Across the River

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There is a subtle and subversive beauty to walking into a strange bar for the first time.

I felt it that day. The neighborhood was new to me, and I was adrift because the guy I was in the neighborhood to find didn’t answer his door. What could I do?

I found a little pub instead off the main boulevard that afternoon and it was a lovely haven, at once unfamiliar and yet altogether too familiar … I had been there countless times, even though I’d never before set foot in the place. When my eyes adjusted to the room, I noticed a woman sitting about halfway down the bar …

She was a full figured lass, well-dressed in a skirt and with tasteful pumps on her stockinged feet, and she sat with an air of poise and containment, as if she were totally in control not only of herself but of anything or anybody that would come close to her … an independent woman alone at the bar. I was immediately smitten and intrigued … I have always had a profound & pronounced weakness for strong women, and this woman had an undeniable aura of strength and command about her . . . what an awesome and irresistible allure!

No surprise then that I sent her a drink, in all humble appreciation. I was already under the spell of that intoxicating air of command that she projected. It was as if she had claimed me without my slightest objection — Game. Set. And match. When she smiled in my direction, I picked up my own drink and moved down the bar.

“Hello,” I began, “my name is Ra’s Elf … and yours?”

She turned towards me and her eyes delved candidly into my own. She was clearly and obviously an intelligent woman, but there was also a quality that went deeper — when she looked at me I could feel her gaze reach down deep into the pit of my belly, as if she had found out my most private essence. She was a knowing woman, and she already knew me! The sensation was alarming, and I could feel my manly pride commence to bow at the waist — although I didn’t know it right off, what she was staking claim to was my own willingness to be altered and transformed from my male social nature into something much more privately compliant and malleable.

“I am Marilyn,” she said, “and I thank you for offering me a drink … usually I won’t accept a drink from a stranger, but you seem harmless enough … ” There was a slight mocking purr to her voice, something ever so slightly cat-like …

The way she said it put me in a coy turmoil — she was clearly flirting, but there was an unnerving edge to her manner, as if she fully anticipated my eagerness and was bound and determined to allow me every chance to expose my male weaknesses. Her comment about me seeming “harmless enough” seemed calculated to poke at my male pride. I was both confused and aroused and I knew then that I would be unable to say a single word that did not reveal my hopelessly adorational nature. I was already lost and Yes! it was so very true that I was harmless enough — harmless enough that she could render my pride into whatever supplicant’s posture her strong nature desired.

“Well thank you so much for accepting the drink,” I stammered, “you seemed so all alone and all I wanted was for you to feel welcome.”

“I do feel welcome, Ra’s Elf,” she said, “your concern is noted and wholly appreciated. And since you are a rather attractive fellow, I’d love to hear more, but I have other business today — perhaps you will join me Thursday evening — there is a discreet little room I know over across the river — a place called Secrets — do you know it?” The mocking purr had left her voice, replaced with something much crisper, an undeniable certitude and assurance.

I did know that place. I had been there several times, usually after having toured that small rivertown’s assortment of titty bars. I would come into Secrets with a frazzled, horny buzz on, and I would stand at the bar uncomfortably, as if everybody in the place knew that I had been at the titty bars and was in a keen state of low arousal … I’d try to be normal and cool, composed and in control, yet I always felt that I could not hide my secrets well enough in Secrets — I always felt as if everybody had bahis siteleri my number. Secrets was a bar I liked, but it was not a bar I really understood. Which was about to change …

Even though Secrets was an unremarkable enough tavern — several tall tables in discretely dim lighting off away from the bar, a small dance floor and a tidy wee staging area, three pool tables in an adjoining room one could see down into from the bar, two televisions at either ends of the bar, a couple of goofy video game modules on the bar, one week-end night a week for karaoke, the other week-end night with a dj — nothing really out of the ordinary, but as I thought about it, Secrets actually was oddly and unnervingly unusual, it had a flavor to it, rather subtle … a typical bar but somehow not a typical bar, in a way I could not quite put my finger on — yes, and it was odd and yet it seemed wholly appropriate for this poised and ever so obviously accomplished lady to mention Secrets.

“I’ve been there a few times,” I responded, “it’s a nice joint, but why would you want me to meet you there?”

Marilyn measured me with her bold stare. “Secrets is where no one will bother us,” she said, and she grinned at me, a wide grin that seemed at once hungry and without mercy … I stared into her eyes behind her wide glasses — her gaze still had that deeply unsettling quality of having me pinned and cornered, but yet without threat — it was a look from a woman who not only knew what she wanted, but who also was a woman who got whatever she wanted — I felt I was being taken, and, both amazed and appalled, I couldn’t wait to see what would happen when I showed up the following Thursday.

