Adult Room Chapter 3

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We looked at each other with sort of embarrassed grins. We had jacked off together before, but this was different. We agreed that the hand job was more fun than solo work.

We cleaned up and ordered a pizza. After the pizza arrived, we played the gay video. While we ate, we discussed some of the action. We put the pizza box in the trash and put our glasses in the dishwasher, then we went back to finish watching the video.

We agreed some of the blowjob scenes were pretty hot, but we weren’t too sure about the butt fucking. The blowjob action had given me a boner, so I took off my shorts and started to stroke my cock.

Mike moved over next to me and said, “Let me.” He sat beside me and began to stroke me. I stopped him long enough for him to take of his shorts. He sat back down, we held each others cock and we began the dual hand job while the video ran.

We were watching a particularly well photographed blowjob scene when Mike said, “I wonder what it feels like to suck a cock? Is there any taste?” I replied, “I don’t know. I wonder what it feels like to have your cock in someone’s mouth?”

Mike stopped the hand job and bent over my cock. I felt his warm breath on my cockhead as he slipped his mouth down over my cock. He sucked a minute, then looked up and said, “It’s tastes a little salty.” He resumed sucking. We had seen some 69 scenes, so I stopped Mike long so we could get güvenilir bahis arranged on our sides on the floor.

Mike resumed sucking my cock and I looked at his, inches from my face. I held it and brought it to my lips. I licked the pre-cum off his cockhead. It was slightly salty. I ran my tongue tip around his cockhead then slipped my lips over it. It felt good in my mouth. I thought, “Let Mikie try it. Look! He likes it! Markie likes it too!”

We finished our first blowjobs with another hand job. We agreed that both ways were neat ways of getting our nuts off. Having your cock sucked was more fun than beating your meat. Or having someone beat it for you.

Dad interrupted, “When did Julie get involved?”

Julie said, “Let me tell them.”

Part 5

“It was after my 18th birthday, when you and Mom told me I could set my own hours and could come and go pretty much as I pleased.”

I came home from a bad date. My boyfriend had been a real jerk. We had been having a good time at a party, but he started drinking shooters and finally passed out. I took a taxi home. I changed into a long t-shirt and went to bed. I was pretty upset and restless. About 1:00 a.m., I heard one of the guys come in, then I heard the other come in a few minutes later. I laid there for awhile. I still couldn’t sleep. I heard Mike and Mark talking quietly. I decided to go to their room and see if they would listen türkçe bahis to me complain about my jerk boyfriend.

I pushed the door open and looked in. I couldn’t believe it. They were both naked. Mark was kneeling in front of Mike and he was sucking Mike’s cock. Mark had a hard-on which he was stroking as he sucked away. I started to close the door and back away when Mike said, “Come on in, Julie. It’s o.k.” Mark stopped sucking and took Mike’s cock out of his mouth as he said, “Want a taste? I’ll share.”

I said, “No, thanks. I’ll just watch,” as I sat on the edge of the bed. Mark said, “Suit yourself. You don’t know what you are missing.” And he resumed giving Mike the blowjob.

If was fascinating to watch Mark suck off Mike. He would lick Mike from balls to cockhead and back. Mike seemed to really like it when Mark would run the tip of his tongue all around the rim of his cockhead. Mark must have swallowed two-thirds of Mike’s cock when he would wrap his lips around Mike’s cockshaft and bob his head up and down. Mark stopped stroking his own cock and used his hand to hold and fondle Mike’s balls. I liked it when I saw Mark suck each of Mike’s nuts into his mouth. Mike must have liked it too, because he was standing there with his eyes closed and with a smile on his face.

I was tweaking a nipple with one hand and running my fingers up and down my pussy slit when I heard Mike say, “I’m going to cum.” güvenilir bahis siteleri I realized that I had been daydreaming. I’d never seen a man cum before. Mark pulled Mike’s cock out of his mouth and started jacking him off. Mike stood on his toes, arched his back and shot gobs of cum onto Mark’s chest. It was the sexiest, nastiest thing that I had ever seen.

Then Mark licked Mike’s cock clean and turned towards me. I was still fingering my pussy. Mark said, “Oh, poor little sister. All of this cock and she has to use a finger.” He crawled over to me. spread my legs and started to lick my pussy. I almost had an orgasm right then. His head was covered by my t-shirt so I pulled it off to see him eat me out. It was fantastic. He licked my slit from bottom to top and landed right on my aching clit with his lips.

Mark was sucking my clit and Mike began playing with my tits. He was sucking one nipple and pinching the other, when Mark slipped a couple of fingers into my cunt. As he nipped my clit, I started to cum. Mike planted his mouth over mine and filled my mouth with his tongue. It was good he did, because my first orgasm with my brothers was a real screamer.

Mike said, “Julie took a while to come down. I held her and caressed and stroked her face and belly. Mark was rubbing his cheeks on her pussy hair and occasionally licked her slit and kissing her pussy lips. Julie finally lay back on the bed and stretched into a spread eagle. She sat up and kissed me then she looked at Mark.”

Julie leaned forward and kissed Mark. “Am I tasting my pussy?”

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