A Surprising Morning

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The fire wasn’t declared under control until 1000 hours on Saturday, some 6 hours after the first alarm cam in. Capt. Jerry Rago and his truck crew were among the last units to be sent home. After getting the rig back in service and cleaning the tools, the volunteers weren’t able to make their way to their homes until almost noon.

Jerry entered the apartment he shared with his girlfriend, Peggy, looking forward to getting some well deserved sleep. When she heard him close the door, Peggy came rushing into the living room completely naked, her hair dripping wet.

“Where have you been?” she demanded. “You should have been home hours ago!”

“I was at a fire, babe,” he answered. “That’s why I got the scanner, you know. So you could keep track of what’s going on.”

“I can’t keep that thing turned on all the time,” she said angrily, “it’s too distracting. You should have called.”

“Yeah, see the thing is, I can’t really do that when I’m on a fire scene. I’ve told you this before. So why are you yelling at me, and why the hell are you walking around the apartment naked?”

“I just got out of the shower. And don’t change the subject,” she shouted as she pushed him in the chest with both hands.

“Stop it! What the hell’s the matter with you, anyway?” he shouted back. She kept pushing him, until he fell back onto the sofa.

That was enough for Jerry. “Now knock it off, Peg! I came in here looking to take a shower myself and get some sleep, and not to have you hollering at me for nothing!”

“For nothing? We were going to go by my folk’s for lunch, or did you forget that?” she said, “You promised.”

“Well, I’ll call them and apologize. I’m sure they’ll understand. Your mom and dad do know I’m a volunteer.”

“That’s güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri not the point. You always do this. You do what you want to do and don’t care at all about what I might want to do!” She punctuated each word with another shove.

“That’s it!” he cried. Jerry grabbed her arm and pulled her over his knee. “If you can’t understand why I do what I do, maybe you’ll understand this.”

Peggy was only 5’3″ tall to Jerry’s 6’1″ and couldn’t put up much of a fight. As she squirmed he raised his right hand and landed a blow to her round naked ass.

“No!” she screamed. “Don’t you dare do that again!”

But he was fed up with her unreasonable tantrum. He spanked her over and over, landing at least 20 slaps on her rapidly reddening ass cheeks. By the time he was done, she’d ceased wriggling and was sobbing softly. His anger abated, he released his grip on her and she slid off his lap and stood before him with her head down, still whimpering. That’s when he noticed that the right leg of his jeans was wet. The spot was right where her crotch was positioned while getting spanked. He extended his hand between her legs. She started when she felt him run his hand up her legs. He found her pussy was dripping wet. She looked up and locked eyes with him when he inserted two fingers into her, meeting no resistance due to her excitement.

“Did that make you horny, Peggy?” he taunted. “Do you get excited when you’re spanked?”

She didn’t answer, only lowering her gaze and blushing. Jerry began moving his fingers in her, hooking them towards the front of her pussy. She gasped and bent over at the waist, her hands going to his shoulders to steady herself. He kept his two fingers working her G-spot while rubbing her clit güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri with his thumb It was only a matter of minutes until he brought her to orgasm. Her hands dug into his shoulders as she grunted “oh…oh…oh” over and over. As her climax abated,, Peggy sunk slowly to her knees, holding on to him all the way down. His fingers pulled out of her as she lowered herself to the carpet.

Jerry stood up in front of her and started loosening his belt. She heard him and looked up in time to see him shed his jeans and shorts. Peggy could see his fully aroused cock pointing just over her head. She got on her hands and knees and turned away from him presenting her very red ass to his gaze. He knelt down and quickly entered her. He was able to slide his cock all the way into her quite easily since she was so very wet. He started slow, fucking her deeply. It wasn’t very long before his excitement got the better of him and he started hammering into her fast and deep. Peggy climaxed a second time and Jerry followed scant seconds later.

He sat back on his heels as the two of the caught their breath, both of them surprised by what had just transpired.

“Are you alright, babe,” he asked after a moment.

Her “yes” was barely audible. She looked around at him, the tears drying on her face. He finally stood up and helped her to her feet.

“C’mon,” he said, “I still need a shower and you can help.”

He led her into the bathroom and turned the water on to get warm. He finished undressing and stepped into the shower, helping her in after him. He handed her the soap and turned away from her so she could lather up his back. Peggy started on his shoulders and quickly moved down to his butt. She spent a few minutes güvenilir bahis şirketleri rubbing his muscular ass, much to his pleasure as well as hers. After quickly scrubbing the back of his legs, she pulled him around so he was facing her. She again started at his shoulders and worked her way down. On this trip, however, she got no further than his newly hard cock. She slowly massaged his engorged organ as he groaned his approval. Jerry leaned down and lifted her face to give her a passionate kiss. Since he had come only ten or fifteen minutes earlier, he knew he could last quite a while, even under her intense handjob.

Taking the soap out of her other hand, he started washing her. He started at her shoulders much as she had, but he moved down her sides skipping around her perky little tits. He bent over so as to be able to massage her ass. He always marveled at how her cheeks were at once firm and yet soft to the touch. Peggy continued her handjob as he moved his soapy hands around to her small, pubic patch. When they had made love the first time, he found her pussy completely shaved. He told her later that she didn’t have to do that for him, as he kind of liked a nice bush on a woman. Since that time, she had happily stopped shaving.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom,” he said, quietly.

Peggy just nodded and the two of them quickly rinsed off and helped each other get dry when they got out of the shower. He took her hand again and led her to their queen size bed. He pulled back the duvet and, before she could climb into the bed he once again ran his hand up between her legs. She was still very wet and it wasn’t from the shower.

“You really did get excited from that spanking, didn’t you?” he asked.

Peggy blushed again and nodded. “I’ve never felt that way before, Jerry,” she whispered. “I don’t know what happened to me.”

“Well, I’m going to remember that,” he laughed, “in case I ever want to get you heated up.” She smiled in response as she climbed into the bed and reached her arms out to him.

End of Part One

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