On the Thursday night in question, Secrets was crowded, which surprised me — the other times I’d been in the bar, it was quiet, almost in a trance, an alert joint but sleepy-alert. This night however was not only crowded, but loud. Strange for a weekday. Where had all these people come from, and why on earth were they all here?

Almost immediately, I spotted Marilynn. She sat about midway down the long bar, facing away from the entrance, and her back was what caught my eye — it was broad and strong, with shoulders that deep in my soul I wanted to lick and adore … the shiver that ran thru me as I approached her from behind was so very strong, goosebumps radiated across my chest, and I felt my nipples stiffening involuntarily …

The barstool beside Marilyn was unoccupied, which struck me as an enormous piece of luck, given that the bar itself was so crowded … I slid in behind Marilyn, thinking about how to let her know I was there — I wanted to lean close to her and breathe lightly on her neck, but I was afraid she would be irritated by the bold liberty of that, so I just sat there mutely, my hands not quite steady and my breathing shallow, not knowing quite what to do, and then she swung very slowly around on her barstool till she was facing me —

Again as before, her eyes took my measure, penetrating me viscerally — I was immediately helpless, a breathless deer in the headlamps of her regard … her gaze was so knowing and so pitiless that I knew she could command my least and every compliance — I was not only helpless but thankful to be so. I could not take my eyes away from hers … my entire being fell into her, and I felt myself consumed by her, and I became a creature without ego or independence, completely open to Marilyn’s will.

Her eyes dropped suddenly and rapidly down, as if telling me where she wanted my attention to go — I looked down and noted her skirt, how she had let it ride high, almost mid-thigh — and when my eyes returned to hers, she again dropped them, and I knew what she wanted.

Marilyn wanted me on my knees, and she wanted me to kiss her, down there. My breath came in a sharp intake as I realized what she demanded. Blood rushed blushingly to my face, and it was so powerful an emotion that suddenly I was struck dumb … I could not hear a thing and it was as if that entire establishment had gone silent.

A great chill worked itself up my spine then, for it dawned on me that the entire bar had indeed canlı bahis siteleri gone silent ! — my eyes darted to the left, then to the right — I saw the barmaid, Snoopy, reach behind her to the jukebox volume knob and now even the jukebox sound was gone … I looked around and every single person was facing me, silently waiting! I looked back into Marilyn’s bold and commanding eyes and again her gaze dropped down and then back up, as if telling me …

Knowing my fate and welcoming it wholeheartedly, I sank slowly to my knees between Marilyn’s thighs … she moved her hips forward, one of her feet touching the floor, and spread her thighs even further. I pressed my cheek to the softness of her inner thigh, and then felt both of her thighs closing around my ears … gently, she placed a hand atop my head, urging me to find what I most desired … the soft ample flesh of her inner thighs gripped me lightly but insistently, and I could sense the great strength that she exercised in not crushing me … when she relaxed her thighs, I pressed deeper between, inhaling the intoxicating aromas … I licked into the darkness, feeling the warm silk of her panties on my tongue. I was at life’s portal, the very source of All. I sucked hungrily at the thin fabric that enclosed my deepest, warmest, wettest Desire.

Marilyn’s hands descended to either side of my head, toying with my ears — how could she know my ears were that sensitive?! With intimate pressure I felt her lifting me slowly away from her humid warm depths, pulling me gradually to my feet. I rose unwillingly but obediently, totally under the control of her touch, until at last I was again on my feet, staring into her hynotically penetrating gaze. She urged my lips toward her, and her tongue slid into me and I sucked at it, feeling its nimble wet length in my mouth, licking and tasting it … her mouth widened upon me and I felt myself losing control, my very nature fuzzing over and changing — her lips were to me in that moment the very same as if her cunt were on me … I could feel myself transforming, turning into something other than what I had been.

The sounds of the crowded bar came suddenly bursting forth upon us then as I sucked at her tongue, so that Marilyn and I were suddenly the center of a warm rolling aural embrace — and as Marilyn’s mouth continued at my face, approvals of applause descended upon us!

And it was in that moment that I realized what had always been so unusual about Secrets . . . it finally dawned upon me that Secrets was a bar for gentle men, not at all a typical river town Gentlemen’s Bar, not at all a dumb titty-type hole for horny jerks — no, no — Secrets was a saloon where women who knew how to demand respect brought men who knew how to give respect … and when such respect was given, Secrets would put its hands together in warmest appreciation!

