A Girl Called Sami Ch. 20

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Sami leaned her head against the passenger window of Charlene’s new car as they drove back to Jackson for the Christmas Holidays. Charlene and Debbie had graduated the previous May, and moved together to Houston where they had both secured jobs. Debbie would be with her family in Dallas for the holidays, as Sami and Charlene would do with theirs, in Mississippi.

“Thanks for detouring to pick me up,” Sami said as her eyes took in the swamps that they crossed over, leaving the City behind them.

“Not much of a detour, baby, it’s interstate all the way,” Charlene smilingly replied and sneaking a quick side-long glance to the cousin that she loved so much; beyond the sex, she loved Sami as if she was the sister she never had. In truth, they were more like sisters, than cousins; well, except for the sex of course, Charlene thought, which caused her to wonder if she would’ve fooled with Sami, had she been her sister, all those years ago.

Yeah, probably so, Charlene thought, which, in turn, troubled her to no end.

“Still, I appreciate it; I owe you,” turning to look at Charlene when she said it.

“Show me your appreciation over the holidays sometime, Sami-girl, when we can sneak away, okay?”

“You bet,” Sami replied, and turning back to look out of her window, she took stock of the fall semester that had just ended…

Scholastically, it couldn’t have gone better for Sami. She had pulled straight A’s in all of her courses, and had been accepted as the new RA for her dorm. With Casey’s help, Sami already had her stuff moved into 312, ready for her return after New Year’s.

She and Casey had bonded as roommates, and though each had flirted with the thought of crawling into the other’s bed some night, neither did. Both of the girls ‘knew’ the other would welcome a tryst of the Sapphic sort, though neither openly spoke of it; they ‘knew’, was what it was.

She and Bea had one, last final night of fucking before Bea left for graduate school, and both would miss the sex with each other terribly. Since that night, in October, when Bea came to Sami’s sexual rescue, they continued to meet for sex at least once a week.

A week after that night with Bea, Sami showed up, unannounced, at Jena’s door one night. When Jena opened the door, she knew by the look on Sami’s face and in her eyes, that she and Sami would make love that night, and Jena was soooo ready to welcome Sami into her bed, once again.

Charlene dropped Sami off at her house, running in to say a quick hello/goodbye to Sami’s parents before she drove the mile or so to her parents’ home. The girls had made tentative plans for some private time for themselves and after a couple of days doing the family thing; both were ready for that private time, in a big way.

Telling their parents that they were going to Oxford to see some friends at Ole Miss and that they’d be back in a couple of days. Charlene and Sami did go to Oxford, but rather than crash at somebody’s house, they opted to get a motel.

“Sami, how are you doing, babygirl, you know, since Bonnie’s…” Charlene stopped, searching for a word or phrase that wouldn’t upset Sami, but coming up short.

“Death, that’s the word you’re looking for Charlene, Death; Bonnie’s dead, you can say it, I won’t go ballistic on you,” Sami offered to Charlene, “and to answer your question, I’ve learned to deal, and have quit cursing God for taking her, okay?”

Sami’s tone was harsh, something she rarely was with Charlene; but Sami wasn’t the same person and it would be fair to say that Sami had taken on a slightly harder edge.

“I’m sorry Sami, I didn’t mean to upset you,” Charlene apologized, meaning every word of it.

Blowing out a breath of air, Sami pulled Charlene to her body, and apologized for her shitty attitude, kissing her cousin’s cheek afterwards.

“Let’s go see your friend and score some weed,” Sami suggested out of the clear blue sky, “I need to mellow out, really mellow out.”

Charlene agreed that Sami-girl definitely needed to mellow out, but she wouldn’t dream of saying that out loud. Since Bonnie’s death, Charlene thought, being around Sami was like walking in a minefield blindfolded; you just never knew which step would be the last one.

The girls scored their weed, they got high and they fucked; but, it wasn’t the same, for either of them, though neither would say so.

No, they both decided, independently, that they’d rather bury their heads in the sand than to confront the issue.

Their familial duties for the holidays completed, the girls left on their return trip; Sami to begin the Volleyball season’s play, and to the new spring semester, and Charlene to her job and of course, to Debbie.


T and Sami were still friends, of course, but they were no longer lovers on the road trips, or anywhere else for that matter; they hadn’t talked about it, they hadn’t discussed it, it just became so. Strangely, bahis firmaları they were both okay with that and felt their relationship had transcended the sex; no, the sex didn’t matter to them anymore was the simple truth of it all.

