A Long Awaited Excursion

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This is my first story on here so I hope everyone enjoys it and please be kind. It is dedicated to all the women on here that have inspired and excited me. Please feel free to e-mail me to talk further about it and don’t forget to vote!


Rachel Salvatora took a sip of her Chardonnay trying to ignore the turbulence that was wreaking havoc on both the flight and her stomach. She had been in her seat for an hour and was growing uncomfortable. Lynn had fallen asleep on her shoulder and she didn’t want to wake up the young blonde woman. Rachel’s sky blue skirt was running up her leg slowly but surely as Lynn moved her leg while she slept. Rachel wondered if the movement was intentional.

Rachel and Lynn were both recruitment advisors at a small college in New York. About two months earlier, Lynn had asked Rachel out on a date. Rachel was quite surprised by the invitation, they were good friends and she had never entertained the idea of being more intimate with Lynn. Despite her internal reservations, she said yes. She hadn’t been out on a date in a long time and knew, at the very least, she needed to get out of her apartment for a while. It’s not like she didn’t get offers to go out, she got many offers from men she met at college fairs throughout the East Coast. She was intelligent, beautiful, young, and talented. However, since the age of 15 she knew that she could only feel passion for a woman.

Their first date was pleasant; dinner at their favorite restaurant followed by a movie. However, Rachel felt the familiar vibes of friendship in the air. She took in the sight that sat before her; Lynn was wearing tight black jeans that lead to a black blouse that was quite see-through much to the delight of onlookers. She styled her short blonde hair in a barely-there pony tail. Rachel knew that a beautiful woman sat before her, she also knew that she could only see this woman as a friend.

“Rachel, you don’t seem into this.” Lynn said as she put her hand over Rachel’s.

“I’m having good time, really I am.”


“But we’re friends Lynn. I’ve cried on the phone with you after break ups, we’ve talked about finding the women of our dreams, it just doesn’t feel right.” Rachel said.

Lynn squeezed Rachel’s hand: “But I am here with the woman of my dreams, just give this a chance, let’s go out a few more times and if you still think it’s wrong then I will back off I promise.”

Rachel began to stare out of the oval window. Although flying made her nervous, she always enjoyed these quieter moments on a plane. It was a chance to reflect on her life and all that she wanted. She always had a strong sense of ambition but she sensed complacency growing within her. She enjoyed her job and recently she had even gone out on a few dates. However, she could not pinpoint anything in her life that she was passionate about. She was looking forward to the trip she was embarking on. She needed the vacation.

Lynn’s head was slowly sloping down resting on Rachel’s chest. Rachel sat as still as possible, noticing Lynn’s head moving up and down along with her own white tank top. The feeling of Lynn’s head on her chest and the blonde’s hand on her thigh was making her feel both excited and uncomfortable. It had been a long time since she was this close to a woman and she did not want to share this intimate embrace with Lynn. She had agreed to go out on a few more dates with Lynn despite her hesitation. As she sat with Lynn over her, the images from that last night kept replaying in her mind: a drunken Lynn fumbling for her blouse, getting up to back away from the blonde, then boom the shattering of the glass against the wall…

“Lynn, wake up. I have to go to the bathroom”

Lynn barely opened her eyes in time to watch Rachel get up and walk to the back of the plane. Her eyes were still filled with sleep as she watched the beautiful brunette make her way through the narrow aisle.

“You always do this Lynn. You always make her uncomfortable.” She said as she pounded her fist into her armrest. This trip was her last chance to fix her relationship with Rachel. As she sat there stretching on the plane, she thought back to the night when their relationship took a bleak turn. They had gone back to Lynn’s place. Lynn was engorged by lust and being close to Rachel was more than she could handle. Lynn was already tipsy and the few glasses of wine they shared put her over the top. She went for Rachel’s mouth and kissed her while greedily unbuttoning her friend’s blouse. She was filled with anger when Rachel pulled away and moved slowly away from her. Before she could think about what she was doing, it was too late, she picked up the bottle of wine and threw it at her small and feeble friend.

