A Love Story….???

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For this particular episode in my life I’ve taken the masculine side. Many parts are true and please accepted my apologises for using excerpts from Fanny Hill to satisfy a fetish. Oh yes, whilst I’m not a participating fan of BDSM, some stories certainly heighten ones sexual desire…. enough said.

Sarah and I met for dinner in an upscale restaurant just outside Grasse, we had been frequenting here since we had met some months ago. With time our routine of elegant suppers on Friday nights had become more of a ritual followed by an almost obligatory session of rampant sex.

The maître d sat us at our usual table, a nice secluded corner well away from the entrance. Sarah looked lovely with her dirty blond hair pulled back into a tight bun, which emphasised both her bare back and elegant neck. She had an elegant, feminine purity about her. As the maître d held her chair for her she smiled an acknowledgment, her beautiful hazel eyes seem to sparkle as she gazed across at me.

After perusing the menu we ordered our evening meal. During the appetisers I noticed that although we exchanged few words, Sarah seemed to be in a frivolous mood. In the near distant as Sarah concentrated carefully on her lobster, Jeanluc our waiter was scurrying over with our favourite bottle of wine.

Suddenly I felt Sarah’s naked foot stroking my crotch. “Daniel…Unzip your trousers and take your cock out,” she whispered in a most seductive way. All the while she continued with perfect poise, raising her fork delicately to her mouth, as if nothing was happening.

Jeanluc momentarily turned away to uncork our bottle of wine allowing me to do exactly as Sarah requested. My hardening cock had no difficulty in finding its exit out of my trousers for I had learnt over these past few months ‘going commando’ was the best option. As I said Sarah was in a frivolous mood, a mood I loved and whilst Jeanluc stood at my side having offered me a little wine to taste, Sarah’s foot began to masturbate me, gently at first then rhythmically crushing my throbbing cock against my body. Sarah looked up from her plate with a smile of complicity as she took another morsel of food.

“How is it dear, are you enjoying it?” she quipped gleefully.

“The wine? Oh yes… a surprising, yes delicious, an almost sinfully enjoyable Viognier.”

“I am glad you are liking it sir. More perhaps?” added Jeanluc.

“Oh yes please, lots more, fill the glasses, let it overflow. Just don’t stop now!” I found myself almost screaming as I came with a huge burst of cum which flowed over Sarah’s toes then slowly bahis şirketleri drip into the gap of my trousers.

Sarah, with a slight grin wiped the corner of her mouth with her napkin. Jeanluc, whose services were no longer required withdrew with an almost imperceptible smile and nod of gratitude to Sarah for what he may had just witnessed.

Had he known that Sarah had just ‘jacked me off,’ right there under his eyes, whilst maintaining an air of perfect composure? Perhaps it was the pained expression on my face that betrayed me for that I’ll never know.

“Daniel, you’re looking a bit peaky… Are you all right?” Sarah innocently asked. “Perhaps we should finish up and go home….you’re looking tired my dear.” She added as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

In the car I tried to say something about the restaurant adventure. But Sarah was elsewhere. “Did you know the Marquis de Sade was imprisoned because he fucked the prostitute Testard in the arse? That was considered debauchery back then, you know.” Then she added: “I guess I would have been put in jail back then for fucking your arse with my fingers,” She added pursing her lips pretending to look all guilty and contrite.

Just the thought of the intense pleasure I get with her finger in me made me hard again. By now my mind was blown, where the hell was this conversation and antics taking us?


“I’ll meet you in the lounge,” Sarah cried running up the stairs towards the bedroom.

Perhaps we would be sharing a nightcap before bedtime, I just didn’t know for Sarah was in a mood I had never seen before. Sensing what might be the outcome I quickly stripped off then settled into my favourite armchair waiting for her.

A movement caught my eye so I turned towards the door. Sarah was completed naked, standing by the door frame in a most provocative pose. A cherry-red velvet collar around her neck contrasted with the golden tan of her skin. Her dirty blond hair was gathered into a pony-tail, while rebellious tendrils cascaded down each side of her face. Her lips were a glistening red, shifting my gaze Sarah had accentuated the colour of her nipples with red-rouge. As she walked slowly towards me, her high mules exaggerated the sway of her hips. Stopping beside me she stretched up into my bookshelf.

“Darling…What shall I read to you while you are shaving my fanny…? Venus in Furs, Justine or Fanny Hill. Yes Fanny Hill for John Cleland’s description of Phoebe’s caressing Fanny Hill’s cunt is a classic that arouses me every time and should inspire you in your work shaving my cunt.”

bahis firmaları “Jesus Christ where’s all this coming from,” I muttered to myself for by now my mind was in a complete quandary.

