A Season of Valentines Day

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Thank you again Angel Love for all your help…..you’re one heck of a talented and patient editor!


We have given each other every imaginable red or pink present over the years on Valentine’s Day from edible underwear to sex toys that looked like fire hydrants. It became apparent to my best-bud-girl, Jenn, and I, as well as to a number of our friends, that we had become “Valentine’s Day Professionals.”

Jenn happened upon a very simple explanation for why we were such experts at celebrating this lovers’ occasion when she said, “It’s because we practice so much in the off-season.”

We’ve become Valentine’s Day “mentors” and “coaches.” I work on the guys who are only creative enough to buy candy and a pair of panties, and Jenn works on the women who in the past might desperately try to find a matching red bra and panty set as they rummage through their bureaus as late as the morning of the event. One couple in particular, Henry and Leslie, repeatedly thank us for the coaching and tutoring that has now made them professionals at enjoying what is now a season for them as well. It started with a conversation several years ago that the four of us had while attending a mandatory Christmas party at work.

“We realized years ago that the Christmas season can become a burden because it’s stretched out over too many weeks and even months,” Jenn told them.

Jenn and I found that by “shortening” some holiday seasons and conversely “lengthening’ other holidays that our appreciation for all the events increased dramatically. Valentine’s Day, for instance, is now officially kicked off in our household as well as in Henry and Leslie’s on February first. The first evening on our Valentine’s Day Season begins decorating any little box we can find that will become our Valentine’s Day “Wishes” Box. Each of us has to slip a little piece of paper into a little slot each evening before we go to bed with another “wish.” The box sits on a night table right next to the bed until February 14th. This tradition in its own rite fuels both our imagination as well as our excitement which just simmers and is ready to boil over by the time the official Day is upon us; greatly due to the fact that one of the rules for our Valentine’s Day Season is to abstain from orgasms until the actual day is upon us. Whew.

“That won’t be hard for us,” Leslie told Jenn, “We sometimes go months without having sex together.”

Jenn’s response was, “Well how often do you tease or flirt with each other?” Leslie gave Jenn her undivided attention as this, “first coaching session” that we remember commenced.

Jenn and I are both quick to admit that giving suggestions and tips to people almost always excites us just as well. Jenn gave Leslie a litany of ideas, some of which Jenn thought of on the spot that made her want to go try them out on me!

“Buy one or two of the sexiest pairs of panties you can find, and then just hang them in the shower after you’ve rinsed them out. Even if Henry doesn’t say anything it’ll make him think. Tell him that it’s fun for you to wear the sexy underwear sometimes because it makes you think about a very special lovemaking session that you’ve had together. Wear nightgowns casino şirketleri or T-shirts to bed for a week…..and then let him find you sleeping naked. Have a cup of coffee with him or watch him shave one morning while you’re topless.”

Jenn’s list kept going; Leslie had to take notes. And then Jenn ended that first session by suggesting that Leslie leave the list somewhere that Henry might find it!

Jenn was hornier-than-billy-goatness that night at dinner when she told me about the talk she had with Leslie, and asked that I help out a little bit with Henry. That is easier-said-than-done for me; I’m not the kind of guy who typically can talk to another guy about turning a woman on; but I promised to try as long as Jenn would tutor me a little bit through a viable process.

“The next time you and Henry are talking about the price of anything, could you mention something like Jenn just told me that she saw a vibrator for a hundred dollars, or Jenn realized that the price to replace her favorite vibrator had doubled in just three years? Maybe you can broach the topic of sex disguised as an economic indicator?” Jenn suggested.

And with that we developed a couple of tactful ploys that would hopefully get Henry’s imagination cranking. And it worked. As Henry and I were looking at a brand-new line of table saws one afternoon I remarked, “The price of these things is a third of what it was ten years ago….but you know what? That’s not the story everywhere….Jenn told me this morning that the price to replace her favorite vibrator had doubled in just three years. I just hope that it’s as efficient, easy-to-use, and made as well as this saw.” Henry sort of snickered because I don’t think he knew what else to do.

But I had planted a seed that made an appearance about a week later when Henry almost embarrassingly asked me, “Do you and Jenn use a lot of toys?”

I spoke as if I was talking about my newest cordless screwdriver. “Sure. She and I both love them. We’ve got them in the bathroom and in the night tables. And just looking together through a catalogue or an on-line site for new items is a lot of fun….and we have some favorite websites that aren’t just big porn or unreliable outfits. There are sites out there to fit everybody’s needs; some of them are as businesslike and marketed with all the specs and customers feedback as if you were researching the purchase of a new toll; and in fact that’s exactly what you’re doing.”

I had planted yet another seed because about a week later Henry asked me for a URL or two of sites that both Jenn and I thought were both reputable as well as fun.

Just as February first is now our kick-off day for our “Valentine’s Day Season,” the last weekend of January has become a wild one for us; it’s almost as if we’ve conditioned ourselves to prepare for the two long weeks without orgasms. This year we spent the better part of Saturday night and almost all day Sunday on the sofa in front of a fire. Jenn gave me a wonderful modeling show of all the special costumes and clothes that she’s acquired over the years as we both recalled memories that were attached to each ensemble. Our favorite was a short black halter-topped casino firmaları dress that was slit on the sides with a very low-cut front.

