A Maid’s Tail Ch. 10: Thursday

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3 — Thursday

Kim made sure to be early the following day if only to keep that nagging fear she’d burn the good will she’d built up with her employers. It might have been irrational, but somehow it seemed ‘right’ and ‘proper’, both traits that came to mind when she thought of what her uniform was supposed to represent.

Of course, climbing out of the driver’s side window of her Pontiac wasn’t either of those things, and the other nagging fear that her door would one day break off made the exercise something of an adventure in which she had to be careful and quick all at once. One day, she was sure, she was going to wind up ass over head tumbling out and soiling the velveteen fabric.

She wouldn’t let that happen. It wasn’t just a matter of professional pride– it was personal. Once she was out of her car she smoothed out the wrinkles she’d made and checked herself over in the window’s reflection. Right and proper. She smiled proudly.

Elliot’s truck was parked alongside the house with the bed facing the back yard, drawing Kim to peek around the corner. He had a few sheets of scrap wood piled up near the truck and saw horses holding up a project that looked like a face down bookcase in the throes of being sealed in urethane. Curious, Kim snuck up and had a quick peek, somehow managing to feel guilty and awed at the same time.

The piece was part curio cabinet and part bookcase, with a facade made up of little hand carved caricatures from Minecraft chasing one another around the cabinet doors with the middle showing off a raised and embossed silver Youtube logo with the initials RMK burned into the middle of the play button.

RMK? Kim puzzled over it for a second– hadn’t he said his daughter’s name was Rebecca? Rebecca McKenna. That made her smile a little as she looked over the rest of the bookcase, memorizing its lines and the skill that’d been used to put it together. Not only did the man know how to tame dragons, he could build a house and furnish it. But how had it been that she’d never seen him working on it? Some part of her felt all the more guilty for not being a bigger help to her ma- employer.

God, where had that come from?

She exhaled into her bangs and wandered up to the porch giving a quick knock on the door. She came face to face with the very man on her mind she’d been thinking about and stammered out a quick “G- good morning master McKenna.” Had he seen her peeking at his work? Shit, shit, shit.

He stood in the doorway with his broad shoulders and powerful features, radiating warmth and that casual confidence that made his presence all consuming. Safe. “Morning, Kim.” He brushed past her, tugging two fingers against her freshly starched cuffs. She didn’t hesitate to follow. “I have a special project for you today. . . .Rebecca’s going to be here tomorrow or Saturday.” He lead her around to his work space. “I want to make sure her room is set up, so I’d like you to help me.”

Her heart swelled at the notion. “Of course, master McKenna. How may I be of service?”

That got his attention. He looked up from his project with a lofted brow. Slowly, carefully, he considered her from the tip of her feline ear headband to her generous bust, lingering there for a moment before tracing his gaze down her legs to her patent leather shoes. As his gaze roamed back up, Kim fidgeted unconsciously, keenly aware of every rosette she’d drawn on her leg and how it might have not suited her master’s expectations. How many imperfections and private incursions into their lives had she tried to hide? Which of them could he see?

Which of them would she be made to pay for?

“Mmm. . .” he smiled to himself before meeting her gaze in that calm way that said he had no doubt as to their standing with each other. “I really do like the spots, you’re such a good sport about this.”

Kim flushed hot. Of all things, the rosettes made her a good sport? “I wouldn’t wish to besmirch your family by being anything less your maid–” in a surge of reckless confidence she turned slightly and juked her hips the way Sylvia had showed her, causing her tail plug to swish across her thighs. It sent a thrill up her spine and she shivered unconsciously.

“Mph. And the tail. . . .yes, definitely like the tail.” Elliot ran a hand along the bookcase to ensure the urethane had cured and then he looked to her, leaning forward like someone might overhear what came next. “That was Sylvia’s touch. She thought it would weed out the people who just wanted our money.”

Kim felt her cheeks burn all the brighter, clenching possessively around her plug. Somehow the thought of Sylvia loosening up enough to take on the uniform sparked in the back of her mind and she bit into her lower lip. It might have been her idea, but now it was Kim’s uniform. Kim’s profession. “It’s funny how that worked out.”

