A Surprise Scottish Incest Ch. 01

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An author is lucky if s/he gets to work with a talented editor. In my case I have had the good fortune to have ChadCastle28 to edit this. But any errors are mine, not his. All persons engaging in sexual intercourse are at least eighteen years of age


One day Kandace MacCallum came home from school in a very bad mood. She had just broken up with her boyfriend, David Pollackson, because he had demanded sexual favors from her. She would have done anything he asked of her, but being ordered to do something stuck in her craw; it always had.

Kandace felt loved when she and David fucked by mutual agreement. She had given him blowjobs and had let him eat her pussy when they both wanted it. But she wouldn’t knuckle under to anyone’s demands for sex, not now and not ever. The look on David’s face when she had told him to “fuck off” showed her that he only cared for himself.

She was, however, also sexually aroused by her own actions, and sought relief from one of her favorite dildos in her collection of sex toys. This one had a vibrator built in, and she had just changed the batteries in it last night. As she stroked it over her nether lips, and especially her clit, she knew that she was not in any rush to replace David.

A week later, on her way home from teaching the business school students in her “Accounting 101” class, she decided to stop at a neighborhood bar where they served superb cheeseburgers and fries along with your choice of adult beverage.

Alone at a table with her food and her glass of beer, she reflected on her life. Two years past her MBA, running an independent accounting and bookkeeping service and teaching an occasional class at the local community college, she was still looking for a man to sweep her off her feet.

At age 26, Kandace stood 5′ 6″ tall, weighed 130 pounds, and had the bright red hair and sapphire blue eyes of her paternal Scottish ancestors. Unlike most redheads, she did not bear the pale skin that would burn, but a normal skin tone that she tanned at every opportunity. She owed that to her mother’s Italian heritage.

But like many redheads, her temper was always near the surface and was likely to boil over if provoked, as that clown, David, had found out. So Kandace worried if her temper made her unattractive. But just as her mental self-review was nearing an end she was startled by a male voice speaking to her. A deep, resonant voice that drew her eyes open and up to a face towering over her table.

“Might I sit with you, please?” he asked again. “The bar is packed and you have the only unoccupied chair anywhere in this establishment.”

“By all means, please join me,” she told him. When he had seated himself across from her, Kandace was awestruck at his wide, toothy grin, his head full of honey colored waves, and his 6′ 4″ height. He also had beer and food, and began to eat, speaking to her between swallows of food or beverage.

“I’m Rudolph Argyle,” he introduced himself. “I’m new to this community.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Argyle. I’m Kandace MacCallum, a life-long resident of this city,” she replied in response to his introduction.

As she looked at him more closely, Kandace began to fantasize about having this very tall person as her lover. Then, abandoning that line of thinking, she asked him, “Have you been here very long?”

“No, just a day. I’m staying at the hotel down the street until I can find a place to live and a place to set up my consulting business. I help new businesses with their technology requirements. What do you do?” he then asked.

“I run a private accounting practice out of my home office and serve my clients out of my specially equipped, GMC Savana Cargo van. My clients are also mostly new businesses,” she confided in him.

Privately she thought that they could make a business partnership with personal fringe benefits. Publicly, she answered several of his questions about their small suburban city just seventy miles from a major eastern metropolis.

“Do you know of any good places where I might be able to rent a small apartment?” he asked.

“Well, I don’t know how small they are, but my apartment complex has several vacancies. We have a lot of military families who hiltonbet giriş are coming and going a lot. Most of the military folks are assigned to the fort ten miles east of here. It’s an easy commute for them because there is a four-lane road running from the big city, through here, and directly to the fort. Of course, rush hour can be hell on that road, but if you do business in town, here, that should not pose a problem for you,” she explained.

Then she asked him what his business space requirements were. “One of my clients runs a commercial real estate business, and I can send you to her for advice on where to set up,” Kandace told him.

“Kandace,” he said, grinning at her, “You have just solved two of my biggest immediate issues. Thank you.”

As she handed him her business card, she asked him to call her in the morning so that she could set him up with directions to her apartment complex and a referral to her real estate client. He handed her a generalized business card that gave his name and his cell-phone number. Then he asked her if he could escort her to her vehicle. She said yes and they walked out of the bar by the side parking lot door, and she steered him towards her van. At the van door he took her smaller hand in his larger one and kissed her knuckles as she said “Good night, Rudolph. I look forward to hearing from you in the morning.”

As she drove home Kandace thought that things were definitely looking up in her love life. Then she giggled out loud at the outrageous pun she had just made in her mind.

Around 9:30 the next morning, she answered her business cell-phone and heard his lovely baritone saying “Good morning, Kandace. Is this a good time for me to call?”

