A Week with Arianna: Friday

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Friday couldn’t have come soon enough. All week I had been eagerly looking forward to the day I’d finally fuck Arianna, and by the begging and pleading she had done during the week, I could tell she was looking forward to it as well. I knew I couldn’t just plow right into her day after day – the teasing, the pain, the humiliation I filed out during the week just built up both of our sexual energy and by Friday it was just about to boil over and burst.

I wondered what she would have done if I didn’t fuck her that day. Hell, I wondered what I would have done too. Maybe go on tinder, I thought, and find some random girl to hook up with and hopefully never see again. Maybe she would do the same thing – but then again, maybe she’d just go home and let her boyfriend fuck her brains out. Who knows. It wasn’t like I was going to let the day pass without shoving my cock in her.

I woke up early and couldn’t get back to sleep. I remember putting more effort than usual into my appearance that morning, a product of both having extra time on my hands and wanting to make the day as special for Arianna as I could. After all, if I wanted this little charade of ours to continue – and I did – I would have to provide her periodic, incremental rewards to keep her in a state of willingness to be owned, willingness to be humiliated in order to keep getting to the next level, or at least of getting back to a wonderful orgasm she knew was waiting for her.

Waiting really did make the orgasms better. It made us want each other more. It made her more willing to subject herself to pain and humiliation. It made me more keen on doling it out. And our sexual drive and urges continued to strengthen until we ended up in a heap, exhausted, at the end of the week. And this Friday was going to be no different – except that it was. She was going to be my slave, and I her master, and she had been engaged in the most intense degradation yet so far this week, and it had made us want each other more than ever.

So it was that when I arrived at work and she was there, all I could do was look at her and smile. She was wearing the outfit I had picked out for her a couple of days ago, the low-cut belted lilac top that pushed her breasts up and together and displayed them like fine jewels. Rather large fine jewels, might I add. Below that she had on the gray plaid mink skirt I had picked out for her. She looked very sexy for an office worker, showing just a little too much cleavage and just a little too much leg for anyone to think it was happenstance. But she wore what I told her to wear, and she looked delicious.

“Morning, Arianna,” I said with a smile.

“Is it Friday yet?” She asked eagerly, returning my overture as well as my mood.

“It sure is,” I said with a wink.

“Finally!” She said. “I didn’t think it would ever come this week!”

“You didn’t think YOU would ever cum this week,” I thought to myself. But I did not speak that thought, for there were coworkers in our midst.

I got settled in and texted her, which seemed to have become our morning routine. “You look amazing in that outfit,” I said.

“Thanks!” She texted back. “Is there anything you need me to do?”

“I got you a coffee. Come down here and get it.” Moments later, she arrived at my desk.

“Here you go,” I said, handing her a paper coffee cup, with lid, full of my first morning piss.

“Is it – what’s in here?” she asked. Of course, there were folks listening, or at least within earshot, so I couldn’t be as explicit as I would have liked.

“Ummm – coffee?” I said, as if she had asked me a stupid question. “Dark roast. Like you’ve had every morning this week.” She nodded. I knew that last part would tell her the actual contents without giving It away to the whole office. She nodded and continued.

“Is there anything you need me to do – today? Anything else?”

“I’ll let you know,” I said, pretending to focus on my computer. It wasn’t that I was trying to ignore her – no, for one thing I did not want to arouse any suspicions, and for another thing, we really had to wait for late afternoon to engage in what I had planned. It would have been too easy to sneak into the bathroom for a quick five minute fuck. But that would leave us with nothing to look forward to that day, and I felt like I wanted to make the climax – pun intended – humiliating for her in the worst way.

I watched as Arianna headed off to her desk and sat down. She looked straight into the webcam and took a healthy drink from the coffee cup, licking her lips seductively after she swallowed.

“Getting used to it yet?” I asked.

“A little. But it’s still disgusting. I still can’t believe what I’ve turned into.”

“Neither can I,” I texted back honestly.

“We’re still on for today, right?” She asked after she took another sip.

“Definitely. 4:00, when this place turns into a ghost town, I’m finally going to fuck you,” I said. She took another sip and made a face.

“Awesome. I’m so ready,” she said.

“Are you a horny bursa eskort little slut today?”

“I’m the horniest and sluttiest I’ve ever been.”

“Good. Oh, one more thing,” I texted back. “No going to the bathroom without permission today.”


