A Sexy Weekend In Rome

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Alexis Ren

Ian smiled at the waitress gratefully as he took a drink from the tray she was holding as she passed. For just a moment, he was left alone in the huge function room at the hotel where he was staying in Rome. It was the third and final day of a series of meetings he had been attending in an attempt to engineer the takeover of an Italian company by his own employers. The meetings had been successful, so this function was turning into a bit of a celebration.

But Ian wasn’t enjoying it a bit. All he really wanted was to be a lone with Susie.

Alone with his gorgeous young daughter.

His lover.

As he thought about her, he sought her out in the room. She had joined him earlier, flying out to Rome for this function – and then to stay the weekend with him. It had almost come about by accident. When the meetings were all arranged, the organisers had decided that the final event should be for partners as well.

Ian had arranged for his wife, Megan, to attend, but she had pulled out a couple of weeks before. Rather than waste the opportunity, it was Megan who had suggested that Susie go instead.

“After all,” she had said, “Susie will be home from University, she’s never been to Rome, and you always seem to enjoy the time you spend together.”

Even now, Ian flushed at the memory of Megan’s innocent comments. Then, even as Megan had spoken, Ian’s heart had missed a beat. It was four months since his trip to Paris with Susie, four often frustrating months when they had taken more and more risks to be together, unable to deny themselves their needs, their desires.

It was a few weeks since they had been together as lovers. It had been a few days after her twentieth birthday, when she had come home from university for a long weekend. She had been out to celebrate with some girlfriends, coming home in the early hours. Ian had heard her come home, remembering how she’d looked before she’d gone out – stunning in her short skirt and tight top.

Lying in bed next to Megan, he couldn’t help but think of Susie, imagining her in her bedroom across the landing from him, slipping into bed naked, the sheets caressing her firm body. His cock rose up, rock hard, as he thought of her full breasts, her firm body, her perfect ass and long legs. He stifled a groan as he stroked his cock, conscious of Megan asleep beside him. He lay there for what seemed like hours, but which was probably only minutes.

Ian had felt as if he was in a dream as he had slipped out of bed, his cock bouncing in front of him. Pulling on his dressing gown, he glanced across at Megan one last time before heading out of the bedroom and across the landing. Without thinking, he automatically avoided the creaky floorboards and slipped into Susie’s room. He had moved quickly to her bedside, kneeling down as she stirred, as she opened her eyes to find someone next to her bed.

He had leant forward and kissed her, smothering any scream with his mouth, his lips hot against hers, his tongue sliding into her mouth as she relaxed, as she realised who it was in the darkness, as she responded. Any thoughts they had of getting caught, of the appalling risk they were taking, were immediately dissolved by their lust as Susie threw back her covers and Ian slipped off his dressing gown and moved to cover her body with his.

Her pussy was already wet and waiting for him as he moved between her outstretched legs, as he leant against her, his cock heavy between them. He slid into her easily as she wrapped her long legs around him, drawing him in deeper as she arched up to meet him. Her breasts were pressed against him, her erect nipples scratching across his chest as their bodies crushed together and their lips met.

They fucked quickly, their mouths locked together in passion, keeping their deep moans to themselves. They came quickly, their need for each other exploding deep inside their bodies as Susie’s orgasm flooded her senses just as her Dad’s thick cum flooded her pussy.

They had lain together for a long time afterwards, until Susie had sent him away, some semblance of sense rising to the surface as the magnitude of the risk they had taken sunk in. Even now, a few weeks later, Ian shuddered at the thought of the risk he, they, had taken.

Now, his eyes sought her out again across the room. She was surrounded by young men, as she had been all evening. He smiled to himself, knowing that she would be enjoying herself, but that she was his, and only his. But not tonight – they had booked separate rooms as everyone knew who she was. But tomorrow, as soon as all the other guests left, Susie would move into his suite and they would be alone.

Susie smiled across the room at him, a smile that was for him alone, a smile that sent his heart thumping – and his cock rising. Smiling back, Ian started to circulate again, but soon decided that he needed a break. After a quick glance at Susie, he slipped through a side door that led to the indoor swimming pool.

