A Sucker for a Stud , His Woman

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Alex . . . Treat me like your sissy slave: Bisexual, Gay, Femdom, domination, humiliation, anal sex, cum, glamour girls. Alex has success with all the ladies, and allows Jeremy to tag along on one of his conquests. Jeremy soon realizes that in sexual situations with Alex, everyone serves Alex’s dick – be they a man or a woman. Hot humiliation and bisexual action.

Part 1.

I always wanted to be a ladies man, but of course I never was. Cute but small, I was always the girl’s best friend, never the lover. The lover of course was my friend Alex. Strong, handsome, virile, and a little bit mean – he never had any problems finding women. He let me hang around him more as a n afterthought than anything else. I would laugh at his jokes, and if he got really drunk, he might confide something or another in me. As much as anyone, I was Alex’s close friend, not that that meant a lot.

One of the things he let me do was go to the bars with him. He used to say I might get lucky and fuck one of his discards, but of course that never happened. Girls don’t have nearly the problem getting laid as men do, and when Alex would leave them, the last thing in the world they wanted was to go home with me, Jeremy.

Finally, after many months of this routine, for a lark, Alex offered to take me out to the hottest nightclub in town. You know the type, velvet ropes, bounces, the whole deal. I never would have gotten in there on my own. Of course I wasn’t on my own,, I was with Alex who seemed to know everyone. We weren’t in the VIP lounge for one minute when an incredibly attractive woman approached us.

“So I just have to know…” She said, asking Alex with an inquisitive smirk, elbows on our table leaning forward in a way that made her cleavage hang, leaving the enormous round globes of her breasts to be suspended by her lacy bra top.

“You’re the new silent partner in the Baseball team aren’t you? You’re the guy who’s funneling The Boss all that cash. You’re the guy who’s going to build the West Side stadium out of your spare cash – – -Am I right?” She leaned back and placed her hands on the hips of her highly fashionable Snake Skin pants, giving a self satisfied and flirtatious grin.

It wasn’t that she really thought Alex was some silent partner for the baseball team; it was that in her mind she had pulled off the trick of the first line. She silently congratulated herself on the way she had combined the male fantasies of absurd wealth and power, with their obsession with professional sports into one single and clean line of entry.

I looked at the woman, scarcely containing my disbelief. She was perfect. At least to my recollection, I had never been this near to a woman of this caliber. Every ounce of her body screamed sex, but in a peculiarly expensive way. She was like the perfect whore. An incredible figure, thin, muscular and toned, young but with an air of sophistication, breasts that were large and full, but not absurdly enormous. You could tell from her devilish smirk that she enjoyed sex, and was entirely open about it, but at the same time her diction and posture indicated good breeding and class. Of course she scarcely noticed me, except perhaps to mentally calculate how long it would take to get rid of me. Her pearly blue eyes were fixed on Alex’s face. She threw back a lock of her silvery blond hair and giggled, causing her perfect little midriff to wiggle just a bit. I swore she looked like Jamie Pressley with bigger breasts.

Alex squinted his eyes and crinkled up his nose, looking the girl up and down as though he were inspecting her like an investor would a prized thoroughbred.

“I’m sorry.” He said “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

She joined us of course, but more out of her own volition, than by any invitation from Alex. I watched her and had to give her credit. She was expert in the way she played the flirtation game, capturing space between her and her prey with an easy manner, moving in shrewdly for the kill with soft touches on Alex’s arm, placing her manicured fingers on his knees, leaning over to mischievously whisper a naughty word or two into his ear. As I watched her I had the strange and unpleasant feeling of jealousy. Jealousy of Alex, that he wielded such power and wealth so effortlessly and deeply envious of his control over the incredible female specimen who was now illegal bahis practically in his lap.

At the same time, I was strangely jealous of the girl. I was Alex’s friend. Who was this woman to suddenly intervene? At the same time I realized I was jealous of her in a more complicated way as well. I had never been so close to such an attractive woman. A normal male would feel raw animal desire. A wish to strip her of her clothing and fuck her until she screamed for mercy – – or more for that matter. I realized, in an inwardly humiliating way, that this was not at all what I was feeling. I didn’t want to fuck her.

I wanted get fucked like her. I wanted to be her. To own those incredible breasts, to laugh an easy laugh and have every man in the bar look at me. To giggle girlishly, exposing my flat belly for the world to see and desire, while I wore snakeskin pants, and pretty lacy thong underwear beneath it. What was the matter with me? I thought to myself alarmed. Have I become that much of a fairy that when placed in a room swarming with incredible women my only reaction is too long to be one. I was even jealous that she was stealing my man. I looked down in my drink ashamed.

“Jeremy… Are you ready to go yet?” Alex’s voice startled me from my self-loathing.

“Huh…” I said.

“I’m sorry… ahhh…” Alex hesitated.

“Estelle” The woman quickly filled in, her face looked as though she had been slapped.

“Yes, Estelle, well it was lovely to meet you, you really are a very charming young woman, but I will need to be going right now.” Alex rose, and Estelle sort of half rose out of her seat. She was shocked. It must not be often that men willingly walk away from her. I inwardly celebrated.