“You heard me,” I texted, thinking of the irony of the phrase when I hadn’t actually said anything audibly. “No peeing – nothing – without my permission.”

“And how do I get permission?” She asked. Clearly, she had gotten to know me well enough to see where this was going.

“You’ll see,” was all I said.

I continued to watch in between working for a few minutes as Arianna finished the cup. She began to struggle a little over the second half, clearly becoming a little more nauseated with each sip. But she didn’t complain. After all, she knew that she was getting my cock that afternoon, as long as she continued to follow orders.

Finally, at about 10:30, I texted her. “Clamps on your nipples. Now. And while you’re at it, your pussy, too. Send me a video.”

Several minutes later, Arianna sat down at her desk gingerly, and shook her head at the webcam. Moments later, my phone dinged, and I got up to watch the video on the privacy of the men’s room.

“Master, as you ordered,” she began. She had already raised her shirt and her bra to reveal her large, voluptuous breasts. In one hand, she obviously held her phone, and in the other, she held one of those binder clips. “I’m going to put this on for you. I hope it makes me suffer while I work.” She said. Slowly she opened the clamp and positioned it on her left nipple.

“Ohhhh,” she whimpered into the camera. “Yesss!” She whispered. “Fuck. Thank you master! I love the way you make me suffer!” She then took the other clamp and opened it, placing it on her right nipple.

“Ohhhh, thank – thank you master! Ohhhh, I love doing this for you, I love – I love the way it feels, I – I love the way it makes me feel! I want to suffer for you, master! I want to – to make myself hurt for you – to – ohhhh, to bear it in silence!”

“Just think about me, your poor little slave Arianna, wearing these – these painful clips – trying to work, but I’m forced to endure this – think about what your poor little slave is going through,” she whispered to the camera. “I won’t be able to stop, it – ohhhh, it hurts!” She said as she lowered her bra and then her shirt, massaging her breasts through the fabric.

“Wearing these – being your slave – your slut – it makes me soooo fucking horny! I can’t wait for your cock, master! I’d suffer all day if I had to, to feel you fuck me and humiliate and degrade me!”

Arianna adjusted her top, then grabbed some toilet paper and shoved it in between her nipple and bra, trying to make the clips less obvious. And then, she lowered her skirt, exposing a pair of sultry, red see-through lace panties. They had two straps on each side, about an inch and a half apart, and I could feel a bulge in my pants just looking at her.

“You wanted me to torture myself here – my pussy too, master?” She pouted at the camera. “Please?” She begged, although as she was recording it, nobody was there to hear her.

She pulled the panties to her thighs. “Ohhhhhh,” she moaned as she stroked her slit. “You really know how to get me going. So I’ll do it. For you, master.” She took a clip and opened it, pressing it onto the left side of her labia, and then closed it, pulling her shirt up, stroking her pussy and tracing a line up to her bellybutton.

“Ohhh, yes, Master, I’m going to wear these for you. I know it hurts, but I can take it.” She stroked her pussy again. I could see the wetness on her fingers as she slowly stroked herself before grabbing the other clip.

“I just want to suffer,” she said to the camera. “It turns me on to suffer for you.” She spread her pussy and opened the second clamp, squeezing it, until a large portion of the right side of her labia was in its grasp. And then she closed it, moaning softly.

“I can’t believe the little slut is actually enjoying this,” I thought to myself. It still seemed so nonsensical to me for someone to actually enjoy pain, to enjoy humiliation. It was so counterintuitive. Most people go to great lengths to avoid it; Arianna was not one of those people. Rather, she seemed to seek it out. The slut actually craved it – all of it. The self-devaluation, self-torment that she was putting herself through in a way was so difficult to understand – that’s probably why it turned me on so much, because I just couldn’t understand why someone would do that, and it made her, in my mind, a thousand times more of a slut than she would be if she just walked out onto the street and sucked off the first guy she saw.

I mean, I understood it in a way. I had to understand it; if I didn’t, I wouldn’t understand what made her tick. I wouldn’t understand how to arouse her. I wouldn’t understand what she needed or craved. I suppose what I couldn’t understand was why she – or anyone – would enjoy what she had been going through bursa escort this week. And that was why my cock hardened in my pants as I continued to watch her little show.

“Mmmm, Master, I don’t know if I can take – take all this at once! But I have to, I have to do it for you. I have to – ohhhh! You have to know how much I need this! I wish I could just – I wish I could cum right now!”

