A Privileged Life

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Isabella de Bourbon was born and raised in Natchez, Mississippi. She is a true southern belle in every sense, including her soft southern drawl. She is called Bella by her friends. Her ancestors are of French and Spanish descent. They are direct descendants of Louis Alphonse de Bourbon and were quite wealthy before the War between the States. The House of Bourbon is a cadet branch of the Capetian dynasty that descended from a younger son of King Louis IX of France. King Louis IX’s Grandson was the first Duke of Bourbon, whose descendants would later become Kings of France following the Salic law.

When the Northern troops invaded Natchez, Mississippi, in July 1863, they burned the de Bourbon family estate and drove off all their livestock. After the War ended, Northern Carpetbaggers swept in and seized the de Bourbon family land by paying the back taxes. Bella’s post-Civil War ancestors never recovered from their losses, and the generations that followed live more like paupers. Bella’s grandfather was a carpenter by trade, and after World War II, he got in on the housing boom and was able to bring the family’s living standards up to high middle class. They weren’t rich by any means, but they lived comfortably. He changed the family name from de Bourbon to just Bourbon, thus eliminating any ties with European Royalty.

In high school, Bella was the girl every boy dreamed of dating, but few asked her out because they were intimidated by her beauty. She was, without a doubt, the prettiest girl in Natchez high school, but also the loneliest. Bella always wore dresses that accented her slender five-foot-seven frame. While Bella’s slim figure is model-attractive, it is her facial features that are noticeably appealing. She has a straight, almost aristocratic nose, a broad, full mouth, and her full pouty lips seem to invite kisses. Her unusually beautiful eyes set off her prominent cheekbones. Bella has shoulder-length wavy strawberry blond hair and electrifying greenish-blue eyes set against a clear milky white complexion.

Bella’s eyes are hard to describe adequately. She has high arching, narrow, eyebrows that are dark in color compared to her lighter strawberry blond hair. But it is the eyes themselves that catch everyone’s attention, for they are a light greenish-blue with an exotic cast. At times it looks as though Bella might have some Asian blood, but there is no hint of it in the rest of her family. In any case, her eyes are striking, often dark and brooding and, at times, almost electrifying. Without altering her facial expression, her eyes can show humor or joy and, at times, anger. She carries herself like a proper European aristocrat and is always such a southern lady. Bella turns heads everywhere she goes.

Bella seldom dated in high school. That was not by choice, though. Most boys, her age, felt intimidated by her exquisite beauty. Some boys did ask her out occasionally, but they were afraid to take any sexual liberties with her. They were enthralled with her breast but feared the rejection that would surely follow if they tried anything brash. Bella wanted to experience all the things every young teenaged girl fantasized about, but that never happened. If it weren’t for an older cousin, she would’ve never had any sexual experience at all while in high school.

Bella’s cousin Tommy coaxed her at a very early age to suck his dick. He was three years older than Bella, and it was something that just happened naturally. They were horsing around her bedroom one rainy afternoon, and she noticed a hard bulge in Tommy’s pants. When she questioned him about why it had suddenly become hard, he first told her she was too young to know about things like that. His evasiveness made her even more curious.

Bella was always a precocious young lady and wouldn’t let it pass. He finally relented and slipped his shorts off. Bella was fascinated with Tommy’s well-endowed cock and insisted on touching it. Tommy was fully aroused at that point and showed her how to give him a hand job. Bella liked the way his hard cock felt in her hand. She liked the feel of the underlying musculature and veins under the skin. She loved the sensation she felt in the palm of her hand as she moved the foreskin up and down his shaft. She kept stroking it and stroking it until Tommy was on the verge of an orgasm. Just as he was about to shoot off, he unconsciously placed his hand behind Bella’s head and guided her mouth to his cock. Without resistance, she took him into her mouth like it was something she had done many times before. Tommy flooded her mouth with his jizz, and she swallowed it without being told.

Bella found that she really loved the taste of Tommy’s cum. She loved the saltiness, the texture, and the ease it slid down her throat. She begged him to cum in her mouth every chance they were alone. Birthdays, holidays, family picnics; anytime the family got together, Bella found a bahis firmaları way to feast on the salty nectar from Tommy’s cock.

