A Family United Pt. 01

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All characters in this saga are fictional and a figment of my wicked imagination. Any resemblance of any character in this tale to an actual human, living or dead, is not intended and happened by pure chance. All characters in the story are over the age of eighteen. No portion of this composition may be reproduced, altered, copied, or published else where, in part or in entirety, without the expressed written permission and consent of the author.

Part One – Charlene.

A brief background and prologue.

My mom left my no account, deadbeat dad when I was seven years old and strangely enough instead of moving closer to her own relatives in South Georgia, she moved our family to the tiny hamlet in north Georgia where my father’s parents quietly lived.

For the first couple of years after the separation, my dad traveled the 80 miles upstate to our new home once or twice a year to supposedly visit my sister (Destiny) and me. But when he visited, my dad always seemed to spend most of his time hanging around my mom and talking to her instead of doing things with Destiny and myself. Then, when it became clear that my mother fully intended to get a divorce and not reconcile the marriage, my dad vanished like a ghost.

My mom had a set of alcoholic parents and a troubled youth, so she was quite young when she got pregnant and had to get married. She was only fifteen when she quit high school to have me. This meant that when she left my dad, my mother was twenty-three and had no education or marketable skills of any kind. She knew how to be a housewife, a mother, and that was pretty much it. So times were pretty lean at first as she flitted from job to job trying to find her calling. But after a few years, Mom finally landed a permanent job, and enrolled at the local technical school. She earned her G.E.D. and then trained to be a beautician.

Things were better after mom started cutting hair, but times were still pretty lean. For nine years Destiny, Mom and I lived together in tiny apartments and cramped houses, struggling to survive on the meager amount of money that Mom managed to bring home. Then in the summer of my seventeenth year, mother met an incredible man named Ray that she married a little over a year later.

Ray work as a foreman in a carpet factory near our undersized apartment, but he lived on a farm way out in the country with his two daughters and his mother. And I’ll admit that Destiny and I weren’t really enthused with the idea of moving to the boondocks because it meant leaving all of our friends and the convenience of living in the city. The quiet of the country was hard for us to take and the solitude of having our nearest neighbor living a mile away really messed with our heads at first. I was also less than enthused when Mom and Ray decided to get married on the weekend of my birthday, so instead of having a party or going out with my friends like I wanted, I celebrated turning eighteen by spending three days loading our belongs into the back of an old pickup truck and moving them out to Ray’s huge, ancient farmhouse.

I will also admit that it took a bit of adjustment to start living with another family, especially one that including two beautiful, slightly older women as my stepsisters. But I tried the best I could to settle into the lifestyle of getting up before dawn to do chores and going to bed soon after sunset. The only highlight of those early days on the farm that I can remember was the thrill of getting to watch my new stepsisters rushing around each morning in their panties and tee shirts as we all competed for time in the farmhouse’s solitary bathroom.

Now Mom and Ray had sat me down before we all moved in together and explained how Debra and Charlene were my new sisters. They’d carried on endlessly about how we were all one big, happy family now and that I should think of my new stepsisters as relatives and in the same way that I did my Mom and Destiny. But the simple truth was that they weren’t real relatives or family and I knew it. They were very attractive young women and it was impossible for me not to notice their untethered breasts bobbling around under their shirts, their round asses swaying deliciously as they scurried through the house each morning, or the tantalizing womanly lobes that could easily be seen unmistakably etched in the crotch of their snug work pants as we did our daily chores.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t bring myself to think of Debra and Charlene in the same way I did my sister or mother. Debra was twenty-three and wore her dark brown hair cut short. While Charlene was twenty-one, and let her golden blonde mane grow in long locks that hung down on her back when not tethered up in a ponytail. They were both beautiful, very desirable women, and it was easy to tell that they were sisters by the similarity of their faces, pale smooth skin, small perfect breasts, and incredible tight, round rear ends. Debra and Charlene were definitely sisters, but I was sure as hell aware of the fact that they bahis firmaları weren’t my sisters.