The canlı bahis pool was closed for the evening, and was just about in darkness. He made his way between the chairs, tables and sun loungers that littered the patio area around the pool before sitting comfortably on a ledge that ran along one all. He put his glass down on the ledge beside him, and put his feet on the end of a lounger. He rested his head back against the cool brickwork behind him, and shut his eyes, resting in the darkness for a few minutes.

Susie watched as her Dad left the room, longing to go with him, to be with him. For her, as for him, tomorrow – when they could be together as the lovers they were – couldn’t come soon enough. But when Ian hadn’t returned after ten minutes, she knew she had to follow him, convincing herself that she only needed to check that he was okay after the three tiring days he had just been through.

She slipped unnoticed through the same door as Ian had left by. At first, she couldn’t see him in the semi darkness. But as her eyes adjusted, she spotted across the far side of the room, sat on a ledge, his eyes closed, sipping his glass of wine.

Ian took another sip of his wine, knowing that he needed to be getting back, but happy to wait a few minutes longer as the quiet, the music, the distant sounds of the party, washed over him.

He didn’t know how long she’d been there before he heard her speak.

“You look so peaceful.”

Ian opened his eyes. It was Susie, her voice low, her eyes bright in the subdued lighting. He smiled at her, his face freezing open mouthed as she reached for the thin straps of her dress and shrugged them off her shoulders.

“Susie … no,” he told her, not meaning it as her dress slid sensually down her body and fell into a shimmering pool around her feet.

She was topless, her full breasts glowing, her nipples like dark pebbles. She bent down and picked up her dress before casually dropping it onto the end of the sun bed and kicking her shoes off. All she was wearing was a tiny thong, her ass naked as she knelt in front of her Dad, his legs each side of her.

She put her hands on his thighs. They felt like they were burning him through his trousers as she leant forward and kissed him softly on the mouth, her tongue licking slowly along his lips. She kissed him again, and then – before he could react properly – began to kiss his chest where the top few buttons of his shirt gaped open. She licked and nipped him with her sharp little teeth, before easing back to give herself room to undo his trousers.

“No…….” he groaned again, pulling her to him.

The buttons came undone quickly, but then Susie slowed down, easing his zip down slowly as she looked up at him. Ian gasped as she pulled his trousers open, and dragged his cock out into the open. She dipped her head, her eyes still on his, and ran the tip of her tongue over his cock head, licking away the shiny drops of pre cum.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm………..” she murmured as she tasted him.

And then she swallowed half of his cock into her mouth. Ian groaned as she sucked him hard, and then slipped her lips back to the tip of his cock. Ian could see the smears of her red lipstick along his shaft as she licked all around the head. And then she did it again, her wet lips slithering down his shaft as she sucked him deep into her mouth, her tongue slipping and sliding all over him, her head bobbing up and down.

She reached under his thick shaft for his heavy balls. She cupped them as she sucked on him, as her fingers wandered briefly to probe at his ass. She licked down his cock and onto his balls, sucking one, and then the other, into her mouth, sending more waves of pleasure through him.

Ian held her head as she sucked his cock again, his hips rocking as he fucked her mouth, as her lips slid wetly along his shaft, her small hand stroking him at the same time. He held her tight, fucking her mouth harder and faster, the room echoing to his moans, to the wet slurping of her mouth on him.

He wanted her, wanted her hot body, but he couldn’t stop. Ian knew he would cum, and tried to pull away, but Susie held him tight, sucking on him harder until his cum began to flood into her mouth. Ian tensed as his balls tightened, sending his cum deep into her. Susie gagged a little as he held her, until Ian eased away a fraction so that she could move. She sucked him, more softly now, and squeezed his shaft, taking all he could give her into her hot mouth.

She knelt back up and he kissed her, tasting his own cum in her mouth as their tongues played against each other. He reached for her breasts, caressing them, enjoying her moans as he touched her, as he eased her backwards and began to kiss and lick and suck her taut breasts, her rock hard nipples.

Moving carefully on the sun bed, Susie knelt up and leaned against the ledge where only moments before Ian had been sat. Her slender back was arched, her breasts swaying forward, bahis siteleri her ass just perfect.