Sadly, Tommy died in a hunting accident shortly after his second year of college, and the loss of a beloved cousin crushed Bella. She became very depressed and moody. For weeks she didn’t come out of her room. She vowed to herself never to become involved in incest again. It was too painful losing someone that close. Bella was sure she would go mad if she didn’t get to savor the tasty extract from someone’s cock, but it couldn’t be a relative she might become attached to like Tommy. Bella felt as though she was suffering the withdrawal of an addictive drug and her body reacted as though it was missing an essential nutrient or something. She was desperate to find another source of that wonderful tasting cum.

One day by sheer chance, Bella opened the door to her grandfather’s storage shed and encountered a young college man named Larry. Larry worked as a carpenter’s helper with her grandfather’s company during his summer breaks from college. Larry was in the throes of masturbating and shot his wad just as Bella stepped through the door. The first two blasts hit her square in the face. Bella retrieved his cum from her upper lip with the tip of her tongue after her initial shock. She found it every bit as tasty as her cousin’s cum. Each day after that, Bella and Larry secretly met in the storage shed for her favorite nourishment until the end of summer when she left for college in another state. Bella never saw Larry again after leaving for college.

Bella’s first year in college pretty much followed the same dating pattern as high school until she met Henry Davis, a second-year pre-med student. Henry was in Bella’s Math 102 class. Bella struggled with math, but Henry was a math whiz and offered to tutor her. Henry was a somewhat nerdy looking guy, but he was kind and considerate. He was a skinny six-foot-three boy and too clumsy to be an athlete. That didn’t matter to Bella because she hungered for some male companionship and a mouth full dick extract. After a week of tutoring, they began to date, and Bella experienced her first sexual intercourse with Henry. She liked fucking every bit as much as she enjoyed sucking dicks and swallowing cum. Two and a half years later, Henry and Bella married.

Bella Davis now lives a very privileged life. She was born beautiful, and she married rich. Well, not exactly rich at the time of her marriage, but her husband Henry did become a doctor. He went on to be a wealthy, successful cardiac surgeon at a large Metropolitan Hospital. Bella married Henry during her junior year of college because she got pregnant with William (aka Billy). They married while both were still in undergraduate school. Bella dropped out to tend to their son, Billy, while Henry finished med-school. Two years after Billy’s birth, their daughter, Casandra (Cassie), was born.


Now at age thirty-nine, thanks to her regular workouts in the gym, Bella is still breathtakingly beautiful and has it all, she thinks. Life is perfect in every way, she thinks. They enjoy a social position of prominence in their small suburban community. Their son, Billy, is a tall, good-looking kid who is the quarterback on his high school football team and the starting pitcher on the high school’s baseball team. Billy inherited his father’s height and his mama’s good looks and graceful movements. Cassie is just as beautiful, sexy, and sensual as her mother. Cassie is a younger version of her Mom in every way. Cassie is one of the co-captains of her high school cheerleader’s squad. Beauty, wealth, social standing, successful husband, and smart, intelligent children. That spells privilege in Bella’s opinion.

Billy has scouts from all the major universities scouting his ballgames just about every week. Bella is confident Billy will receive a full sports scholarship offer to one of the major universities. Cassie garners just as much attention from her natural beauty and cheerleading skills. Bella couldn’t have asked for two more reliable children. In Bella’s opinion, her family is perfect in every way.

Bella finds it puzzling that Billy doesn’t seem to have a steady girlfriend, but he never seems to lack a beautiful girl’s companionship. Billy is more of a player and enjoys the company of many girls. Every girl in his high school swoons over him. The same is true of Cassie. She doesn’t have a steady boyfriend, but Boys are always at her beck and call. All she needs to do is let her wishes be known, and some boy will instantly appear and happily serve her needs. Yes, indeed, Bella’s life is perfect in every way.


Every Wednesday, Bella meets two of her best girlfriends at the country club for lunch. All are married with teenage children and wealthy husbands. Helen is married to an affluent bank executive, and Beverly is married to the owner of a well-known architectural firm. The three girlfriends kaçak iddaa usually start with a cocktail or two, followed by lots of girl talk and then a light brunch. The topics are always the same; the latest gossip, then fashion trends, family matters, and ending with them watching the male species who happen to be present at the time. The real fun begins when they discuss their sexual fantasies generated by some of those men. Occasionally, they delve into fantasies involving other women just for the fun of it.