The three of us had been living on the farm with Ray’s family for four months and had settled as best we could into the routine of farm life. My sister and I had started attending our new high school with great success. Destiny won a spot on the varsity cheerleading squad and I made the varsity football team as a linebacker. Having come from the city school system, we were both greatly ahead of the learning levels of our county school classmates and there was no worry about our grades. So other than the unending monotony, the seemingly endless number of chores, and the sheer isolation of country life, things had gone fairly well.

At our new home things were going less smoothly. My older stepsister, Debra, was civil toward the three of us, but there was always an odd tension in the air when she was around and a sense of being tolerated by her instead of being accepted. Luckily Debra’s job at the bank and her fiancé kept her out of the house most of the time.

My new grandmother turned out to be a total and complete bitch. She moved out of Ray’s farmhouse the instant my family moved in and started living in the nearby cottage that had been originally built for her own mother to live in. But the fact that she was living in a different household didn’t stop her from trying to run things in Ray’s house. She’d come up each morning at the crack of dawn to tell my mother how she needed to cook and rant endlessly about how all aspects of the household needed to be done exactly as she’d done them. Ray’s mother was continually referring to my mother, my sister, and myself as ‘those people’, even when we were in the same room. In return Destiny and I started calling Ray’s mother ‘The Empress” in private and were continually answering her never ending orders with a rebellious “Yes your majesty”. To say that we all despised the old battleaxe with a passion would be a great understatement.

My stepsister Charlene was obviously the least favorite of the Empress’s six grandchildren and she seemed to delight in the way my family refused to bow down and worship her domineering grandmother. She was always hanging around with my mom and sister. Helping to cook meals and clean afterwards even though it wasn’t one of her chores.

Since Debra always seemed to be busy with other things away from the farm, Charlene and I shared the chore of feeding the livestock each morning. And we quickly became good friends while we trudged about the barn, doling out the hay and grain to the animals. She was very much my favorite person out of the group of new in-laws.

Chapter One – Sunday.

It was late September, the last humid gasps of summer before fall finally arrived. The seven of us had just returned from attending Sunday morning services at the backward rustic church that now seemed to dominate every social event in our lives and we were all slowly trudging our way across the gravel driveway, politely waiting on the Empress to gather up her shawl, bible, various other treasures, and crawl her ancient sixty year old ass out of Ray’s van.

Even though we had to go through the ordeal of getting up early and sprucing up for church, Sunday was my favorite day of the week because it was the only day that I wasn’t expected to do any chores around the farm. Sunday was the day of rest and I was looking forward to a day of lazily doing nothing except perhaps a bit of fishing at the stock pond in the back pasture. But just as we reached the backdoor and were about to file into the old farm house, I heard the Empress softly announce, “Ray, don’t forget that the Evan’s invited us over for Sunday dinner today.”

I saw the slight pause in my step dad’s step and guessed that this was the first time he’d been informed of the afternoon’s dinner date from the almost inaudible sigh of resigned exacerbation that blew out of him as he pushed the backdoor open. But instead of saying anything about the short notice the Empress was giving everyone, my step dad obediently turned his head to answer with an “Okay Mother… Let me get me a drink of water and get out of this tie and we’ll all head over there.”

Now being our closest neighbors, I knew that the Evans household consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Evans and their three rather ignorant, boorish sons. And I also knew from experience that Mr. Evans and his three boys thought it was great fun to unexpectedly flip a hand out to slap their friends and each other in the balls without warning. So the news that we were supposed to spend the afternoon with them didn’t fill me with great enthusiasm.

“I have homework that I need to finish.” I turned and stated hopefully to my mom, “Would it be okay if I don’t go visiting today?”

Without a word my mother turned to look at Ray and waited.

“Me too.” Destiny chimed in, “I have an essay I need to polish up before I turn it in.”

“You know the rules. School comes before everything other than kaçak iddaa paying the almighty his due.” My stepfather stated in a voice full of authority and waved his arm to grant me permission to escape into the safety of our old family farmhouse, “The Evan’s will just have to wait until another day.”

