A Father’s Desire

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I live in a nice house, in a great neighbourhood, with my wonderful family. I however am not so nice, I don’t mean in a bad way, I’m not violent but I’ve got a very dirty mind.

I have a beautiful wife and three great children, all girls. When I say girls, I mean young women. Two of my girls are twins they’re 20 now and the oldest is 25.

All of them are still at home. My wife Cheryl looks after the house well and still looks fine for her age. This is a story from a few years ago.

Donna and Kate decided to go to a party. They’re my little twins and I still can’t believe the stuff they wear. They were 18 at the time and dressed like little sluts. I had to pretend to hate their clothes and the more I objected to their choices the wilder they became.

Donna was the more adventurous of the two and was quite wild. She had long black hair with pink highlights. This night she had it fanning her face and her bob half covered her eyes. She had on a pink tank top with a white bra underneath. Her bra was so visible she might as well not have had the tank top on. Half her toned stomach was visible. She had no ring in her navel yet.

Her top half was excellent but her bottom was just as good. That night she had on a black mini skirt, further down a couple of inches of bare leg was visible, it looked so smooth. Below this she had on knee high black socks ending in a pair of high heels which added 3 inches to her five foot five size.

Kate was very different in style; she had blonde hair that came down past her shoulders. She had a light grey blouse that only slightly showed the swell of her breasts. The material in the blouse was just dark enough to stop it being see-through. I wondered if it would retain its opacity when it was wet.

She wore a pair of sand-blasted black jeans. They hugged her ass perfectly, but I had to be discreet when checking her out. She had a pair of heels on as well but they didn’t have as much lift as her sister’s.

Cheryl came out to take some pictures; I must remember to make a copy of those pics. I was lying on the couch still telling them off while trying to get a look up Donna’s skirt. The sofa wasn’t low enough to allow this.

They finally left, swinging their hips seductively. I must find out where they learn that little shake. Cheryl looked over at me watching my girls and gave a little smile saying “they grow up so fast don’t they.” I didn’t know whether to take it as a question or a statement. I just grunted noncommittally and let my mind wander. My eldest daughter Marie was out for the night.

I decided to seduce the wife while we had the house to ourselves. I called her over then pulled her down on top of me on the sofa. For a woman that has had three kids she still has a fine body. Her breasts pressed up against me covered only by the thin material of my old t-shirt. I ran my hand up and down her ass, her blue jeans so tight I could feel her panties through them.

She tried to get off me and drag me back towards the bedroom but I kept pulling her back down on top of me. We fooled around for a while before I started taking off her clothes. My old t-shirt being the first victim, No bra, excellent, saves me the trouble of fiddling with that little clasp. I suckled on her revealed breasts for a while, they were double D’s but I preferred smaller.

I licked her nipples until I got them hard. “bite them” she ordered. I complied clamping down with my teeth until I got a moan from her. Even when her nipple was firmly secured I continued to tease it with my tongue. She managed to let me loose long enough to get my own t-shirt over my head.

I was now lying on top of Cheryl and I moved to take off her jeans. I undid her zipper and reached my hand inside, my fingers running along the front of her panties. I kept going down pressing my fingers harder against her. When I felt her slit I pushed my fingers in deep dragging the panties with them as well. bahis firmaları I extracted my hand through the little opening in the jeans and smelled them.

After that she undid my jeans fully and took them off. I opened the button on her jeans but just pulled them down to her ankles. Her panties were just plain cotton ones. I resolved to get sexier underwear for her, perhaps a pair for the girls. That thought almost made me cum then thinking about all of them sharing a pair of panties. I laughed to myself, thinking “the sisterhood of the travelling panties.”

I pulled her panties down to her jeans, then removed my boxers. I moved my dick slowly up and down the outside of her pussy. My hands and mouth travelled slowly up her body. When I covered her mouth with mine I entered her. She gave a soft muffled moan. I started moving within her and she brought her hips up to meet me. We got into a nice rhythm until I was ready to cum.

It had been a while since I had given her an orgasm, but tonight was just about me. I could feel the pressure building and knew that I would cum any second. One, two three and release. At the last second I had pulled out of her and shot my load on the couch, some still landed on her pussy. She looked up at me as if to say “what the hell.”

I said “you can’t be too safe.”

“But I’m on the pill.”

