A New Friend and Our Daughters Ch. 04

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All participants in the sexual activities are over 18. Since this is my fantasy, there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies in my world. All my characters exhibit good hygiene and no mention of showers, etc. will be made unless it involves sexual activities.


It was time. There was absolutely no way Kim could swallow the giant man’s giant load of sperm. It ran out of her mouth, spattering against her tits. The blonde daughter didn’t stop, her hands kept milking the huge cock of the load she inspired.

Finally, Jason was fully relieved of the sperm dump inspired by the little blonde. Both couples moved to sit facing each other. The two daddies stared at their own daughters with admiration and lust in their eyes.

Kim broke the silence first.

“Daddy, can they stay for supper? I want more of this cock for dessert.”

Needless to say, dinner and dessert had gone well with both daddy and daughter pairs ending the evening well sated. At the door, they promised to get together again soon.

Rick and Kim tidied up the house in silence before heading up to get ready for bed. The two were together in the walk-in shower, still quiet, lathering soap on each other’s body.

“Daddy, are you okay? Did you not enjoy today?” asked the teenager breaking the silence.

Rick’s answer was a simple grunt and continued lathering of his daughter’s body. Kim’s face displayed the concern she was feeling regarding her father’s continued quiet. She said nothing more until their shower ended and the two climbed into their bed together. Lying side by side, not touching, Kim attempted to engage her father.

“Daddy,” asked Kim, “why aren’t you talking to me? Are you mad at me?”

Rolling over on his side, Rick looked his teenage daughter in the eyes. “No, babygirl, I’m not mad at you.”

“Then why aren’t you talking to me, Daddy?”

“I’m just not sure about all of this, Honey.”

“Why? Didn’t you like fucking Jessica? You were smiling while she sucked your cock, Daddy. I’m sure you enjoyed that,” Kim said with a giggle.

“You’re right, Kim, I did enjoy Jessica’s body. Just maybe too much.”

“What do you mean?” asked the confused girl.

“There is no doubt I enjoy fucking young girls. You especially. But, I am forced to wonder if my desire for them is forcing you into a bad position. Are you doing this just for me?”

Kim laughed so hard she snorted. Minutes passed before she could get herself back under control.

“Daddy, you and your desires are not pushing me into anything I don’t want. I loved having that big black cock in my hands, my mouth, and my pussy! Loved it!”

“As long as you’re sure, Baby.”

“I am, Daddy. And, this is so much better, being in the club, than any other way. If I went out to a bar or something and tried picking up a guy, I would be risking my life and my health. This is so much safer.”

With this, the two, father and daughter, cuddled up together to go to sleep. Both fell asleep with smiles on their faces thinking of the day’s activities.

It was a week or so later when the topic of exchanging daddies and daughters rose again. Kim and Rick were in their bed with Rick on his back, an arm around his daughter, she half laying across his body. Rick had just finished their nightly pre sleep medicine dosage. That is, he had eaten his daughter’s pussy to orgasm.

“Daddy,” began the girl. “Did you like being with a black girl?”

“Of course, I did, Baby. Jessica was awesome.”

“But, it didn’t bother you being with a girl that wasn’t white?”

“Of course not,” exclaimed Rick.

“There are some fathers in the club that don’t want to be with any daughter that isn’t white.”

“That is just stupid,” said Rick. “Racism should not exist in this day and age.”

Kim looked relieved as she agreed with her father. “One family just had a horrible experience with a racist father and daughter couple. Not the daughter so much but the father.”

“What happened?”

“We had newcomers to the club. My friend Renu and her father. They are of Indian descent. On their first exchange, the other father refused to have anything to do with them because they weren’t white. The fathers got into a huge argument and they left.”

“Oh my gawd, that’s awful! They must have been appalled at this happening to them,” said Rick.

“They were. Not only that, Renu’s father is refusing to go on any other dates. He doesn’t want to go down that road again with people like that. “

Rick responded with, “I understand his feelings, I guess. It is a shame this happened to them.”

“Daddy, I think you would love to get fucked by Renu. She is amazingly hot.”

“I’m sure I would. But, I would be nervous about it if her father didn’t approve. I don’t want her coming here and him storming in or something when we were doing anything.”

“I know, right,” answered his daughter. “Renu and I have come up with an idea though.”

“Of course you have,” chortled the dad. “What is it?”

