A Much Needed Spa Treatment Ch. 06

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Reader: This story is a continuation of the “A Much Needed Spa Treatment” series. For the most part it will stand alone, but some might make more sense if you have read the whole series. Thanks for any comments you might want to leave!

Just a few short hours ago, George had been in his office looking over resumes for the drafting and mechanical engineering job he and Ben had created at his company. It had been hard to concentrate. Ben had narrowed the field of applicants down to a half –dozen. He could of let Ben do the interviewing and hiring, but, as good a general manager Ben was, he was still young. George would let Ben give his opinion, but in the end it was his company and his decision. He gave each of the resumes a cursory glance and stuffed them in his briefcase. He would look them over more carefully later.

All thoughts of the office where behind him now. He was sitting naked on the patio of the Bermudan resort. He sipped his drink as he watched his beautiful wife shave her crotch with the electric shaver. He was certain he had just witnessed an orgasm. Life was good!

He had not been real happy with her decision to open the spa. They didn’t need the money and he had finally arrived to the point with his own business that he could take time off to travel and enjoy the fruits of his labor. The spa, he knew, would consume much of Ellen’s time and put a crimp in his plans, but it was something she wanted to try and since he loved her, he went along. He wanted her to be happy, so gave moral, physical and financial support to her venture. A small price for the dividends and rewards he was now reaping.

The place had yet to show a profit. In fact, with all of the travelling Ellen had done for “research” and the initial costs for the equipment, he figured it would take another year or two to break even. It wasn’t monetary rewards he was enjoying, it was the change in his wife and the impact of her happiness on life that was the dividend.

Her latest trip (and latest reward) had been to a seminar on body hair removal. She had decided that the spa should offer “bikini trims”. She came home with a wide variety of depilatories, waxes, an electric shaver and a completely bald beaver.

George smiled as he took another sip. Ellen was smearing a cocoa butter and vitamin E lotion on her freshly shaved bug.

“You like what you see?” She asked with a smile of her own.

“I still can’t believe you did that. Makes me want to jump face first between those beautiful legs and eat you whole!”

Ellen stood up, exposing herself to anyone beyond the balcony, and approached her husband. She straddled his legs and she pulled his face to her bosom. George’s hand found her smooth, greasy mound. His middle finger sought and found the opening to her sex. “Hmmm,” she cooed as she squatted more to give his probing digit better access. Moments later she shivered as a small quake of pleasure passed through her.

“We still have time before our reservations.” George said. His cock was hard and he wanted to replace his finger with his tongue.

Ellen pulled herself away. George saw a mischievous look in her eyes. She placed her hand on his engorged organ, gave him a deep kiss and then placed her mouth to his ear. “I have a deal for you.” Ellen manipulated George’s oozing member. “I’ll go to the nude beach tomorrow if you go completely naked.”

If it was possible, George’s cock got even harder. He had always wanted to take her to a nude beach, but Ellen never would. She had no problem going naked around the house and she had gotten very comfortable being naked around Peter and Patty, but to be around a large group of naked bodies she would not do.

“You know I’ll drop my pants anywhere.”

“That’s not what I had in mind.” He hand tightened around his manhood. “I mean COMPLETELY naked,” she paused, “They say that shaver works on men too.”

Because of the ministrations she was doing to his cock and her willingness to go to the nude beach, it took a moment for him to realize what she was suggesting. He pushed her face away from his ear. “You want to shave my ENTIRE body?”

Ellen smiled when she saw the look of terror on his face. She gave his cock a couple of long easy strokes. “Not your entire body.” She the fingers of her other hand through his very wooly chest. “We can just trim this back a bit.”

“You want to shave little George?”

Ellen let go of his cock and began to lightly pull on his pubic hair. “I think it’s only fair. Besides, we’re going to selling the shavers and some of our clients might want to know if it works on their men.” Ellen’s voice was low and seductive. “And, maybe, without all this hair, I might want to spend a lot of time doing this.” She lowered her head, gave the head of his prick a couple of licks and took the head into her mouth.

George was reeling. Ellen really knew how to get to him- a blowjob. But the idea of having a sharp tool getting close to his cock and balls was a bit unnerving. Ellen lowered her mouth further down bahis firmaları his penis and slowly withdrew it. George put his head back and moaned.

