A New Phase in My Life

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I guess that everyone goes through phases in their life from childhood to puberty to adulthood. Even as an adult you change as your experience and age changes. Growing up my mother taught me to be very conservative and taught me to be a good daughter and a good wife. That worked out fine although unsatisfying in bed. Now at 38 I was divorced and wanting to experience more of my adult side.

Although I don’t have major money problems I still have to work and I’m very good at what I do. I have 2 children, Todd who is 18 and a very handsome young man and Mandy who is also 18 is as smart as she is beautiful. My children are not twins but they were born 10 months apart. Oh, and by the way, my name is Elizabeth. Being alone for the past 2 years has made me anxious to explore adult options and not having been born with large breast (34 B is good but not great by any means) I decided to have a boob job. I also decided to let my children know what I was doing although I didn’t necessarily want their opinion I felt it was good to inform them. So the night before my enhancement was to be done I sat down with both of them and explained my decision and hoped they would approve. What I didn’t expect is a standing ovation. Mandy was the first to voice her approval. She had already developed beyond where I was (36C) and was all for it. Todd was a little shy but once the conversation got started he seemed to calm down and said he supported any decision I made and wanted to know how he could help. That, I thought, was very sweet and understanding of him.

Well, the day came and everything went fine. My doctor (a beautiful woman of 40) told me that I would experience some discomfort but that would pass with time. My only concern was the sensitivity of my nipples. Although my breasts were not overly sensitive (I could get aroused just rubbing them) I hoped that the operation didn’t dull them too much. My second concern was I didn’t want to be too big but my doctor convinced me that a 38D on my body would look just right. (By the way, I am a size 3 and have been since college.) So here I am several months later with my new 38D’s and no one to share them with. As for the sensitivity I shouldn’t have worried. Once the feeling started coming back it came back with a vengeance. My nipples became so sensitive that I found it difficult to find a material that didn’t constantly make my nipples hard and sometime irritated. I found out by accident that a silk top with no bra was best to prevent the irritation so I started wearing only silk whenever I could especially at home and on the weekends. At first that startled my son and daughter but after I explained the situation in a couple of weeks they seemed to get use to it.

Another effect my super sensitive breast was having was that I was now in a constant state of arousal and my panties would be soaking wet by the end of the day. The longer the day the wetter I would be and the hotter I became. Not having experienced this before worried me but I though with time this too would calm down. Although my children became use to my hard nipples under my silk tops it didn’t stop them from staring and smiling. This also brought much attention from men but it wasn’t the kind of attention I was looking for. I wasn’t into a quickie being a mother of 2 children.

It was Thursday and the coming weekend was to be hot. Usually both Todd and Mandy would be out with their friends but both said that most of their friends had gone away for the weekend and they would be staying home with me. I hoped that they would have plans so I have time to take care of my sexual dilemma since I had not had the opportunity during the past several weeks. But having the kids around for a long weekend didn’t happen often so I thought that would be great so we decided to cook out and lay out at our pool. We have a lot of privacy and so Mandy and I could work on our tans by wearing our skimpiest swim suits. Todd always wore his Speedos that showed his athletic body to its best advantage. I took Friday off so we could get an early start on the weekend. Early Friday afternoon Mandy and I were lying in the sun when Todd came out to join us. I was working on my second strong drink of the day (what the hell, I wasn’t going anywhere). Todd had a huge grin on his face as he looked at his sister and me in next to nothing swim suites with our eyes closed. This is how things got started.

Todd: “Mom, I think you absolutely made the right decision in getting your breast done. You look great. If I wasn’t your son I would ask you out myself.”

I was slightly embarrassed but said: “Thanks honey, I take that as your mark of approval and I must say that if you weren’t my son I would take you up on your offer.”

Mandy: “Mom, why haven’t you started dating yet? I’m sure you attract a lot of men. You’re beautiful, sexy and with your figure I am sure you could be dating every night.”

“Thanks honey but my new breast have had one disadvantage that worries me bahis firmaları and I hope you don’t mind but I need to speak with someone about it. Actually you two have been so supportive that maybe you would understand. I have tried to talk to my doctor but I don’t feel comfortable with her because she seems to think I worry too much as it is. I’ll be blunt. My breasts have been attracting the wrong kind of man. It seems the only thing they want is to jump in bed with me. Don’t get me wrong I have urges like anyone else but at least I want to know their names first! And, well, there are other reasons too.”