“Renu bahis firmaları thought we could have dinner together, the four of us. We would each cook something and have dinner together. Just dinner, no sex. They would get to meet us and see what we are like without any pressure. That should let Raj, Renu’s father, realize we aren’t like that asshole. And, maybe, if we all agreed, we could get together another time, for fun and games.”

With a smile on his face, Rick answered, “You know how much I love eating Indian food, I’m in, Kim.”

“And maybe Indian pussy later, Daddy.” They were both laughing as they moved into their sleeping positions.

Dinner was set up for a Friday night. It had taken Renu a couple of weeks to convince her father to agree to the dinner date. Obviously, he was unwilling to face the same treatment again from another father and daughter couple. Yet, the thoughts of unlimited sex with barely legal daughters could not be ignored. They were overpowering.

The night of the dinner party finally arrived as did the Indian couple at Kim and Rick’s door. The fathers immediately shook hands and Rick welcomed the father and daughter to his house. The two girls exchanged hugs before each approached the other’s father, giving them big hugs and kisses on the lips.

Raj looked to Rick, remaining rigid. Seeing the smile on the other man’s face, he yielded to Kim’s embrace and kiss.

Kim and Renu went to the kitchen to finish getting dinner completed. Rick and Kim had worked together that afternoon preparing lasagna. Renu had brought tandoori chicken and homemade naan. When Rick entered the kitchen and saw two of his favourite dishes on the counter, he smacked his lips loudly in appreciation.

Renu grinned and told him to get out of the kitchen. Pointing out that he had come in for beer for he and the girl’s father, Kim retrieved two bottles from the fridge, handing them to Renu. She, in turn, walked up to Rick, giving him the beer and a hard French kiss simultaneously.

Obviously, Rick left the kitchen, returning to the other father with a grin on his face. Handing a bottle to the other father, they continued to get to know one another.

With their first bottles emptied, Rick interrupted the giggling girls in the kitchen to request additional bottles of beer. Kim sauntered out giving one to her father and one to Renu’s father. Mimicking Renu, she French kissed the Indian man as she handed over the bottle. Both watched her tight ass wriggling its way back to the kitchen.

Rick decided this was as good a time as any to address what he considered to be the elephant in the room.

“I’m really sorry you had that horrible experience with the other father , Raj.”

“Yes, it was a really bad experience. More for Renu than me, I think. I’ve had my whole life to experience racism. This was really a new experience for her.”

“I hope you realize that being friends with us will not be like that at all.”

“Rick, I can already tell you are different types of people.”

“Good, I’m glad of that,” said Rick.

“Since we are broaching the topic of sex, can I tell you, Rick, how beautiful and sexy your daughter is?”

“Of course, Raj. And Renu is just as hot and beautiful.”

“Rick, do you know what the worst part of that previous episode was for me?”

Rick raised his eyebrows in a quizzical manner.

“The really bad case of blue balls I was left with.”

Both fathers were still laughing uproariously when the daughters came out of the kitchen with the platters of food and salads they had prepared.

“Come and get it,” the two teenaged daughters announced simultaneously.

As Rick and Raj came close to the girls at tableside, each daughter reached her arms around the other’s father, plastering their bodies to the men. Kisses soon followed, deep and delicious soul kisses. It was only natural that the men’s hands were soon fondling the daughters’ firm and tight asses.

The girls eventually broke the embrace, took each man by the bulge in his pants, and led them to their seats at the dining room table. Tearing a chunk of naan apart, Rick offered the comment that he just loved eating Indian food.

“I hope you like eating Indian pussy just as much,” said Renu with a giggle in her voice.

Later, the table having been cleared and the kitchen cleaned, the daughters rejoined their fathers in the living room. Each took a seat with the other’s father, snuggling in close to each. Small talk ensued with both men thanking both daughters for the great meal they had enjoyed and for the daughters cleaning up afterwards.

Kim said, “There is another way for you to thank us.”

“Yes,” said Renu. “You could eat our pussies for dessert.”

As if practiced, both girls reached for the father’s cock squeezing them to hardness. Few other words were spoken while the girls maintained control of the situation.

With the low volume, easy listening sounds emanating from the room’s speaker system, kaçak iddaa each daughter stood and began a slow, almost mesmerizing, dance in front of the fathers. Their hands began to roam across their bodies, grasping breasts and holding them up for their audience to admire.