Shuffling up the step behind us as she distractedly pulled at the vee neck of her dress and tried to modestly adjust it over the rolling acreage of her wrinkled, leathery chest, my new grandmother slowed as she heard Ray’s words and I could see her eyes narrow menacingly as she fixed them on his back.

“Well, that ain’t any reason for all of us to be missing out on a perfectly good dinner with our friends is it? If the younguns have school work to do then Debra and Charlene can stay home and keep an eye on them until we get back.” The old woman growled commandingly to make Ray and my mom exchanged a quick glance, but the two of them said nothing back as they pivoted their heads to watch the old woman turn and slowly start shuffling back toward the van.

“It’s ok Daddy.” My youngest stepsister interjected, “Debra and me don’t mind. We weren’t really looking forward to spending the afternoon fighting those Evans boys off anyway.”

Giving a quick nod of approval and understanding to his daughters, my step dad hurried inside and true to his word, got himself a quick sip of water from the kitchen sink and pulled his tie off. Then the group of adults quickly piled back into his van and left down the driveway in a cloud of dust for their supper date at the neighbors.

Running into the den before our parents were even out of the driveway, my two stepsisters rebelliously flipped on the radio to some loud rock music and began to joyously gyrate around in their Sunday dresses like they’d lost their minds. My younger sister, Destiny, happily joined in with the two celebrating older women and left me standing in the kitchen with nothing but my thoughts to keep me company.

I really wasn’t one for loud music or dancing and I was trying really hard not to notice how both my stepsister’s breasts were jiggling deliciously about or how their dresses were whirling up to show off glimpses of their incredible panty clad butts as they gyrated wildly around to the music. But my attempt to ignore everything wasn’t really working that well and in a matter of minutes, I could feel my penis tingle to life and start swelling fat.

Knowing how noticeable and hard to hide my dick became once it was erect, I decided to do the discreet thing and retire to the safety of my bedroom where I could fantasize about their shapely little bodies and stroke out a couple loads of cum without being disturbed. But as I slipped away through the dining room, I remembered the pitcher of iced tea that mom had made the day before and stopped at the refrigerator to take myself a quick, forbidden, swig straight from the pitcher.

Just as I was raising the cool plastic decanter to my lips and about to take a long drink of its delicious contents, the door to the kitchen swung open and I had to hastily cover my actions by quickly shoving the tea back inside the fridge.

Sashay into the dining room like a vision with the soft rustle of her legs brushing against the material of her pale blue sundress, my step-sister’s green eyes seemed to light up as she fixed them on me and pushed the door to the kitchen closed behind her.

Charlene was a true beauty with her honey blonde hair, green eyes, and her smooth tanned skin, and the two of us had grown to be rather chummy over the last four months while we did our chores together. And although I’d been told many times over the last few months that we were now just one big happy family, I was still having a difficult time trying not to notice what a beautiful woman she is.

“I thought you had homework to do.” She stated with a knowing smirk.

Returning her smile because I knew my flimsy excuse had been found out, I just grinned and said, “Yeah… Well… That is what we call in the big city… a lie.”

Giggling with amusement, my stepsister casually walked over to the spot where Ray and my mom’s wedding photo hung on the dining room wall and stared up at it.

“I think your mom is so pretty.” Charlene sighed softly to me as she gracefully turned and walked back to stand close in front of me with a very noticeable sway in her hips, “I wish I was pretty like her.”

“You… You are.” I stammered back as the sweet smell of her perfume lingered around me.

“No, I think she’s a lot prettier than I am in the face.” She confidently stated as she pirouetted around, “But I think I have a lot nicer butt, don’t you?”

I was stunned, shocked, and excited. I’d never known a girl to speak in such a way before, and certainly wasn’t accustomed to Charlene following such a topic when we talked. So I sheepishly nodded my head to agree as my step-sister’s emerald eyes gazed questioningly up at my blushing face.

Smiling at me, Charlene reached a hand kaçak bahis up to the neck of her sundress and pulled the material away from her chest and then shockingly stated as she peered down inside the bodice, “I think my boobs are a bigger and nicer than hers too. What do you think?”