“I think you mean ‘beautiful’, Kim.” He held her gaze a beat longer. “We’re both quite proud of you,” Before Kim could canlı bahis şirketleri open her mouth to thank him he tapped his finger on the wood like he remembered something. “Which reminds me!” In a smooth motion he hefted the bookcase on to his steel-toed boot to keep it from touching the grass. “You might not realize it, but you’ve earned high praise from Sylvia. . . .she never agrees with me- ever- when it comes to people. So I think it’d be fitting if we– if you– showed her how much you appreciate her praise.”

Kim’s breath caught and she stared at the man for a moment. “Ah-. . .” He had something in mind, he had to have. She felt her knees go a little wobbly with a flood of images that poured through her mind. The last time she’d earned a ‘reward’ from Sylvia it’d involved being on her knees and. . .

Judging from the expression Elliot wore, that was exactly what he had in mind.

The blushing catgirl maid cleared her throat and whispered, barely audible, “I would love to. Will you be there to ensure it’s done right? I wouldn’t want to misstep.”

Elliot used one hand to balance his project against his weight and the other to motion her closer. He offered the back of his hand to her cheek, inviting her. She brushed herself against him, sneaking in that little bit closer so her chest was pressed to his. When she was in his personal warmth he reached up and stroked her back, higher and higher–

He grabbed the end of her pony tail and pulled back firmly so her chin rose. The same way he’d done when he’d taken her. No words. No questions, no doubts. Her heart jumped and her breathing came faster with the flush of memories. She whimpered. He only bound her hair tighter around two fingers as her hands came to his powerful chest, panting now. Knowing she’d never escape- she wouldn’t even fight it if he wanted her here and now.

“You have a hard job, kitten.” His voice stirred her bangs. “We appreciate what you do for us, and we know how hard you work. . . .but in the end, we’re asking a kitten to go against her nature and be obedient. Docile. To serve.” His fingers slid, stroked through her ponytail, further up and then down through like he was riding the waterfall of hair, the rapids of her lower back and beaching his hand on the crest of her ass. They looked at one another. He clutched her ass.

She leaned in with both hands on his shoulders now. She nuzzled against him, rubbing her cheek to his and her hot breath across his ear. “Meow. . .”

“Good girl.” His affection was instantaneous. He clutched her ass again, fingers sliding closer to the base of the plug that kept her their kitten. He pressed against it forcing her to stand straighter.

Another push. Kim sighed against his cheek. “Mew~”

Slowly his fingers eased back to claim a bit of her tail- he tugged experimentally. She clutched him and squeezed down against it- against what made her their catgirl. “You know the rule, kitten.” He purred. “This stays in.”

The rule. The god damned rule. . . .she nuzzled against him again, whimpering into his neck. If it had been Sylvia’s demand that she wore the plug, that meant Kim would half to plead her case to allow both she and Elliot to experience something new. He wouldn’t betray that trust. Kim couldn’t either.

“Master teases.” She managed to whimper out as he tugged and pushed her tail back and forth. Her body felt like jelly, she trembled against him, slumping forward with her forehead touching her forearm. Unconsciously she rode back against that delightfully lewd source of pleasure. She shouldn’t have, she knew better, but her body wasn’t listening. It wanted. It demanded.

Elliot knew it, too. He whispered against her ear. Every single word accented by a push against the plug. “Cats are capricious. You can fight all you want, but in the end. . .”

“Meowwww.” Kim whimpered loudly in his ear, practically grinding herself against him now.

He stopped sharply. Kim drew back looking up to her master as she panted. She’d gone too far. Elliot’s gaze was kind, patient, but there was a warning in those gentle eyes. Finally, he whispered. “You serve two masters, I expect you to remember that.”

“O- of course.” Kim barely squeaked out.

“Good. Now,” he drew back slightly and shifted the bookcase a little before taking up the end of the tail and pulling it upward sending a ripple of pleasure and distraction through the poor maid. He kept pulling until she could feel it begging to be let free. Her breathing quickened even more and she lowered her head. “Sylvia had very nice things to say about you. I expect you to show her how much you appreciate it. . .”

“Yes Master–” Kim whimpered. Mewled.

“One reward for another– speaking of. What are your chores today?”

Kim fought every urge to roll her hips back, clenching her first two fingers into her other hand, trying to remember. Something about Rebecca. Her room. Cleaning. She opened her mouth but it didn’t come canlı kaçak iddaa out– they locked gazes.

He was so firmly in control he could have demanded anything from her.