I saw shock on my children’s faces. I guess my being so open was a result of the drinks and the heat but what the hell. I felt it was about time the started seeing me as a woman and not just their mom.

Todd: “Uh Mom? Are you having problems….do you need to see another doctor?”

“No, nothing like that but I guess you have noticed that I rarely wear a bra anymore. That’s because, well, Todd this is hard to say in front of you….”

Todd: “Mom, don’t worry. Just tell us…”

“Thanks honey, well it’s just that since I have had my breast done my nipples have gotten so sensitive that I am having a hard time controlling my emotions. I don’t mean that I cry or anything but I have become so sensitive that I…..well I….hell, how do I put this…hell, we’re family so I guess I can just say it…I am so sensitive that I stay sexually stimulated all the time. There, I got it out. I’m sorry for putting it that blunt but there’s no other way to make the point. And the attention I am getting from men is not the kind I want for a relationship. I want tenderness and compassion, not just a one night stand. Do you understand?”

Mandy: “Mom, I understand and I don’t blame you. Some men are just looking for what they can get but don’t worry you will meet the right man some day.”

“I know, but until then it looks like I’m screwed. Well, that’s a bad choice of words I guess. I guess I’m un-screwed….” Suddenly it dawned on me what I said. “Kids, this isn’t going very well. I shouldn’t have said anything. But that’s enough about me. Let’s talk about you.”

Todd: “Come on mom; is there anything we can do to help? Uh…what I’m trying to say is that if we can do anything like listen, talk this out with you….I mean…. uh…..well, you have been open with us about everything. We want to help you. We don’t want you to feel that you don’t have anyone to talk too. Mandy and I will always listen. And don’t worry about what you say Mandy and I won’t tell anyone. Maybe if I tell you something about us it will help you. I mean… I guess Mandy and I want be open with you too. We have talked about this and both of us agree. Oh hell, we think you are the sexist woman we know and I for one meant what I said a little while ago. I would not only ask you out but would make love to you if I could!”

I guess I should have been shocked but with the heat and the strong drinks I just let it slide. Besides I noticed that Todd was getting an erection and by the looks of it he was full grown. More than full grown. The strong drinks, the heat and now the site of a big cock growing only a foot away from my face had me wanting to get fucked in the worse way.

Mandy: “Mom, before you explode let me tell you, Todd and I have well, messed around a little bit. I don’t mean we have gone all the way and yes Mom, I’m still a virgin, but we are not strangers with each other if you know what I mean…Besides, I have seen a couple of boys and we have had sex ed in school.”

“Well, just when you think you know you children something like this happens. I guess I should be mad but I’m not and I’m not really surprised either. You two are beautiful people and now that you are grown, well almost grown….. and I guess you are old enough to make your own decisions.”

I finished the drink I had been sipping for the past 20 minutes in 2 seconds….I was getting so turned on I was afraid of what I might do. I know it wasn’t right but just the thought of Mandy and Todd making love made me wet and horny. I had to get some relief before I jumped Todd right there and shoved his now very large hard cock deep in my pussy.

“Besides, I couldn’t stop you even if I wanted too. Right now though I need to excuse myself. Maybe we can talk some more tonight…..Just one thing, don’t do anything until we talk tonight. I’m sure you don’t want any unwanted pregnancy to happen.”

I know I needed to have a talk with them but my mind just wasn’t into it. I needed relief then we could talk. The drink, the heat and the sex talk plus the effect this tiny bikini was having on my nipples had really gotten me going so I got up and started to leave them by the pool.

Mandy: “Don’t worry Mom, I have been on the pill for over a year now and Todd told me that he always uses protection with the girls he dates.”

“That’s great, now I really must go…..I will see you kaçak iddaa later.”

I went to my room, I was so turned on by what Todd and Mandy told me and by the heat, my drink, the site of my son’s cock and the effect my top was having on my breast that if I didn’t get some relief I was going to burst. I guess in my hurry to relieve my sexual tension that I forgot to lock the door although usually I didn’t lock it anyway. I stripped off my swim suit and proceeded to get my favorite dildo. I knew I wouldn’t need any lubrication the way I was feeling……I just wanted to start slow and let this orgasm build and build…..