“But I can’t,” she went on as she pulled her panties back up, the thin strip covering her pussy sandwiched in between the clamps. I could see that it was going to rub her, rather than gliding over the top of her pussy, it was nestled in between her lips. “I have to save myself – save it for you,” she said. “I have to suffer some more before I deserve to cum, and by then, I’m going to be so turned on from suffering, I’ll do anything. Mmmm, what do you want to make me do next, Master?”

Arianna pulled up her skirt, adjusting it, and walked out of the bathroom. She walked slowly, like she was in a trance. She turned off the camera just then. I waited a couple minutes for my mental state and my cock to return to their normal place and size, and then I left, just in time for a meeting.

“Ari,” I said as I reached her desk. “We have a big client in the conference room. I’d like you to join us.”

She glared at me. It was a look that said, “are you serious? You know what I’m going through and you’re going to make me – sit there, suffer – in front of a client?! Are you crazy?!” I smiled knowingly and motioned her to follow me. She couldn’t say anything. There were people all around.

“Mr. Riley, I’d like you to meet my assistant, Arianna,” I said. “Arianna, this is Mr. Riley. He just stopped to drop off some documents.” She looked at him. He was a tall man of average build, maybe sixty years old, wearing blue pants and a checked shirt. Despite his age, he still had all of his hair.

“Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Riley,” she said.

“Likewise,” he said. Looking at his eyes, I could see that he had clearly noticed her breasts on display in her lilac top.

“Would you like some coffee? Water?” I asked. “Arianna can get you whatever you like.”

“No, no thank you,” he said. “I’m not expecting to be here too long.” Secretly, I wondered if he just didn’t want the poor girl to leave.

“Please, have a seat,” I suggested. “Ari, you too.” She shot me a sideways glance, clearly nervous at the prospect. I watched as she took a seat, her eyes watering a little from the pressure she no doubt felt between her legs.

Mr. Riley took some documents out of his briefcase. I looked at them one by one and passed them on to Arianna with instructions about what to do with them. I watched as Arianna placed her breasts on top of the table, clearly trying to relieve some of the strain and pain she was feeling.

“I’m sorry Ma- Derek,” she said, barely catching herself. “Can you say that again? I didn’t catch what you wanted me to do with this one.” I smiled. Clearly the slut was in too much pain to focus.

“I said just file this. We just need to hang onto the original, so put it in his file. Okay?” Arianna nodded.

“Are you okay? Everything all right?” I asked her. She took a deep breath and nodded, exhaling. The little slut, I thought. She can’t take her mind off of it. I watched as she quivered a little as she reached out for the next document, the last one.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Mr. Riley asked her. “You know, it’s nothing to be worried about. Derek and I have done business a long time.”

“Yes, I’m fine,” she said. Her face flushed a little, and I watched as she clenched her legs together under the table, hands in her lap. She then unclenched them, turning her hips a little toward me, as if – could it be? Was the little slut actually trying to get her panties to rub her moist, swollen slit by moving her hips? Of course she was – she was desperate. She was enjoying this too! I watched again as she rubbed her legs together, looking down, then back up.

“Ari? Did you – Ari, I need to to put a meeting on my calendar with Mr. Riley for the fourteenth at three.”

“Oh, sorry. Yes, Sir,” she said submissively. Her mind was clearly elsewhere. I stood, and Mr. Riley and Arianna stood as well, her breasts facing our guest as she backed her chair from the table.

“Wow,” I saw Mr. Riley mouth to me, and I read his lips. I smiled.

“Okay, well, thanks for stopping by!” I said.

“Any time. And Arianna – it was nice to meet you. Don’t worry, Derek is a great guy. You’ll see. I know you’ll do well here, you’ll lose the nerves in no time!” And with that, he turned and left.

“Master,” she said once he was gone. “That was crazy. I feel – I feel like such a slut.”

“Good,” I said. “I hope you feel as humiliated as you looked. Now, you may take those clips off – as soon as you do what I asked with all the paperwork.”

“Good. Fuck, they hurt!”

“And next time, Ari – don’t buck your hips at the table, no matter how turned on you get. And pay bursa escort bayan attention.”

Arianna’s face flushed red again. “I couldn’t help it. I was – I am – so turned on right now!” I turned to leave the room, allowing Arianna to begin working on the papers.