But, make no mistake; they still had each other’s back, both on and off the court.

Sami pounded away at her game and at her studies, loving the solitude of her private room. There was very little intrusion into Sami’s time from being the RA for the dorm; oh sure, there was the occasional roommate squabble that she had to mediate, but in the end, it really wasn’t demanding at all.

All in all, as Sami matriculated in her senior year, things were good for Sami-girl.

Occasionally, she’d retreat to that private place in her head and think about Bonnie, which made her miss her all the more; and in those moments, she would cry, alone, in the solitude of her room. That it took several months for her to cry for her Bonnie was something that would trouble Sami to no end.

But make no mistake, Sami-girl grieved for her Bonnie Sue.

The spring semester was moving along quite nicely and Sami had decided that instead of going on spring break this year, she’s stay and work instead. Besides, she was doing modeling shoots weekly now for a couple of PR agencies and really couldn’t spare the time to get drunk on the beaches of Texas or Mississippi.

About a week before break, there was a soft knock on Sami’s door.

“Come in, it’s open,” Sami called over her shoulder and then turning to see who she had invited into her room.

“Casey, damn, I was just thinking about you,” Sami said and getting up from her desk to hug Casey in welcome, “it’s really good to see you.”

“Thinking about me, huh?” Casey teasingly commented after returning Sami’s hug, “Good things or bad things?”

Actually Sami had been at her desk trying to study but her busy subconscious was bouncing all kind of shit around in her head, making it hard to concentrate. And one of the things she had been thinking about was why she never put the moves on Casey, and before she could answer that question, she was interrupted by the knock at her door.

“Good things, of course,” Sami teased back, “So, what’s up? Do you need me to do my RA thing and solve a problem for you,” Sami’s tone clearly showing that she was teasing.

“Want to solve a problem for me? Move back in with me then, before I kill that bitch of a roommate that I’m stuck with,” Casey replied, but not teasingly.

“Oh, oh, what the fuck happened, Casey?” Sami asked, serious now.

“Bitch is a fucking born-again and keeps trying to save my soul; Sami, I have to really, really stop myself from strangling her,” an exasperated Casey said, her voice clearly showing frustration, “and you know what else? Fucking bitch insists that I stay properly dressed when she’s in the room; claims that me lounging around in my panties and tee shirt makes her uncomfortable, aaaahhhhhhhhhh, fuck it!” she finally spat out.

Sami stayed silent for a few minutes, letting Casey’s anger and frustration dissipate before speaking.

“Casey, you know I can’t move back in with you but if you’d like, I can get you moved to another dorm or floor; there’s a few slots open, but you’d have to be in a three-person suite,” Sami offered.

“My luck, they’d all be trying to save my soul too,” Casey joked, smirking a bit and then laughing a bit, “Ah, shit Sami, don’t pay me no mind, I just had to vent.”

Trying to keep the tone light, Sami said, “Well, the girl must be crazy not to like seeing you walk around half-naked,” chuckling afterwards.

“Well, that’s sweet Sami, but it sure didn’t do me any good with you, now did it?” Casey smirked.

Sami hesitated before she answered, thinking about what she wanted to say, and finally decided to just say it; “I thought about putting moves on you, I really did, Casey, but I, I don’t know, I just didn’t…” her voice soft, “I guess the whole roommate thing, well, you know…” her voice trailing off to silence

“You don’t know how many times I almost crawled into bed with you,” Casey said in reply, “but, I didn’t either, but I really wanted to.”

They both stayed silent, neither looking at the other, for several minutes before Sami spoke.

“Well, if you get frustrated enough with Ms. Holy Roller, you can always run around my room half-naked, if you’d like,” Sami laughingly said in an effort to lighten the awkward moment, “You know, if it’d make you feel better.”

Casey looked up from her lap, and into Sami’s eyes, just staring, not saying anything; oh, there was a lot she wanted to say, but just like thinking about crawling into bed when she and Sami were roommates, she didn’t act upon it.

“Casey?” Sami finally asked, “Are you okay?”

“No, I guess I’m not,” Casey admitted, “and as slutty as this may sound, I keep regretting that we didn’t sleep together when we had the chance; there, kaçak iddaa happy now?”

Sami didn’t speak for a few moments, her mind tossing options around in her head, but her eyes not leaving Casey’s face; finally, her mind made up, Sami stood and walked to her door and locked it.

