A PantieSlave’s Fantasy

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It was about 3 am when you opened our bedroom door. The light from the hallway woke me up. You looked so beautiful standing there. Your short black dress, dark silky nylons and black strapped high heels was a perfect match. Your gold ankle bracelet glistened in the light.

Laying there naked beneath the thin sheet, I was getting so aroused just looking at you. I asked you if you had a good time. You just smiled and nodded yes.

You came over to the bed and pulled the sheet back. I could feel your eyes inspecting me. I was shaved smooth, just the way you like me. Your soft hands were between my legs, caressing my balls and slowly stroking my cock. In my excitement I blurted out questions like, Where have you been? Who were you with? You calmly looked down at me and said, Hush now, that’s enough! You know that you’re not allowed to ask me any questions about my dates. With down cast eyes, Sorry Mistress, was all I said. Your fingers were dripping with precum as you gently brought them to my mouth. One by one I sucked them clean. Casually strolling from the bedroom you ordered me to fix you a drink, and join you in the living room.

You looked so beautiful sitting there on the couch. Your short sexy dress was well above your knees, exposing your stocking tops. I stood naked and dripping as I handed you your drink. I couldn’t take my eyes off your beautiful legs. The hemline of your dress was hiding the treasure between your legs. The treasure I was aching to see. bahis firmaları I was needed to see your panties. To touch them. To inhale them. To kiss them. As you sipped you drink I could tell you were enjoying my agony.

I asked you for permission the masturbate. You smiled and nodded yes. Stroking my little cock, I could tell how much my performance pleased you. After a few minutes you set your drink down and leaned back into the couch. Your butt was at the edge of the seat, and you spread your legs very wide. I asked for permission to kiss your panties. You said yes.

I dropped to my hands and knees and positioned myself between your legs. My face was so close to your beautiful panties. You were extremely aroused, your breathing was so heavy, and your panties were very, very wet. The strong aroma of your wetness was intoxicating. Making me drunk with passion. Like a man possessed, I licked and kissed them. Sucking the sweetness from them. All the while I was masturbating, my little cock dripping precum like a faucet. You moved your stocking covered foot up between my legs and nuzzled my balls with your toes. The stroking motion of my arm rubbing against your leg delighted you.

Kneeling on the floor between your legs, I straitened up. With cock in hand, I begged for your sweet panties. Smiling, you slowly removed them. Leaning forward you placed them in my open hungry mouth. My reward for being a good husband. With my right hand I grasped the panties and caressed kaçak iddaa my face and neck with them. Sliding them down to my hairless chest, I massaged my nipples with them. Finally I slid your panties down to my smooth groin area. Caressing my cock and balls with them. I love the feeling of panties on my smooth skin. My body shook with pleasure as I thanked you for them.

You reclined back into the couch again, spreading your legs allowing me a perfect view of your gorgeous shaved pussy. It was swollen, open and extremely wet. Your clit was rock hard and exposed. You told me your pussy was sore, but allowed me a few minutes to lick and fuck you with my tongue. To savor your juices. I asked for permission to get your vibrator, and you said ” Yes, and get yours too”.

I put your vibrator in my mouth, lubricating it with my saliva. I turned it on and gently rubbed it across your aching pussy, massaging your clit and swollen lips. Reaching down, you took control of it. You gently pushed it and began fucking yourself. After just a few strokes you pulled it out. Still vibrating, it was dripping with your juices. You brought your cock to my lips; I automatically opened my mouth. Without hesitation I began moving my head up and down, sucking you like a whore. Very softly you were saying nasty sexy wonderful things to me as I so willingly sucked your cock. It felt so deliciously wicked to be your slut.

I continued sucking your vibrator as you turned you attention to the kaçak bahis little bottle of clear sex lube. You told me to lay back. I assumed my favorite position. I love laying on my back, with my knees pulled to my chest, totally exposed for your pleasure. You poured some lube into your hand, and some on my cock. I could feel your fingers lubricating my throbbing butt hole as I was stroking my very slick little cock. You were lubing the large black vibrator. The special one. The one you love to fuck me with. My body trembled with excitement as you brought the vibrator to my exposed ass. Slowly moving the vibrating tip around, you found just the right spot. I tried to relax as you slowly penetrated me. You began fucking me, carefully at first. As I relaxed more and more, you increased the speed. Your beautiful eyes were wide with excitement watching that big black cock fucking me. All the while I was moaning like a whore. Begging for it. Basking in the ecstasy. Delighted to be your bitch, your slut.

The intense pleasure you were giving me was totally overwhelming. I couldn’t hold back any longer. My cock started shooting hot white cum. It landed on my chest and stomach. I released my spent little cock as you pulled your vibrating member from me. I laid there, naked, covered with hot cum, satisfied and exhausted.

You lovingly scooped up dabs of cum and fed them to my open mouth. With dripping pearly fingertips you playfully painted my greedy lips with my hot milky seed. Slowly massaging my nipples you gave me very deep passionate soul kiss. Fucking my open mouth with your tongue. With your panties still clinched in my hand, I thanked you for loving me. I thanked you for being my Mistress.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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