Todd: “Mandy, do think Mom is really OK with us having sex?”

Mandy: “Well, it appears that way unless what she told us about her nipples is right and she is so horny that she can’t deal with that right now.”

Todd: “Do you think she has gone to masturbate? Damn, I would love to see her do that…I have wanted to see her tits every since she got them done.”

Mandy: “Me too….I’ve never felt another female but I would love to get my hands on her, even if she is my mother.”

Todd: “Let’s sneak in the house and see what she is up to. If nothing else maybe we can fool around a little. I know I could use some relief after this.”

Mandy: “Todd, you can always use some relief. Let’s go…..I want to see what she is up too.”

I was now into my ritual of playing with my hard nipples and running my dildo up and down the outside of my wet pussy. I was thinking of what Todd and Mandy had just told me about fooling around and although I knew it was wrong I was so horny that I didn’t care at that moment. I just wanted to cum and cum and cum….My pussy was so wet it was dripping down my ass cheeks into my asshole. I moved my dildo lower and put some pressure on my asshole and let the head of the dildo ease its way in just a little. Being fucked in the ass was always one of my favorite positions and now thinking about Todd and Mandy running their hands all other each other was making me hotter and hotter. I had only started playing with myself less than 5 minutes ago but I was already starting to build….I needed to cum so bad. I pinched the nipple of my left breast and a small wave of pleasure overtook me. I began moaning out loud without realizing that Mandy and Todd had peeked into my room. I was lying on the bed with my knees bent, a huge dildo pressing against my asshole and my hard sensitive nipples standing straight out. I started moaning Todd and Mandy’s names as I imagined Todd’s cock in Mandy’s mouth.

“Damn, I can’t stop thinking about Todd and Mandy fooling around. I shouldn’t think about this but damn I would love to see them. I need to feel a big prick in me. Damn, I’m horny….I needs to cum….I need to get fucked…..”

Todd whispered: “Mandy, do you believe this. Mom is getting off thinking about us fucking each other.”

Mandy: “Yea and I think we should help…”

With that the two entered my room and quietly moved over to my bed where I was building to my first orgasm. My eyes were closed tight and my head pushed back into the pillow as I moved the dildo back up to my hot pussy and shoved just the head into my cunt. I could feel my pussy suck the big head of that man made cock into the opening. My juices were flowing more and more and nothing could stop me from cumming now….except the feel of a pair of lips on my right nipple. I opened my eyes and saw Mandy as she started to suck on my 38D breast. Her eyes met mine and I almost exploded. Immediately I felt a hand cover mine and shove that man-made cock deep into my cunt. I knew it must be Todd’s but by then I didn’t care. Mandy sucked as much of my tit into her mouth as she could as she took both my tits in her hands and began to squeeze them hard. I exploded in orgasm as Todd began licking my pussy and began moving that dildo back and forth. I didn’t have time to think only cum…and cum I did. Looking right into Mandy’s eyes as my orgasm overcame me. My hips jerked up in the air as Todd shoved that hard cock deeper into my needy cunt. I needed to be fucked and my children were giving me a fucking of a lifetime. Over and over I bucked against that dildo as Todd did his best to keep licking my hard little nub as he pumped my dildo into my waiting cunt.

“Shit, I can’t believe this. You’re making me cum…your making your mom cum…. Harder…..Harder….fuck me…I need to be fucked……I’m cummmmmming ….don’t stop…..Keep fucking me….Keep fucking me……deeper….deeper…..Ahhhhhh …yes…yes…….yes…..fuck me….yes Mandy…suck momma’s tits….suck my big fucking tits….damn that’s good…..I’m building again…make mommy cum again….I need to cum so bad…. I need to cum…..”

Mandy pulled her mouth off my needy tits and quickly took off the top of her suit. All at once I had a mouth full of my daughter’s firm ripe tit and I began to suck without thinking…..All I knew is that I needed sex and kaçak bahis I had someone that I loved and that loved me giving me all I needed…..

Todd: “Mom, cum for me….yea…suck Mandy’s tit. That is so fucking hot. I’m going to give it to you all you want. Yea…that’s right….take this big fat cock up your pussy….I want to taste your sweet cream when you cum again….That’s right Mom….I’m going to make you cum again then I am going to eat you hot pussy…..”

