A Wild Time with My Daughter! Ch. 01

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I’ve always loved wildlife – I was brought up in rural England with a large garden surrounding our house and with plenty of freedom to simply go out and enjoy myself.

And so I had a little den in the nearby woods where I’d go to just sit and enjoy watching squirrels and rabbits among the trees, not to mention all the birds and insects – it was so peaceful, relaxing and enjoyable.

Later on in life as I grew into my teens I’d camp out at night all alone, my Dad having bought me a special red-light torch so I could watch without disturbing them, foxes, badgers and deer as they foraged – it was completely absorbing and wonderful. Before long such compelling pleasures and studies became the basis of my work as I graduated from University and entered the business world, soon finding a position as a research scientist in the field of Wildlife Conservation.

Therefore, having married, when we had our daughter, I fully intended to introduce her to all the wonders of nature as soon as I could, starting with simply the fascinating denizens of our garden; then of the park, the municipal zoo and eventually the wilder residents of our woodlands.

All along however I seemed to be thwarted by my wife who obviously had an inbuilt fear of anything wild. She seemed to do her best to impart her fear into my daughter, who, pretty obviously as it turned out, took not a blind bit of notice of her!

Now I’m not saying that my wife’s attitude had anything to do with our divorce, possibly she just decided that married life wasn’t for her, but one day she just announced that she was leaving us. That should sound as if it was a kick in the teeth but it wasn’t: quite honestly we’d been at loggerheads for so long; not seeing eye to eye and forever bickering with each other. So in a way, her decision was simply the closing of the book on our marriage – no more than that. She didn’t even want her daughter to contact her; she obviously was intending to disappear into her strange fear-ridden world and truthfully I wasn’t about to stop her going; I didn’t even hesitate when signing the divorce papers when they duly arrived.

My daughter Carol had not long ago turned 18 and as she had always been far closer to me than to her mother, she took it all in her stride; she almost seemed relieved. Perhaps she was…

Certainly I didn’t miss the bickering and now I could devote even more time to my daughter and my research work.

I’d better describe Carol for those of you who appreciate a bit of youthful female beauty. She was, as I said, just 18 coming up 19 and she always seemed to look a bit tomboyish – shorts and a t-shirt were much preferred to a dress, it seemed. She was tall for her age at around five foot eight but was still some five inches shorter than me. She kept her dark auburn hair cut short, which actually enhanced her pretty neck and showed off her facial features better. She had dainty ears, ‘strong’ arching eyebrows, deep brown eyes – come-to-bed eyes as they used to say – a slender nose and sweet cupid lips.

Quite honestly I didn’t, in those days, know what size she was but I’d guess at perhaps 34B up top; possibly a bit more and probably about size 10 down below; all I knew was that she appeared to have a lovely figure with long legs and wonderfully perky tits that, placed on an approachable female, would have been in my hands in a very short time!

But as they were her father’s daughter’s tits they remained unsullied and safe – I guess I just loved her too much to even consider breaking our trusted bond.

Me, by the way – I’m Chris; the other half of this story. I’m in my late 30s. I have a small goatee beard and somewhat unkempt hair; dark brown but lightly peppered with grey already. I’m fairly lean but strong and fit; not gym-fit but fit from plenty of good outdoor living and healthy food and that’s me in a nutshell…

My work in environmental studies demanded a good number of wildlife investigative trips to wild and sometimes remote places in and around Britain; a pleasurable interlude, in my opinion, from working in the ‘depot’ as we called the Society’s offices.

Anyway, Carol’s college studies ended just around the time that my wife made her announcement that June, leaving me to ponder on how to deal with matters.

At 18 and with no job as yet, Carol would be fine if left at home; she was well “domesticated” but it wouldn’t be fair on her really to be left alone for perhaps a week or so, so I approached my employers and asked if I could take her with me on my trips.

No problem, they said – just so long as she didn’t disrupt my work and that I paid her expenses. Mentally I added, “So long as she helps out too.”

If only I’d have known how prophetical those words were!

I told Carol of the situation and after a brief bit of alarm; she suddenly woke up to the idea of exploring interesting places and quickly agreed; her love of the wild country was strong enough to even overcome the thought of camping with her Dad!