It was as if her mind went blank, she was forced back to reality when she noticed the tears in Rachel’s eyes and the blood pouring from Rachel’s arm. She sat down on her couch as Rachel stormed out of her apartment. It took her almost a month to convince illegal bahis Rachel to speak to her again. When she found out that her stepmother was buying a vacation home in Jamaica she saw it as the final chance to fix her relationship with Rachel. She invited Rachel to the house in Negril along with their two friends: Brenda and Jackie. While Brenda and Jackie agreed, Rachel was hesitant. Lynn took it upon herself to ask their boss for vacation time for both her and Rachel. She explained to their kindhearted boss that it was a surprise for Rachel, a gift from her friends. Her boss gave permission and she booked the tickets. Now they were off to paradise and her goal was to win Rachel’s heart. She decided to rest her head onto the small oval window. She tried to fall asleep…for real this time.

As Rachel was heading back to her seat, she felt a hand softly grab her wrist. Brenda’s soft green eyes were staring back at her. They had met two years before at a college fair in Boston.

“Are you okay Rachel? I saw Lynn sleeping on you.” Brenda said with concern.

Brenda has been protective of Rachel since the first day they met. It was Brenda’s first college fair and she was less that thrilled when she saw a woman setting up her display on the adjacent table. “Look at her standing there like every student should just fall at her feet.” She said quietly to herself. The woman was from a rival all women’s college. “Great every lesbian and horney boy is going to skip my table and head to hers.” She thought to herself. She watched the young brunette quickly adjust her outfit as a student approached her. Brenda was intimidated by the confidence and grace as the brunette spoke of the majors at the college. The student was too busy staring at her breast to care about majors but the brunette didn’t seem to notice. The student made sure to point out her home phone number before walking away. Brenda was startled when she noticed the women turn and look directly at her.

“Hi, I’m Rachel, this is my first time, at a fair I mean, and I’m kinda nervous.” Rachel said with a chuckle.

Brenda couldn’t help but return the genuine smile with one of her own. She was surprised by what she saw when she looked into Rachel’s eyes. Deep, beyond the confidence and swagger, she saw a hint of insecurity. Brenda instantly felt driven to protect Rachel from misfortune and ease that insecurity. They spoke throughout the entire night and they were good friends from that moment on.

“Promise me you will have a good time on this trip Rachel.”

“I will, I want to, I just don’t want to give Lynn the wrong impression and make her feel bad.”

“Look, it is not your job to protect Lynn, she needs to back off, this is about all of us going to Jamaica and having a good time.” Brenda said. She never liked the idea of Lynn and Rachel together. Long before Rachel introduced her to the tall blonde she had heard of Lynn. Lynn had quite a reputation on the road as a recruitment advisor. She was known to start affairs with students in the town she was in and leaving them on the side of the road, the young student never knowing what had hit her. She knew that Lynn felt strongly for Rachel, perhaps a little too strong. Brenda was weary of Lynn but Lynn made every attempt to get on her good side, this trip was a nice touch.

“And if you need help having a good time, I’m sure Jackie will have no problem showing you a good time.” Brenda said with a look of mischief in her eyes. She appreciated this trip but had her own plans. She had noticed the attraction between Rachel and Jackie and knew that the trip would help them realize it.

Rachel smiled sheepishly at Jackie. Jackie, who was sitting next to Brenda playfully waved. Rachel allowed her eyes to linger over Jackie’s body. She was fixated on Jackie’s red shirt and the way it crisscrossed at her torso. This trip may not be as bad as she thought.

“I still got it.” Victoria Anderson said as she stood at the mirror in her master bedroom. She laughed at herself for speaking aloud in an empty room but she was proud of how she looked. She was the mother of a fifteen-year-old and her body did not suggest it. She stood on her toes with her heels off the ground admiring her new white sandals. Her eyes moved up to her lean long legs. She was happy with her outfit choice. She had been in Jamaica for a week and wanted to show off her new tan. The dress accentuated her breast and showed off her thighs. The tan brought a glow to her entire body that was highlighted by the burnt orange of the sunset illuminating through the windows. She knew she was a bit overdressed for the occasion, but she didn’t care. She finally had a reason to get dressed up and she was going to milk it for all it was worth. At first, she was annoyed that her stepdaughter asked if she could come to the house with some of her friends. She loved spending time with Lynn but she was eager to have time for herself. She didn’t have to worry about her clients at the agency, her daughter illegal bahis siteleri blasting music from her room, or getting Lynn out of trouble again. She finally had time for herself, but after a week alone in paradise she was eager for company.