Ellen pulled her self away before George exploded in her mouth. She stood reached out her hand. “Come. We’ll do this in the bathroom.” It was obvious she wasn’t going to take ‘No’ for an answer.

George looked at her, drained his glass. “Why not?” With reluctance, he followed her into the bathroom.

“I see you had this well planned,” George said when he saw Ellen pull an electric barber’s clipper from her cosmetic bag.

Ellen gave him a mischievous smile. “Get in the tub.”

While George stood in the tub, Ellen used the clipper and trimmed his chest and back hair to less than an inch. When that was done she began to work around his genitals, ever so carefully removing all the hair on his scrotum, inner thighs and pubis until only a short stubble remained.

She stood back and admired her work. “That wasn’t so bad. Was it?”

George had to admit that the vibrations from the clippers had felt quite wonderful.

“Now to finish,” Ellen took a bottle of talcum powder, poured a generous amount in her hand and rubbed it all over his cock and balls. She then grabbed the new shaver (the one she had just used on herself) and with great care and gentleness she used it to remove the remaining stubble until his crotch was as naked as the day he was born.

When she was done, she moved her hand over her handy work. “Take a shower and rinse off the hair. I’ll be waiting for you on the bed.”

When George arrived at the bed, Ellen was waiting for him with a jar of the Vitamin E and cocoa butter salve. He lay on the bed and let his wife apply salve. He had to admit that without hair, her fondling felt very different and very good. Ellen rubbed the mixture in until he was rock hard and his own juices helped with the lubrication. “I think I like the way this feels,” Ellen said lovingly.

All George could say was, “Me, too.” The combination of her attention on the balcony, the shaving process and her work with the balm had built a great deal of pressure in his scrotum.

As promised, Ellen began to give him a long deep blowjob. She turned around, straddled his chest and lowered her dripping sex onto George’s eager mouth. It didn’t take long in the sixty-nine position that they both came. He squirted his semen into her mouth and she squirted her juices onto his face.

They had enjoyed a beautiful Bermudan day on the beach. George was surprised that he was a bit hesitant about stripping naked. It was because of his new look, but as soon as he saw his wife remove her light dress, revealing her luscious tits and naked crotch, he joined her.

“I don’t know why I have resisted doing this so much in the past,” Ellen said to him as they soaked in the warm sun. “I love doing this at the camp.”

“Feels wonderful. You up for a swim?

Without a second thought, they got up and walked across the beach and waded into the water. Once they were up to their bellies, they settled into the clear blue water. Ellen faced him, wrapped her legs around him and gave him a big kiss. “I’m sorry about what happened while I was gone last week.” It was only the umpteenth time she had apologized for the added stress her absence had placed upon him.

“Forget about it,” He said for the said number of times. He felt Ellen shift her hips causing her pussy to rub against his cock. “You do much more of that and it will be a while before I will be able to get out of the water.”

With her arms wrapped around his neck, she looked at him. She had that look, the dirty look he liked so much. “Really,” she chucked. She ground herself into him again. “I’m in no hurry.”

Trying to take his mind off of what she was doing, he changed the subject. “What do you want to do tonight?”

Keeping the look and continuing her gyrations she replied, “Well, I was thinking we should go back to the room and that I should clean out that cute ass of yours so I can stuff it. Think you can go to dinner and a little dancing plugged in.”

So much for changing the subject. The thought of it and her constant grinding was bringing little George to attention. George looked nervously about. Ellen let go of his neck with one hand and slipped her arm into the water between them and guided his erection into her.

“You know this is poor etiquette.”

Ellen laughed. “Now who’s the prude. Nobody can see what is happening out here. Look,” she pointed down the beach.. There were no less that a dozen other couples in the same position. “Can you see that they are having sex?”

“No, but…” Before he could finish, Ellen covered his mouth with hers.

She kisses him long and deep and the motion and buoyancy of the salt water gave a natural, effortless motion to their lovemaking. Ellen squeezed her vaginal muscles. She had used the Jinglou balls for months and her pelvic floor muscles could open a coke bottle (another benefit of the spa). Her uniquely kaçak iddaa feminine muscles milked his cock. It wasn’t long before he was ejaculating into her accepting love canal.

She broke the kiss and with love in her eyes like he had never seen, said, “There, it won’t be long before you can leave the water and no one will be the wiser. I love you, George!”

“I love you, too, dumpling.” With that the kissed again until his waning hard-on slipped out of her.

