A Little Work-Day Stress Relief

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I’d been teasing him for weeks now. A short skirt which barely made the dress code and a shirt that showed way more than it actually covered. My favourite boots, the ones that hug up my calves as if they were involved in a deeply intimate relationship.I hoped I was getting to him. It didn’t matter what the others thought. I’d been thinking about him for weeks and I was so horny it would take severe actions, like death or dismemberment, for them to drag me away.

He was hunted. And his days were numbered.

Finally, on day 21, he snapped. I had donned a skimpy white skirt and a barely there blue shirt, and more flesh was revealed than covered. He dragged me into the supplies closet and shut the door behind us. At first I tried to play it cool, teasing him about being so hot for me he couldn’t wait. He merely stared, until I realized the truth of my words. And then I was hunted.

He backed me into the wall, and pressed be there with his body. His mouth took possession of mine and I could feel the tension in his body as he restrained himself. I stroked my fingers across his shoulders, down his chest, over his flat belly and laid them to rest on the straining fabric of his pants. I gave my permission with my touch. I felt his cock jump, and then he let himself loose. He no longer stopped his mouth from devouring my own. His hands reached for my shirt and ripped it open. He began palming my tits, and twisting my nipples. Pain mixed with pleasure and I started to get wet. I unzipped his pants and reached in to grab his dick. It felt huge in my hand, and I felt a smile slip across my face at my good judgement.

It’s always the size of the shoes.

He must’ve taking the smile as a sign of weakness, because he stopped holding me bahis firmaları against the wall. He dipped his head and his mouth latched on to my left nipple. Licking, sucking, biting, he played with it until it was hard, red and just a little sore. Then he switched to the other one. Taking it between his teeth, he pulled until my tit was more cone-like than spherical. He let go and watched my boob return to its normal shape. He did it again. I think he must’ve enjoyed just watching them bounce after he released them.

Eventually, he became bored with that game and began moving down my stomach, licking, nipping, and even dipping into my belly button for a moment before moving onwards and downwards. My skirt was pushed up to become a new belt for my hips. My thighs were spread wide, a held by his hands. And then…bliss. Holy shit, his tongue! Ooooh! I didn’t know he could do thaaaaaaat! OH, Ah, YES!!!

I came down from my high to find him standing in front of me, my head level with the bulge in his pants. I guess my legs had given out sometime during my bliss, and him being the man that he was, saw a perfect opportunity for retaliation. Not that I mind. I love sucking cock.

I unzipped his pants, and found a pair of black boxer shorts, currently sporting a tented look and a wet spot in the front. I looked at him and licked my lips. A small groan came from his throat as I reached in to collect my prize. Not a large dick, but the perfect size for my mouth.

I started to lick the head, just teasing him, tasting his precum and lubing up the head for the main event. Small circles all over and trailing my tongue along the slit finally achieved what I wanted. A small thrusting of his hips, as if he was wanting to force it down my throat but kaçak iddaa not sure if he could get away with it.

I moved down the sides of cock, nibbling at the loose skin, not biting, but sucking a little with my lips. I work up and down, not taking it in my mouth, yet, waiting for the next signal to continue my tormenting.

The next signal comes. His hands fall to my hair as my mouth reaches the head of his dick. In a quick motion, I sucked the head into my mouth, swirled my tongue around in a small circle, and then let it pop out of my mouth again, allowing the cool air to hit it. He groans.

Now I get down to business. I begin to take him in my mouth, slowly going deeper as I adjust to his size. When I have him almost completely swallowed, I begin to pick up the pace, swirling my tongue around as I go. Soon, his hips begin thrusting in time to my head movements. I can feel him getting closer, and his balls start to tighten up. It is time for the piece de resistance. I hum.

He gasps and cum starts to fill my mouth, tasting slightly salty, slightly sweet. He must’ve been eating fruit lately. I swallow it down, content with my treat, yet still wanting more. I finish cleaning him off and rise to my feet. I kiss him. He doesn’t seem turned off by the taste. How very interesting. The kiss once again develops a hint of him trying to dominate me, and I soon feel my new best friend poking me in the hip.

He lifts me up on a box conveniently located to our right. Where was this when he was going down on me? A brief and totally meaningless thought floats through my mind as I settle onto the hard crate, but is soon pushed out by his presence between my thighs once again.

Only this time, his eyes are level with mine. A slutty grin is kaçak bahis present on my face, I can feel it, but I don’t care as his cock presses against the entrance of my slit. In one push he is buried in me, balls deep. I groan. He groans. We lock lips again. God, sex is good.

He begins to pump into me, slowly at first, but quickly speeding up. He uses his weight to press me back into the box, and then holds my arms above my head. This pose makes me completely open to him, and he takes advantage. Once again he starts nibbling on my tits. Teasing them with his tongue, his lips and his teeth, he brings them to hard, almost painful points. I can’t help but moan.

I begin to feel that familiar tightening again, and arch my back into his body. Letting go of wrists with one of his hands, he reaches between our bodies and begins to rub the magic spot at the top of my legs. I arch again as his fingers fly across my clit, almost making me scream. And then he creates his own piece de resistance. As I reach the point of no return, I feel him bite down on my nipple, hard. I can’t help myself. I scream.

Somewhere in the haze of orgasm, I realize that he is cumming too. And he is laughing. I let him laugh. I’m too sated to do anything about it. And then I realize I hear voices coming down the hall. Oh shit. I screamed! I quickly rearrange my clothes to where I think they were before I was dragged into the closet. I look over at him and see that he has already fixed himself back up. I raise my eyebrows, silently asking if he was ready to leave. He gestures for me to go ahead, and I reach for the door knob.

Two of our colleagues are standing at the water dispenser at the end of the hall as we leave the small room. I see the smirks, then turn to him and say, “Thanks for helping me Zack; I never remember where they put the paper for the printer. I’ll see you later.”

I turn and make my way back to my office. I wonder what to wear tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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