A Silent Stimulation

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Christine looked at herself in the mirror. Her pretty face was the color of creme, her tears streaming around the gentle curve of her chin and dripping onto the porcelain sink. Why was she made to suffer so much humiliation, she thought to herself. Before she had a chance to answer herself mentally, however, the bathroom door burst open and James strode in.

“You cheating cunt,” James shouted, “I’m not finished talking to you! Did you think you’d get away with it forever?” His broad shoulders heaved with anxiety, and his charcoal-black hair hung in his face, a few strands plastered to his brow by the spreading perspiration.

“James, please! I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“The fuck you don’t! I -saw- you out my window, you with your piss-colored cotton shirt laying next to you, your black skirt up around your slutting hips, and your pretty fucking pink panties around your fucking ankle!” His face was turning crimson, and his eyes bore into hers like daggers. “You were letting that nigger guy pound your pussy, right out in the open where I could see!”

At this, she could feel her dam of hatred burst. “I don’t know what the -fuck- you’re talking about, Jimmy! I’ve been in classes all day, and the only time I’ve had to fuck -anyone- was you at lunchtime!” She stopped to take a frantic breath, matching James’s stare as she continued, her grey-green eyes burning holes into his. “If you think I would -ever- be a little whore like that to anyone but you, then you can go fuck yourself!”

Before James could respond, she pushed past him and ran out of the bathroom, out of their dorm room, and down the hall. She was only acutely aware of the tears that were streaming down her face as she pushed past the few people who were chumming around the building’s exit. She ran for what seemed like hours, crossing the commons and not stopping until she reached the edge of the far fields. Finally, exhausted both mentally and physically, she sat down at one of the few picnic benches nearby, lowered her head onto the formica surface, and sobbed into her arms.

Only a few moments later, she could hear someone approaching from behind. Not about to take any chances, she tensed herself for the impending attack. She kept her head in her arms, listening to the soft footsteps as they neared her… Slower, slower still, and finally stopped. She swallowed back a lump in her throat, and nearly lost her mind when she felt a hand grasp her shoulder. Screaming, she leapt up as though a tiger on the offensive, lashing out with a hard slap. “Don’t you touch me!”

The figure recoiled as the smack resounded over the empty field. “Ow, Jesus! It’s me!” he cried out, but to no avail, as she was drawing her hand back for another slap. He managed to grab her wrist before she could launch her attack, and forced her head up to look at him. As their eyes made contact, he shouted again. “It’s me! It’s Pete! Get ahold of yourself, doll!”

Realizing that it’s not her boyfriend, her rage turns to vulnerability as she wraps her arms around him, sobbing freely into his chest. He almost laughes as she does this, not quite knowing how to react. Choking back his natural reaction, he lets his arms fall freely around her, holding her against him. “Shh… It’s alright. Whatever happens, I’m here now.”

* * *

Once in Pete’s dorm, Christine had a chance to fix herself. She looked at herself in the mirror again, fixing her long, blonde hair in a loose ponytail. Her hand wandered down to the hem of her “piss-colored cotton shirt”, as James had referred to it. Thinking of it almost made her break down again, but she managed to find the strength to swallow back the tears. Quickly, she fixed herself to appear at least mildly presentable, straightening her shirt and brushing the few wrinkles out of her long flowing skirt.

Pete looked up from his table as she exited kaçak iddaa the bathroom, smiling subconsciously. He had always had a fondness for Christine. The fact that she had a killer body was only a bonus on top of the fact that she had a great personality. She had a slim frame, with just the right curve of the hips. He never knew if the way her hips swayed when she walked was intentional or natural. He only knew that it was arousing in a way he had never known before. Her breasts, however, were what he loved most about her. Perfect little globes, both of them round and perky with an appealing slope to them. They weren’t large by any stretch of the imagination, but they complimented her small frame quite nicely. He caught himself mentally undressing her as she walked towards him, that little hip-shake in action, but immediately stopped himself. She was there for comfort, not to be eye-candy. As she sat down across from him, he flipped on the radio to an easy listening station, the volume turned down low enough to hear over. “I suppose a broken nail didn’t stain your pretty face so bad. You wanna tell me what happened?”

Christine shook her head, causing a loose strand of hair to fall from her ponytail, framing the side of her face. Seeing her there before him almost broke his heart. What could’ve happened to make this beautiful creature fall apart at the seams? She spoke quietly. “It’s not important, really… James thinks I’m having an affair on him.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

“I know, but he says he saw me having sex on the commons with a black guy. I was in classes all day, so I don’t know who he thinks he saw.”

