A Cyndie Sundae

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I finish putting the kids down for bed and find you in the living room. I am tired but you look freshly showered. You pull me into your arms and brush your lips against mine, your tongue slips into my mouth to tease mine. My lips open to you and our tongues are soon intertwined in a hot sweet kiss that has us both begging for more. You pull away still holding me, you give me a soft sweet kiss and hand me a glass of my favorite wine.

“Go shower” you tell me and push in the direction of the bathroom.

I strip off my clothes and shower – anticipation is pulsing through me. I grab a razor and shave my legs then cover my pussy with shave cream and shave it bald too. I know you like it that way and I really want to turn you on. I get out of the shower and towel off. The wine is starting to make me feel all tingly and relaxed. Smoothing lotion over my body, I pretend it is you sliding your hands over me. There is apiece of lingerie hanging on the door – something you have chosen for me to wear. I slip it on. I look in the mirror and comb my hair. The room is filled with fragrance as I spray perfume on my neck and at the base of my spine.

As I get ready to leave the bathroom, you come in and slide your body against mine from behind. Your lips dance kisses up my neck and I sigh with pleasure. I love it when you kiss my neck. It gets me hot and makes me feel cherished all at the same time. Your hands come around to slowly tease my nipples through the nightie and I catch my breath as your kisses turn hotter, biting and tonguing my neck. I can feel your erection pressing against the cheeks of my ass and my pussy floods with wetness in response – Oh God. My heart is pounding, my breath ragged. My knees feel like bahis firmaları jello. I am practically a puddle on the floor.Your tongue slides up to my ear as you whisper.

” Tonight you are going to cum over and over until you beg me to put my hard cock inside you.”

Holy shit! I am practically ready to beg now. I think to myself as I feel my pussy tighten in response you your words. Then you step away from me, grab my hand and pull me into the living room. The room is lit up by candles, pillows on the floor. The rest of the wine is sitting on a small table and something else too that I can’t quite make out. You lead me over to the pillows and tell me to sit down then you retrieve my wine glass from the bathroom and fill it before sitting down next to me with a glass of your own. I ask you what else is on the table but you just tell me to wait and see. You reach out and slowly trace my nipple through the fabric of my nightie.

My eyes slide closed and my breath catches at the pleasure. You slide closer and continue to stroke my nipple slowly before bringing the same pleasure to my other nipple as well. I want to feel you touch them without anything between us and you must feel the same – as you lift the hem up and over my head. Your tongue slides over my nipple hot and wet and I clasp your head to me, moaning with pleasure. I feel your lips leave me and I start to open my eyes but your fingers touch my eyelids gently, telling me to keep them closed. I feel you reach for something… then sweet warmth is dripped over my nipples followed by the heat of your breath and finally the hot, wet heat of your mouth. You suck and lick the substance off as if it were a gourmet meal savoring every nuance. I am lost kaçak iddaa in the pleasure of it, arching my back, thrusting my breasts toward your willing mouth. Your hands slide over the rest of my body softly, lightly sending goosebumps of pleasure over my skin. I feel your mouth leave a trail of kisses over my ribs , down my belly before you reach my freshly shaved mound.

“Mmmm,” I hear you say, “very nice”

You trail a finger over the smooth flesh, teasing down over my hot dripping lips. I open my legs slightly and arch toward your hand.

“Don’t stop” I tell you, beg you.

“Oh no” you answer.

I feel you trace my lips with your finger then dip into my juices and spread it upward onto my clit. I want you to touch me there sooo bad. I hold my breath then let it out again as your fingers begin their magical stroking over me. Then… sweet warmth flows over my clit and lips bathing me in hot liquid warmth. Your tongue slides over me lapping up each drop of warmth and spreading hot sweet need deep inside me. Your tongue slides up and over my clit bringing me closer and closer. My hips arch up with each stroke you give me until finally I am cumming hard and fast, moaning out my pleasure.

I lay on the floor, eyes closed, trying to catch my breath. Your tongue is stroking me still ever so softly. I sigh contentedly. As you stroke my clit, I feel myself becoming aroused again. Mmmm… it feels sooo good. I feel your tongue trail down back toward my ass.You tell me to turn over and I do. Pulling a pillow under my head I lie on my stomach, so content I could almost fall asleep.

I feel your hands glide over my butt cheeks slowly, lightly, then harder. I know you are getting turned on kaçak bahis and that makes me hot too. Your hands smooth over cleft of my ass and I shiver with pleasure. Your hands spread my legs apart then my butt cheeks as you spread your magical liquid warmth over my anus. I feel some trickle down onto my pussy lips – It feels so good and I know what you are going to do next. Anticipation floods through as I wait to feel your tongue like you did before. I feel your hot breath fan over me, the heat coming closer and closer. Finally your tongue delves in to scoop the liquid heat. Oh Yes! I am practically crawling out of my skin with need by the time you suck up every last drop. Then, a slick wetness and I feel your fingers – one slides up my ass, one into my pussy. I gasp the sensation almost too much pleasure to stand.Your fingers begin thrusting slowly inside – then harder faster and I am practically screaming my pleasure as I thrust back against you in climax.

I slowly thrust back against your fingers now – satisfied, but it still feels sooo good. I feel you press your hard cock against my anus and I know you want to slide it right up my backdoor. I want it too and push back against you. You need no more encouragement and push your generously lubed cock into me – thrusting slowly. It feels amazing – having your big cock sliding up inside my ass and I am close to cuming again.

“Don’t stop!” I beg you.

I feel myself almost near, almost… Oh God!!! I am cumming again and I feel you thrusting into me harder faster as you seek your release. I squeeze my muscles hard around you and hear you groan as you fill me with your cum. Slowly, I sink to the floor with you still imbedded I my ass. I feel your breath against my ear.

“You make a wonderful ice cream sundae”

“What?” I ask.

Your hand reaches next to us and holds up a jar of hot fudge for me to see.

Hmmm… maybe next time you’ll be the sundae.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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