A Double Exposure

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Julie let her clothes fall into a puddle around her bare feet. Feigning nonchalance, she wandered onto the dull black sheet that covered the art department’s graveyard of neglected cameras, burnt-out bulbs, and moth-eaten drapes.

“Is this where you want me?” she asked.

“Just a min-…” The photographer looked up from his camera, but the sight of Julie’s naked body made the words catch in his throat. The lights, which he had yet to adjust, bathed her long, pale limbs in a honey glow that radiated from her feet to her tousled, strawberry hair. He couldn’t believe this bronzed angel of a girl had agreed to pose for him. It seemed unreal.

“I can put this up, if it’ll help,” she added, gripping her russet mane and twisting it behind her ears. As she did, her perfect, white breasts lifted and tightened, causing her small, pink nipples to poke out provocatively.

“No! I mean, it’s good. Your hair. It’ll be good in the pictures.”

Julie released her hair and shrugged. “Whatever. Sometimes they don’t want the shadows.”

The photographer smiled and went back to adjusting his equipment. Julie wandered around the familiar, cramped studio. In her four years at the university, she had become the art department’s most popular model. Not that the money was great – it wasn’t. In fact, most of the time she worked for free. And it wasn’t that she couldn’t find other excuses to get publicly naked. Julie chuckled to herself at the memory of last night’s impromptu table dance at the Trough, the campus bar.

No, Julie didn’t need to model for the department, but she also didn’t want to stop. There was something in the way the students examined her that excited her more than anything else she’d ever experienced. The focused detachment. The measured sexuality. The incredible control. It turned her on so much that she’d often have to stash Kleenex nearby and sneak off to wipe away the evidence. Not that it helped much. By the time she got back to her dorm, her panties were always dripping wet. The artists never seemed to notice. She always noticed them, though. Brooding intellectual men with calculating eyes, and bold, unrestrained women with amazing passion and vision. Julie loved them all. Each one ended up in her fantasies, fueling her orgasms as her wet fingers raced around her clit. And this new one – this tall, dark boy with the floppy curls and the shaking hands – well, he was going to make canlı bahis şirketleri a fine addition to her cast of imaginary artist lovers.

“Okay, I think I’m ready now.” His low voice interrupted Julie’s naughty thoughts. “If you could just stand in the middle there, I’ll adjust the lights around you.”

“I know the ropes…oh, I’m sorry. What’s your name again?”


“I know the ropes, Josh,” she said with a warm smile.

“Well, I’m glad one of us does. I’m completely lost.” As he talked to her, Josh was careful to keep his eyes from Julie’s exquisite naked body.

“I take it you’re not an aspiring photographer?”

“Metals and sculpture, actually. But they make all the majors take photography 110. It’s supposed to teach us about “composition” and “the human form.”

“Which you think is a bunch of shit.”

Josh laughed, his rich voice filling the stuffy room. “Not totally. But I’d argue that any artistic medium can teach you about composition and the human form.”

“I’d argue that life teaches you about it,” Julie interjected. “And that’s coming from an econ major with absolutely no artistic talent.”

Josh looked into her eyes, appraising her intent. “I think everyone’s an artist,” he said finally, his soft voice rushing over and inside her. “Now, if you could just lift your arms like you had them before…that’s it, just hold up your hair a bit. I want to get the shape of your elbow there…great!”

Josh circled her with his camera, and Julie began to move slowly, holding each pose just long enough to allow him to shoot a few photos. The warmth of the lights on her bare skin added to the heat she was already experiencing inside. She watched as Josh’s long, narrow fingers flew over the camera, adjusting and fluttering over the lenses and shutters. She imagined those same, brown fingers caressing her body, massaging her breasts, disappearing into her hot pussy. The first trickle of Julie’s arousal began to slide down the inside of her right thigh, and she quickly rubbed her legs together to wipe it away.

Safely behind the camera now, Josh took every opportunity to devour her beautiful breasts, lush hips, and creamy thighs. She was truly amazing. But it was the close-cropped, flame-colored curls of her bush that enticed him the most. Damn this black-and-white film, he thought, as he zoomed in closer to her gorgeous pussy. Was it just the canlı kaçak iddaa lighting, or was her bush gleaming and wet?

