A New Sensation

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“The door is unlocked. Just come in, don’t say a word. You owe me something.”

Seriously, few things turn me on more than being given instructions. And the tone of his voice as he said these words had my pussy weeping with anticipation.

I park my car in the space beside his at the motel. I’m nervous, my stomach tense with anticipation. Standing before the door, knowing he was on the other side, hand reaching for the door, hesitating, then pushing it open. Knees trembling, I walk inside.

He’s sitting in the chair, TV on, smoking. As soon as I walk in, he’s on his feet and in front of me. I start to talk (shame on me), impossible to keep quiet when I am so nervous. He responds, I’m not sure at all what we said, though I do believe I said hi to him at some point.

His hands touch me, pulling me to him, wrapping his arms around me, lips meeting mine. My nervousness melts away with my first taste of him. The gentle yet passionate touch of his lips and hands. My hands roaming over his back, body pressing tightly to his.

We begin to undress each other. I have to feel his skin, taste him. My hands roaming over his back and shoulders, pushing his shirt up over his head. Fingers trailing down his chest to his stomach. Looking him in the eyes as I unbutton his fly. His breath catching as I find him with my hand.

I step back and watch as he finishes undressing. I pull my spaghetti strap tank top over my head and offer my breasts to him. It isn’t long before we are laying together across the bed, me still half dressed and both of us aching for that last item of clothing to disappear. Somehow we are standing again, I honestly don’t know how it happens, my mind full of him, his scent, his taste, the feel of his skin. He pushes my skirt down over my hips, letting it fall to the floor, murmuring his appreciation as he realizes I am wearing nothing underneath.

Pulling me to him, he runs his hands illegal bahis over me. He’s very much in command, playing my body like an instrument, sliding his hands over my skin and drawing sighs from my lips.

I turn with him, pressing his legs back against the bed, making him sit back while I fall to my knees. Looking up at him, kissing my way up his inner thighs, teasing my way around his cock and balls. His hands fall to the back of my head, his whispers and moans making me quiver. He gasps as I lick his balls, lightly sucking them into my mouth one at a time, rolling my tongue over each of them and making him shudder. I run my tongue up his cock, lathing every inch, tracing every vein. Slowly sucking the head into my mouth and running my tongue around him. He allows this for a short time and then gently pushes me back, standing over me and pulling me to my feet. He kisses me, down my neck, chest, all the while turning me to the bed and pressing me back. He lays down with me, making me sigh as our bodies connect. Our bodies moving together like we’ve been with each other for years rather than months, seeming to know instinctively what the other needs. Sighs, moans, demands.

He positions me to receive him. Looking into my eyes and sliding in, taking his time, letting me grow accustomed to his size again. He fits perfectly, filling me like no other has. Making me moan in pleasure. He starts to move, slowly at first, then suddenly pounding into me. My orgasm was nearly instant. My body convulses around him, pulling him deeper. He doesn’t stop, continuing to take what he wants, all the while giving me so much more. Placing my body in a new position, renewing the pleasure for both of us. Sending me over the top yet again.

I whisper in his ear, begging him to cum, to fill me. His body begins to shudder, his hands grasping my ass and pulling me tighter to him, pounding into me. His cum filling me, making me cum again.

We illegal bahis siteleri collapse together, exhausted, sated for the moment. Soon, he’s turning to me again. Kissing his way down my body, spreading me to his gaze and slowly running his tongue over my lips. My body arches to him and he presses me down, controlling my every move. Forcing me to just take and take and take. I reach for him, wanting to taste him, to give him as much pleasure as he is giving me. He positions himself over me, giving me complete access to his cock and balls. My lips receive him, pulling him deep into my mouth. My hands cradling his balls and the base of his cock, massaging them as I suck his gorgeous cock deeper into my mouth.

Soon I can do nothing but concentrate on what he’s doing to me. His tongue flicking over my clit, his finger inside of me, a finger circling my anus. My body starts quivering, shaking uncontrollably. He grasps my hips, holding me tightly and flicking his tongue faster, harder, moaning against me. My orgasm flowing through me, making me groan, nearly screaming out with pleasure. He continues pleasuring me with his tongue, making me cum again and again, until I have to beg him to stop, pushing him away.

He stands up, grabbing my ankles and flipping me over, pulling me to the edge of the bed and placing me on my hands and knees. I gasp as he plunges in to me. My still spasming pussy flowing over him, pulling him in. He leans over me, pinching and pulling at my nipples as he pounds in to me. I try to press myself back against him, but he grasps my hips, holding me still, making me take everything he has to give. I cum yet again, crying out into the bed.

He stills, holding me tightly against him, letting my inner muscles milk him. Then, he slowly slides out of me, running the head of his cock up and down my slit, teasing around my anus. I gasp, knowing what’s coming. He told me the canlı bahis siteleri night before that he was going to take my ass today. The last vestige of virginity left to me. He slowly runs the head of his cock round and round, lubing me, spreading me, slowly pushing against me. Whispering, telling me that I was in control of this, that we’ll go at my pace.

Taking a deep breath, I relax my body completely, pressing back against him. Trying to take him in. New sensations pouring through me, making me want more. I can feel him trembling, doing his best to let me lead. I feel him stretching me, my body slowly accepting him. He moves against me, electricity shoots through me making me gasp.

He’s worried that he’s hurting me, asking me repeatedly if I’m ok. I can’t answer, too caught up in all the tingles and spasms shooting through me. There is pain, very little, but enough to make me know that I’m going to need more time, and lube for that matter… lol.

Hating to stop, but knowing I can go no further, he pulls away, turning me over and joining me on the bed. He lifts my right leg over his shoulder and plunges in to my pussy. Holding my left arm down by my side and pulling my right arm around my leg, using me as leverage to allow deeper penetration. He pounds in to me, over and over. I watch his face, loving the expressions moving across it. Seeing his reaction to every move we make together.

My eyes roll up in my head as another pulsating orgasm roars through my body. I feel him thrusting harder, knowing that his own orgasm is just moments away. He groans, arching forward, grasping me tighter and finally thrusting himself deep in to me, filling me with his cum.

He collapses against me, his head on my chest. My hands soothing his back, stroking his skin, running through his hair. Our breathing slowly calming, heart beats going back to normal. He rolls over, pulling me with him, tucking me against his side.

The rest of our day is spent playing, teasing, cumming… going by much too quickly! All too soon it is time for him to go, leaving me naked, wet and grinning on the bed, relishing every moment of our time together and craving even more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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