Pete couldn’t help but take a moment to picture that. Her beautiful body, bare in the afternoon sunlight, gently rocking back and forth upon a long, hard shaft. He could picture her face, eyes closed, soft lips parted as she moaned in a manner that was almost innocent. He mentally kicked himself for even thinking it, but he couldn’t quite shake the image. “He knows better than that. You’d never cheat on him.”

She nodded briefly, waving a hand before her. “I don’t really want to talk about it right now, but there is something else you can do for me.”

His mind raced with the extravagant possibilities, but he settled for asking, “Yes?”

“Would you mind terribly if I stayed here for a week or two, until I can find another pad?”

He tilted his head in a small nod, smiling. “‘Course you can. I could use the company.”

Her face brightened at this, offering a small smile of her own. “You don’t have to sleep on the floor or anything; I trust you to keep your hands to yourself.” He couldn’t quite place it, but for a brief second, he would’ve sworn he could see a small glint of something in her eyes. After a moment, he just passed it off as nothing.

“I won’t slip you anything that you won’t take willingly. Scout’s honor.”

Her smile turned to a sly grin as she stood up from her chair, moving to his open closet and pulling down one of his shirts off of a hanger. “I never did trust the scouts, myself.” With that, she turned and stepped into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Pete’s grin had slowly faded as he stood up, looking at his wall clock. 11:45 PM. He’d have to get some sleep in if he wanted to make it to his 9 AM class in a good mood. Without hesitation, he stripped off his black sweatshirt and the plain white t-shirt underneath it, revealing a body that wasn’t quite buffed out, but wasn’t at all shabby either. His blue Levi jeans were tossed aside as he slid under his covers with nothing but his boxers on. Before letting his head hit the pillow, he called out. “I’m goin’ to bed, Chrissy. Hit the lights when you come out.” He heard a muffled reply, but didn’t bother to decode it as his head hit the pillow.

His eyes slipped closed, and what seemed like ten minutes slipped by. Just as he kaçak bahis was starting to doze off, a small moan made its way to his ears. His eyes slid open, perking his ears up a bit to listen closer. What was that? Another moan, more insistant, sounded out. His eyes widened in a combination of excitement and horror. “Oh my god, she’s masturbating in my bathroom!” he thought to himself. He started to pick his head up a bit more to hear better, but the bathroom door flew open before he could. He immediately narrowed his eyes to tiny little slits, feigning sleep. Through his eyelashes, he could see her come out of the bathroom, wearing one of his white undershirts. It was long enough to cover her hips, but from his vantage, he could see the pink cotton of her panties. Almost instantly, his penis came alive, but he made sure to keep playing the sleeper. She stared at him silently, as though she were trying to see if he was really awake. Finally, satisfied that he was asleep, she walked towards the bed and slipped beneath the covers next to him. As she got into bed, he could see her nightshirt riding up a bit on her creamy upper thighs, allowing him to get a glimpse of the dark patch of hair behind her pink panties before she pulled the covers over herself.

He could hardly believe his misfortune. Here he was, a teenager with a raging hard-on, sleeping next to an insanely beautiful girl whom he wasn’t allowed any access to.

… Or was he?

He let the minutes pass by, waiting for her to fall asleep. As she begin to eminate cute little snores in her breathing pattern, he let his eyes slide fully open. She was facing away from him, turned on her side with her hands under her head. He moved his own body just a tad closer, and stopped when he felt his rock-hard penis hit the crack of her tight little ass. Immediately, he pulled his hips back a little, not wanting to wake her. Just the thought of entering her from behind had overcharged his batteries, and he knew there was no way he could keep himself from trying anything. Slowly, he let his hips fall forward again, the head of his dick slipping out of the hole in his boxers and pressing against the taut panty fabric that stretched a bit between her asscheeks.

Waiting just one moment more, he pushed gently further, his head moving into the curves of her ass. He almost felt as though he were being sucked between them. Getting bolder, he slid his dick over her ass a little, the warmth of her skin pulsing below the soft fabric. He slid it lower along her crack, until his dick was in the space between her legs, pushing up against her cunt. It was all he could do to hold back from grabbing her hips and fucking her brains out, but he maintained his cool. If he was going to do this, he would do it right.

