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This is a relatively short story about how i would always like to play Fifa with my friends. This boy is extremely lucky.

I know the last scene is quite choking, but it is so hot to completely lose control like Mattie did.

Gay sex is inside, so all haters stay away.

Constructive criticism and positive comments are open-heartedly accepted.

Ps: all characters are 18 years old and older.


My friend John was over at my house for the night, and my mom was away at some pub drinking and having a party. She wouldn’t be back but tomorrow afternoon: she was going to sleep over at some friend’s house. So we had the whole house for ourselves. Let me tell you a bit about us before i go on with the story.

My name is thomas. I am 18 years old and am really slim. I swim a lot and have a nice fit boyish young body. I am a bit short too, standing at only 5’8” tall. I keep my hair long, shoulder length, and like to play with it in my spare time.

My friend John, on the other hand, was a strong powerful guy. At 18 years old too, He had the most amazing fit body you could ever dream of: awesome pecs and mountains of shoulder muscles. He was 6’2” tall too, which added to his imposing stature. He was the dominant person in our relation, deciding for us both and pushing me into stuff i didn’t want, but soon get used to.

While he is mostly hairy, especially on his legs and a bit on his chest, i was totally hairless, except maybe on my pubic area, where i have hair that had grown since i hit puberty, and that i had never removed. And even if i never shaved down there before, i had a small amount of hair, that you could easily count.

In addition to that, he likes to eat a lot, while i eat very little, like girl diet proportions. We had ordered pizza for the night, and while he took 6 pieces, i only ate 2. He made a smart remark about it that had started a conversation we never had before:

“You eat less than a girl, bro! Are you sure you even have a penis?”

“What the fuck dude! Of course i have a penis! I am a man. “

“No you are a girl! You are slim, your movements are feminine, and you would surely crave cock! Plus, look at those slim hairless legs, those are girl’s legs! I am sure you have no hair around your pussy!”

“Dude that is gross! Okay i may not be a real man like you, but at least i am a boy! And if by pussy you mean ass, then yes i am completely hairless down there. I know i am weak and all, but i still am from the same gender as you are! “

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that, Mattie! Hairless pussies like yours are girl pussies. Being hairless down there means you are willing to take cock up the ass. And you want it, don’t you?”

“I don’t want a cock near my ass! That is so gross and wrong! I am a boy. If i was a girl i would have had boobs, and would have wear panties. And trust me, panties don’t feel like those boxers!” I say pulling my pants slightly down to show my underwear. He had me cornered right where he wanted: i had admitted to have cross dressed before.

“Not all girls have boobs my dear Mattie! And how do you know what panties feel like? Is that casino siteleri what you wear when you are home alone?” He had used my feminine nickname, and he now knew what i did all those lonely nights at home. Trying to escape his question, i quickly reply:

“I bet you i can beat you at whatever manly game you choose! That way i can prove to you i am a man!”

“Sounds interesting! Well i would have said wrestling is a good game, but you will lose two seconds into the game with that weak feminine panty-wearing body of yours. So here is your man contest: Fifa!”

This seemed fair enough. I mean soccer is a man’s game, and mix soccer with video games and you will find yourself a game that shows how manly you really are.

“I accept” i reply before he continues

“There are a few rules, kiddo! First of all, it is not only one game of Fifa! Each game you lose, you have to take off an article of clothing. When you get naked, and i am saying you because you will lose, i will see if you have a real dick or a simple clit. If i get naked, then i will admit you are a boy, but not a man. You could never be a man.”

“Fair enough!” I say, accepting a deal that will soon change my way of thinking and the shape of my insides.

We get our first match going. It is a close game, but he wins with a last minute goal. I hate it when this happens to me: i think i am in control while he steals away the victory at the last second. Angry at the game and still startled, i stand up to remove my shirt and expose my tight upper body to my stronger friend.

“Nice smooth body, and hot breasts Mattie girl!” He congratulates me.

I blush and without thinking, reply to his remark: “thank you so much, mister John!”

I can’t believe what i just said! I just thanked him for complimenting me for having a feminine body! And in addition to that, i felt proud that my body had pleased him! What was happening to me?

“Good girl! You can call me master if you feel like it. Now back to the game slave! We still have two more rounds to get you naked like the good bitch you are!”

I sit down and continue the game, feeling slightly horny and turned on. It feels so good to be topless next to my dominant man. What did i just call him? My man?

Lost in my thoughts, i don’t realize that he had a lead of 3-0 that i couldn’t break before the final bell.

I had lost once again, and without him even telling me, i stand up, turn away from him, and pull down my shorts, pushing at the same time my girly ass towards him. He reaches over and grabs me by the ass with his strong hands , and pulls me towards him. I don’t fight or try to move away from him, but instead get my legs out of my shorts and go back. He puts me over his lap, my ass up in the air, and starts spanking my girly ass. I start moaning, and don’t dare telling him to stop. He applies 10 good hits then lets me go.

Sweating a bit and feeling so alive, i stand up and look him into the eyes. I smile timidly, as a girl usually does, and then sit down closer to his strong safe masculine body.

The third game finishes quickly. He goes to the settings and requests a surrender. canlı casino I don’t understand what he is doing until he speaks: “I don’t want you to feel weird when you expose your clit to me. Now be a good girl Mattie and take off my shirt.”