After her third cocktail, Helen leans across the table and whispers, “I heard a rumor that Jenny Thomas is receiving private lessons from the club’s new young tennis pro.”

Beverly laughs and says, “Well, she could certainly use some help with her, serving!”

“I think Jenny is more interested in improving her ball control,” Helen snickers. “From what I hear, she does quite well at spreading her legs and serving up her delectable… to any club member with a big hard cock.”

Beverly leans forward and coyly snickers, “You know, I’ve often wondered just how tasty Jenny’s delectable might be.”

“Shut your mouth, girl,” Bella giggles. “You two are embarrassing me.”

“Why are you embarrassed, Bella? Haven’t you been thinking about tasting Jenny’s little delectable,” Helen asks?

“I’ll never tell,” Bella laughs.

“You HAVE thought about it, haven’t you…? You’re nasty a bitch, Bella! Don’t say another word about us embarrassing you,” Beverly squeals!

“I plead the fifth. I will neither confirm nor deny your accusations,” Bella giggles.

“You two shut up about eating Jenny’s pussy. I want to talk more about our sexy young tennis pro,” Helen interrupts. “I would much rather fuck him than lick a pussy any day.”

“And judging by the bulge in his tennis shorts, our young tennis pro probably has a wonderfully large cock to satisfy any itch Jenny might have,” Beverly laments.

“Are you two talking about that nice young man, Tom,” Bella asks?

“That’s him, alright!” Beverly giggles and rolls her eyes. “He is so delicious looking I could have him for both lunch and dinner.”

“Beverly! Watch your tongue,” Bella admonishes! “That young man couldn’t be much more than 21 or 22 years old.”

“So? The younger the man, the harder the cock is what I have found,” Helen laughs!

Bella slaps Helen on the forearm and says, “Stop it, Helen. My son Billy is very close to that young man’s age!”

“And judging from the package displayed in your son’s swimsuit this past weekend at the club pool, I’d say Billy has as much to offer as our young tennis pro!” Helen crows. “The younger the man, the harder the cock!”

Bella blushes but doesn’t respond to Helen’s crude remark about her son, Billy. Beverly glances at Helen and shakes her head no, trying to warn her not to go there. Helen either doesn’t see Beverly’s warning or doesn’t care. She keeps babbling on about how good a young hard cock can feel in a horny middle-aged pussy. They had never talked that way about each other’s children before. Helen is introducing an entirely new element into their lunchtime fantasies. Is it the alcohol talking, or is Helen saying something they had all considered at one time or another, but didn’t say out loud? Bella downs the rest of her cocktail, signals the waiter for a refill and responds to Helen’s intemperate remark.

“Are you honestly saying you would consider having an affair with a young man so close to your own son’s age?” Bella asks.

“Consider? Hell, yes.” Helen bellows. “I would fuck my son if it were not against society’s rules of socially acceptable behavior. My son is almost as handsome as your son, Bella, and I would for sure fuck your Billy in a New York minute if I thought I could get away with it. I have fantasized about fucking your son on so many occasions.”

Bella releases a shocked gasp and lunges across the table at Helen, but Beverly moves between them and places her hand on Bella’s shoulder.

“Let me handle this, Bella. Helen seems to have surpassed her alcohol limit today,” Beverly says while stepping between her two best friends.

Bella settles back in her chair and signals the waiter a second time to bring her another cocktail. He was already on his way before she signaled the second time. The waiter looks to Beverly to see if she wants another drink, but she hastily shoos him away.

“Time to cut your drinking off, Helen,” Beverly says as she helps Helen to her feet. “The alcohol has loosened your tongue to the point of embarrassing us all. Not to mention the fact I think you are on the verge of pissing Bella off, big time!”

Bella glares at Helen with shock and bewilderment but says nothing. Bella suddenly recalls noticing that Billy has been looking at her differently over the past few months. She had attributed it to something most teenaged boys go through. The Oedipus Complex and is a natural occurrence in young boys, according to most kaçak bahis psychologists. She never gave it much serious consideration until now. Helen just put a thought in Bella’s mind that she had fought diligently to keep away.