“It’s failed before.”

“I suppose.”

“I’ll go get some tissues.”

I headed towards the bathroom to get tissues to clean up the mess. I enjoyed walking around naked, it felt liberating. I got the tissues and headed back to the living room. I looked down at my wife, still lying in the same position. I almost got hard again but I wasn’t as young as I once was.

“We should walk around her naked.” I said jokingly

“I’ll have a word with the girls and see what they think.” was the unexpected reply

“Have I told you how much I love you honey,” thinking of four beautiful women walking around the house.

“ya ya come on and clean up.”

I went over and reached between her legs, tissue in hand. I wiped her pussy first, then the cushion under her. There was a time when I would have licked her out but it had been a few years since I had tackled that forest and I wasn’t about to start now. Perhaps if she got a nice trim, leaving a little landing strip I might reconsider.

When it was all fairly dry, I took her jeans and panties off fully so she could enjoy the freedom as well. As she was walking towards the bedroom, clothes in hand, I thought about taking her from behind but then couldn’t be bothered. Cheryl could still sway her hips with the best of them. Maybe that’s where the girls learned it.

I could imagine the four of them in the room with Cheryl saying “you have to swing your hips like this to get daddy’s attention.” They would walk up and down the room swaying back and fourth first with their whole body then with just their hips when they got their rhythm. Cheryl would keep her hands on their hips her fingers just above their fanny as she guided their steps.

Now I was hard again, and it would be a shame to let a good hard-on go to waste. I caught up to Cheryl just as she was putting the clothes on the bed. I caught a tit in each hand as I entered her. I made sure to enter her pussy as she didn’t particularly like anal. She stiffened for a second before relaxing back into my embrace. Again at the last second I pulled out of her and squirted onto her back.

I used the pair of panties she had put on the bed to clean up.

We both put on out pj’s and got into bed. Cheryl took her sleeping pill like she did every night. I watched her sleep for a while, watching her breasts rise and fall before trying to sleep myself.

I must have managed to nod off because the next thing I knew I heard the front door slamming. I didn’t bother getting up thinking it was just the girls back from their night out. I listened for a minute and thought I heard three voices. I could kaçak iddaa hear Donna and Kate clearly because they were nearly shouting, the third voice I didn’t recognise.

I went to the door and finally determined that the third voice belonged to a boy. I thought about going out and busting them but waited to see what happened. Donna and Kate shared a room and I wondered if one of them would sleep on the couch or one pretend to be asleep. Maybe the lucky little bastard managed to talk both of them into having sex with him.

They were coming closer; the girl’s room was just across the hall from ours. Kate and Donna were still arguing while the boy was silent. It seemed Kate wanted to go into her own bed and sleep while Donna wanted privacy. I listened to the argument and wondered who would win. Maybe Kate wanted to listen in on the action fingering herself as she did. The boy spoke again begging Kate to let them have the room.

I moved closer to the door accidentally hitting it. All the conversation outside stopped for a second. I held my breath hoping they would go back to what they were doing. They started up again and Kate finally agreed to sleep on the couch. They must have been well hammered as they weren’t being very quiet.

I heard the door open and close, then waited at the door for a few minutes more. I quietly opened my door and headed towards Donna’s room. I had left the few minutes so hopefully, they would be have some clothes removed by that time. I heard a bang coming from the sitting room and I was torn deciding which door to open.

As much as I would love to bust in on Donna, I knew she wouldn’t forgive me easily and I had better check and make sure Kate was ok. I opened the sitting room door and saw that Kate had collapsed on the couch. She was lying on her front with those lovely tight jeans showing off her ass.

There was a half empty glass of water beside the couch and the table was out of place. She must have hit the table. Her fanny was directly over the spot where I had shot my load earlier. I imagined having her under me instead of Cheryl. I would love to swap myself for those cushions feeling her small breasts pressing up against me.

I reached inside my pyjamas to grab a hold of my stiffening cock. I shut the sitting room door to make sure nobody came down the hall. I was now fully hard and had started to rub, when I spotted the glass of water again. I had always wondered if that trick with the water actually worked. You were supposed to put a persons hand in lukewarm water and they would pee themselves.

I figured now would be as good a time as any to test out the theory. Kate was in the perfect position to try it. She had her left hand tucked under her while her right arm dangled off the couch. I checked the glass of water on the floor and figured I might as well use that, the water was middling warm.