“Perfect,” she replied. She gave him directions to the leasing office of her apartment complex, and told him she would meet him there in an hour.

Dressed in a business suit of maroon wool, with a pale pink cotton broadcloth blouse underneath, and sensible black flats, she smiled broadly as he pulled up in his red Ford Escape. As he stepped out of the car she admired his professional appearance in navy blue blazer, charcoal gray slacks, and pale blue button-down shirt, open at the collar. She led him inside to the leasing agent. “When you are finished here, come to my place and we’ll have lunch, then I’ll take you to my client’s office,” she told him.

It had only taken an hour for him to find the apartment he wanted, sign the lease, write the first month’s rent check plus the security deposit check, then drive down to Kandace’s apartment where he parked next to her mobile office van.

When she opened the door to let him in, Kandace greeted him with a kiss on the lips that promised even more, later. She led him to her kitchen table where she had a baked salmon salad, fresh dinner rolls and iced tea. When he poured her homemade vinaigrette dressing on his salad and took a bite, he knew that she might fill the void in his life, perfectly.

Kandace told him that she had briefed Shira Cohen, her real estate client, about Rudolph’s needs, and had set up a meeting for the next day, when the real estate mogul would drive them both to three potential sites that she owned.

“My dear Kandace, you have done so much for me, what may I do for you?” he asked.

“Well,” she admitted shyly, “You could spend the afternoon here with me, and tell me all about yourself. Could your family possibly come from County Argyll in Scotland?”

“Actually they do,” he said to her, smiling as he stared into her mesmerizing blue eyes. Then he leaned closer and kissed her, exchanging tongues, until they had to pause to draw a breath.

Kandace then arose, pulled a bottle of chilled white wine from its ice bucket and carried it with two wine glasses to the living room sofa, where Rudolph joined her. He poured the wine for the two of them as she placed a coaster in front of each of them.

He placed his right arm around her shoulders, pulled her into another long kiss, and then he spoke once more. “If you know that about me, I submit that, in turn, you are descended from whatever Malcolm founded Clan MacCallum, a large family from County Argyll, as well. We were Lochlomanders of the Clan Campbell. When hiltonbet yeni giriş my grandfather immigrated to the United States, his family name was changed to Argyle, complete with misspelling. So we two are practically family.”

Kandace then grinned at him and said, “Actually, we are more than just family. I checked out our families on a genealogical website, and we share great great-grandparents, which makes us 3rd cousins. But when your father died just after you were born, your mother married my father, after he divorced my mother; so you are my 28-year-old stepbrother.

“And that means, when we do what I hope we are about to do, it is incest. And that doesn’t bother me in the least,” she added, kissing him again as her hands roamed his broad chest while his right hand caressed her breasts as his left pulled her head to his.

“Wow, my stepsister sure is one sexy woman,” Rudolph told her. All the while his right hand was sending jolts of electricity from her chest to her feminine core. He unbuttoned her blouse then pulled it back down her arms very slowly, raising goose bumps on the skin of those slender, lovely appendages.

Next he reached around her back to unhook her bra. Then sliding it just as slowly off her beautiful b-cup breasts as he had done with her blouse, he stared, briefly at her pebbled areolae and stiffened rose pink nipples before dropping his head and kissing, licking and sucking on those breathtaking orbs. Each flick of his tongue on one nipple, while his hand pulled and twisted the other brought Kandace to her first orgasm.

Afterward, as her body relaxed and her breathing stabilized she smiled sweetly at him and said, “Lover, you are just what I have needed, and wanted. Now let’s go to my bedroom so that we may continue this.”

Rudolph picked her up into his muscular arms, kissing her as he took her to the bedroom to which she had pointed. He sat her on the edge of her bed and removed his dress shirt and his plain white t-shirt, while Kandace unfastened his belt and unzipped the fly on his slacks, which she pulled slowly down his well-toned legs. As she did so she discovered that he wore mid-thigh boxer briefs, which seemed to be tented by an enormous erection.

She stood up, removed the slacks of her own business suit and her pale pink panties that had been thoroughly moistened by her orgasm. Then she sat back down on her bed to draw down his boxer briefs, and then was confronted with the longest and thickest cock she had ever seen. It had to be at least eight inches long and nearly three inches across the widest part of the shaft.

She bent her head down, opened her mouth, and swallowed the head of his member. Then she pulled her mouth off, holding it with both hands, and spit on the whole length of his cock, which responded by stiffening further as she rubbed her spit all around this love rocket. She then slipped him back into her mouth and spent the next fifteen minutes trying to swallow him until her lips bottomed out on his golden-haired pubic bone. By breathing through her nose she had deep-throated him. She further massaged the portion of his massive cock that was down her throat with repeated swallowing motions, which threatened to make him blow his load straight down her talented throat.