It casino şirketleri took a bit of organising though – we needed another tent; another sleeping bag; suitable clothes for Carol, etc, etc – the list seemed to go on and on but we got there eventually!

And in case you’re getting the idea that I spent all my time out and about, that wasn’t true – there was more than enough work to be done back at the Society’s head office and it was almost a month before my next ‘outing’ could be arranged – it would be in mid-July.

This next trip wasn’t going to be anything really special – it was more of an examination of the decline or progress of local wild life; concentrating my studies in one relatively small area, so we were able to pack all our needs into two lumpy rucksacks and set off for what was, to all intents and purposes, a week-long camping outing. Thank heavens we hadn’t needed to bring piles of warm clothes as well…but I had an assortment of notepads, bottles, nets, not to mention all my cameras and my computer and so on, which all added to our load.

I’d been to the site several times before so I knew the lie of the land and where to go and on this visit I was merely planning to update a data stream to chart the ongoing progress of local wildlife.

We drove to a privately owned area which I now had approval for access and parked inside an old barn – the ten thousand acre, or about four thousand hectare estate we were now on pretty well having been handed over to nature and to the Society many, many years ago – the old Manor House and most of its outhouses now being just ruins.

It was quite a warm day when we finally arrived at our destination and I was glad for us that we were both wearing shorts so having unpacked the car we hoisted our rucksacks and after an hour or so of hot hiking we reached my favourite site and set up camp.

Dense forest growth sheltered us from the north; there was a stream tinkling along merely twenty yards away and a huge tree had crashed down some years ago, affording a sheltered campsite where a patch of daylight penetrated to the grassy glade where we were.

The fallen tree would attract many small creatures; the water would attract many more and even the grass would be of interest to grazers – there should be plenty of wildlife and action, or at least there had been plenty here on previous visits; it should be ideal for a newcomer like Carol.

Carol immediately took over; her first action was to help me set up the two tents; her second was to move both our blown-up mattresses and our sleeping bags into one tent; the next was to shift all my collecting gear and other such stuff into the other tent.

I did my best to stop her doing that but she was adamant.

“Dad,” she said as she busied herself, “I don’t mind the idea of you sleeping right beside me. I’d rather put up with you snoring than with the smell of dead things, thanks.”

She carried what looked like a few miles of wiring into the ‘study tent’ as she now called it and dumped the pile.

“And doing it this way also means that if you’ve got to shut yourself away to do some paperwork or research, then at least I’ll have some uninterrupted peace, won’t I? Then I won’t find myself rolling over onto something hard and lumpy in the night!”

“Yeah, I guess that’s good thinking,” I said although I did briefly have some vague concerns about sleeping so close to my daughter, especially as her comment about ‘something hard…in the night’ brought tremors to my groin, but those thoughts were soon obliterated as Carol helped me dig out our cooking and washing gear and set up our ‘kitchen’.

And at this point I really began to appreciate Carol’s thoughts because I had loads of portable recording equipment and much more and for once I seemed to have a decent amount of room to spread my equipment out. In the past I’d had one tent and had pretty well surrounded my bed with my equipment but this new arrangement was much more civilised!

Well before it was evening we were all sorted – the place looked almost professionally planned; tidy and discrete; we blended into the surrounds already…

Our first evening meal was just some reconstituted dried stuff they called stew; some fresh bread; a couple of ‘trail bars’ each – energy-packed muesli in chocolate it seemed, all topped off with tea made with water from our crystal-clear stream; it tasted wonderful. We were living free from the trappings of society!

There was still time for me to set up some night-vision trail cameras and a couple of microphones; all wirelessly connected back to my recording laptop. I thanked Carol for her foresight – I’d be able to edit my recordings in comparative comfort without disturbing her sleep…

Bedtime arrived eventually and there was no sense in depleting our power supply just to stay awake at night and as it would be light around five in the morning, it made sense to sleep early.

“You go first,” I said and Carol casino firmaları turned to look at me.

“Stop being such a prude Dad; no-one need ‘go first’; we’re family,” she said, “And I’m getting undressed out here!”

And with that she began disrobing, not that there was a lot to take off and soon she was standing there in just her bra and tiny knickers.

