A Couple Waking Up

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This is my first submission of an erotic story. Feedback is very welcome and feel free to comment.


We were lying in our bed, her head on my shoulder, her hand on my chest. I brushed aside her red hair and smiled as I saw her sleeping. Her eyes closed shut, mouth slightly open. As her breath tickled my chest, I felt a stirring in my groin. We were both naked and the feeling of her soft skin on mine felt natural, and beautiful. I moved my hand over her face and caressed her cheek. I let my hand roam on to her bosom and cupped her right 36c breast. I used my thumb to brush over her nipple letting it get hard. I saw a smile on her face as she slowly opened her eyes.

We were in the bedroom of our 2 storey apartment. We had started living together 12 years ago and got married 4 years afterwards. Our first home was a single floor department and we really needed the upgrade after we got married. We didn’t have any kids and weren’t planning on getting any. We enjoyed our life together, and were afraid a kid would bring to much change with it. We both had a successful career and were planning to keep it that way.

“Morning Lover,” she smiles looking into my eyes before pressing a kiss on my lips.

“Morning dear,” I react. “Did you sleep well?”

“Aye,” she replies. ” I Had the most wonderful dream.”

“Tell me about it,”

“We were sailing the Atlantic on a boat. The sun was licking our naked skin, as we laid together on the deck,” she tells me. “The ocean was calm and silent, no other ship to be seen anywhere.”

“Sounds lovely, tell me more.” I say slowly pressing kisses on her soft skin.

“It was late afternoon and the sound of waves crashing against the hull, made me at ease. I looked to the side and saw you, your eyes were closed and a smile was on your hansom face,” she continues. “I leaned over to press a kiss on your lips, and you woke up suddenly to take me in a bear hug, pulling me down on to your chest. I was surprised by your sudden outburst and landed with my legs astride you. Our tongues danced as you rubbed my back. The rest is a bit blurry, but I’m wet with pleasure.”

“lovely dream,” I react. “Only two more months and it might become reality. that’s when our boat’s finished.”

“Yeah it is, isn’t it,” she replies. “Can’t wait, where do you think we’ll go first?”

Our dream had always been to sail the seven bahis firmaları seas and see new countries, the freedom of the sea had always caught our fancy. Living close to the Irish coast was part of the reason for our mutual attraction to the sea. Our first date was at a boat fair. After that we were always able to talk about buying a boat and sailing the waters. That dream was getting near to becoming reality.

“Maybe America or Scandinavia, I don’t really know” I replied pressing a kiss in her neck. I moved my lips down to her breast, and put my lips on her right nipple. I start to lick it. I knew she loved to feel my lips on her nipple.

“ahhh, that feels great,” she reacts, before placing her small hands in my hair and massaging my scalp.

I shift to her left nipple and circle my tongue around the hard nub. I hear her starting to breathe a little louder. I use my hands to gently massage her firm stomach, alternating pressure with feather-light touches. I stop circling her nipple with my tongue, and continue pressing kisses on the rest of her body. I now move my hands to cup her breasts and start to grab her nipples between my middle- and index- fingers. She gives a small moan and throws back her head, as I reach the area above her vagina, and press a soft kiss just above her slit in the red patch of pubic hair. Her pussy was clean shaven except for a small patch of hair above her pussy.

“Ahh, I love it when you kiss me there,” she comments. “Makes me wet with anticipation.”

“I know,” I react moving my hands from her breasts to her stomach as I move further down to kiss her between the thighs.

I already smell the musk odour of her wet pussy and savour the smell. Oh how I love that smell, makes me burn with desire.

I continue kissing her legs moving form her inner thighs downwards on her right leg, before moving upwards from her left calves to her left thigh. I lay down between her legs on my belly and let her rest her thighs on my back. I start to lick from her thigh closer to her pussy, the smell of her getting me more aroused. I tease her by not yet starting to lick her pussy but keeping my licks on her thigh. She endures only for a short while and begs:

“Please, lick my pussy. I hunger for your tongue,”

I comply, knowing how much I love how she tastes. I place my tongue on her wet pussy and the taste of her juices tickles kaçak iddaa my tongue while I lick her vagina. She gasps as she feels my tongue on her pussy. Again she puts her soft hands on my head and massages my scalp. I love the feeling of her hands pressing into my head, makes me relax. I slowly start lashing at her pussy making her wetter then she already is. I love the way she reacts to what I do to her. She gasps and shivers as my tongue does its magic. I lick away at her labia and the inside of her pussy. Her sweet juices flow from her vagina as I pleasure her. I place my mouth over her clit and gently start to apply suction. I use my tongue to please her clit and she starts to moan.