“Unless…” Alex mentioned. Estelle leaned forward waiting anxiously for his next word. “Oh, I’m sure a nice girl like you wouldn’t want to…” You could see Alex inwardly calculating, thinking of something.

“Want to what?” Estelle nearly screamed.

“Well you know, Jeremy and I were just going to go back to my place, maybe open up a bottle of something nice, put on some music… I dunno, it could be fun.”

Part 2.

I could scarcely believe what was happening. Here I was, Jeremy from Queens, naked in a marble and tile Jacuzzi smoking cigarettes and drinking champagne with Alex and Estelle. Even though I had seen her in all stages of dress and undress, I was still having difficulty fathoming the perfection of her body. Was it legal to have belly that flat, and breasts that perfectly large. Not that she was shy about showing them.

Estelle exhibited no squeamishness at all when Alex suggested we all go skinny dipping in the tub. She practically squealed as she dropped her clothes. But as incredible as she was, I couldn’t help but admit that I felt like the third wheel. Alex was sitting with his back against the tub, Estelle straddling his lap grinding her freshly waxed vagina against his dick under the water, while he squeezed the perfect orbs of her breasts, pinching her elongated pink nipple. “Oh my god baby, I’m gonna cum just from rubbing against you. I just can’t fucking wait to get that big dick inside me.” She cooed, lest what they were doing be less than obvious to me.

His dick was big too. I had seen it before we got in the tub. I mean flaccid this thing hung down like a horse, full and meaty and swinging back and forth. I tried to hide mine as I jumped into the tub, but I could swear that Estelle stifled a laugh. I know for a fact that she was taunting me when she was riding Alex.

She looked over his shoulder as she cooed into his eye and looked me right in the fact.

“Fuck you are such a man. Look at you – – all this money, a perfect body and big huge fucking dick to boot.” Making sure she didn’t lose that connection you get when you really stare someone down, Estelle leered at me and said to Alex:

“No, you’re not a little fairy faggot are you. Not some pathetic little weakling of a man that works for other men. You’d never just sit and watch your friend feed his huge, massive cock into the hot pussy of some bitch, while you sat and jacked off, what kind of a little sissy fag would do that.”

I felt like saying “Uh hello, are you for real?” but of course she was for real, and she was right. I was watching, and I was getting turned on, illegal bahis siteleri and I couldn’t help but touching myself, and as I did I couldn’t help but think how much smaller I was than my new friend Alex. As I thought about that, I thought about how turned on I was getting, and I realized I was turned on because I was imagining myself as Estelle, and imagining that that big fat Dick of Alex’s was shoved up MY pussy instead. Of course I was always conscious of the fact that of course I didn’t have a pussy, but that I sure felt like one wishing the things I was wishing for.

I watched transfixed as Alex backed up and out of the tile Jacuzzi, the water foaming around his calves, as he sat on the ledge. Estelle kneeled on the step of the hot tub an arm on each of Alex’s thighs easing her perfectly pout lips over his thick shaft. Alex pulled her up and out of the tub until she straddled his dick. I was the spectator of course, but rock hard at the site, as Estelle reached behind her perfect ass cheeks and fitted Alex’s big dick into her tight pussy.

“Oh, FUCK YES!” She yelled as she rocked her hips back and forth on Alex’s lap.

“You are such a fucking MAN.” She shrieked. I watched feeling more and more pathetic all the time. I watched as my friend Alex fucked the most incredible woman I had ever seen, let alone seen naked.

Estelle was one of those perfect creatures separated from the world of mortals. To this day, women like her had only existed for me in the pages of fashion magazines and on advertisements pinned to the sides of newspaper kiosks. They didn’t exist in reality to be unclothed and ravished for the fun of it. And yet, I could tell that Estelle was getting ready to cum by her short breaths and her plaintive whining. I held my breath waiting for the moment. Then Alex held her tight, pinning her down on his dick, keeping her from moving.

“Oh baby, come on baby, I want to cum baby. Keeeeeeep goooooooo-iiiiiinnnnng.” Estelle cried.

“I got something even hotter, baby, just trust me.” Alex fumbled with the pile of his clothes behind him with one hand while he steadied Estelle by grasping the perfect globes of her ass with the other. He lit one of his thick smoked French Cigarettes, the smoke curling, purplish, in waving rings up through the air.

“Baby, this is REALLY fucking hot, you got to trust me on this, you’ll never feel ANYthing like it, I promise.” Alex said. Estelle nodded and bit her lower lip, still yearning and eager to get off. Alex began to slowly rock her back and forth on his dick, his shaft rubbing back and forth against her pink little button of a clit as it stretched open her girly hole, and filled her like a slut.

“Oh Baby, I’m getting close… ” Estelle yelled.

Alex motioned to me. I shrugged as if to say “Me?” but Alex was getting impatient.

“Jeremy, get over here.” Alex said as he lay Estelle flat on her back on the tile floor, holding her legs open wide with his outstretched hands. I crawled over feeling embarrassed, excited and, lord help me, oh so hot.

