A Long Wait

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We stood at the gate chatting after a long twenty years. Patmany, now 50 years never lost her youth and vitality. As a matter of fact, age has made her reveal more of what she has to offer. A mother of two, I would say is an awesome chick. Whoever got this chick is surely a lucky guy. She is my sister’s friend, 12 years my senior. Got to know her when I was ten and now at thirty eight, my senses do crave for her lustrous meat.

The chat ended in exchanging mobile contacts and e-mails. Over the next few weeks, telecommunication created such a link in both of us that the picture of both of us at the gate got more intense as days passed by. The jiggling of her well developed tops played over and over in my mind. She knew I had an eye on it but never felt uncomfortable with my occasional gazing. I remembered the days when she used to put up the nights at my place and we used to sleep in the same room, unfortunately not on the same bed though. We chatted till 2am. I was 16 then and she, 28. Awesome looking chick who always had extra meat to offer. Her butts had a slight lift which always gave me the impression that I could stick my tongue into her ass, giving it a rimming of a lifetime.

I was at work that afternoon which was around three weeks after our intense communication. Guess she too had something in mind. Calling me over to her friend’s apartment on a week day morning, I accepted the offer with lots of images playing in my mind. Greeting each other, we had breakfast while chatting. Her friend, still unmarried at 48 was at work and we had the house for ourselves. I was staring with great enthusiasm at her friend’s picture in the hall.

“The spinster surely has some good piece of ass,” I whispered to myself.

Truly enough, Miss Angela had some feminine assets which required serious attention.

“Why waste bahis firmaları such a beautiful resource,” I thought.

“Sweet girl isn’t she,” Patmany broke the silence as she caught me staring deeply at Angela’s picture.

I guess she knew what I was looking at. Giving a smile to indicate that she knows what I was looking at, Patmany sat down at the soft couch and told me to take a seat as she pulled another cushion seat closer to her for me.

By now, I had some butterflies in my tummy but I began to think of how bold she could be. Reaching out for my hand, as she always did to me since I was a teenager, she asked me how I was doing in life. As I began elaborating with no intention in my mind, I felt her massaging my hand with both her hands. Though her heat and her fleshy hands began arousing me, I only gave her an occasional look into her eyes and never made any attempt. Playing safe I think. I was also naughty enough to give her tops a quick glance at times.

It was all of a sudden when she placed both my hands on her thick chubby thighs. A sudden silence billowed the atmosphere. The mood was tranquil as I looked deep into her eyes not saying a word. We gazed deeper and deeper until I understood her smile, an invitation justified by erotic non-verbal communication. The silent mood persisted long enough as my hands crept slowly reaching for her fleshy butts which were now craving for my touch. We came closer eventually feeling our breaths which built the avalanche of lust. Releasing her top buttons, her cleavage was dark and arousing. Such large tits I thought as I drooled.

Caressing my face with a gentle massage, I stripped her tops.

“You like it,” she asked while pushing out her bust towards me.

Not saying a word, I sucked the tits while my hands milked the other breast. The mood kaçak iddaa was divine. We kissed with a short introduction and later went on pushing our saliva into each others throats. It went on for more than 15 minutes until she paused.

“So beautiful,” I had never got this from my hubby she uttered while rising slowly to strip off her skirt.

Drawing herself closer to me, I stripped down her skirt. Her chubby, fleshy thighs contrasted with her black ‘g strings’.

“I bought this after you came into my life,” she said while gently placing her bulging fronts close to my chin. Massaging her fleshy buttocks in a circular motion as she faced me, I went down to her clit, pulling down her silk black ‘g strings’. Working up and down with my nose on her pubic hair, I circled her cunt with my wet tongue. Laying backwards comfortably on the couch and me on the floor, Patmany caressed her head slowly from her neck, pushing her wavy hair upwards while protruding out her bust. Moaning softly as I licked deeper and intense, savouring her juice, her hands descended down to her fleshy cunt, stretching them apart.

“Lick it baby, lick it,” she moaned while biting her own lips.

I loved seeing her bite her own lips as it bulged on one side at times, drawing my male libido higher.

Taking a strong grip of my 7 inch dick, she admired the thickness of it.

“Wow, nice, thick, muscular, many veins.”

She loved the sight of it as she pushed me on the floor to take charge of me. Sucking with such sexual enthusiasm, she gave a remarkable ball play with her massaging skills.

“Lets do 69, I want to lick that asshole”.

She blushed in excitement as I wanted to ass lick her.

“What’s wrong,” I asked. “I have never had that lick before,” she responded with a yearn in her voice to have her’s kaçak bahis licked.

Placing her whole weight on me as she sucked my cock, she pushed her asshole closer to me, rubbing it intensely from side to side on my mouth. Licking her anus while working my tongue deep into it, she lustfully told me to stretch it wider. By now, my lick was so intense that I saw her wriggle like a dangling worm from a tree.

“Beautiful, ohhh, it so beautiful baby,” she moaned as my tongue tickled her anal region.

Pushing my nose and mouth vigorously into her cracks occasionally, I took her to the peak.

“Some more baby, some more baby, baby I want more. Lick my ass, eat it up. Please baby, eat my ass, eat it,” she went non-stop while I felt a warm excretion flowing down to my chest from her clits.

Guess she had been masturbating while rubbing on my chest.

“It’s not fair, It’s just not fair,” she moaned regretfully accompanied with some lust in her tone.

“What’s not fair,” I murmured. “I’ve never had my ass licked until you came. She’s a lucky girl, she’s so lucky,” Patmany moaned, sounding displeased while pushing her anus onto my tongue which was an inch inside her shit hole.

“Who’s lucky,” I asked in a rather deep voice. “Your wife is so, so lucky,” Patmany went on as she grasped her buttocks harder, stretching them apart.

We began our pumping. Moaning a lot, we reached orgasm on many occasions while I released my cum straight into her cunt. Guess we were the right sexual pair.

“I wish I could make a Kamasutra video with you,” she whispered while pushing out her juicy lips towards me.

Delighted, she gave me a hand job as we came to an end.

“Never knew you liked me so much,” Patmany asked in curiosity.

“I’ve been thinking of you since I was sixteen, baby,” I said.

“I wanted you that night, exactly twenty two years ago when you stayed at my place,” I revealed while one of my hand gave her a cunt massage as she slept in exhaustion on the couch.

“Oh, I love you boy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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