I didn’t know whether I should shit or go blind and I definitely didn’t have a clue how I was supposed to respond to my step-sister’s outrageous question. Then, as I stood there trying to make up my mind what I should do, I realized that I was openly leering at my stepsister’s bosom and trying to figure out what size her breasts actually were.

“I… I… don’t know.” I stammered guiltily as I snapped my eyes up to her grinning face, “It’s really hard to tell… I mean… I’ve never really thought about…”

Apparently undisturbed by the way I had been hungrily eyeing her chest, Charlene moved closer until we were nearly standing face to face and then softly whispered, “I guess it is a bit hard to tell what size they are with my bra and dress covering everything up like they are.”

Pausing to nibble on her lower lip with her teeth, her eyes seemed to be searching mine for a moment, then she stretched her short body up to press her chest against mine and quietly whispered in my ear, “You know if we went out to the barn where no one could see us… I could let you have a really good look at them.”

I tried desperately to form an answer, but my feverously excited brain seemed to suddenly freeze up and all that came out of my mouth was a stammering, “I… I… I…”

“Everybody is gonna be gone for a while… Come on.” Charlene quietly reasoned as she took my hand in hers and started leading me toward the backdoor, “And Debra and your sister will never miss us. They’ll just think that we’ve both gone to our rooms to study.”

Creeping out of the house, I was careful to ease the backdoor noiselessly closed so our sisters wouldn’t know that we’d left the house and then Charlene and I were hurriedly walking across the backyard hand in hand in the hot September sun.

She was smiling broadly as we strolled quickly toward the barn. Looking like a goddess with the sunlight streaming through her yellow tresses, her pretty tanned face, and her amazing green eyes cutting excitedly over to peek over at me every few seconds.

I was glad that Charlene had decided to walk, because my dick was hard as a rock with anticipation and folded awkwardly in my briefs in a way that would have made running difficult. I was also a bit puzzled as to exactly what she seemed so excited about, but it really didn’t matter. She was going to show me her tits.

Turning to face me the instant we entered the barn, Charlene stretched up to press her tiny, five foot tall body into my arms and sighed, “I can’t believe I’ve finally managed to get you alone and all to myself! I’ve been wanting to do this since the day that daddy brought you home.”

Then her lips pressed against mine and her slippery tongue pressed its way into my mouth. Now although I’d never had a steady girlfriend, I had kissed a few girls at school dances, behind church, and such. So I eagerly returned her kiss and let my tongue dance sinfully around with hers.

As I kissed Charlene my arms naturally wrapped around her slender body and I felt her stiffen as I pulled her tight and the bulge of my folded cock dug into her stomach.

“Oh baby.” She pulled her head back to softly purr up to me, “Why didn’t you tell me that you think of me this way?”

“Mom and Ray said…” I began and then ran out of words. So I shrugged my shoulders pathetically and ended with, “I thought you’d get mad.”

“Don’t be silly. I’m a woman…. You’re a man… It’s the most natural thing in the world for us to be attracted to each other and want each other like this.” She responded to surprise me yet again, “I don’t care what bullshit Daddy and your mom has tried to tell you.”

“So it’s okay?” I asked uncertainly.

“Charlie, a woman doesn’t stop being a woman just because she’s related to you.” She answered with conviction, “My cunny didn’t magically disappear when my dad married your mom and it doesn’t stop me from noticing that you are a man.”

Pausing to look at me for a moment, a small smile spread its way across her face and she added, “And one damn good looking hunk of man at that.”

Turning to face away from me, I excitedly watched Charlene reach behind her back to find the zipper of her dress. “You know that all the girls at church are dying to get their hooks in you don’t you? You’re all they want to talk about.” she turned her head to idly state as she slowly pulled the zipper down to expose her smooth back.

“I thought most of them are already married.”

Grinning knowingly as she slid her hands up to flip the clasp of her bra open, my stepsister nodded her head, “Yeah most of them are. But I don’t think that slows them down very much.”

Then in an amazing exhibition of coordination and flexibility she pulled some straps, flipped the lacy undergarment around inside her dress for a second. Then like a magician completing a trick, Charlene pulled her bra out through the hole where her left arm exited the sundress.

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