Turning, and facing Casey, Sami said, “We have that chance now, if you’d like to,” walking back to her bed and Casey as she said it.

Lifting her hand to take Sami’s hand into hers, Casey replied, “Yeah, I would.”

Sami got onto her bed, straddling Casey’s legs, dropping her ass to sit on Casey’s thighs as she brought her hands to frame Casey’s face. Moving slowly, tentatively, Sami and Casey’s mouths moved towards each other.

Closing their eyes at the same time, they kissed sweetly and softly, both of them finding the other’s lips warm and soft. They pecked at each other like that for quite a while with soft, sweet kisses to the other, savoring the smells and taste of each other.

Casey put her hands under Sami’s tee shirt, letting her fingers slide up and down the smooth skin of Sami’s back while Sami’s hands held onto her head as they kissed. Sami felt the electric shocks to her spine as Casey’s fingers ghost-walked on her skin, really enjoying the tenderness of what they were doing to each other.

When Casey opened her mouth in invitation to Sami’s tongue, she moved her hands to cup and caress Sami’s firm breasts, a bit surprised at the size of Sami’s hard nipples against the palms of her hands.

Sami’s crotch was moving in a slow grinding motion on Casey’s lap as the intensity of their love-play increased; neither wanted to rush this moment, both satisfied to let their lust build slowly. When Sami felt the dampness in her panties, she broke their kiss to stand at the side of her bed, saying to Casey, “Keep that thought…”

Sami moved about her room, turning off the harsh overhead light, and lighting a few candles to place on her window sill. Turning off her desk lamp afterwards, Sami turned back to the bed and Casey, taking off her tee shirt and shorts as she and Casey made love to each other with their eyes.

Pulling Casey to stand next to her bed, Sami kept her eyes locked with Casey’s as she lifted the tee shirt from Casey’s body, her stomach fluttering a bit at the sight of Casey’s larger, fuller breasts. Lowering her head, Sami took a nipple into her mouth to suck and lick as she deftly unsnapped Casey’s shorts, then unzipping them to fall to the floor with a little encouragement from her hand pulling them from Casey’s hips.

Casey’s arms were around Sami, holding her tight, her fingers loving the feel of Sami’s skin to the touch as Sami suckled her breasts. Casey lifted her chest in an effort to push her tit deeper into Sami’s mouth; taking the hint, Sami squeezed Casey’s tit with her hand in order to get as much of it into her mouth as she could, her tongue flicking around Casey’s now-hard nipple as she did so.

Dropping to her knees after sucking and licking Casey’s breasts for a bit, Sami slid a finger into Casey’s panties, moving them to the side so that her tongue could flick and taste the sweet-smelling pussy before her, all the while loving Casey’s fingers rubbing through her hair.

Teasingly, Sami brought Casey to the brink of climax several times, always backing off before it could burst free, and in the process, producing a wanting that Casey hadn’t felt since her initiation into Sapphic sex by a classmate’s older sister when she was much, much younger.

Standing so that she could move them onto her bed, Sami’s mouth was immediately surrounded by Casey’s lips, the sounds of lust and passion coming from deep in Casey’s throat.

Sami gently pushed Casey to lie on her back without breaking their kiss and lying on top of Casey, both girls began a slow, rhythmic dance with their pussies pushing hard against each other.

They could feel the dampness of their pussies through the thin fabric of their panties as they kissed each other hard, fondling the other’s breasts, grinding hard as if trying to meld their play-boxes.

Breaking her kiss with Casey, Sami traced a trail of wetness as her tongue moved down Casey’s firm, athletic body, pausing only long enough to pull Casey’s panties from her body. Spreading her legs to wrap around Sami’s body, Casey threw her head back in fiery pleasure as Sami, ever-so-expertly, brought her lips and tongue to Casey’s trimmed, drenched snatch.

Casey’s pussy smelled like Magnolias, thought Sami as her tongue explored the pinkness, and the wetness, of Casey. But when she sucked on Casey’s swollen clit, the ex-roommate moaned in ecstasy, humping her pussy hard against Sami’s mouth. Slowly butterflying her tongue over and across Casey’s clit, Sami allowed a finger gently rub and probe her lover’s puckered hole, and that sensation to Casey is what pushed her over the edge to orgasmic bliss.

“Ahhhh, oh God, mmmph, oh yeah, oh yeah, please don’t kaçak bahis stop,” Casey moaned loudly and gripping Sami’s hand with hers, she pulled Sami’s finger into her ass while thrusting to meet it with her hips; “OH, MY GOD!!” Casey screamed as her orgasm kicked into high gear.