She wanted to please him, to show him she was worthy of it. She knew what he wanted her to say– and then she knew what would set his heart thundering like hers. “Mmmmhhh mewwww.”

A subtle blush crossed his cheeks.

She managed to smile weakly. Moved in to kiss him.

He drew back. Let go of her tail and put a finger to her lips. His eyes were kind but his words were firm. “I asked you a question, Kim.” The teasing stopped in an instant. He took her chin. “What are your chores?”

Kim stared. Sucked air through her lungs and tried to still her pounding heart. Chores– “C- cleaning. Prepare Rebecca’s room.” She blinked. It was sheet day, too. “And turn down the sheets.” Was that everything? “Make dinner.” She started rambling off everything she could think of hoping it might lure him into touching her tail again. “Laundry, dinner, cleaning and–” He silenced her with a finger.

“Get started with the regular cleaning and after lunch I should be done in there, I’ll show you what needs doing in her room.”

“Y- Yes master McKenna.”

Elliot waited for her to collect herself enough to fix her uniform and smooth down the heat on her cheeks. He gave her a faintly smug look- maybe relishing the thought of what he could do to her with so little effort. She could play that game, too, she decided.

He might have tamed a dragon, but sometimes a cougar didn’t want to be tamed so much as someone- or a couple someones- to be comfortable around. She stepped back and curtsied rather theatrically. Then turned. She could feel his eyes following her. Kim glanced back subtly and when she caught him, she flicked the back of her uniform up to give him a view of the beautiful lacy panties she’d sewn a slit down to accommodate the plug; to show the sacrifices she was ready to make to serve both of her masters.

He laughed.


It was agonizing. Every movement she made, every step she took tweaked the plug against her sensitive ass making her entire body quiver with thoughts of what could- should- have happened. More than once Kim considered retreating to the bathroom and finishing what Elliot had started, but it was obvious the way Elliot glanced at her during his comings and goings through the day that he was keeping an eye on her.

What would her punishment be if she’d not been walking around the house with wobbly knees and goosebumps across her skin? She shivered involuntarily at the thought as she prepared lunch. Sylvia was in her studio putting the final touches on her dragon painting when Kim knocked softly with the platter of sandwiches and tea.

“F- Forgive my interruption, mistress. May I come in?”

After a beat Sylvia eased back from her work, studying it intently. She glanced back as though she’d only just heard Kim. “What?”

“May I come in? I’ve lunch for you.”

“Oh. Lunch.” She cinched her robe and, with a final glance to the painting, she looked to Kim. “We’ll take it in the study.”

“Of course.”

Kim set a couple places on the only desk in the study and turned to leave only to be stopped by the younger woman at the door. Elliot was coming down the steps to the second floor when he caught sight of the exchange and he stalled, curious. Kim didn’t know if she should comment so she wisely kept her mouth shut as Sylvia lead her back into the room and snatched her lunch.

Elliot was a few steps behind. He poked his head in giving Sylvia a questioning look. Then he saw the food and frowned. “Not here.”

Sylvia looked him right in the eye and took a big bite.

He chuffed. Sylvia smirked as she chewed, then dusted her fingers. Over the plate, Kim noticed. She might push boundaries, but she still respected her husband enough not to make a big deal out of it. Abruptly Sylvia shooed Elliot away and, without actually waiting for him to go, turned her focus to Kim:

“Did you practice what I taught you yesterday?”

“Ahm, I-“

“Tch,” Sylvia tutted. “Don’t tell me I was too quick to think you could improve. . .” Her gaze roamed Kim’s curves like a predator. “Show me what you remember.”

Kim flushed, still sensing Elliot in her periphery. She fidgeted absently, cleared her throat and dampened her lips. “I-“

“You’re stalling.” The younger woman crossed her legs at the knee which made her robe part just enough to reveal a glimpse of her firm sunkissed thighs. She bobbed her foot impatiently, those shrewd green and brown eyes surveying her expectant, demanding.

There were limits to how much she was prepared to embarrass herself in front of her employers, Kim’s heart thudded as she faced down the possibility she’d have to make a complete fool of herself in front of Elliot. Thinking fast, Kim took a step forward to block Elliot’s view of her features. She flicked her canlı kaçak bahis head slightly to indicate the doorway, earning a questioning look and a realization. Sylvia smirked, wagged a finger as if to say ‘you win this time’ and took another bite. “I think Elliot has something for you to do. We’ll pick this up later.” She smirked.