Rudolph pulled her head back up off of himself so that he could hear her response when he asked her if she would swallow his cum. She said, “Thank you for asking, beloved. I absolutely will do whatever you ask, but I will not respond favorably to orders. So yes, I want to taste and swallow your cum.”

She guided him back into her mouth with one hand, while the other cupped and gently squeezed his balls. Within seconds she felt the onset of his orgasm and found her mouth nearly filled to overflowing with the bounty of his gism. She swallowed it all, reserving a bit in her cheek to taste and then swallow later. “Oh my love,” Rudolph exclaimed, “no one has ever given me such pleasure with their mouth and hands. You are my treasure, and if you’ll have me I am ready to be yours forever.”

Then Kandace smiled back at him, but said, “Not so fast there, Mr. Argyle, my wonderful lover. You haven’t eaten my pussy, nor fucked it. I won’t commit to you until hiltonbet güvenilirmi you finish what you have started.”

Wagging his cock in her face, Rudolph smiled back at her and replied, “I believe Little Mr. Argyle is “up” to your challenge.”

So saying he pulled her legs apart, placed them on his broad shoulders, and stuck his tongue in between her labia, enjoying the aroma of her arousal. When he started tasting her fluids he observed how sweet they were. He started stroking her with his tongue and his lips from her asshole to her clit. She tasted divine, which he told her, bringing on another orgasm. He ate her for the next half hour, by which time she had had more orgasms than in all her relationship with David the loser.

Rudolph lapped up those fluids then settled his mouth on her clit, stroking it up, down, left, right and in circles. Meanwhile he had inserted two fingers inside her cunt, which tightened strongly as his tongue brought on yet another orgasm, hard on the heels of the previous one. He knew she was ready to be fucked. And his cock, which had remained hard even after Kandace swallowed his first load, was even harder as he readied himself to invade her magical cunt.

“Do I need to use a condom, my beautiful Kandace?” he asked her.

“No, Rudolph, my amazing lover, I am wearing an intra-uterine device,” she responded between gulps of air, as her breathing had not yet stabilized.

Then, lifting her legs to center her on the bed, Rudolph crawled up her body kissing his way until the tip of his love muscle was at the entrance to her core. Then, as he sucked on her breasts once more he slowly slid himself into her love channel. As he pushed slowly in he could feel her inner muscles expanding to accommodate his engorged member that was the largest she had ever had penetrate her body.

Kandace loved how slowly he pushed himself into her vagina, allowing time for her vaginal walls to expand to accommodate his girth. When he reached her cervix with the tip of his incredible cock he started an equally slow withdrawal until only the head remained inside her. She began yet another orgasm as he stroked his way back into her. He started to increase the speed of his strokes on his third push into her divine channel. Each stroke seemed to stimulate a different part of her sex. And most strokes made electric contact with her g-spot.

Within ten minutes of beginning to fuck her Kandace started to have continuous orgasms, flooding Rudolph’s member with so much fluid that there was no shortage of lubrication. When, at last he came, flooding his potent semen into her womb, he stretched his mouth up to hers, cradling her body in his arms, and pulling them over onto their sides, where their post-coital bless sent them gently to sleep.

Two hours later they awoke, kissed once more, then went together into her bathroom to clean up from their loving. They showered together and made love again under the steamy spray. Once finally cleaned and dried, they dressed and Rudolph took Kandace to dinner at the best Italian restaurant in town.

Once Rudolph had brought her home after dinner, Kandace begged him to stay the night. When he said that he would not mind spending that much time with her, they returned to the bedroom, stripped out of their clothes, changed the sheets, and then cuddled on the bed until she elected to give him another blowjob. This time he came directly down her throat twice, before she allowed him to eat her pussy.

While Rudolph ate Kandace’s pussy for another half-hour, when he finished he rolled her onto her stomach and spread her legs. Using his left hand to keep her stern cheeks spread, then he rimmed her asshole for ten minutes before pushing his tongue through her sphincter and into her anus. While his left had and his mouth were so engaged, he used his right hand to cup her pussy, eventually inserting three fingers inside her dripping cunt, bringing her to several vaginal orgasms.

Kandace said, “My love, may I please rest for a few minutes. Then I want you to fuck my ass with your monster cock.” Rudolph cuddled her while she rested. As he did so, Rudolph asked her if she had some lube that he could use to prepare her ass and his cock for the next act. She suggested he collect her vaginal secretions for her asshole and his cock. When they were suitably lubricated, he placed her on her stomach again, her legs spread as far as possible, her knees bent and holding her ass in the air by leaning on her forearms, she invited him to begin.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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