I shook my head at her wanton display as I watched her stripping, being even more astounded when she stretched up and then bent down to touch her toes. The first action lifted her breasts heavenward – her nipples on those perky well-formed breasts, even encased as they were in the flimsy material, were silhouetted against the sky while the second action pointed her pert sleek bottom at me – the cleft between her cheeks clearly demarked and even the basic shape of her pursed pussy lips being visible.

My mouth fell open at about the same time as my penis lurched upwards and I quickly planted my hand on my rapidly growing bulge.

“Just going to freshen up and rinse my hair,” said Carol as she bounced off to the clear clean babbling brook and a few moments later I saw and heard the splash of water spraying around her as she anointed herself.

I just had time to adjust my partially inflated penis before she returned but when she did so she was well soaked, runnels of water coursing down from her face and hair and streaming across her bra.

“Didn’t take a bloody towel,” she said, diving into the tent; reappearing a few moments later with a green towel wrapped over her face and hair.

She stood there drying off but seemingly totally ignorant of the fact that much of her bra had become as good as transparent and that the cool water had woken her nipples up!

My eager penis jumped again; stretching out across my thigh; I rested my arm on him as I sat cross-legged on the groundsheet absorbing the erotic sight just some six feet in front of me. I managed to remove my eyes from her tits but instead they fell to her groin and I almost moaned out loud.

Because now I had a full-frontal view of her pussy instead; the detail scarcely hidden by her gauze-like knickers.

It was clear that she was completely shaven and the pouting of her lips on either side of her little cleft was so visible that I could almost imagine I could see moisture between her lips. I wanted to avert my eyes but they just wouldn’t obey me!

Carol seemed to come out of her trance and she let the towel drop to more or less cover her charms, not that she did it from alarm, more like just a natural movement.

It was then that she seemed to realise that her bra was wet and with a small curse, she reached behind herself and a moment later she flung the offending garment into the tent. She stood there, side on to me now, the outline of her perky bust and now firm nipples perfectly outlined against the dark backdrop of the forest.

I sucked in a deep breath and let it all out again.

This was going to be one hell of a study trip – I began to wonder exactly what I’d be spending my time studying!

Carol could obviously see my reddened cheeks but she had no scruples about her partial nudity as she towelled her breasts and then her hair.

“Come on Dad, seen tits before haven’t you?” she said brusquely, “I want to keep clean and fresh and I can’t keep everything hidden just because of you.”

“Yeah, yeah, guess you’re right,” I said, starting to panic as I realised that I was next to undress, “Ummmm, which bed are you having?”

“Doesn’t matter does it,” she replied easily, “They’re both the same – anyway, come on Dad, thought you wanted to get an early night.”

“Ummm yeah, I did,” I said, somewhat eager to get my penis under some degree of control first, “Just want to check my set-up before I turn in; before it gets dark.”

“Ok – see you soon,” replied Carol and she bent down and entered the tent, once again showing off her shapely and lithe bottom.

I carefully stood up, my erection now well stretched down the leg of my shorts; discovering as I did so that my penis had escaped and that the end was now extending beyond the rucked-up hem of my shorts! I’d have been showing that off to my daughter if I’d stood up just then, I realised. I quickly tucked him back into his refinement, being thankful that dusk was now upon us.

I ducked into my ‘studies tent’ as Carol had named it and checked that things were in order. Yep – the cameras were fine; the motion-activated video hadn’t recorded any action and the microphones had only picked up our noises and the background noise of a woodland settling down for the night.

I ducked back out; the distraction having allowed my penis to deflate considerably; sufficient I hoped to be able to let me remove my shorts to sleep.

I’d be in a warm tent in a sleeping bag just three feet or so from my scantily-clad daughter and wearing just my boxer shorts…and in all probability I’d end up sleeping on top rather than inside my güvenilir casino sleeping bag…as would my daughter, no doubt.

I tried to ignore the ramifications as I entered our tent and gently lowered myself onto my inflated mattress, feeling Carol’s eyes on me. The sleeping bag felt warm already and seemed to be faintly scented; I ignored the facts and having lain down, I wriggled my shorts off, lifted my t-shirt off and relaxed.