In less than ten minutes, Josh was out of film and Julie’s desire had reached a fever peak. She could see the packet of Kleenex near her purse, but just as she was about to ask for a quick break, Josh put down his camera and reached for his keys.

“I have some more film in my car,” he said. “I’ll be right back. Could you maybe experiment with a few seated poses while I’m gone?”

Julie nodded and carefully kneeled on the floor, ever-conscious of the dripping pussy that could easily leave a tell-tale sign on the sheet. Her body was throbbing, demanding a release. She was so hot now, she was afraid she might cum right in front of him. For the first time, Julie didn’t think she could make it back to her dorm. Her safe fantasies were nothing compared to this reality under Josh’s camera.

She watched as Josh’s strong back disappeared through the door, and then, letting out a tortured moan, she flung herself onto the ground, arching her back into the cold floor as her fingers slipped into her wetness and massaged her aching clit. Her orgasm was already approaching, and Julie began to finger fuck herself into a frenzy, bucking and thrusting against her hand. In her mind, she saw Josh’s hands bringing her to ecstasy, Josh’s tongue sliding over her clit and into her hot, tight pussy. Josh’s cock filling her to the hilt with his heat.

Just as she was about to surrender to orgasm, the door flew open and Josh stood before her, clutching two rolls of film and staring at her in disbelief. For a moment, Julie paused, unsure of what to do. In her mind, she knew she should gather her clothes and leave. If anyone walked into the studio, Josh would be in trouble – he’d probably fail the class for “unprofessional behavior.” Lord knows it had happened to countless other horny students. And she didn’t even know this guy…but, as it always seemed to happen with her, Julie’s desire began to take over again. She wanted – no, she needed to cum. Right here and right now. Slowly, she resumed her stroking and rubbing, moaning just a bit louder than necessary. Through her lowered lashes, she waited for Josh’s reaction.

Josh was frozen, torn between leaving, throwing himself on top of his gorgeous model, and dropping his sculpture major in favor of photography. No wonder there were so canlı kaçak bahis many photo students. Instead, he swallowed hard, reloaded his camera, and moved closer to Julie. In the light, her slick pussy gleamed with her juices. He watched as her fingers expertly fucked her little strawberry snatch and tugged on her bright, pink nipples. This rose-colored dream was the closest Josh had ever come to real art. Unthinking, unprepared, he began to take pictures from every angle. The slope of her thigh, the curve of her breast, the lush wetness of her lips – every moment was worthy of a photograph, and Josh caught them all.

As Julie writhed on the cold floor, she smiled inwardly at Josh’s attentive camera. Her fantasies were being caught on film, and all at once she understood why she loved modeling so much. She slid three fingers into her tight pussy, sighing at the blissful wetness and rubbing it over her breasts and into her skin. Yes, Julie truly loved to be watched. This orgasm was about to be the best of her life.

Finally, as Julie reached her dripping climax, Josh focused his camera on her sweet, blissful expression and snapped a photo just as she arched her neck for the last time and bit down on her swollen lip. The flash seemed to hang in the air, and they both remained silent, not wanting to break the spell of whatever had just happened. Finally, for lack of anything else to do, Josh offered his hand to Julie and helped her off the floor. She quickly slid into her clothes and headed for the exit, her face flushed red enough to match her hair. Her musky scent clung to everything, including Josh’s now damp hand. He couldn’t let her go like this.

“Wait a minute, Julie.” Josh said as he stood behind her. “I want you to know…I mean, I would never…Look, nobody will ever see those pictures, okay?”

Julie raised her head and turned to look into his soft, gray eyes. “Okay,” she said quietly, her lower lip still trembling a bit.

“But would you mind if maybe…maybe I developed them just for myself?” As soon as he asked the question, Josh wished he could retract it. How stupid of him to assume that she would allow him to…

“Okay,” she said again, the beginnings of a smile working on her lips. “On one condition.”


Grinning wickedly now, Julie linked her arms around his neck and brought his lips to hers with a crushing force. Then, snaking one leg up his thigh and around his waist, she tugged him to the floor, where they landed on the sheet in a heap of legs and arms, tongues and teeth.

“I was just hoping,” she gasped as Josh slid his warm hands under her shirt, “that you would show me how to make art.

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