Helen doubles down and says, “Bella, are you telling me that you have never looked at that big beautiful bulge in your son’s shorts and thought about how good it might feel sliding into your hot wet pussy some night when Henry is away at a medical conference?”

Beverly pulls Helen to her feet and growls in her ear. “Okay, Helen, enough already, that’s it. Shut the fuck up. I’m taking you home. You have gone way outside the boundaries we set in the past. We have never included our children in any of our lunchtime fantasies. I need to get you home before Bella chokes the living hell out of you.”

Beverly ushers Helen out of the club lounge. Bella sits fuming and nursing the last of her third, or maybe it is her fourth cocktail. She’d lost count. Bella is stunned, angry, and wordless. She blushes a crimson shade of red as an involuntary vision of her allowing Billy to fuck her doggy-fashion invades her mind. She pictures her son kissing her breasts, then her stomach, then burying his face between her legs. She imagines swallowing his cock … his beautiful, young, stiff cock. Then she imagines him on top of her, forcibly taking her, making her his, plunging his cock into his mama’s soaking wet pussy. Bella’s heart races, and her breathing become rapid and irregular. She is not at all sure if that vision of her son disturbs her or arouses her. All she wants to do at that moment is get the hell out of there and maybe finger fuck herself to a nice tension relieving orgasm.


Homecoming is just around the corner, and everyone assumes that Billy Davis will be elected Homecoming King again this year. He has been elected King for the last two consecutive years. Traditionally the Homecoming Queen spends the night in a luxurious hotel suite with the Homecoming King doing anything that pleasures him. Sex is assumed on the front end. No past Homecoming Queen has every reneged on her duties to the King. Billy has been with a different girl each year and followed tradition each year.

The big buzz around the high school every year is who will be Billy’s Homecoming Queen. The prettiest and most popular girls in school passionately compete for the Homecoming Queen title. It has become the most ardently sought-after title during the entire school year. Most of the teenaged girls run for Queen with the expressed intent of connecting sexually with Billy Davis.

There is more excitement surrounding this year’s festivities and the election of Homecoming Queen than in years past. This year, Cheerleader co-captain Cassie Davis announces she intends to run for Homecoming Queen. And yes, everyone wants to know if she will keep with tradition and serve her King as other Queens have in the past. The other big question is, will her big Brother Billy even allow her to run for Homecoming Queen. He has always been very protective of his little Sister. Billy vows to protect his little Sister’s honor and will not let her serve as Queen, whether he is elected King or not. Billy says he will not let some horny teenage boy defile his little Sister, and he would never engage in an incestuous act with his Sister nor do anything else to besmirch her reputation. Everyone is eager to see how the controversy will be resolved.

Billy is furious when he enters the cafeteria and sees a giant poster asking students to vote Cassie Davis Homecoming Queen. Billy rushes to Cassie’s homeroom and catches her just as the bell rings to signal it’s time to go to their first class. Billy grabs his little Sister by the arm and drags her to a deserted spot under a stairwell.

“Just what in the hell do you think you are doing running for Homecoming Queen” Billy bellows in Cassie’s ear.

“What do you care for,” Cassie screams at her Brother? “You haven’t been elected King yet! Why should it matter to you who is Queen this year?”

“Damn it, Cassie, you know damn well that I will be elected King again this year as I have been the last two previous years.”

“So, what if you are?”

“Damn it, Cassie, you know the duties that the Queen is obligated to do for the King!”

“So, what difference does that make?”

“You know damn well what difference that makes!”

“Maybe I don’t know. Why don’t you tell me, Big Brother?”

“Traditionally, the Queen is supposed to… to… you know.”

“You are going to have to be a bit more explicit, Billy. Tell me more about what the King expects his Queen to do. I want to hear it from the voice of experience!”

“You are actually going to make me spell it out for you, aren’t you!”

“If you honestly expect ‘IT’ of your Queen, then yes, you have to spell ‘IT’ out for me. You have to tell your little Sister precisely what I am expected to do if I am elected your Homecoming Queen.”

“Sometimes you are impossible to reason with, Cassie. We’ll just wait and see what Mom has to say about you running for Homecoming Queen.”

Billy angrily dashes down the hall toward his first class.

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