We remembered “testing” whether or not it was suitable in public. Jenn proceeded to see if she could stoop to pick up something that she had dropped and sat as if she was at dinner to see how far the hem would rise up on her legs. She walked up the stairs as I stood off to the side of the banister watching out for overt views of her snatch. She tried both getting in and out of the car and tried reaching up high enough to get a coat off a rack. Even something as innocent as trying to put a coat on would give me a glimpse of a nipple and even a very substantially revealed thigh. She ended up wearing it out just one time; to a little open-decked and candle-lighted restaurant we went to in the Caribbean. We remembered when she came back to the table after using the Ladies Room almost completely out of breath. A woman had placed her hand softly on the inside of Jenn’s leg as Jenn leaned over the sink to scrape a tiny speck of errant lipstick off the corner of her mouth. It had been a woman who had been sunbathing somewhat close to us with her husband or friend earlier that afternoon on the beach.

Modeling that one skimpy dress this year on the last weekend before we kicked off our rituals for this years’ Valentine’s Day Season opened the floodgates of our imagination. I asked Jenn to stand front of me as I “inspected” the dress. I slowly pulled back the neck so I could see more of her breasts. She stood leaning over a table as she recalled the incident in the bathroom as I played the part of the stranger; only I encouraged Jenn to tell me, “what is it that you wished that the stranger had done to you if you had been together longer?” A series of uninhibited thoughts and desires unfolded as she now sat naked in front of both me and the fire.

“I wanted to turn around and lift my dress up so she could see my pussy. I wanted to show her my breasts and tell her to show me hers.” Jenn and I had realized years ago that sometimes revealing fantasies to each other in the long run could help each other love each better in new creative ways.

“I wanted her to put her finger inside me,” Jenn said as she sat with her eyes shut and her legs wide open. “I wanted to masturbate in front of her, and then I wanted to tell you about what I had done as I watched you masturbate in front of me.”

I told Jenn to lean over a coffee table as I pulled the waist of my sweat pants slightly down. I blindfolded her and then directed my cock into her mouth. “I want you to suck this and then I want you to tell me what other hole of yours you want me to put it in.”

“Stick it in my pussy,” she said after a couple of minutes, “I’ll open my legs far apart and then I want you to stick your cock in my pussy. And I want you to finger my ass.”

Jenn rubbed herself as I humped her. The hem of her black dress sat high on her hips; she had moved the neckline to either side of her breasts. My thumb was deep in her ass, and her muscles begged it to be even deeper. I repeatedly pulled my dick all the way out of her and then baited her anticipation of when güvenilir casino I would slowly stuff it back in her. Our movements got quicker and I could feel her hand beginning to rub her clit firmer and harder. We orgasmed together, I let my sperm go all over her pussy as well as shot some into her wide open anus. We had all we could do to make our way to the sofa where we flopped down under a comforter. Neither of us alone nor maybe even together thought that we had enough energy to put another log on the fire.

Jenn and I conveyed our overall concept of a Valentine’s Day Season to Henry and Leslie after it appeared that our suggestions of teaching them how much fun it was to “tease and build anticipation.” They ultimately adopted a theory that Jenn and I simply stated as “no matter how many times you make love each week or month, you can tease and flirt every day of the year…anytime, anyplace.”

Jenn helped Leslie edit some initial “wishes” to put in the Valentine’s Day Wishes Box. Leslie shared Henry’s two favorite wishes with Jenn, both of which have ultimately become mainstays for them in maintaining fun year-round “preseason activities.” His favorite was, “I want you to watch me when I’m naked through a window when you’re outside,” and his second most favorite was, “I want you to help me shave myself at least once a month.”

Likewise Leslie shared with Jenn what her two favorites were that Henry had wished for; first was, “I like it when you go to bed with clothes on but then I find out in the morning that you’ve stripped naked.” Her runner-up most favorite was, “I’d like it if you sometimes would come into my workshop and let me watch you take off all your clothes.”

Now there are certain liabilities inherent with some of these wishes. For instance, one time Leslie didn’t know that I had come over to borrow some tools when Henry was outside mowing the lawn, and I got a great shot of Leslie washing a sliding glass door when she wasn’t wearing any clothes. (I must admit however that Henry appeared to have become a very astute pussy-barber.) And Jenn now goes over and bops into their house somewhat guardian-like ever since Leslie came prancing into the kitchen from the workshop one morning wearing only a g-string as Jenn was innocently just pouring herself a cup of their coffee.

I have absolutely no idea what “wishes” Jenn has put into the Valentine’s Day Wishes Box so far this year…..and I’m not about to tell anyone what wishes I’ve already put in there for Jenn. I can say however, that even though we’re only just about a week into our Valentine’s Day Season that this fricking rule about abstaining from orgasms has got-to-go. This morning Jenn made me rub myself on a towel that was lying next to the sink in the bathroom for a couple of minutes as she watched and played with my nipples; probably in retaliation for me insisting that I had to rinse her pussy myself with the shower attachment as she was taking a bath.

This year we started a new tradition of giving each other four very professional looking and LaserJet printed “Cum Coupons.” It’s an experiment to see just how far we can push each other by demanding we give our partner whatever sex they want on-the-spot whenever a “Cum Coupon” is presented, and it goes without saying the disclaimer “Void Where Prohibited” is there to protect both of us from any legal ramifications when we’re somewhere like the grocery store and the “Spirit of the Season” comes upon us!

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