Turning towards each other, the two girls danced together, moving closer and closer to one another. When inches separated them, they wrapped their arms around each other and commenced an extremely sexy makeout session. The fathers sat in their seats, their gazes locked onto their daughters.

Eyes widened as they watched their daughters’ hands begin to travel up and down each other’s body. The two teenagers continued their kisses while feeling the other’s tits and cunts through their clothing. Seeing the rising levels of lust in their fathers, the girls began to remove their dance partner’s clothing.

The fathers watched with rapt attention as each girl’s body came onto display. First breasts as tops were removed followed by bras. Then long legs as tight jeans were tugged down and off. Panties followed revealing barely hidden asses. Once naked, the daughters returned to making out and letting their hands roam each other’s body.

Still wordlessly, each girl moved to stand in front of their own father. The men were tugged to their feet and stood silently as their own daughters stripped them of their clothing. Once naked, they were pushed back into their seats.

Without a word, each of the daughters took her own father’s rock hard cock in hand beginning to further tantalize by licking their balls and hard shafts. It could have been choreographed as each daughter stood to kiss her father while continuing to rub their cocks. Each daughter rubbed her tits across her father’s puckered lips.

Back on their knees, each father’s gaze went from one daughter to the other. The looks on their faces turned to smiles as Rick and Ravi, still silent, conveyed their approval of the proceedings to the other. Their daughters roaming hands were squeezing, stroking, and gliding over their hard cocks and balls. The fathers moaned as each teen daughter took their cocks into their mouths in order to begin sucking.

First Raj and then Rick put their hands on their daughter’s heads and begin to shove them down on their cocks. The girls sucked hard on their father’s cocks as the men began to moan their appreciation. The men looked lost when their daughters pulled away and walked back to the center of the room.

Smiling at their fathers, the girls lay down beside one another and started a new makeout session. Their hands roamed each other’s body, caressing tits and asses while tongues darted from mouth to mouth. Soon, Kim returned to her knees in front of the Indian beauty. Prying Renu’s thighs apart, Kim began to lap at the other teen’s thighs.

Renu moaned and groaned her appreciation of her friend’s activities. Her pussy began to glisten with wetness as the girl of Indian descent became more and more excited. She began to claw at Kim’s head, trying to drag her mouth and licking tongue to her wet pussy.

Kim resisted, continuing to kiss and lick the girl’s thighs. Eventually, she gave in and allowed Renu to direct her mouth to her desired goal. With her mouth locked onto her friend’s pussy, Kim managed to look up towards the girl’s father. Seeing the rapt look on Raj’s face and his hands on his cock, she knew both fathers, she didn’t need to look at her own father, were thoroughly into the scene being acted out in front of them.

Kim returned her attention to the pussy in front of her face. Holding Renu’s labia apart, Kim began to lick the girl’s wet pussy from top to bottom and then back up again. Renu’s moans were becoming higher in pitch as Kim continued her efforts.

Stopping her licking momentarily each time her tongue reached the top of Renu’s pussy, Kim teased the girl’s clitoris forcing her friend to shiver delightfully. Soon, Kim stopped the up and down action to focus on Renu’s clit knowing the young girl was fast approaching what was hoped to be the first orgasm of the night.

Kim wasn’t disappointed, and neither were the fathers, when Renu groaned and began to scream her way to her orgasm. Kim didn’t let up, letting Renu experience the waves of pleasure. Kim continued to trail gentle kisses over Renu’s pussy and thighs while the other girl began to fall down from her orgasmic high.

When Renu had quieted down, Kim leapt to her feet and ran to her father pushing her way between his closed legs. Holding his cock, she leaned in to Rick.

“Taste her pussy on my lips, Daddy, taste Renu’s pussy juices.”

Not willing to argue, Rick licked his daughter’s lips. Murmuring loudly enough for the other couple to hear, Rick agreed Renu’s pussy juices were sweet and succulent.

He looked past his daughter to say something more to Renu only to see that the other man’s face was now buried in his own daughter’s pussy. Not willing to give up his own tasting of Renu’s sweet secretions, Raj kaçak bahis was soon bringing his daughter to another set of climaxes.

While he was doing so, Rick and Kim watched while they fondled each other’s body. The father dipping his fingers into the daughter’s snatch and sucking them dry. Slowly, Kim was slowly stroking her dad’s cock, not wanting him to cum too quickly.