“Ok Jeremy, I want you to help me get this bitch off.” With that, he let go of one of Estelle’s legs and grabbed me by the hair on the back of my head. Another man had never touched me like that. He was dominant, completely in control of me, and sexual at the same time. He eased his huge turgid cock out of Estelle’s shaved, gaping pussy.

“You see that pussy Jeremy? You know what I want you to do.” With that he pulled my head down to it – not that I resisted – and pressed my lips against her hot, fresh vagina. I could feel the heat and the dampness emanating from her cunt. Who am I kidding, it was irresistible, and I eagerly licked and sucked all over her gorgeous snatch where Alex’s cock had just been. Estelle, started bucking her hips up into my face cooing

“Oh Alex, you found a good little sissy to eat my cunt. He eats me just like a hot little bitch would.” Alex just laughed.

“Jeremy, how do you know how to eat pussy so well? You certainly never get any practice. You must really relate to pussy, almost like you’ve got one yourself.” Him and Estelle started laughing at me as I lapped eagerly at her cunt, my cock hard, but little and pathetic compared to Alex’s.

“I need some DICK Alex!” Estelle Screamed.

“Get this little pussy off of me and give canlı bahis siteleri me that big cock of yours.” I looked up at her, my feelings a little hurt, but incredibly turned on as well. She gestured over my shoulder toward Alex. Still on my back, I turned my head and saw his huge penis, right there at eye level, my head wedged between it and Estelle’s pussy. He grabbed my hand and did something totally, unexpected, he placed it on his penis.

We all just sat there for a second, frozen in erotic heat, none of the three of us knowing what I’d do next.

“Come one Jeremy” he said, but it was unnecessary. Already I was playing with his penis, masturbating his huge hard shaft as if to draw its manly power out. Alex smiled a triumphant dominant smile, then held Estelle’s legs open. “Alex, guide my dick into her ass.”

What can I say, I was his slave. If he had asked, I would have guided his dick into MY ass. Estelle was eager for the ass fucking, but the biggest issue was fitting that huge monster in her anus. What seemed simple, proved difficult. Alex’s head kept sliding to the side right at the moment of truth.

“Ok, Jeremy, I think you’re going to need to get her ready for me. He pushed my head down into her clean perfect asshole, and instructed me to lick. I licked like a little dog, all dirty and horney and excited. When it came time for Alex to fuck her, he had me spread her anus with one hand and ease his cock into her hole with the other. Estelle, panted with pain and erotic pleasure.

“God this is so fucking hot.” She said as Alex plowed her aching little asshole, spreading it open like it was another cunt. Alex looked at me.

“Ok, faggot. I need to cum – lick my balls while I fuck this bitch.” I was surprised. I mean sure I had touched his penis, sure I was already his humiliated little sub, but lick his balls – that was totally gay, and I wasn’t sure I was ready for it. Before I could make up my mind though, my mind was made up for me. Alex pushed me down to where he and Estelle joined, and instinctually, like an animal, I just started licking.

I licked everything, Estelle’s pussy, and Alex’s hard dirty shaft as it pistoned in and out of her asshole. Finally, all pride replaced by submissive desire, I licked his huge manly balls. Its impossible to describe the feeling, lying under my friend, and the hottest woman I’d ever been around, watching his huge penis fuck her asshole, and wanting only one thing, the cock and balls of this hot and virile man. His balls slapped me in the face as he violently fucked Estelle. Estelle moaned with the heat of the situation and I did everything I could to keep my face as close to her asshole as possible.

Alex finally pulled his huge cock out of her ass with a pop. Her asshole gaped open, and she groaned with the pleasure. Violently Alex pulled my head to his cock.

“Lick it cunt” he grunted, and I am ashamed to say I did, tasting Estelle’s asshole, and feeling the incredible erotic heat and power held in that penis. As soon as I started though, He had pulled away. Estelle obediently held her ass checks wide apart and Alex jacked his cock once, and shot hot sticky cum into her whole. One, two, three, five shots of thick gooey cum, as Estelle screamed

“My God, this is SO FUCKING DIRTY.” And shrieked as she came.

It was then that I knew what a cunt I was. Alex didn’t even have to ask. Like the nastiest girly slut in any porn movie, I instinctively pushed my head into Estelle’s ass, licking his hot cum out of her as it oozed in and out of her hole. I heard Alex murmur behind me

“That’s a good girl, lick my cream out of her.” I couldn’t control myself anymore, I reached my hand to my little penis and started playing with it. Jack placed his cock in reaching distance, and I took turns licking his half-full meat, and sucking his cum out of Estelle’s hole.

“That’s a good, faggot, bitch, a good cunt, a good little pussy boy. C’mon and come for me you little faggot. You little bitch, you sissy slut, piece of shit whole. Suck my cock and play with your dick, and cum as you think what a little faggot whore you are.” And what can I say. The dirty talk did me in. I couldn’t resist – could you? I came and I came and I came.

Its now many weeks later. Alex has grown tired of me, and moved on to other sissy’s and whores. I go to the bars every night looking for a man as strong and as powerful as he is. After all, what are labels like Gay and strait, when bending them can bring such pleasure.

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