When i do as ordered, i can’t take my eyes away from his body. He is perfect, and i catch myself running my hands over his body. He smiles and pats my head, resting it on his strong pec.

I play my fourth game cuddled up against his strong body. I don’t want to win anymore, and the match ends with a crushing 4-0 defeat. I look up into his powerful eyes and smile, knowing my defeat and his dominance. He reaches over and removes my tight boxers off me. I help my master by lifting my ass and he then throws my slim boxers over to the table where the pizza sauce is still on a plate. My old boxer lands in the middle of the sauce. I don’t believe i will even need it for the rest of the night.

He directs his attention to my throbbing penis. Standing at only 4 inches tall when strong, my clit looks pathetic.

“I told you you didn’t even have a dick! That is a clit i am looking at, it is smaller than half my size.”

“You are right master john, i am sorry i confronted you.”

“Tell me now, what are you Mattie?”

“I am a girl, master. No, i am your girl!!”

With the hand that is not fondling my clit, my old friend and new master john takes my lips closer to his and kisses me with passion, rimming my mouth with his strong tongue.

My first kiss is with a man, good girl Mattie! I am so proud of myself.

“I will give you one more chance to escape you final change. Either you win this game and get your clothes back, or you lose this game and you get to play the next one in a position that i will choose. A position that you will surely like!”

“Okay master! Thank you for being so kind to me!”

The fifth game is a good one. Comfortably resting my whole upper body on his strong chest, i feel relaxed as i play and give it everything i got, but lose 2-0 to my master. He is much stronger than me, and i just look up at him and smile. He leans in and kisses me once again, and i totally submit my body to him. While kissing my loving man, i feel one of his strong big fingers near my ass, toying my boy pussy entrance. I push my ass back against him. It feels so good to be controlled by him. It is the right thing to do. I am glad my mom went away tonight. I am glad he came over. I am glad we ordered this pizza. I am glad he made fun of how much i eat. I am glad he chose this contest. And i am glad he had changed me into a slutty girl.

“Go bring us some lube honey. I will prepare the next match. And be fast. Your ass is mine!”

I jump off him and speed towards my room, as i search with one hand through my stuff, i play with my pussy hole with the other. And it feels amazing!

Finding the lube, i go back to the salon, where i find him naked on the couch. I drool when i get to see his 9 inch pole gard as a rock. He tells me to cone closer, and to kneel on the couch with my ass to him. I do just that and then feel something cold between my ass cheeks. He pour kaçak casino the lube all around my hole but doesn’t penetrate it. He then pours more lube of his bare dick, and caries me above his cock.

“I want my cock to be the first thing to ever penetrate you. That is why i didn’t finger your girly ass. I want you to feel my bare cock violating you and turning you into a bitch. I want to penetrate you to the hilt, and shout my sperm up your ass, so that i can impregnate you. I am going to make you my girl!”

With this last word, he starts lowering me on his dick. I bravely moan as the pain kills my ass and tears it apart. I accept the pole as part of me, as my lover fills me slowly with it. It hurts so much yet in the same time feels so good to have him in there! I feel complete.

He gets his cock up to the hilt in my ass, then hands me the remote.

“Let’s finish the game now. You lose, you become my bitch. You win, you get to go.”

His dick up my ass feels amazing as i concentrate my focus over it, forgetting the game. He slowly starts going in and out of me, as i moan like a slut over his huge pole. Each time he gets a goal into my net, which is soon as loose as my ass, i get to kiss him on the lips. And man this i kiss those strong lips and let them control my mouth. Towards the end of the match, i had thrown away my remote with strength against the wall, making it shatter in a million piece. I can’t control my emotions any more as i make myself jump over his cock like a true slut. My master continues playing as i moan and tremble on his laps. “Fuck everything!” I think as i grab the table in front of us and throw it across the room on a chandelier, which breaks apart and falls to the ground. I can’t control myself anymore and don’t understand what i am doing. But it feels so right! I grab the pillows off the couch we are on and start throwing it at the paintings, tearing them, and at vases, breaking them.

As soon as my master finishes his game, he grabs me by the chest and throws me on the food table. I hit it hard yet can control myself. It is partially made in glass. I jump up and down on it until it breaks into a million pieces. My lover holds me up and fucks me over the shattered glass. Without even touching myself i cum over the broken pieces.

Carrying me back to the couch with his dick still up my ass, my lover fucks me for 3 more minutes then cums in me. He tells me to look at the score board: 7-1. I don’t remember getting a goal in!

“The computer inside the ps3 is more manly than you. At least he was able to score a goal.”

I laugh at the idea, and take hold of the plug that relies the remote to the ps3. I insert it in my ass. It feels amazing. I am getting fucked by a man too! The ps3 is fucking me!!

“When your mom arrives, you will tell her a bunch of thieves arrived to rob the house. Instead, they broke everything and robbed your virginity. You will tell her how much you liked it and will ask her to accept you as a girl from now on. But only us two know what really happened here. You were so excited about finding your true self and becoming my slave that you had to break anything that relies you to your past. You are for the end of your life my slut. Do you understand, Mattie?”

I pick up the other remote and throw it at the television, breaking it.

“Yes master John.”

I doze off in a world of amazing bliss!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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