After licking her pussy for five minutes, I put the middle and index finger in my mouth and wet them with saliva. I Slowly place my fingers in her pussy and apply pressure entering her wet pussy with my fingers. I press down in her vagina and make her feel like she is being fucked while I’m still licking her pussy. She moans again and arches her back.

“MMMM, make me cum Alex, I wanna cum.”

I speed up my actions and start licking her pussy more vigorously. I start licking her faster and penetrating her more forcefully. She starts to move her hips as if she is fucking my fingers. Her pussy clamps tightly around my fingers as I speed up my licking and penetrating. After only a short moment, she moans loudly while I feel her pussy tighten around my fingers more and her juices flow over my fingers. I pull them out and place my open mouth on her vagina her juices flow into my mouth and the salty sweet flavour flows over my tongue. Oh how I love her taste. I make her cum a second time by concentrating on her clit again.

I stop licking her and crawl up to lay on top of her with my legs between hers. I press a long kiss on her lips and she answers by opening her mouth and letting my tongue in. I know she can taste herself on my lips and I know that she does not mind that. The head of My cock rests by her entrance but I don’t yet penetrate her pussy.

“My cock is so hard for you,” I whisper in her ear.

“My pussy is wet for you. Fuck me.”

I use my right hand to position my cock between the lips of her pussy, and push my cock into the soft sheath of her wet pussy. My cock enters her completely as I start to move in and out of her. She puts her legs around my buttocks kaçak bahis as I fuck her in the missionary position. I move in and out of her slowly as she tightens her pussy around my cock for a tighter fit. I press a kiss on her lips, and put my hands in her fiery red hair.

I continue to move in and out of her at a steady pace. The familiar feeling of her damp hotness seems to make my cock even harder. I press a kiss on her lips and she parts her mouth to accept my tongue. Her soft breasts are pressed between us as we kiss each other passionately. She starts to move her hips with the rhythm of my thrusts. I feel like I’m starting to transpire and see her skin is starting to glisten with sweat. She puts her knees to my sides.

“Let’s change position,” she says. “I wanna ride your 9 inch cock.”

I nod and turn us around to let her on top. She sits down on my cock and moves her hips like a belly dancer. As I feel her pussy circling around my cock she lays down on top of me pressing another passionate kiss on my lips. I love the way we always look each other in the eyes while we are fucking. Her sea-blue eyes squinted in pleasure and an ethereal smile on her lips. I take her in a strong embrace and start to move my hips with hers to meet her as she drops down on my hard cock. The slapping sounds of pelvis meeting pelvis echoes through the room as her pussy envelops my cock.

“Fuck me harder Alex,” Aislin pleaded. “Fuck my wet pussy, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. I’m so close.”

I doubled my efforts and turned her on her back again. I thrust my rock hard cock deep inside her pussy, pushing her closer to the edge with every thrust. Her pussy clamps on to my cock and she starts to shiver in orgasm.

“Yess! Yesss! YEEESSSS!” she screams as her pussy clamps tighter around my 9 inch cock.

Hearing her screams pushes me over the edge and I feel my balls tighten, as I start feeling cum rush through my cock. I blow my load deep inside her pussy, and feel her pussy milk my cum while she shivers through her long orgasm. She arches her back and bucks her hips a few more times, before I drop down onto her and take her in a strong embrace. I let my cock remain inside her as I kiss her passionately.

After a few minutes my cock went soft and I pulled it out of Aislin’s wet pussy. I get of her and lay down on my back.

“That was wonderful,” she smiles. “As always.”

“Sure was” I reply.

We lay like that for 15 minutes and got out of bed to have a warm shower.


Hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Don’t forget to vote.

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