A First Time for Anal Play Ch. 3

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Camille was everything I had hoped for. I wore my bike shorts again, and rubbed and pulled on my dick prior to ringing her bell. I was mostly hard, and the head of my dick was pushing against the elastic of the waistband, and was ready for action. I rang the bell and stood there waiting. I rang the bell again, and finally I could see a figure coming towards me in the opaque glass. She opened the door, and WOW!!. She was totally naked, high heels and a puff of hair over her clit, the only things she had on. She glanced down at my visible dick and licked her lips. She leaned forward, kissed both my cheeks, European style, and took one hand and tried to cover my dick with it. She stepped back, and then proceeded to trace my cock in the tight pants.

Next thing I knew, she was on her knees, licking my pole through the sheer fabric covering it. She got her lips around the side, and began to move her mouth up and down my organ. I still hadn’t gotten off the front porch. I kinda looked over my shoulder to see if anyone was watching, but there was no one I could see, so I turned back to look at her.

She was squatting, and as I pushed her head off my dick, I could see fat puffy lips hanging down from her cunt. My dick jumped. I love to see my rod pushing and pulling big lips as I fuck. Anyhow, I pulled my shorts down under my balls, and waggled my fully erect cock at her face. She had a fantastic mouth, with a tongue that wouldn’t stop. Soon, I was starting to pump in her throat as my jizz shot out the tip my engorged penis. She took a shot or two, and then drew off, cum splattering her throat and breasts, and then dripping and pooling on the welcome mat.

She stood, kissed me, grabbed my dick and pulled me inside. She kept her hand on my shaft as she guided me thru the downstairs into the kitchen. There was a cute young girl, washing something green in the sink. Camille called “Serena” and she turned, riveting her eyes on my meat in her employers hand. She had a twinkling smile, and then asked what the Mrs. wanted.

Camille leaned forward over the counter as she and Serena discussed dinner menus or something. Camille had pulled me close and was rubbing my prick up and down her crack. I pushed her hand off and then traced my prick lower as she began to spread her legs. I pushed my knob thru her legs, bathing the top of my dick in her leaking fluids. Camille told the girl to go get the patio ready, and as the girl left the room, she turned sideways, still leaning over the counter, and lifted her leg and put it in my hands. I pushed forward and skewered her cunthole with my pole. She lifted her leg higher, running it all the way up my body. I was pumping into her wet cunt with abandon. She was grunting with each thrust, and I kept on splitting her up the middle with my log.

She was hot, and after reaching down and frigging her clit for a bit, she came quickly. I slowed down as she came, to give her time to breath, and here came the girl around the corner. Camille lowered her leg the rest of the way, and with my still hard rod up her cunt, she finished giving the girl instructions. Then she turned, my prick plopping out of her, as she reached back, grabbed it and pulled me with her to the patio. There without ado, she pushed me into a chair, sat down on my prick facing me and proceeded to ride me. I took great interest in her huge and totally natural breasts. They were perfect. Large, soft round and big bullet nipples standing out just waiting for my tongue and mouth. I licked and sucked and bit as she rode me to another orgasm. Me I was totally into those breasts. Just call me baby boy. I still hadn’t cum, and really wasn’t close. This was a bit bizarre, and even though I was enjoying it, I felt a bit detached. She didn’t miss a beat, after a few minutes breather, she started rocking again, trying for another cum. Well she got it, and I was still sucking and licking away at those tits.

After güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri this cum, she got up, poured us drinks from the pitcher that was out there. I was just sitting there with my wet dick waving in the air, waiting to see what would happen next. I didn’t have to wait long, she asked me if I wanted to swim or fuck, and I told her I wanted to fuck and then swim. She stood up, reached into my lap and grabbed my prick yet again and led me off across the lawn past the pool. We got to a small house at the edge of the property that was kinda weird.

All 4 walls had large clear double doors which were all open at the moment. In the middle of the room was a big bed with a bunch of pillows. She tugged my dick and led me to the bed. There we collapsed, and she immediately went for my dick. Face first. She got me rock hard again, and then jumped on for another ride. This time, I could feel my balls tightening, and knew I was going to shoot soon. She had cum yet again, and I was working on it, when she rolled off and reached over the edge of the bed. I heard what sounded like a drawer opening, and then she was rolling back to me engulfing me yet again in her warm mouth. This time she was taking her time and really working at my dick, trying to get it down her throat.