Ian moved behind her and kissed each cheek. He pulled them gently apart, and eased her thong to one side so that he could tease her tight little hole. She moaned as he licked her ass, before poking at her with the tip of his tongue, as he pulled her cheeks further apart. Ian ran his tongue along the tight crack between her cheeks as he tugged her thong down her beautiful thighs.

Ian dragged it down her legs and off over her high heeled sandals, and then sat back on his heels to watch as she eased her legs apart, and her naked, pouting pussy came into view. He could see the dampness of her juices on her thighs, and the wetness on her clit and pussy. He reached forward and rubbed her gently. She arched her back again as he slid closer and kissed her ass before licking slowly downwards onto her pussy lips.

He slipped his tongue between them, licking and sucking on her. Ian sucked each of her fleshy lips into his mouth, one at a time and then both together, pulling gently on them with his teeth, her sweet juices pouring into his mouth. Ian rubbed her clit with the tip of his finger as he clamped his mouth over her pussy and sucked on her, his tongue fucking her tight hole

Ian reached up and caressed her ass with his other hand, running his finger nail over the tiny ridges of flesh at her puckered hole, sending tingles of pleasure up and down her spine. He sucked and licked and kissed, softly and then harder, nibbling on her pussy lips, his fingers and hands reaching for her ass, her breasts, her nipples, her clit.

She rocked her body, pushing back hard onto his mouth, her moans getting louder and louder as her orgasm built deep inside her. He felt her hand on her clit, rubbing herself hard as he pushed the tip of his finger rhythmically in to her ass. She cried out as she came, as her climax crashed through her body. Ian sucked her juices from her, drinking them down, holding her to him as they both enjoyed her pleasure.

Ian held her, naked in his arms, kissing her, both of them wanting more, their hands straying over each others body. But then they woke up to the risk of getting caught. Ian tidied his clothes up quickly, picking up his jacket and tie from the chair where he’d dropped them earlier, while Susie pulled her dress over her head. As they kissed quickly, Susie pressed something into his head. She left him, going back to the party, leaving him to stare at the damp thong she had left him holding.


They left the party an hour later – separately. Ian watched her go, saying goodnight to the last few guests as she headed towards the lift. He thought about trying to catch her up, but knew he couldn’t trust himself. Susie knew he was watching her. Her pussy throbbed and her breasts ached for his touch, but she knew as well as he did that they had taken too many risks already.

Susie let herself into her room – a single room that was just enough for her. As she slipped her dress off, and walked naked to the bathroom, she wondered what her Dad’s suite was like two floors below her. She would know soon enough she told herself in the mirror.

She slipped into bed, still naked, grateful that she had stayed at the party to the very end so that at least she felt tired. Even so, it was some time before she drifted off to sleep, images of her Dad, of his cock, of them together, filling her mind.

She woke up early – it was still dark outside. She glanced across at the clock and groaned to herself, knowing it was too early for breakfast, and that she would never get back to sleep. As she lay in bed, her hands strayed across her body. Her nipples tightened at her touch, sending tingles down her stomach to her pussy.

As she cupped and caressed a breast, rubbing her nipple, her other hand found its way down over her belly and onto her mound. Susie shuddered as she pressed down lightly on her clit, teasing it from its hiding place. Sighing, she reached lower and slid a finger between her pussy lips, feeling the moisture already there.


With a groan, she pulled her hand away, knowing that she wanted, needed, more.

She threw back the covers, and went to the bathroom. As she came back into the room, she grabbed a bottle of water from the mini bar and sipped at it, trying to relax. She flicked through the Hotel’s brochure, noticing for the first time that the pool opened early on a Saturday.

“At least it’s something to do,” she told herself, making her mind up quickly.

She pulled her bikini out of the draw, and slipped into it. She had hoped that her Dad would have been with her when she wore it for the first time. After all, she had chosen it with him in mind! The top was little more than two triangles of material held together with strings around her back and neck. The bottoms tied at her hips, the material hugging her ass tightly.

She bahis şirketleri pulled the towelling gown that the hotel had provided on over her bikini, slipped on some flat shoes, grabbed her key card, and headed for the door. It was only as she stood by the lift waiting that she thought about the pool again – and what had happened the night before.

