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Jimmy is a co-worker. We are both cops. He was telling me about troubles he is having with his 18 year old daughter Leslie. Jimmy says she doesn’t obey him hardly ever and he wishes he could teach her a lesson somehow. He divorced his wife Cindy and Leslie lives with her but stays with Jimmy one week out of every month. Cindy lets Leslie do whatever she wants. Jimmy is sure his daughter is having sex already since her mom doesn’t put any restrictions on her. He kind of confirmed his suspicions the last time he went to pick Leslie up at her mom’s house. No one answered the door so he walked in and caught Leslie and some boy fooling around on the couch. He kicked the boy out. Leslie screamed obscenities at Jimmy and told him he has no say of what she does in her house. Leslie was terrible the whole week she stayed with Jimmy because of that incident.

I talked to Jimmy and asked him just how tough a lesson did he want Leslie to learn. He told me he really wanted to give her a wake-up call about how life really is out on the street. He is always telling her about muggers, rapists, and molesters that are out there preying on young children. She always tells him she knows how to take care of herself. I told him I wish I could help him but that I didn’t even know his daughter. I then asked him when was his week to have Leslie with him and he said “in two weeks”.I also asked him what he usually did with her when she was with him. “We go out to eat and sometimes if she wants we catch a couple of movies. She usually just wants to hang out at the mall by herself and I always tell her she has to be careful. She also likes to just be on the Internet chatting with anyone although I have told her how dangerous that can be”. I asked Jimmy for her email account and then said I could check with a friend who could hack into computers and might find out who she is chatting with to maybe run background checks on them. I didn’t know Leslie so I also asked him to give me a full shot photo of her.

That night I logged into the Internet and checked to see if Leslie was logged in under the call sign Jimmy gave me. Sure enough she was. I decided to see how risque she was and sent her a message using the call sign hot2trot. “Hello cutey. You sure have a nice bod”. “You don’t even know what I look like idiot”, she replied. “Well I’d say you are probably about 18 years old, long blond hair, pretty face, and nice legs” No reply. “Well how did I do”? “Not even close” she replied “Wow then I guess this picture I have of Leslie must not be you”! “Where the hell did you get a picture of me? I mean I don’t even know who Leslie is” “Hey come on. I just want to chat Leslie. But I gotta tell you that you look so hot in this picture I have that I fantasized about you last night while I masturbated”.”Well you better knock it off cause my dad’s a cop”! “Oh you mean Jimmy? Where do you think I got your picture”?? I then noticed Leslie wasn’t online any more but I left my computer on with an alert in case she came back on. About 15 minutes later she came back online. I went back to the computer and typed “welcome back”. She then wrote “what do you want from me”? ” I just want to meet you. Can we meet at the mall in a couple of weeks around noon? I like going there on my days off. I’m off next week on Monday. If you want to meet me I will be by the escalators and wearing a hat that says NYPD. Hope to see bahis firmaları you. We’ll have fun”. I then logged off before she could reply.

Two weeks later I knew Leslie was to stay with Jimmy starting Sunday. I went to the mall around noon Monday like I said and waited by the escalators. I knew what Leslie looked like from the picture so I was on the look out. About 40 minutes later I see a blond meeting her description. When she started looking around I saw her face and knew it was her. I walked toward her and said “Hi Leslie”. She was startled and just looked at me. “Well I’m here now what”? I heard you like the Jonas Brothers Band. I have all their music if you want to come over. I live close by. She looked around and said “Ok I guess”. She followed me out the mall toward my car. I opened the door for her and then got in the drivers side and drove away. We left the mall area and also passed by the housing communities. “I thought you lived near here”. “Yea just up ahead”. I then pulled up to a curb, got out, and walked around to open her door. When she got out I pointed toward a house and as she started to walk up there, I put a rag around her nose and mouth that I had drenched with chloroform.

She passed out so I quickly put her back in the car and drove to a deserted cabin I rented. I got her out of the car and carried her into the cabin. I put her on a bed, removed her clothes, and tied her arms and legs to the bedposts. She came to about 30 minutes later. When she saw herself naked and tied up she screamed. “What the hell are you doing? I told her no one was going to hear her and that we were 10 miles from the nearest house. She struggled with the ties and kept screaming. “Just relax. I’m just going to have a good time with you and then I will let you go. I hear your old man always warns you about guys like me but you never listen. Oh and I’m not really a cop I’m just someone your Dad arrested last year and I have a score to settle with him”. “I’m not going to cooperate. I don’t care what you do to me. So if you are going to rape me go ahead. I’m just going to lay here like a dead fish”. “Oh I don’t think so honey. You are going to end up begging me to fuck you”.

I then took off my clothes and when I took off my underwear I saw her looking right at my throbbing 8 inch cock and her eyes widened. I walked up to the bed and planted a soft kiss on her forehead as she struggled and screamed. “Relax honey. You will enjoy this so much more if you do” “Never you pervert”. I then walked back to the middle of the bed and began to softly run my hand up one of her legs but not letting my hand get near her pussy just yet. She was screaming bloody murder. I just kept caressing her leg getting every bit closer to her pot of gold. I then caressed her other leg and did the same thing as she continued to struggle with the ties. Each time I got close to her pussy she would flinch. I then saw a trace of moisture on her pussy lips. “I see you are getting juiced up honey. That’s a girl. Enjoy it” “I hate you pervert”. Then I started licking her feet and inched my way up her leg as she started to squirm. Again I stayed away from her pussy lips. I did the same to the other leg and then worked my
way all the way up the leg to her Vee and teased her as she squirmed. I could see her arching her pussy toward my tongue as I kept it just out of reach.