Victoria and Lynn had been close since the day she married Lynn’s father Henry. In fact, Lynn was the only member of the family that treated Victoria well. Everyone else felt that Victoria was after Henry’s money and the twenty-year age gap between them didn’t alleviate anyone’s fears. Victoria was surely not after Henry’s money but her feelings were misguided. She had mistaken the sense of security and comfort Henry offered her for love. Now at the age of thirty-five she still didn’t know what it was like to be passionate about someone. As she stared at herself in the mirror, she admitted to herself that she didn’t even know what it was like to be in love.

This vacation was going to be a time for reflection and everyone supported her when she decided to buy the summer home, even her in-laws. Henry’s family didn’t come around until Victoria and Henry had a daughter of their own, Stacy. They came around even more when Victoria started to work, finally realizing that she was never after their money. She couldn’t stand staying home all day and was growing frustrated by the lack of passion in her marriage. She got a job as an executive assistant at a modeling agency in the city and after ten long years, had worked her way up to President of Communications. Henry had died suddenly of a heart attack a few years ago, before they could finalize their discussions of divorce. She was still very close to Lynn and didn’t have the heart to tell her that they hadn’t been happy for a long time.

Victoria was startled when the phone rang.

“Hi mom, are they there yet? You’re not doing work again are you?” Stacy said. Stacy was staying with her grandparents while her mother went on vacation.

Victoria smiled appreciating the concern in her daughter’s voice. She was notorious for working too hard but it was a way to keep her mind off her nonexistent social life. She hadn’t gone on a date in two years and hadn’t had sex for at least five, she had stopped counting. She cringed at the thought. She had never even had fulfilling sex. Her fingers were the best lover she had ever had.

“Mom are you paying attention to me?”

Victoria realized that she had started to daydream and got back to her conversation with her daughter.

As the van approached the house Rachel could barely believe her eyes. The bright blues and oranges of the home gave it a decidedly Carribean feel. It was a huge home and the way the sun was shining down on it gave the home a celestial look.

“Isn’t it beautiful Brenda?” Rachel said to her friend, visibly excited.

Before Brenda could respond, Jackie interjected: “I think it’s very romantic.” Jackie said as she put her hand on Rachel’s leg.

Brenda had to stop herself from laughing when she saw how nervous Rachel was by Jackie’s advances. Everything about Jackie eluded sex and Brenda couldn’t help but think that Rachel was delightfully in over her head.

Lynn watched as Jackie squeezed Rachel’s leg. It had never dawned on her before, but now, it hit her like a ton of bricks. She saw the lust in Jackie’s eyes for Rachel, in fact, she could compare it to her own. At first, she regretted inviting Jackie on the trip all together but the more she thought about it, the more she was intrigued by the possibilities. After all, Lynn never backed down from a challenge.

Victoria jumped off of her bed filled with excitement when she heard commotion in the living room. She got off the phone with her daughter explaining that her guest had arrived and walked to the living room. She smiled when she saw Lynn and gave her a warm hug.

“It is so nice to see a familiar face.” Victoria said with a smile.

“Hey, this place is awesome.” Lynn said as she looked around. “You remember Brenda and Jackie right?” Lynn quickly went upstairs to check out the rest of the home.

“Yes I remember the both of you we met before I came out here.” They all exchanged hugs. “Wasn’t someone else supposed to be coming with you three?” Victoria said with a puzzled expression on her face.

Victoria froze when she saw the young girl fumble through the door with her bags. She was transfixed by the brunette’s beautiful face. She studied the way her strong legs were shown off by her short blue skirt. She felt herself staring, but did not care. She took in the sight of the young girl’s large breast pouring out of her white tank top. Her eyes are what caught her more than anything. They were penetrating her. They reminded her of maple syrup, a soft, light brown. It was then that she realized that the young girl was staring back her smiling, she went over to help the brunette.

“Hi I’m Victoria, why haven’t we met before?” Victoria said staring at the young girl.

“I’m canlı bahis siteleri Rachel, I um I went over to meet you once but by the time Lynn brought me to your home, you weren’t there.” Rachel said breathlessly as she took Victoria’s outstretched hand.

“Well then that was certainly my loss.” Victoria said with a flirtatious smile.