Kim didn’t hesitate to advantage of her new freedom, she started to where she knew Elliot would be standing and tried to act surprised when she saw him leaning against the wall casually. “Ah! Master McKenna, you had something you wished me to work on?” She felt a surge of playfulness at his chagrined expression. Maybe it was because he was ‘caught’ eavesdropping and knew it, or maybe just because he was hoping to catch sight of what his wife’s mind had cooked up for their maid.

Elliot almost looked as if he was going to say something, perhaps encourage her into acting foolish, but instead he gave her a knowing smirk and lead her up to the spare room. It was bigger than Kim’s apartment in that way that everything in the old Colonial house was: spacious and inviting with rich peach-cream colored wallpaper that contrasted the deep stain of the trim. Dominating the room was a bed fit for a queen with a luxurious headboard bearing scroll work that proudly declared RMK slept there with blocky font and a rough texturing.

The new bookcase was set up in the corner beside a set of matching night stands and a waist high dresser that also looked as though it’d been made to fit the theme. A pile of sheets and bedding sat in a bag beside some minecraft plushies and other decorations that he apparently expected his daughter to enjoy. It was cute, and maybe a bit overboard but Kim wasn’t about to break the illusions of a father who wanted to give his daughter the best.

Instead, she settled for basking in the quality of his work. “When did you have time to make all this stuff?”

“There are benefits to having your own house with no one around,” Elliot grinned faintly. “I don’t sleep much as it is, and Sylvia sleeps like the dead.” He spilled the bag of goodies out over the dresser. “So! I’m thinking we set the bed up and we can put some on there, maybe put the little pickaxe on the wall or something? Becca’s always enjoyed stuffed toys, so it’d be a nice way to start.”

Kim looked around thoughtfully then to the items sprawled out. Plush green Creepers, some funky little skeletons, mining tools and a few blocks with multi-colored gems in them stared back at her. They all had a distinctly blocky and pixilated appearance that gave the game its aesthetic and for some reason made Kim think they would be woefully out of place with all the hand made furniture. “Uh– How old is she? Maybe I can find some other things that would add to the theme. . .” She stopped shy of saying ‘things that didn’t look so out of place’ but the temptation gnawed at her all the same.

“She’s uh-” he cleared his throat, shifted one of the Creepers from one hand to the other. “She’s eighteen.” At Kim’s incredulous look he shrugged. She’d never actually asked, but Elliot seemed to be in his early to mid thirties and while Kim wasn’t about to judge she could almost feel the underlining unease in his expression– the look of someone who’d probably gotten more than their fair share of flak for it.

A quick change of topic was needed. Kim picked up one of the plushies and wiggled it suggestively. “Then may I suggest, Master McKenna, we use these sparingly? They’re cute, but they might be a bit much considering how much other stuff you have going on here.” She ran a finger along the dresser. “I’ll set up the room and you can decide how you like it?”

He hesitated before nodding. “I’ll leave it in your capable hands, then.”

Kim set to work with intensity and care, making up the bed with tight corners and fluffing up the new pillows, increasingly conscious of the plug pushing against her rear every time she bent over, teasing and tempting her with every movement. Briefly, she considered throwing away her ‘professional’ pride and sneaking off to the bathroom to deal with the ungodly urges that flit through her mind every time she tweaked her tail.

She was terrified what would happen if she started actually putting pressure on the thing, yet getting the room right was important to her employers. It had to be done. Kim sucked air through her teeth and hefted the nightstand– a brilliant array of colors sparkled through her senses. She clenched down on the plug in a vain attempt to keep it from jostling and shimmied the furniture into place, the momentum of the tail hanging from it wouldn’t be cheated though. Every movement, every swish of that silky appendage played across already overstimulated nerves sending waves of pleasure and temptation through the poor maid at every turn.

Kim panted as she shuffled the table between the bed and the bookcase, gripping the edge and letting her head hang between her shoulders. She could resist. She could hold out. She was going to be professional. She wasn’t going to go masturbate in her employer’s bathroom. No. She wasn’t. Kim’s nails dug in the underside of the wood and carefully she rose, clenching down once more. “Okay. . . .just get it done.”

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