Her breath was coming hard to Casey, her brow and hair wet with sex-sweat, her eyes glazed over and her ears full of white noise. She felt dizzy from the rush of her orgasm, not trusting herself to even think about sitting up or even moving.

Rising from between Casey’s legs, Sami bent down and kissed Casey, telling her, “Just lie there baby, I’m going to duck into my bathroom for a sec, okay?”

All that Casey could do was to slowly nod her understanding.

When Sami returned to her wrecked bed, Casey was sitting with her back against the wall, her trimmed bush showing the wetness from Sami’s mouth, little beads of moisture catching in the soft candle light of the room.

Reaching with her hands, Casey pulled Sami’s panties from her body and gripping Sami’s ass cheeks with her hands, she pulled herself so that she could nibble and kiss Sami’s blonde bush, her nostrils straining to capture the essence of Sami’s pussy.

Pulling Sami onto the bed, she positioned her so that Sami was sitting with her back to the wall, after which she moved to kneel on the floor, between Sami’s long, slender legs.

Reaching with her mouth to Sami’s, Casey kissed Sami hard and lustfully, her heart beating at a thousand beats a second, it seemed. Pulling back from that kiss, Casey lowered her head between Sami’s legs and began a long, delicious oral assault of Sami-girl’s wet pussy.

Fueled by Casey’s excellent oral abilities, and the combination of tongue and fingers in her pussy, Sami-girl came quickly; but Casey would not be denied her time between Sami’s legs and continued to eat, and finger, Sami to several more body-wracking climaxes which produced cries of delight from Sami, loud cries, at that.

The girls didn’t realize it at the time, but their sounds of sex could be heard, faintly, but heard nevertheless, had anyone been passing by Sami’s room, walking in the hallway.

And, there were a couple of gals who did hear; and smiling at the sounds, they continued to wherever it was they were going that spring evening.


Casey spent the night, of course, neither of them getting very much sleep as they discovered each other. And when Casey finally got dressed that next morning to return to her room so that she could redress for class, she and Sami kissed each other feverishly before finally parting from each other.

“Return visits okay?” Casey asked as she leaned her head against Sami’s, both of them embracing the other.

“Anytime you’d like,” Sami replied, “anytime you’d like, babygirl.”

Sami jumped into the shower for a quick cleaning and, after dressing, she rushed to her photography class, sliding into her seat just as the instructor walked into the classroom. Listening, but not hearing, Sami’s mind replayed last night’s lovemaking with Casey and damned near climaxed again, there in class.

After class concluded, Sami was walking out of the door when her cell rang; stepping into the hallway, she answered it after noting that it was Jena who was calling.

“Hey, sweetcheeks,” Jena’s cheerful voiced greeted Sami, “got a proposition for you.”

“Hey there, Jena,” Sami responded, “how the hell are you?”

“Feeling kinky is how I am, and thus, the reason for the call,” Jena replied sounding very upbeat.

“Oh yeah, well that could be dangerous, couldn’t it?” Sami joked back.

“Oh, I hope so,” Jena joked back, and then moving on the reason for her call, “So, are you going to be around next week at break, or are you going to the beaches?”

“Nope, I’m working; picked up a couple of shifts, so yeah, I’ll be around. Why? What’s up,” Sami replied as she walked to her next class.

“Want to go out with me to a place across the river, in Algiers, for a night of dancing and teasing with a bunch of lesbians that hang out there?”

“Jena, I won’t be twenty-one for another six weeks,” Sami explained.

“Not a problem, baby, I promise you, it won’t be a problem,” Jena pushed further.

“Well, if you’re sure that it won’t be, then yeah, I guess so,” Sami quickly decided.

“Why don’t you plan on coming over to my apartment next Tuesday, in the afternoon, and we’ll hang out a bit and then head across the river, okay?”

“Sounds like a plan, bitch,” Sami teased Jena.

“Great, I’ll see you then, babygirl,” and smacking a kiss into the phone, Jena broke the connection.

Well, well, well, Sami thought, this ought to be interesting. Sami had never really been to a lesbian bar before but the more she thought about it, the more appealing it seemed to her.

Returning to her dorm after her last class, Sami passed a couple of residents who were walking down as she was walking up. She nodded to them in passing, but heard a bit of a snicker when they thought she were out of earshot.

Fuck ’em, Sami-girl thought, and with that she dismissed it from her mind.

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