Sarah lay down on the sofa with her book. She looked like the Nude of Maja by Goya, stretched out with her thighs close together, her knees slightly drawn up. Just a dark recess between her thighs hid her femininity. I was eager to start my pleasurable task, delighting at the thought of exploring Sarah’s nether-parts.

“One moment my good sir. Before you start, I need to blindfold you. You’ll work by touch and by smell alone. I haven’t bathed in two days just to make your job easier.” She laughingly added whilst slipping a mask over my head.

As I’ve said before Sarah was in a frivolous wanton mood, so with a pounding heart I felt about me, searching for Sarah’s body and her instrument of pleasure. I’m using that term very loosely.

“Listen to this Daniel…. Her freedom raised no other emotions but those of a strange, and, till then, unfelt pleasure. Every part of me was open and exposed to the licentious courses of her hands, which, like a lambent fire, ran over my whole body, and thawed all coldness as they went.”

Gently I parted her thighs. Sarah offered little resistance. The musky smell of her cunt, wildly turning me on. I inhaled her scent. In total darkness I began to explore her flesh. Sarah’s breathing told me she was enjoying the experience of a blindfolded man exploring his way around her nether region. I stroked gently at her hair imagining where I should run the razor. Reaching down I grasped a bottle of water then took one almighty swig.

Sarah continued….”Slipping down lower, over a smooth track, she could just feel the soft silky down that had but a few months before put forth and garnished the mount-pleasant of those parts, and promised to spread a grateful shelter over the seat of the most exquisite sensation, and which had been, till that instant, the seat of the most insensible innocence. Her fingers played and strove to twine in the young tendrils of that moss, which nature has contrived at once for use and ornament.”

As I continued my exploring I could feel Sarah’s vaginal lips engorge and pulsate with excitement. I could feel also her wetness increasing. I felt an irresistible urge to kiss those lips offering themselves to my touch. As the tension continued to increase Sarah began moving her pelvis slowly moaning, as I slowly ran my wet tongue alongside her vaginal lips to wet the path for the ‘blade’. Carefully I separated each lip then with kaçak bahis siteleri gentle strokes I ran the cool ‘blade’ over each lip. Sarah was ecstatic with pleasure. She was dripping uncontrollably now. Along with the musky scent of her cunt came the unmistakable salty taste of her wetness. Her thighs stretched in a long spasm before going limp. Sarah was sighing in short heaves as she reached her first orgasm.

Regaining a bit of her composure Sarah continued where she had left off before being interrupted by her ecstatic spasms….”But, not contented with these outer posts, she now attempts the main spot, and began to twitch, to insinuate, and at length to force an introduction of a finger into the quick itself, in such a manner, that had she not proceeded by insensible gradations that inflamed me beyond the power of modesty to oppose its resistance to their progress, I should have jumped out of bed and cried for help against such strange assaults.”

I run my tongue across her clitoris, Sarah immediately stopped reading and let out a gasp of anticipation. This is the most difficult part especially blind folded, to estimate how much hair to shave above the clitoris. I keep her lips apart with my fingers and wet the area around her clitoris several times. Sarah let out deep savage groans as I gently guided the cool ‘blade’ over her. This continued for several minutes, until I knew she was ready.

With cock in hand, I penetrated Sarah who now was unrestrainedly writhing under me. As I fucked her I continue to recite by heart where she left off….”her lascivious touches had lighted up a new fire that wantonly flowed through all my veins, but fixed with violence in that centre appointed them by nature,”

Sarah screamed the next lines while reaching several consecutive orgasms….”For my part, I was transported, confused, and out of myself; feelings so new were too much for me. My heated and alarmed senses were in a tumult that robbed me of all liberty of thought; tears of pleasure gushed from my eyes.”

Unable to contain myself I came in hot thick streams inside her, and hopefully over her freshly shaven cunt.

Sarah was spent, as was I. I tore the blindfold off. Her face was wet with tears that could only express the intense emotions we had both experienced. I took her in my arms, my hard cock still inside her as we rolled sideways on the sofa.

“I love you Sarah.” I whispered to the woman I had just given and received from her the most intense pleasure.

“I love you too Daniel” she replied, giving a little shiver as the chillness of the nights air cooled our bodies.

“Daniel….I’m cold, can we continue this upstairs?” Sarah whimpered.

I’ve already told you: the only way to a woman’s heart is along the path of torment. I know none other as sure. Marquis de Sade

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