My head was back and eyes were closed when I felt her poking a finger around my asshole. I looked down, her eyes locked on mine as she pulled her lips back and open wide trying to deep-throat me. It seems as if she timed it, for just as my rod began sliding down her throat, her finger began sliding up inside my butt. It was a wonderful feeling. She kept her throat down over my cock as her finger played inside my bum. Finally she brought her head up, locked her lips around the head of my dick and began to suck and run her tongue all over and around my knob. Her finger inside my butt hit paydirt, and I began to spew my load into her mouth.

Next thing I know, her finger comes out of my butt, and something else goes in smooth and cold. She is still working on my rod with her mouth, sucking and cleaning it and keeping it pretty hard. I tried to sit up to look and see what was going on, or rather what was going up my anus. She pushed me back down and told me to enjoy. I tried. Actually it felt pretty good. She continued to work the toy up my butt until it was pretty far in, and her mouth had me at full hardness once more. I was really starting to enjoy the sensations, and was working up another load.

She pulled the whatever out of my butt, and let go of my dick, and crawled up to my face. She kissed me deeply, and then laughed, showing me the thing she had invaded my anus with. I was pretty surprised, it was bigger looking than it felt. It was green and smooth and long and oily. She asked if I had enjoyed it. I pointed at my rock hard pole, and told her she ALREADY knew the answer to that. She smiled and said,

” Well, I guess you know I love to get off, and I get off the biggest when a man fucks my ass. But I have a rule, no man can fuck my ass until I have fucked his.”

I just gaped at her. I wasn’t sure I understood the deal here. My dick was waving around and a naked female was half-lying on me, and she wanted me to pay attention and think. Well after a few seconds, it began to sink in. She continued,

“If you want to really please me, I want you to take my backdoor, really fuck my ass hard, but if I am going to share with you, you will have to share with me. Now we can do this two ways. Just you and me, or we can add Serena to the mix. Whichever you want.”

She just stood there looking at me, waiting for an answer. I just looked blankly back at her. She got off the bed, looked at me and asked me point blank if I would fuck her ass. I said yes. She said

“Then I get to fuck yours, understand?” I said yes.

“Would you like to fuck Serena also?” I said yes.

She güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri turned and hollered for Serena and then squatted down and I looked over to see a drawer she had pulled out under the bed. She pulled some stuff out of it, and I watched in amazement as she began to get ready to take MY ass.

First she strapped on these leather straps around her waist and between her legs. Then she pulled out a dildo and put it under and then through this ring, so it was poking out from her belly. Next she was pulling on the straps, tightening them and finally she looked at me her fake penis jutting out from her smooth soft belly. I felt my asshole clench as I thought about what I was getting in for. I looked at the plastic dick carefully. It didn’t look too big, not much bigger than the toy she had already used on me, so I kinda figured it wouldn’t be too bad. Besides, the women who I had been poking up the butt seemed to like it, so maybe I would, too. At any rate, I would get to plant my rod between those sweet white creamy buns of hers that I had watched many times before at the club.

Oh Jeez, now she is greasing the thing up. She told me to lie on my back and relax. She would take good care of me. ( Oh man, I was NEVER gonna use those words again!!) She took a dab of the lube, and after telling me to hold on to my knees, she began to circle her finger around my butt hole. Finally she was pushing a finger in and it began to get pleasurable again. I watched as her hand was making movements under my balls. My dick had gone pretty limp, and was now starting to twitch back to life.

Finally she pulled her finger out, and crawled up between my feet (held high in the air). She reached down and grabbed her fake phallus and ran the tip around my anus and up under my balls and back. Then she shifted forward, and I felt the knob of that dildo make contact with and put pressure on my ass ring. She pushed forward really slow, and I could feel my sphincter start to open and stretch around this invader. Finally, the head was in, and I felt my butt clench on it. Man it was uncomfortable. Then she started moving it in more. Finally she hit a point that it kinda hurt, and I scrunched up my face, so she backed out. Then she came forward pushing into me more. She kinda pushed my legs down and to my sides, and then grabbed my balls in one hand and my limp dick in the other. She was manipulating my balls as she began to stroke in and out of my butt. Her other hand just gripped my soft shaft and squeezed. She was starting to pump into my ass a bit harder. It was a real trip to see this slender soft woman pumping into me with my legs spread wide and a fullness up my rectum as she fucked me.