She felt the heat in her body again as she thought about it. She could almost feel her Dad’s cock in her hand again, taste him in her mouth. She stumbled into the lift and blindly pressed the button for the ground floor. Moments later, she stepped out as the lift doors opened again.

It was only as the doors closed behind that she realised she was on the wrong floor. She must have pressed the wrong button. She turned around to call the lift back, but stopped, her hand hovering over the button as she stared at the huge “2” in front of her. She was on the second floor – her Dad’s floor.


Ian was lying in bed, naked and idly stroking his cock, when he heard the faint tapping. His cock was erect, his head full of thoughts of his daughter. As the tapping got louder, he realised it was someone at the door. He glanced across at the clock, wondering who on earth it could this early. Sliding out of bed, he pulled on a pair of boxers and headed towards the door, making sure his still semi erect cock was tucked away.

At the door, he peered through the security viewer, trying to see who was there.


He had barely gasped her name before he was opening the door and dragging her quickly inside. He kicked the door shut, and they stood staring at each other, their hearts pounding. With a groan they fell into each others arms, their lips locked together, their tongues and hands exploring hungrily.

Ian tugged at the belt of Susie’s robe, before dragging it down her arms. He gasped as he saw what she was wearing, as he backed her against the wall, as she reached for him, her arms around his neck as he tugged at the strings of her bikini top, as their lips met again, as their tongues thrust deep.

Her breasts sprung free, her nipples dark and erect, as Ian pulled her bikini top away from her. He reached for her, cupping her full breasts in his hands before dipping his head and sucking a rubbery nipple into his mouth, his tongue flicking around her sensitive flesh as Susie held his head to her. She moaned out loud, pushing her breasts forward towards his eager mouth, pulling his head from one ripe nipple to the other.

Susie’s pussy was throbbing madly as she pulled Ian back up to her and thrust her tongue into his mouth. They kissed urgently before Susie dropped to her knees. Looking up at Ian, she grabbed the waistband of his boxers and dragged them down onto his thighs, his cock springing free, thick and hard.

For a few seconds, Susie stared at her Dad’s cock, watching it swaying in front of him, the head covered in pre cum. Still looking up at him, she reached up and took his shaft in her hand, squeezing him as she flicked a bead of pre cum away from his cock head with her tongue. She reached up for his balls as she held his cock flat against his belly, listening to his deep moans as she licked slowly along his cock, from the base of his shaft to the tip.

Susie ran her lips back down Ian’s cock, leaving wet trails behind from her tongue. She sucked one of his balls into her mouth, rolling it gently around with her tongue while her hand slid slowly up and down his shaft. Ian eased his legs apart as Susie slipped her hand between them, probing gently with her finger as her mouth moved from his balls back up to cock.

She pulled Ian’s cock towards her and sunk her mouth down onto him, making him cry out as she sucked half his length into her hungry mouth. He reached for her head, his fingers entwined in her mass of hair as his hips jerked forward, fucking her mouth, her tongue rubbing across his cock head and along his shaft.

Abruptly, Ian pulled Susie to her feet. Backing her against the wall again, Ian held both of Susie’s hands in his, holding them high above her head. They kissed frantically as, with his other hand, he pulled at the ties at the side of Susie’s bikini, before dragging it from between her legs.

Susie moaned into Ian’s mouth as her bikini bottoms were dragged over her pussy and clit, shivers of pleasure, of anticipation, running through her. She fucked Ian’s mouth with her agile tongue as she hooked her leg up over his hip, opening up her pussy to him. He guided the tip of his cock towards her pussy, easing just the tip inside her hot, wet body before he reached for her breasts and nipples, his other hand still holding Susie’s hands above her head.

With a cry, he plunged his cock into her, driving her back against the wall with the force of his thrusts. Susie’s pussy stretched around his thick shaft, sucking him deep inside her needy body. Ian’s hand clawed at Susie’s breasts, pinching and pulling at her nipples, as he fucked her, as she fucked him. Their mouths were locked together, muffling their cries, the room echoing to the sounds of Susie hitting the wall with every thrust of Ian’s hips.

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