. As they approached their lounges, they noticed that another couple had set up within a few feet.

“I hope you don’t mind,” the woman said when George and Ellen approached. “It’s the only shade left on the beach.”

Ellen flashed her a smile. “No problem, we probably won’t stay much longer anyway.”

George found it difficult not to stare at the naked woman. She was late twenties or early thirties and brunette. Her body was bronze and well muscled. Her tits were not large, but well proportioned to her five foot five inch frame and the well perfectly round and firm. Her crotch was covered with long, thick, black hair. And she had the face of a goddess.

“I’m Ellen and this is my husband George,” Ellen began the introductions.

“Terry and my husband is Ken.” The woman extended her hand.

Ken was as handsome as his wife was gorgeous. Both, George noted, had firm handshakes. He also thought he recognized them, but he was certain he had never met them- he would have remembered.

“I’m going to the bar. Anybody want a drink?” George asked.

“I’d like a pina colada.” Ellen replied.

“Ken? Terry?”

“I’d love a daiquiri, but without the rum. I’m drinking for two.”

Ellen perked up. “You’re pregnant? How many weeks?”

“Just 6.”

“How wonderful. I just became sort of a grammy.” Ellen began talking about Trish. George knew that whatever idea he had for a quiet afternoon with his wife had just been blown.

“What can I get you, Ken?”

“I guess I’ll go with you.” He and George took off for the beach bar and left the women to their chatter.

“Where you from?” Ken asked.

“Central Maine.” He replied. “You?”

“Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Where abouts in Maine.”

“Waterville. I little town just north of Augusta.”

“I know the place. My family has a camp in Belgrade on Long Pong.”

“Really!” George replied. “What do you do in Portsmouth?”

“Well, I used to be a mechanical engineer for a fabricating company, but they closed last week. We had this trip planned weeks ago and I didn’t think to take out the trip insurance. What do you do in Waterville?”

George immediately realized why he recognized the couple. Ken had submitted a resume for the job he had open. Small world!, he thought to himself. He couldn’t remember if Ken had made Ben’s short list, so he played evasive. “I’m self employed.” Wanting to change the subject. “How long you here for?”

“The week.” They got to the bar and got their drinks. When they returned to the women, the sisterhood was in high gear.

“Honey,” Ellen said to her husband. “Terry is a masseuse and does Reflexology. I was just telling her about the spa.”

“Sounds like my kind of place,” Terry infused. “There isn’t anything like that in Portsmouth.”

George settled into his lounge. “Ellen has worked hard building it up. Ken tells me that his family has a camp in Belgrade. You should come over a take a look, I bet Ellen would throw in a wrap .”

The ladies continued their banter until Ken finally put an end to it. “I’ve had enough beach. We have time to check out a couple of the shops in the resort.”

“How about you two joining us for dinner?” Ellen said as Terry and Ken gathered their stuff and got dressed. “We’re eating at the ala carte Italian.”

“We’ll discuss it. We’re in 307, you?”

“212. Our reservations are for eight. I’ll give you a call later.”

“Nice meeting you, George. If we don’t make dinner, we’ll have to get together tomorrow.” Terry and Ken walked away.

“I like her.” Ellen said. “She reminds me of Patty. What did you think of Ken?”

“Nice kid. Let’s head back.”

“I didn’t know you were hiring?” Ellen said while looking over Ken’s resume.

“We haven’t had much time to discuss my business.” His comment wasn’t intended to make Ellen feel guilty, but it had. She was so involved in the spa that she often forgot about George’s business.

“Small world,” she replied. “No wonder Terry seemed a little distracted. She’s pregnant and he’s unemployed. Did you tell him about this?”

“No, I knew he had sent in a resume, but wasn’t sure he made the short list. It stood out that he had submitted a picture of both he and his wife. That impressed me.”

“Are you going to hire him?”

“He is certainly qualified, but I didn’t talk to him enough to decide if he’ll fit in.”

“If you hired him, I’d hire her. You know I don’t believe in coincidence. This is fate!”

“I’d like to talk more with him and Ben should be a part kaçak bahis of this. He’s the one that will be working with him the most.”

“Ben will trust your judgement, besides it’s your company.”

“Yes, I know.”

“They probably didn’t accept our dinner reservation because they can’t afford it. I’m going to call their room and insist. Besides, if it is a job interview, the dinner is tax deductible.”