About this time, Serena showed up. She sat and watched a minute as her boss ass fucked me, and then she gave me that incredible smile she has, and pulled her top over her head. If Camille’s tits were perfect big ones, Serena’s were perfect little ones. She was dark brown all over, and her nipples were dark and incredibly long. She came over to me, and leaned over and gave me a long deep kiss. Meanwhile her hand grasped mine and pulled it to her cunt. She was shaved perfectly smooth, and had a big hard nub of a clit that slid over my palm. She was very wet, and I poked a finger inside her and made fucking motions into her sweet pussy.

Camille meanwhile began to pick up the pace invading my ass. It didn’t hurt anymore, and actually I like the fullness. Serena, broke our kiss, and turned and climbed so that her pussy was over my face, and her face was over my dick. I raised my head up and ran my tongue over her slit and big nub. I felt her hand grasp my flaccid meat, and she kissed and then began to lick my dick. She got all of me in her mouth, and began running her tongue all over me. I could feel my dick starting to harden and straighten out. As I grew, she was taking less and güvenilir bahis şirketleri less of me inside her mouth. Oh well.

My ass was starting to feel pretty good. I could see Camilles’ head as she was looking down, obviously getting off on the sight of that fake flesh going in and out of my butt. I went back to eating out Serena and sucking on that major clit. Suddenly Camille pulled all the way out of my butt and told me to get on all fours. Damn, I wanted Serena mouth on me awhile longer.

As I got up, Serena also got on all fours, her butt in the air and her head on the bed. I took the hint. I got up behind her pushed my rod into her soft wet pussy. I began to hump into her like a dog. If felt so good. So far, I had been done to, and now finally I could do some fucking. I forgot about Camille. She slapped one ass cheek hard and said for me to stop, cause she wasn’t thru fucking me yet. I leaned over Serena, and raised my ass up ready to be poked by Camille. It felt great. Camille was high over me, fucking into me pretty hard now, and this in turn, pushed my dick far up into Serena’s sweet young cunt. It didn’t take long before I was ready to shoot. I started hunching into Serena pretty hard, and Camille pushed her fake dick as far up inside me as she could.

So I was fucking Serena and myself at the same time. Camille smacked my ass a few times for good measure, and I started to pant that I was gonna cum. Serena flattened out and got out from under me and then turned around and headed back under me, her mouth going for my dick. Camille had taken up pumping my rear again, and Serena was sucking me off something fierce. She had a hand under my balls, and next thing I knew I was shooting off into her hot mouth as Camille jammed herself up hard against me. I shot over and over, Serena sucking me hard, and my jizz dribbling out of her mouth. Finally I fell sideways, taking Camille and her dildo with me. She pumped at me a few times, and then just laid there wiped out. Serena was still sucking and licking my now flaccid cock. She took it out of her mouth, waving it around and batting at it with her tongue, then took it all back in her mouth and just lay there sucking at me.

I was in heaven. Camille still had that fake sausage up my butt, and it felt good. But all good things come to an end. Serena got up eventually, eyes twinkling, pulled on her top and shorts, and left. Camille unstrapped herself, but left the pole up my butt. I rolled on my back to help keep it in. She came around and began to work on my dick and balls with her talented hands and mouth. Pretty soon I was ready for my promised trip up her shit chute. She surprised me again by taking out a butt plug (a big one!) and putting that in my rectum in place of the dildo. I fucked her several ways, finishing off with my penis pushed all the way up her ass as I shot wad after wad of semen into her bowels. The butt plug stayed in my butt, and really made this ass fuck the most memorable one to date.

I saw Camille many times after that, and always I got my ass fucked before I got to plunder her tight anal orifice. Sometimes Serena joined in, but it didn’t matter, I always had a good time. And I always got a large thank you from Camille.

After awhile I had a pretty good schedule going between several women. I was able to save a good amount of money, and was pretty happy. All the ass I wanted. There were 5 women that I was now giving the log to. They were all very happy to take it up the ass and 2 preferred it that way, 2 would only fuck if I fucked their asses (they saved their pussies for hubby, poor bastards) and one liked it in any hole anytime.

I took on a sixth woman who was not as attractive as the other gals, but she was begging me to please take her ass. She craved a big dick up her, and her husband just wasn’t interested anymore. I agreed, and we made a date for Thursday night. She was so grateful, that she snuck in the mens’ room and gave me a terrific blowjob. She was one of those who could open their mouths somehow and get all of me down her throat. If nothing else I wanted that mouth. She was really petite, and it had me hot thinking about how hard I was gonna pork her butt. I couldn’t wait till Thursday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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