As the applause subsided, my mind recalled it all – how women would take men into the corners of Secrets and unfasten their britches and play with them … how casual it all was, how accepted that women could toy with males … it was stunning that I had repressed the very memory of such behaviors taking place in Secrets! Why, of course — Secrets had always been a place where men knew their place and remained carefully in their place, available and vulnerable and willing, the kind of bar where if men came in who were crude and chauvinistic, they would soon find themselves isolated and ignored, so that they would soon enough complain about what a dumb bar it was and leave … Secrets was a bar where dominant women brought their humble male partners for public play, where men served either to be manipulated and humiliated, or blessed and honored, with bold, relentless attention from women of a certain character . . .

I felt Marlyin unzipping my trousers … she reached in and took hold of the upper elastic band of my briefs and pulled the band out and down, so that she was able to tuck the band under my privates, causing my penis and testicles thereby to be lifted and highlighted out from my opened britches. When Marilyn then took hold of my cock, her touch was knowing and sure — she did canlı bahis not make the typical move of letting her hand brush the sensitive skin of my shaft, but she held onto my strained member snugly, so that the effect was of a deep massage, the flesh in her hand squeezed just tight enough so that there was no abrasive alarm, no startling sensation at all, just that deep rolling encirclement — Marilyn knew how to hold a man’s attention with firm yet delicate force, how to keep him from feeling discomfitted or abused.

As these and many other revelations dawned upon me, I was of a sudden startled to feel someone behind me taking hold of my buttocks and rolling them aggressively in her strong grip — “Marilyn!” came the exultant cry, “where have you been keeping this sweet thing?”

I turned and had to look up, for the voice came from a tall woman . . . her bosom was at eye level and it was prominent and proud. She had red hair, and her manner was not so much bold as it was totally in control, and without apology or timidity. “Hi, you lovely fellow,” she laughed, “my name is Melannie and I own the joint!” Melannie’s laughter rang in my ears even as she kept up with aggressively fondling my butt cheeks — “Marilyn, you always seem to bring us the most delicious and considerate gentlemen — wherever did you find this one?”

Marilyn kept her snug grip upon my cock, massaging it slowly all the while. I was being handled gently from the front and rudely from the rear, sandwiched, yet all I really wanted to do was go back down on my knees for the abundant and intimate charms of Marilyn … I wanted to again place my lips at life’s portal, to taste the place where life first comes forth …

“Now now, Marilyn … you don’t want to cause him to make a mess!” Melannie was leering down over my shoulder, staring at Marilyn’s toying with my strained and tautly alerted cock. In parting, Melannie placed her lips close to my sensitive ear and breathed, “You lovely thing, you come back anytime, you hear?” And with that she left, striding down the bar.

“Don’t ever dare come in here unless to meet me,” Marilyn teased after Melannie left, “some of these bold gals’d lock you up and tie you down and I’d never see you again!”

And still, all I wanted to do was nestle my face into Marilyn’s intimate recesses, but it was not to be. She told me she had to get up early the next morning and would I walk her to her car? It was chilly outside, and as I kissed Marilyn my longing was still to be engulfed by her warmth, to burrow there and lose myself in pleasuring her.

“Come again next Thursday, around 10 or so,” she suggested, “we’ll find a dark corner, away from all the applause … ”

She sucked on my lower lip and her hands went under my shirt, rising to my chest. “But don’t you come back to this bar till then!” Marilyn’s fingers tugged at my nipples … and I knew that I would be helpless come next Thursday to be anywhere else except in the small river town, across the wide river from the big bad city, in the gentle man’s bar, Secrets.

On the way back across the river, I pulled off and stared at the imminent skyline, thinking longingly of all that had happened. Without even knowing I was doing it, I unzipped myself and pulled the elastic band out and down under … I took hold of myself as Marilyn had, gently but firmly massaging, moving the flesh but not allowing my hand to slide over the tightened skin. I massaged myself with that deep slow motion until finally I could contain myself no longer … the wet whitened cream covered my hand … I held it up to look, wondering what Marilyn would do … and in that isolate moment of self-gratification, I licked the juice from my own fingers, sucking each finger in turn, for I surmised that was precisely what Marilyn would have wanted me to do. In my mind’s libidinous transport I felt as if I had become Marilyn, as if part of me had become a woman, a split personality, and as if my own ejaculate were an elixir, the very taste of sexual intoxication. When I at last put myself back in order, I drove on with a distinct sense that my identity was now doubled quite beyond itself … I was two people in one body, and I was amazed to discover, even so soon after having climaxed, that one of those persons still maintained an arresting and wholly helpless erection!


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