“I was looking forward to having a romantic dinner with you alone. You were going to plug me in. Remember?”

“Then, we’ll have breakfast with them. Fair?”

“Good enough.” George embraced his wife and gave her a big wet kiss. “Now what we were going to do tonight?”

George had been cleaned and his butt plug was firmly in place. He was wearing shorts without underwear. Ellen was wearing a flowery sun dress without under wear. “I think you are underdressed,” George said to her. He picked up the colorful box that held her Jinglou balls.

“You don’t expect me to go out with those inside me?” Ellen was definitely shocked. “What if I sneeze or cough and one of them comes out and rolls across the floor?”

“Then I will yell ‘GRENADE’ and we will get the hell out.” George kissed his bride of thirty years. “Besides, what was it you said to me yesterday when you wanted me to shave my balls? Fair is fair?”

“OK, but if I am in distress, they come out.” She kissed him. “Besides, I was hoping you’d suggest the balls.” George knew that he was lucky being married to such a wicked woman. Ellen hiked her dress, lay back on the bed and let George insert the greased balls into her vagina. Ellen rocked her hips a couple of times so that he could hear them clang and chime for him. “OK, lets go.”

Their gates were slow and deliberate as they walked to the restaurant.

“OH, YES!” Ellen cried. She had George held firmly by the ears, pulling his face into her crotch. “Make me come, baby! Lick me! OH Yes!! Just like that!”

They had barely made it back to the hotel room. His plug and her balls had made them so horny. In fact, her dress was just pulled up. George hadn’t taken the time to remove it. He pushed her onto the bed. Pushed up the dress and dove headfirst into her sopping snatch.

George took a finger and stroked the peritoneum (that little patch of skin between her vagina and anus). When his finger got close to her anus, Ellen thrusted her hips looking for penetration, but George teased. “Oh God, George. What are you doing to me?”

George didn’t answer. His mother had always told him never to talk with his mouth full and right now his mouth was full of his wife’s clitoris. But, he teased. Two fingers entered her vagina and sought the little nubs on the roof of her sex that he knew of as her spot. His fingers rubbed, his fingers pushed and his fingers moved in and out. When he thought she was ready, a finger from his other hand plunged into her well-lubricated anus. Her response was instant. Her hips pushed into the air and her sex was pushed onto his tongue. A moan, another moan and then, a full out scream. “I’m coming!” A stream of her vaginal fluid gushed into his mouth. Her anus clamped onto his finger and her vaginal muscles gripped his fingers.”

“I… came…I came…” she spoke haltingly and tried to pull away from his mouth and fingers, but he continued his ministrations until she cried for mercy. From start to finish, her orgasm had been minutes long.

“I need you in me.” Ellen had come down from her orgasm, but her body still shook and spasmed from his attention.

“I can wait until tomorrow,” he whispered in her ear. “Tonight, is for you.” With that George lowered himself back to her sex and began licking again. He licked until she passed out, not from blis.. She was so wracked from orgasm, he stripped her and tucked her in. “Tomorrow my love,” he said to her. “We’ll do this again.” Ellen moaned. George snuggled into her and they fell asleep.

“Are you willing to relocate?” George asked Ken. They were having breakfast. Terry and Ellen were doing aerobics. Ellen had arranged it so that George could be alone with Ken. He had yet told Ken who he was, so their conversation was easy and candid. For George, it was the best possible way to interview a prospective employee.

“To a point,” Ken answered. “Terry’s family lives in Portsmouth and her mother is not in the best of health. I got an offer from an outfit in Nevada, but that is too far away. I didn’t tell her about it, because I know how she feels.”

For George, the interview was over. He didn’t need to know any more. Ken was not thinking about himself, but about his wife and her feelings- not himself.

“You ever hear about an outfit called “GTSE Fabrication?”

“Of course, they’re up your way. We lost a couple of contracts to them. I sent a resume to them last week.”

George smiled “Do you know what GTSE means?”

“I assumed it had something to do with the initials of the owners. Do you know them?”

“It stands for ‘George Therlow Structural Engineering’ and. Yes I know them.”

Ken was quick on the uptake. “And you’re George Therlow.” It was not a question.

“That’s right and you are hired. I’ll pay you 45K the first year. If you work out, I’ll move it to 50.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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