxiety.

For the first time, I walked through the smoky glass and steel door that lead to the private partner’s offices. Stopping in the large hallway to figure out where to go, I spotted it immediately. Down a long corridor was the same stainless steel and glass door as up front, only this one had a perfect full length etching of a rose in the glass. That had to be it.

Taking a deep breath, I walked to the door quickly. She “Liked a man who could take control” I remembered her saying, which made me puff up my chest and knock a little louder than I maybe should have.

“Please, come in Mr. Gordon,” I heard her say from the back of the office. “The door is open.”

I stepped into a finely appointed room with polished hardwood floors, a high, exposed beam ceiling, and rather expensive looking pieces of modern art hanging from the walls. Edie Rose sat partially hidden behind her large oak desk, her exquisite torso turned at an angle as she typed something into her computer. Without looking at me she said “Please, Mr. Gordon, sit down.”

I approached her desk and sat tentatively on one of the lush leather chairs that sat facing their master. “Now, Mr. Gordon.” She said, taking off her reading glasses and turning her eyes to meet mine.

“I can imagine you are wondering what sort of project a partner could have for a wet behind the ears copy writer.” She got out of her chair, and began to walk around the corner of the desk. Nervously, I stood up as well, using the solid desk as support.

She turned her head to the ground for a moment and said “In truth, Mr. Gordon, the project I have for you is me. I liked how you handled yourself with Ms. Moore earlier. Your fiercely sharp tongue and dominant powerful ego are qualities I like to see in men, and if they are good enough, it turns me on. So in short, Mr. Gordon, your project is to dominate me. I want you to take me any way you want, tell me to do anything you want me to do to you; the more depraved, the better. And I know neither one of us will be satisfied until you have turned me into your submissive little kitten.”

I stared at Edie Rose, to stunned to speak, my face pale white from lack of blood. She walked up to me and stared at me with her intense green eyes and with one hand unzipped my pants and began to massage my already stiffening package.

I began to speak, which was probably a mistake. “oh, wow, Ms. Rose, I don’t know the first thing about dominating a woman. I’m hardly the aggressive type.”

“I beg to differ, Mr. Gordon.” She said, still massaging my cock, her red lips dangerously close bahis şirketleri to my ear. “I think you know exactly how to dominate a woman, even one that intimidates you, only you don’t think you can. Maybe you just need something to wake you up.”

With that, she quickly pulls her hand from my pants and slaps me full force with her palm. “There, how was that?”

At that moment, something primal took hold of me. A force I could not explain made me grab Edie Rose by the arms and push her against the wall. I pinned her hands above her head as I savagely grabbed, kissed and bit her neck and breasts. I ran a hand under her skirt, grabbed her panties and pulled them down to her knees.

Roughly I massaged her pussy and clit, and feeling her get wet I pushed a finger inside of her, which caused Edie Rose to let out a soft gasp. Still pinning her against the wall, I kissed her hard, biting her lip and tongue as I mashed my mouth into hers. Edie Rose began to moan steadily, her pussy grinding against my hand as I fingered her, now with two fingers inside of her.

Pulling myself away from her for a moment, my fierce gaze locked with hers, both of us panting for air, I tell her “I want you to put my cock in your mouth. And I want you to take it all the way in to the back of your throat. Now, on your knees.”

With that, Edie Rose grinned lasciviously, slid her thong the rest of the way off of her legs, and knelt down in front of me. With much eagerness she undid my belt and pulled my pants down to my knees, my hard cock right in front of her face ready and waiting. Licking her lips, she opened her mouth and began to slide my cock over her tongue and into her mouth. She closed her soft, red lips around my shaft and began to slide her head back and forth along my cock.

I laced my fingers in her hair and grabbed the back of her head. Gently at first I began pushing her further and further down onto my cock, her head bobbing back and forth as my cock went deeper into her throat. She looked up at me with her green eyes with a look that said “more, please, more.”

My hand firmly gripping her head, I pushed her mouth all the way down the length of my cock, and Edie Rose began to moan again as she slurped and sucked down my full length. Her tongue was busy inside her mouth, flicking around on the shaft as it slid in and out of her mouth. She played with herself as she devoured me, teasing her clit and sliding fingers into her wet and waiting pussy. Her moans grew louder as her lips slid up and down my cock.

I tugged her hair and pulled her warm mouth off of my cock. I looked down at her for a moment then said “Now, grab the edge of your desk and bend over.” Which she did, quickly standing up on those long legs, she walked over to her desk, hiked her skirt up above her ass, and bent over grabbing onto the edge of the desk. She turned her head and shot me a look that said “now what?”

I slid my pants the rest of the way off of my legs and walked over to her exposed back side. Just for fun, I opened my hand and slapped her ass hard, leaving a nice red welt. “That was for earlier.”

All she did was moan and wiggle her ass at me, so I smacked her ass again, this time on the other side. “Oooh…. What was that one for?” She cooed.

“That one was because you like it.”

With that, I ran my hand up her thigh to her warm and wet pussy, and began to play with her. As I rubbed her clit, I teased the soft outside of her ass, putting soft pressure on that other forbidden hole. This made Edie Rose moan loudly, and she began to grind her ass against my hand, telling me she wanted more. After teasing her a little, I grabbed my cock and rubbed it against the soft opening of her pussy, and with no warning began to push myself inside of Edie Rose.

This sudden penetration caused Edie Rose to gasp and moan loudly, her back arching and flexing as I pushed deeper inside of her. I smacked her ass hard again and grabbed hold of her hips as I pushed myself the rest of the way inside her. She let out a quick high pitched gasp as my cock filled her up completely. Holding her hips, I slide in and out of her, slowly at first, but building steadily faster and faster. Edie Rose bucks hard against me, her back arching as she grinds against my thrusts.

With one hand, I go back to her ass, and as I slide in and out of Edie Rose I begin to play with her ass some more. At first I just rub my finger against it, but she seems to want more so I slowly and gently push my finger inside. This causes her to squeal and gasp as a new wave of pleasure shoots through her body. I thrust harder in and out of her, and Edie Rose begins to shake as her body begins an orgasm.

“Oh, fuck, harder” she cries, and I can’t help but try. Grabbing her hip with one hand, I ram myself into her with as much force as I can.

Feeling another primal urge come over me, I reach forward and grab Edie Rose by the throat, stand her up, and move her back up against the wall. My hand still around her neck, I tear off her blouse and bra, letting out her beautiful round breasts. I force her to bend again, this time against the wall, I push my cock back inside of her. With one hand I find her ass again, she seems to like that, and I slide a finger in as far up as it will go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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