I gently lifted her hand and placed it in the glass. She was turned towards me, her face now just inches from mine. I could feel her warm breath on my face and I breathed in her essence. I wasn’t sure how long this thing was supposed to take. When I had dipped her hand into the water she had moved slightly, and I prepared to bolt.

I leaned in close, breathing her in. I could smell the alcohol on her breath. I sat up on the little coffee table and just watched Kate sleep. I started to rub myself again, taking my time. I kept switching my gaze between her ass and her face. If she opened her eyes the first thing she would see is her daddy with his hands down his pants. I considered taking off my pyjama bottoms and my boxers so that if she did wake up she would at least get a good eyeful.

I took them down and moved so I would be out of her direct line of sight. I continued to stroke my shaft gently but after nothing happening for about 10 minutes, I started to get bored. I was going to bring myself to completion when I noticed Kate moving slightly. I could see her ass cheeks starting to clench. It kaçak bahis started as a small stain, a dark patch against the black material of the jeans. It wasn’t long before this stain widened, covering most of her crotch.

It was streaming out of her now. One leg was hanging off the couch. The pee was coursing down her leg now some spots darkening where the jeans and the pee met. A puddle had formed under her and another was forming on the floor. I knew that the couch had been through many things but I wasn’t sure if the cushions would survive till tomorrow.

Earlier it had my spunk on it and now it had a steaming puddle of piss. I was just about to cum when she started to move. She took her hand out of the glass of water and put it back on her ass. It landed on just about the only dry place left; this of course dampened that spot as well.

I decided to go to the bathroom to finish up, accidentally forgetting to lock the door. I was just finishing up when I heard the door start to open. I turned towards the door, the last few drops of pee coming from my softening dick. The door opened fully and in walked Kate.

Her eyelids were half drooped and she shuffled along. She was heading straight towards me. I called her softly but got no response, she kept coming at a sleepy pace. I moved away from the toilet putting my dick back in my boxers for now. I tried waving my hand on front of her face but again no response.

I stood a bit on front of the toilet and waited for Kate to reach it. She reached it and pulled down the inside lid. I wondered would she just pee through her jeans again. I could see where the stains were starting to dry and wondered if this new round of peeing would fill the same spaces or would new traces of the dark stain appear.

She faced me again and started to sit, she seemed to remember her jeans. She pulled them down around her ankles; she brought her thong half way down the front of her pussy in the same movement. Her thong was adorable; it was white cotton with little pink flowers dotted along it. I would have to borrow it for Cheryl sometime. It did not fare well from its encounter earlier in the night.

While the pee had made the sandblasted jeans a shade darker, it transformed the front of the thong into a strip of fabric that was as transparent as glass. What lay behind looked just as smooth I could detect no hairs as I ran my eyes up and down the highlighted ridge. The thong moved and I jumped backwards, nearly falling over. That would look good in the morning, me lying on the ground with a concussion and Kate sitting on the toilet sleeping.

Now that the thong had joined its companion around Kate’s ankles, I could see that I was right in my earlier assessment, no hair anywhere, she must have done that earlier tonight. I was kneeling now just in front of her and was treated to an excellent view. I looked up but she was still staring blankly ahead. I waited a minute but nothing happened.

I stood up and made to wash my hands when I heard it. At first there was some tiny plops which started gaining tempo. Then the rhythm changed, now the splash held more of a hollow quality. It was drumming against the inside of the porcelain. I tried to get a closer look at the source of this masterful waterfall but Kate was leaning forward. I bent closer and saw the clear stream leaving that beautiful slit.

The flow started to dwindle and once more the heavy sound of pee hitting the water returned. This too stopped with a few last glistening drops clinging to her pussy. She stood up got some toilet paper and dried herself, a little run from the front to the back. She then reached down and pulled up her jeans and thong in one go. The wet material of both undoing the small amount of drying that she had just performed. She zipped up and closed the jeans button.

After she had walked out of the bathroom she had turned off the light. I pulled up my pyjama bottoms which had been half around my knees and followed her. I hoped she would go into her own room and land on top of Donna and her “man” but no such luck. When I went out to the sitting room there she was lying in pretty much the same position she was in earlier.

To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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