Methodically, he slid his dick back and forth along her cunt, waiting for a reaction. He didn’t have to wait long, as a small moan came from her lips. He stopped for a second, waiting to see if she would wake up. Miraculously, she didn’t. Her small snores went right along with her soft moans of subconscious pleasure. A grin spread along his lips as he pushed a bit harder, putting more friction between his dick and her cunt as he rubbed along her panties. Before long, he could feel her cunt start to moisten, her juices soaking through her panties. She was driving him out of his mind, and he knew he was going to cum before long. In a spur-of-the-moment decision, he decided to pull off a big risk. Under the covers, he snaked his arm around her hips, lowering his hand to the clef between her legs. His fingers moved about just a bit, seeking the edge of her panties. He heard a few more soft moans coming from her, and he decided he’d better act quick. His fingers slowly pulled aside the fabric, exposing her cunt to his dick. He pushed his hips up a bit, in anticipation of her skin. What he got was more than he bargained illegal bahis for, as he almost came on the spot. Her slit was soaking wet, and soft as velvet without the panties in the way. Without any second thought, he pushed the head of his dick up, just barely entering her pussy lips. Almost immediately, he heard a low, aroused growl escape her throat.

Holding his breath, he pushed in a bit further. Her cunt was so insanely tight, and if it weren’t for her wetness, he wouldn’t have been able to get up there at all. He could feel his head slip further and further inside of her pussy lips, until finally it popped inside of her cunt. Before he knew what was happening, he heard her moan louder as she pushed her hips back onto him, swallowing the entire 9 inches of his dick into her pussy.

He couldn’t stop himself from moaning as he felt his entire dick inside of her pussy, her cunt walls squeezing and contracting as though she were fully awake. He could still hear her snoring a bit, but it didn’t matter. He pulled his dick out slowly, and pushed it in just as slow, letting it slide all the way inside of her again. She responded equally, pushing her hips back against him as he pushed inside of her. That was the final straw, as he started a steady pace inside of her. Her moans increased as he continued fucking deep inside of her cunt, and her hips bucked backward with an urgency that he had never felt before. “She must be awake,” he managed to think as he was fucking her, but before he could think of a way to make sure, she pulled her hips off of his dick and turned to face him, eyes open, and that sly grin on her lips. “Christine… I…” He didn’t quite know what to say, and as the color ran out of his face, she finally spoke to him.

“I thought you were a boy scout,” she murmured, lowering her hands down her body and pushing her panties down off of her. All he could do was watch as she threw the covers off of them, pushing him on his back and straddling him. “Is this what you pictured me doing to that black guy?” she asked demurely, her cunt resting on his stomach. He couldn’t manage to say anything but “Ungh”. Chuckling, she shifted her hips down to his penis, letting it slip deep inside of her again. She writhed in pleasure at the feeling of being completely filled, a loud moan escaping her lips as she began to ride him with reckless abandon. His cock slipped deep in and out of her as she bucked her hips, continually upping the pace. “Oh, fuck… Fuck… Me… Fuck… Me… Pete… Fuck me! Oh!”

“God, I’m gonna cum! Fuck!” Pete could only manage to shout as he pushed his hips up against hers creating a force that drove the both of them over the brink. She screamed out as her orgasm hit, her cunt muscles squeezing tightly around his dick, milking him for all he was worth. He couldn’t hold out long against her, and finally let loose his cum, shooting ounces of the stuff deep inside of her cunt. He could see nothing but pleasure as he came, tangible pleasure that he could reach out and grab if he weren’t so busy fucking. Finally, as his orgasm began to subside, he opened his eyes and watched her still seated atop him. Her body was shuddering with the force, finally beginning to calm down. She fell down on top of him, her perfect breasts pushing against his chest through her nightshirt, and kissed him on the lips. He returned it half-heartedly, drained of almost all energy. Even with her still atop him, he felt himself drifting off to sleep again. The last thing he managed to hear from her was “I knew you would…” before sinking into a long and satisfying sleep.

When he awoke, she was laying beside him in the same position she had started in, still wearing her nightshirt, and upon further inspection, still wearing her panties.

“Was it all a dream?” he found himself wondering. He would have to wait for her to wake up to ask. He would also have to ask if she really -had- cheated on her boyfriend.

If she had, then he felt glad that he got to share what that guy had. Quietly, he got out of his bed and dressed himself.

-The End-

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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