“This is nice,” said Carol, “First time I’ve been camping properly – it’s lovely – so calm and peaceful. Oh, by the way, in case you wondered, I tried out your bed first but then I decided I preferred this side of the tent.”

I felt my penis swell once more – my almost naked daughter had lain just where I was lying! I rolled onto my side so my suddenly renewed erection wasn’t too visible and wondered when I might get a chance to relieve the pressure…

“Hold my hand Dad,” said Carol a few minutes later and I was able to stretch out and our fingers intertwined and Carol sighed.

“Nice to feel we’re together,” she said, “And I’m sorry Dad – sorry about showing you my tits!”

“Not a problem really; just not used to it,” I said, but actually it was still a problem because I could still see her naked breasts across the dimly lit tent and my cock could scent a quarry.

But we managed to just hold hands as we quietly chattered about all things unimportant as the night slowly drew in and before long it was pretty well dark in the tent.

“Come on, let’s get some kip,” I said, as we disengaged our hands, “Be up early…”

“Mmmmm,” hummed Carol as she drifted down towards sleep, “Love you Dad.”

“And you sweetheart,” I replied, “Sleep well.”

Some hours later I was wakened by movement inside the tent – Carol was kneeling and pulling things around.

“What’s up love?” I asked, waking quickly.

“You felt so far away,” she said, “I reached out to touch you and couldn’t – can we pull the beds closer?”

“Course we can love,” I said, “Hang on.”

Between us we succeeded although there was a fair amount of somewhat sleepy flesh to flesh touching as we moved around and finally we were rearranged; the two mattresses no more than a couple of feet apart, if that. I sank back onto the mattress and Carol did the same. Without even stretching, our hands met once more – she’d be happy now I guessed, as seemed quickly proven by her soft even breathing.

Some while later, perhaps just minutes; perhaps whole hours later I stirred somewhat, to feel flesh beneath my hand and slowly I surfaced, without properly waking.

In my semi-awake mode I moved my hand around slowly and lightly to determine what I was touching; it was smooth and felt gently soft and it filled my hand…sleepily I squeezed and moulded the object, feeling warmth inside and sleek skin on the outside; and suddenly I was wide awake in shocked alarm as I almost ripped my hand away.

I’d been holding and caressing my daughter’s breast!

‘Oh fuck’ I thought, ‘What the hell? How could you? What the fuck are you doing?’

Now completely awake I immediately discovered that my cock was rock hard; he’d obviously enjoyed the action, although thank heavens he began to deflate as the shock suffused my system.

My mind now more alert, I realised that it had merely been something of an involuntary action presumably caused by just stretching my arm out in my sleep but immediately the memory returned and so did my erection!

I could feel her breast again now in my mind – a warm pliant mound of silky-soft skin. And now I even remembered that her nipple had pressed into my palm as I touched her. My cock jumped again and I felt my foreskin sliding back as he came to full erection.

‘For fuck’s sake!’ I thought, ‘Got no chance of sleeping now!’

There was no way I could have a wank right there in the tent and I didn’t want to nip outside for a one either – being Carol’s first night under canvas, she’d probably wake up; be scared on her own and come to find me!

I lay there hoping that I might get back to sleep but my cock had other ideas – he remained stubbornly hard although perhaps if I’d taken my hand away he might have gone down. You blokes know what I mean – if you’ve got a hard-on, there’s no way you can avoid ‘just touching’ it and then you’re trapped!

Eventually enough light penetrated the tent to tell me that it might just be time to get up and indeed it was just coming up to five am – perhaps my usual waking time when out on a survey. Carol was more accustomed to perhaps a seven o’clock start to life so I had a couple of hours of peace, possibly!

Quietly I got up and equally quietly I managed to unzip the tent and retire to my ‘studies tent’ where I sank into the fold-up chair, still only dressed in my boxers.

I looked down and there before me was the root of my troubles – my erection which was pushing the leg of my boxers upwards, an obscene miniature tent capped with a damp patch.

Quickly I stood up, pushed down my boxers and sat once more; my eight inch penis now jutting hard, leaking and ready – my purple knob shining in the pale light of dawn, the trickle of precum clearly visible as it leaked from my tip.

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