Rachel couldn’t help but giggle: “I’m um I’m excited…to be here.” She said.

“And I am excited to have you here, let me help you with your bags.” Victoria said as she took the larger bag off of Rachel’s hands.

Victoria was relieved that no one noticed their exchange as she looked around at her other guests. Victoria watched as Rachel sauntered up the stairs in front of her. She watched as Rachel’s hips swayed revealing her firm butt. Victoria licked her lips as she watched Rachel move. She thought about feeling those muscular legs wrapped around her neck as she kissed up her thighs. Hearing Rachel moan as she kissed the moist lips of her sex. It took her a moment to realize she was standing in Rachel’s bedroom with Rachel staring directly into her eyes.

“Victoria, are you okay? You’ve been staring into space.” Rachel said as she finally got Victoria’s attention.

“Yea, I was just thinking maybe we could all have some drinks and celebrate your first night here after dinner.” Victoria said hoping that Rachel would not notice her red cheeks.

Victoria stood frozen as Rachel walked up to her, Rachel moved her hand on top of her own. Victoria held her breath as she felt the soft touch. Rachel leaned in and took her bag off of Victoria’s hands.

“Thank you for the help.” Rachel said.

“You’re welcome.” Was all Victoria could say.

Once Victoria left the room and heard the door close she looked up to the sky. She couldn’t believe what she was feeling and how strong she felt it. She had admitted to herself a long time ago that she was attracted to women but this, this was unreal. She had never felt so connected to a person she had never met before. When she looked into Rachel’s eyes, she felt calm yet excited at the same time. She needed to explore why, and although she had never felt the touch of a woman, she needed to feel that touch now.

Rachel found it hard to concentrate as she ate one of the sandwiches Lynn had prepared. She watched Victoria in awe. Victoria’s beautiful milky skin looked radiant as it contrasted with her soft red lipstick. As she stared at Victoria’s crossed legs, she felt a dampness in her panties. This woman had a hold over her she couldn’t explain. Maybe it was the elegance in her walk, the confidence in her smile, or the perfection of her body. Whatever it was got Rachel feeling things she hadn’t felt for a long time, she wanted to be close to Victoria in many different ways. When she noticed Victoria sit on the couch she decided it was time to be a little aggressive.

“This house really is beautiful, Victoria. Thank you again for inviting us.” Rachel said as she sat next to the blonde.

“No thank you for coming, but, if you think the inside is beautiful you should see the backyard.” Victoria said as she gazed into Rachel’s eyes.

“Show me.” Rachel said in a husky voice. She put her hand into Victoria’s as they walked along the corridor into Victoria’s bedroom.

The warmth from Victoria’s soft hand sent chills throughout Rachel’s body. She couldn’t help but stare at Victoria as they were walking. She had never seen anyone as beautiful as Victoria and she couldn’t deny the electricity that passed through both their bodies anytime they spoke. In that moment she wanted nothing more but to kiss Victoria. She didn’t care that other people would see, she didn’t care that they had just met, she wanted her and wanted her badly. She stopped walking and tugged on Victoria’s hand. She stood still as Victoria moved behind her. She thought her legs would buckle and not be able to hold her up as she felt the tickle of Victoria whispering in her ear.

“Rachel, look ahead.” She whispered.

Rachel was so consumed with Victoria she had even noticed the beauty that was there before her. Rachel’s bedroom opened up straight into the beach. They took a step forward and Rachel could feel her sandals dig into the soft sand. Straight ahead the ocean roared for miles.

“The other bedrooms upstairs lead to the deck, but my bedroom leads straight to the beach, it is one of the reasons I bought this house. I’ve never seen anything more beautiful than this beach, well until tonight.” Victoria said as she watched Rachel take in the sights and sounds before her.

She knew that Rachel was too blown away by the beach to catch her last statement, she couldn’t believe how little she could control her words or actions around the young woman. She knelt down and put her hands over Rachel’s feet, she could barely contain herself as she was only inches away from the body of her object of affection. She already knew that Rachel’s legs were a source of weakness for her. She felt Rachel’s hands grasp her shoulder to keep balance as she slowly took off Rachel’s sandals.

“It feels better out here without any shoes on.” Victoria tried to explain her actions but realized that Rachel hardly seemed to mind.

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