I suddenly kaçak iddaa took a swipe across her pussy lips and heard her moan. “You are starting to warm up. Good”. Then I went to work on her titties licking one while massaging the other. She continued to squirm. “Untie me so I can enjoy it more. So I can touch you too” I didn’t believe her enough just yet because I wanted her at the edge of her wits begging me to fuck her. “Not just yet sweetie – beg me to fuck you” I placed my mouth on her other tittie while massaging the one I just soaked. Then I licked my way down her stomach toward her Vee again. She was squirming against the ropes arching her pussy toward my mouth which I kept just out of reach. I stood up and looked at her. Her pussy was covered with pussy juice. I then put my face right over her pussy lips as she squirmed to try and get my tongue to touch her there. I took a swipe. She moaned. I took another long slow swipe and she leaned her pussy into me as hard as she could. I loosened her leg ties just a bit to give her more room to squirm and lift her ass off the bed to feed me her pussy. When I did this I went back to work on her pussy and she arched up to me. I was feasting on this beautiful pie and she was moaning.

“Oh God. Please don’t stop. I can feel myself coming”. When she said that I licked her little clitty and stuck a finger inside her pussy. I was greeted with pussy juice and she squirmed and arched her pussy lips onto my face and screamed “I’m cummmmiiing”!! I kept right on licking her and stuck a second finger inside her pussy and finger fucked her as I continued to eat her. “Oh Goddddddddd I’m going to cum again. Aiiyeeeeeeeeeee” She greeted me with another round of pussy juice. “Oh please fuck me. I gotta have that big dick of yours inside me. Pleeeassse” !! That was the cue I was waiting for. I climbed onto the bed and positioned myself between her legs. I hung my body above her and let my 8 inch cock hang down above her pussy as she arched herself up trying to get it inside her. I teased her by just touching the head of my cock against her pussy lips as she began a fucking motion trying to get me inside her. I then got off the bed as she said “what are you doing. I want you to fuck me you sick bastard. You were right. I do want it now so fuck me already” I went back to eating her and she began to moan again and I stuck 3 fingers in her as I continued to eat her out.

She arched her pussy up and screamed “I’m cccccummmmiiiiing”. As she became to spasm I quickly got up on the bed again and while she was still in the throes of her orgasm shaking her head back and forth and looking at me, I suddenly drove my cock into her sweet pussy which made her scream. “Aiiiiiiiiiiyyyyyyyeee – Oh my God – I can’t stop cumming”. My driving her cock into her so abruptly while she was cumming just triggered another orgasm. I began to pound her pussy while she just kept moaning and saying “oh yes fuck me fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee”. I kept up the pace driving my 8 inch cock all the way home and meshing my cock hairs with her light blond pussy hairs. I grounded into her without mercy. She didn’t want any mercy. “I’m going to shoot my sperm deep inside your cunt babe. Here it comes”. As I shot my load into her she arched up to meet my thrusts and came again. I flattened out against her body and kissed her full on the lips parting her lips with my tongue. As I tongued kaçak bahis her mouth she continued in the throes of her orgasm arching up toward me in a fucking motion as if she were the man. When I spent my load into her I lifted up and looked at her and kissed her lightly on the lips again and got off the bed.

“Well honey. That was fantastic and I can see you enjoyed it just as much as I did. I’m just sorry you didn’t listen to your old man. I’m going to have to kill you when I finish with you” “What – no please. I’m not going to tell anyone. I can meet you anytime you want to at the mall and we can do this again” “I wish I could believe you sweetie but…. I’m going to fuck you again and then I’m done with you” Leslie started to cry. I walked back up to the bed and started to eat her pussy out again. She was still sobbing but was squirming under my relentless tonguing of her pussy. I began to finger-fuck her and she suddenly arched her pussy up and began to cum all the while still sobbing. “Please untie me. Let me make love to you now. I’ll even let you fuck me in the ass if you want but you have to untie me so I can turn around”. That was an appealing proposition. “Tell you what honey. I’m going to untie just your legs so you can get up on the bed and stand on your knees so I can fuck your sweet asshole”. If you try anything I will kill you right there and then. I untied her and she turned around like I told her. “Fuck me you bastard. I want you to fuck me hard. No one has ever fucked me in the ass before”.

I positioned myself behind her as she watched. I put my cock to her asshole and then drove in about 2 inches with my first thrust. She let out a scream. “Ouch it hurts. Take it out” I pulled out and she breathed a sigh of relief only to feel me suddenly lunge forward again and drive about 5 inches of my cock inside her. She screamed again. I stuck a finger in her pussy as I lunged forward again and drove another inch in. I began to fuck her and finger her pussy at the same time. She calmed down and started to enjoy it. This set me off and I lunged forward and drove all my 8 inches inside her and just stayed tight against her to let her ass accommodate me. I kept finger-fucking her and she began to moan. “Fuck me – come on”. I started to plunge my dick in and out of her pulling all but about 2 inches out before drilling it back inside her. She began to meet my thrusts by swinging her ass back at me as I drove forward. I increased my tempo and I could tell she was close to cumming. I lunged one last time and started to squirt my load deep inside her while she began to spasm and her pussy closed on my fingers while her ass was milking my cock. She continued to thrust back at me as I kept squirting into her. When I pulled out she fell flat against the bed and fell asleep. While she was sleeping I untied her, left her a cellular phone nearby so she could call her dad, and left.

The next week Jimmy told me someone had kidnapped her daughter and raped her. She said Leslie was crying when she called him and that she wasn’t even sure where she was. They were able to trace the cell site to locate her. He asked me if I had heard anything about it and I told him no that I was out of town last week. I had already established an alibi before setting my plan in motion and the case was never resolved. I had even gotten a make-over so when she described me to the cops it would not be me they were looking for. Jimmy told me that things got better between him and Leslie though.

If only Jimmy knew what my dark side was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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