“Isn’t Renu hot, Daddy? Don’t you want to fuck that pussy?”

Rick was not able to give much of an answer with a teenaged nipple stuck into his mouth. Renu was coming down from her latest cums as Raj was moving to his feet. He plopped back on the loveseat previously vacated. Only a moment later, he was swarmed by Kim throwing her nubile, young body onto his lap.

She locked her lips on the other father’s, soon darting her tongue in and out of his mouth. Both sets of hands wandered. Kim’s went directly to Raj’s cock while his groped and fondled her luscious breasts. They continue to kiss and caress each other, totally focused on one another, to the exclusion of the other father and teenaged daughter in the room.

Neither saw Rick stretch out beside Renu on the floor. Renu rolled to face the other father who did not hesitate to begin kissing her. Soon, Renu had one arm wrapped around him while Rick had both hands on Renu’s hard ass.

It wasn’t long before he pulled himself away from the daughter’s embrace. Rick rolled her onto her stomach and continued to fondle her coffee coloured ass cheeks. Without hesitation, he leaned down to begin licking between her cheeks. Holding them apart, his tongue wandered up and down Renu’s crack.

From time to time, he would cease his tonguing in order to rain kisses on her inviting cheeks. Soon the father was kissing, licking, and probing the young daughter’s winking asshole. There was no way he was giving up on this girl’s delights.

Rick was only momentarily distracted when he heard Raj moaning and muttering how good that felt. A quick glance up showed his blonde daughter on her knees between the darker man’s legs, sucking his cock as deep as she could.

Pleased with what he saw, Rick returned his attention to Raj’s daughter and her luscious ass. As he continued working with his tongue and spearing it into the young girl’s asshole, Renu began to press her ass upwards into his face. She was groaning and muttering unintelligible commentary on her friend’s father’s activities.

Wanting to move on, the sexually excited Renu pushed Rick away from her in order to roll over. Lying on her back, she immediately grabbed the father’s ears and pulled him down and into her leaking pussy.

Having quickly seen that Raj and his daughter were still enjoying themselves, Rick again focused on the teenaged daughter lying beneath him. Starting at the top, he was kissing her while their tongues duelled, moving from one mouth to the other. Their kissing continued while their hands roamed each other’s bodies.

Bringing the other father to the edge of cumming in her mouth, Kim used Raj’s thighs to leverage herself to her feet. She swung herself around, her back to Raj, and lowered herself onto the man’s rock hard cock. Spearing into her tight pussy, both father and daughter let out a loud groan.

Their noise was not enough to distract Rick from eating the pussy in front of him. Raj’s teenager was making enough noise of her own to keep the pair from being distracted.

Watching her father and friend enjoying themselves, Kim reached back to grab Raj’s hands pulling them to her tits. She moaned her own approval as the father began to knead them. Moving up and down on the hard cock in her cunt, Kim continued to watch the other two.

Kim leaned back and turned her face towards Raj. She gave him a tongue lashing kiss while holding his cock still and clenching her tight muscles on his cock. Raj groaned even more, enjoying the milking feeling.

Kim broke the kiss to whisper, “I think they are enjoying themselves.”

Raj nodded in agreement as he watched his daughter cum into the other father’s mouth.

Returning their attention to each other, Kim continued to ride Raj’s cock. She almost shrieked in surprise when the man stood up, raising her body with him. Seconds later she was on her knees on the loveseat with Raj hammering into her drenched pussy. The quick position change brought the teenager to her first climax of the evening. Raj didn’t stop.

Rick pulled himself to his knees in order to line his now aching cock up with the coffee coloured cunt laying open before him. Renu took his tool in hand, guiding it into her pussy.

Unlike the other father, Rick entered the teenaged beauty slowly. Ever so slowly. Renu’s eyes were clenched shut, her mouth open, hissing as every inch entered her. Reaching bottom, Rick just as slowly pulled his dick backwards until only the head was still lodged in the girl’s pussy.

Renu’s hisses changed to moans as Rick slowly repeated his previous motions. In and out, as slowly as he could, he repeated the motions time and again. Renu was arching her pussy upwards, trying to hasten the father’s movements in her pussy.

“Faster, harder, daddy,” she whispered into the other father’s ear. “Fuck me hard now!” she squealed.

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