Mandy: “Yea Mom….suck my fucking tit….god I am so hot ….I need to cum too….I want you to make me cum with you….watching you fuck yourself with that big prick got me so fucking horny….yes….suck my tits mom….”

Instinctively I reached down between Mandy’s legs and found her pussy. I managed to get my hand into the bottom of her swim suit and shove my middle finger deep into her cunt. It was dripping wet. I couldn’t see her face since I had a mouth full of her young tit but I could feel her juice running down my hand…..

Mandy: “Damn Mom, you are so hot….suck my tits…..play with my pussy. I want to cum with you…..

As I was working on Mandy’s tit and fingering her pussy she was bent over me and squeezing my tits and pulling on my hard nipples.

Todd: “Yea Mom, make Mandy cum with you so I can lick both of you when you’re finished…”

I couldn’t think….I could only react. I started cumming and I could feel Mandy’s pussy contracting around my finger. I shoved it as deep as I could and she went off….

Mandy: “I’m cumming Mom….I cumming…..keep sucking on my tits….harder….fuck me harder with your finger….yes….I want to cum…..”

I let go of Mandy’s tit as my own orgasm started again….I screamed…”I’m cumming….fuck me…..fuuuuuuck me…..yes..yes…yesssss……” I was cumming with such force that Todd couldn’t keep his mouth on my pussy but that didn’t matter….He shoved that big dildo deep into my cunt and I clamped my pussy around it as I had the best orgasm of my life……at the same time Mandy screamed as she came while I was finger fucking her pussy……

Mandy collapsed on top of me. As our mutual orgasms subsided Mandy was laying her beautiful 36C tits on top of my 38D’s…..It was a wonderful feeling as we slowly begin to recover together.

Ten minutes went by before either of us could speak. Finally Todd spoke…”Seems like you too are happy. I don’t believe that I could have planned this. Mom, are you OK?”

“Todd, Mandy, I don’t know what to say. I am elated but why did you come in here? We shouldn’t be doing this…..What came over the two of you to do this? “

Mandy rolled over so she was now lying next to me. She reached over and gently stroked my breast and said “Mom, don’t worry, that was great. We just wanted to see if you came in to masturbate only when we saw you we got carried away too. Anyway, I have always wondered about what it would be like to do this and I’m glad it was with you. I only have one regret though.”

“What’s that, sweetie?”

Mandy: “That I didn’t get to lick your pussy like Todd did.”

I thought for a minute, I guess now the cat’s out of the bag and there is no way to put it back in. After all, I just said that I wanted to be with someone who cared for me.

“That’s OK….since we seemed to have broken down most of the barriers anyway I guess taking the next step is only natural.”

Todd: “Mom, does that go for me too? I mean, I am so horny right now that I’m about to cum in my pants!”

“I guess your right, Mandy and I have been a little selfish. It is only fair that we help you like you have us. Come up here and let momma see what you have….It’s OK…I’m sure Mandy won’t mind sharing with her mom now that we have gone this far….”

Todd moved up the bed and pulled down his Speedo’s. I almost choked when I saw the size of his cock. I thought my dildo was big but it was nothing compared to the monster hanging in front of me now. I looked a size of his hard cock and then turned to Mandy….”Did you know your brother had something this size?”

Mandy: “Not until a couple of weeks ago when I accidentally walked into the bathroom on him when he was peeing. I couldn’t believe my eyes either…..Todd froze when he saw me but all I could do was stand and watch. When he finished he turned to me and started to joke about how we use to take baths together when we were young but he didn’t have anything to show me then.”

Todd: “Will someone help me or do you just want me to jack off. I can’t stand this much longer.”

I looked again at the 9″ cock in front of my face. It was not only the longest cock I had ever seen but it was thick….as thick as my wrist with cum about to drip out of the end. Mandy was rubbing my nipples as she fondled my tits and I was getting turned on again. I didn’t know if it was from my tits or from my son’s monster prick that was just inches from my face. I reached up and took hold of that cock and slowly licked the precum off the end of his cock. It tasted wonderful and I couldn’t help but smile. How would I ever be able to go back to a normal relationship after I have had this huge cock in my cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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