I went back to my desk, but I couldn’t let go of the thought of sexy Arianna working in her clips. I got up to go to the water cooler, although I really just wanted to catch a glimpse of her as I walked by. On the way there, I watched her bend over slowly, getting out Mr. Riley’s file, placing documents inside. On the way back, she stood at the scanner, scanning some things in to the computer. She bent over the scanner, breasts resting on top of Th e machine, biting her lip. Her legs were tense and rigid; her right foot was rested on top of her left. “Wow,” I thought. “She must really be feeling it.”

It took her just a few minutes to finish the work, then she rushed off to remove the clamps. I tried to actually get some work done for a while, pushing thoughts of my sexy assistant out of my head for a moment. However, at about 11:30, Arianna texted me. “Master, I have to pee. Can I please go pee?” I had almost forgotten I told her she needed permission. The events of the morning had me so aroused I probably wouldn’t have noticed if she had forgotten.

“No,” I answered back. “After lunch.”

“Please, master?”

“No. Now get your work done. After lunch I have a couple things I’d like you to do, and then you can piss.”

I didn’t eat lunch with Arianna that day. Frankly, I knew it was the best chance I had at actually finding some time to work. If I had been with her in the break room, I just would have been thinking about her holding her bladder, or about her wearing binder clips on her nipples and pussy during our meeting. Or worse – about my plan for what I was going to do to her after everyone else left.

“Okay, master. It’s after lunch, may I please pee now?” She texted me around 1:00 PM. I looked at my phone. I hadn’t even really noticed how late it was. Three hours to go before this place clears out, I thought.

“Meet me in the bathroom,” I instructed her, then got up and left.

This time, I was waiting on her to arrive and not the other way around as had become our custom. Secretly, I had thought about telling her to meet me there and making her wait for a half hour or so, just to see if she would wait obediently, trusting that I would be on my way, or if she would leave and come searching for me. But today was not that day, if that day ever came at all.

When she arrived, I looked her up and down, looking at my plaything, my property. She stood in front of me with her hands clasped on her lower stomach.

“Master, can I please take a piss? I’ve been holding it all day!” She begged finally.

I reached out and caressed her face. “Take off your top, Ari. And your skirt. There’s something I want you to do first.”

“Yes, Master,” she said obediently before continuing. “Is it something quick, though? Because I really have to go!”

“Shouldn’t take too long,” I said. I watched as she quickly stripped off her top and skirt and placed them on one end of the vanity.

“Good,” I said. I reached out and began to caress her body, running my fingers across her stomach and the tops of her thighs. “I can’t wait for 4:00,” I told her.

“Me either.”

“I’m going to fuck you like a cheap nasty whore.” Arianna just smiled. I could tell she wanted it.

“Now, put your hands on the sink,” I said. She turned around and placed her hands on the vanity, her ass protruding out as if to greet me. I took her panties and slid them down to her knees. And then, I produced a small plastic bag, and I reached into the bag and pulled out a nice-sixes cucumber. It was about ten inches long and two inches thick.

“Master, what are you – what are you doing with that?”

“I’m going to put it in your ass, sweetie,” I informed her nonchalantly.

“That?! That – it’s too big! It won’t go in, I mean, I don’t think – or it’s really going to hurt if it does!”

“Just relax and spread your legs, Ari.”

“No. That thing is not going in my ass!”

“Then I guess you’re going to have to hold it, then,” I told her.

“Master, please! Please don’t!” She whimpered.

“Be a good girl and take it for me, okay? Spread your legs.” Arianna sighed, apparently realizing that her protests were falling on deaf ears, and she slowly spread her legs and lowered her head.

I spit on the cucumber to provide a small amount of lubrication, and then I grabbed her left cheek with my left hand and slowly brought the cucumber to her anal opening. I rubbed it back and forth across her ass, teasing her.

“Just do it if you’re going to do it” she pleaded. I grabbed the cucumber right and pushed, watching as her little asshole began to stretch open, beginning to accept the cucumber.

“Ohhhhhhh, fuck! Fuck fuck fuck!” She moaned as the cucumber opened her ass, sliding in the first inch or so.

“Does that feel good, Ari?” I asked.

“Ohhhh, it – it hurts – ohhhh, it hurts, but it feels so, so good!” She moaned. She relaxed a little and I pushed a little harder, forcing the cucumber just a little deeper in her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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