A Crazy Ride Ch. 01

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Well, I was moving and not happy about leaving my place. It was a unique house. Old, lots of old, chipped, colorful tile mosaics on the walls, floors, and ceilings. An old toilet with an elevated tank and a pull string flush in a tiny closet. Had to climb up a really steep hill to get to it. But I loved it. I was renting it. The owners had sold it and I was given a couple of weeks to vacate.

I decided to throw a party to say farewell to the place and celebrate it as well. It was a casual warm summer evening party with a small amount of friends and coworkers and everyone was feeling happy and relaxed from the sangria.

It was getting late and the party had thinned and I walked the last people down the hill to say goodbye. I was chatting with a couple of coworkers while one coworker, Eric, helped his wife into her car (apparently they had driven separately) and saw her off, then he came and joined our little group. We chatted briefly, I thanked them all for coming, and they dispersed to their cars amid hugs and farewells. Eric lingered near me saying he should walk me back up the steep hill (it was so steep in some areas that one had to hold onto trees and pull themselves up), which I thought was nice and gentlemanly, even though it was kind of silly for him to go up and back down again, and I had made the trip up the hill alone hundreds of times.

So we headed back up the hill and I put my hand on a tree to pull myself up and it was covered with ants! So I was kind of hanging onto the grasses to keep from falling down the hill, sort of screaming because of the surprise of the ants and being close to falling, and laughing because I was tipsy from sipping sangria all night.

Eric found a different way up, stood on a flat spot above me on the hill and reached down to pull me up. And he was strong. And as he pulled me up, my body skimmed canlı bahis the length of his. And when he had me on my feet next to him, he put his hands around my ribcage to stabilize me. And all these things affected me. And him, too. So we were silent for a moment then continued up the hill towards the house. We got to my door and it was awkward for a moment.

But we were drunk and giddy and decided to go inside for another drink. I was showing him all the crazy old stuff about the place that I totally adored. It was laid out really weird and there were all sorts of cubbies and secret hiding places and a rusted metal laundry chute and orange and yellow and powder blue tiles everywhere.

And the whole time he was following me around the house, he was very close and touching me.

And I knew he was married, so I was pretending not to notice, even though I was subtly encouraging it by slightly leaning into his slim, hard muscled body (and telling myself that it was okay because I was drunk and it was lean on him or fall over…).

After showing him a secret door in the back of a closet, I turned and he was right there and our bodies were pressing against each other.

And he reached his arms around me and pulled me closer. And my hands were on his broad chest. And we were subtly fitting our bodies even closer together.

And he was looking down at me seriously.

I said, “You should go and make sure your wife made it home safely.” And he started kissing my neck, breathing: “I know. This is not right.” And I could feel his erection pressing into me and he was so tall and muscular and sexy, I just couldn’t stop myself from moving against it and rubbing my hard nipples against his chest through our shirts.

He slid his hand up my thigh saying how soft my skin was and reached under my skirt to grab a handful of my bahis siteleri ass, pulling me closer.

We were kissing and breathing heavy and I was alternatively pushing him away and telling him “we can’t” and pulling him back and grinding against him.

He picked me up and pushed my back against the wall and I wrapped my legs around him and my skirt was riding up and I could feel his erection almost inside me despite my panties and his jeans being still on.

It was heavy and passionate and we were grabbing at each other, touching everywhere, he was pulling my head back by my hair to kiss my neck and face.

And we were often falling against things or nearly falling over because he was carrying me around the house and we were attacking each other with such force and we were intermittently laughing about knocking things over.

Somehow we ended up near my front door and I opened it and pushed him out and said: “I really really want you, but you have to just go home!” and I slammed the door shut and collapsed against it.

Then I heard a knock.

So naturally I answered it.

And he said, “You’re not getting rid of me that easily.”

And pulled me out onto the hill.

And his clothes were coming off and my panties and shirt were coming off and we were on the ground and he pushed my bra aside and started kissing and sucking and biting my nipples and he ran his hand up my thigh to where I was soooooooo hot and wet and then suddenly his urgency slowed…

And I was writhing with desire so much that it was almost painful when he began excruciatingly slowly and gently and lightly teasing and tormenting my pussy with his fingers while he was kissing me so hard I could barely breathe.

Then he hovered over me for just a moment. And I could feel the soft tip of his cock on my clit. Then he slowly sank bahis şirketleri into me alllllllll the way. Deliciously spreading and filling me. And stopped when he was all the way in.

I was panting and desperate for release but he didn’t move.

So I started to move. And move and move and move and move and fucking him from below and getting harder and faster while he hovered over me.

Making myself cum all over his thick cock.

Then he grabbed me and started fucking me hard and deep.

And we started sliding down the steep hill but he didn’t stop and dirt and grass and branches and leaves were flying everywhere and we were rolling over each other and he was still fucking me.

And I came and came all down that crazy hill, hitting my head on rocks and my back on trees and it hurt like hell and felt incredible at the same time.

When we skidded to a stop at the bottom, he slowed down and began to fuck like he was making sweet love to me with tender, gentle kisses.

Then he rolled me on top of him, not changing his slow, passionate rhythm inside of me, pulling twigs out of my hair, kissing and caressing scratches on my face and body, rubbing my sore elbows, asking if I was okay, whispering sweet words, all the while slowly bringing me to another orgasm.

Then I took over, enjoying the exquisite feel of every inch of his thick cock inside of me. Moving up and down and forward and back and deeper and faster until he grabbed my hips and came like a machine gun into me as I contracted and convulsed around him and then collapsed on top of him.

After awhile we sat there tasting dirt and inspecting our injuries and laughing about it. Then he walked me up the hill again and decided to spend the night.

I knew things were going to get hairy with his wife in the morning, but I was flattered that he wanted to stay with me that night, bodies entwined, gentle, tender kisses and caresses, careful to avoid bruises and scrapes, in spite of the trouble he was sure to be in for not going home. And I was hoping for more in the morning.

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