Adventures with Lisa Ch. 02

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Things were a little different with Lisa after that night, she would constantly tease me about the fact I put my hand down a blokes trousers in front of everyone.

I kept telling her I only did it because I was drunk and I didn’t want her to do it, which was the truth. But she kept mentioning that I came very quickly when she talked about it, so I must have enjoyed it.

I guess that was true, I did enjoy her teasing me in the heat of the moment, and the finger up the bum did the trick too. But I didn’t want her to keep on about it in the cold light of day.

I told her about the man in the bunk who had masturbated, whilst watching us, she said she was aware of him playing with himself as we got into bed, telling me it turned her on knowing what he was doing.

We headed to the beach the following morning. I loved Bondi beach because of all the tits on show, lots of women went topless, including Lisa of course.

Lisa would point out guys she was attracted to and often tell me if a hot woman was nearby, she wasn’t really bisexual, but she appreciated sexy women and often had girl crushes. She also liked making out with other girls when she was drunk and had done it on several occasions.

Like I said, she was acting differently since the previous night. She kept spotting hot guys and saying things like “there’s one for you.” and laughing.

“Fuck off.” I’d say, “I’m only interested in women.”

“Sure you are.” She’d say sarcastically “oh well, if you don’t want him, I’ll have him then.”

She wasn’t one for hiding her thoughts, she was very open and brash about things. She knew she was hot and that she could pretty much have any guy she wanted, which made me jealous.

I spent most of our time traveling worrying about Lisa pulling other guys, she was so flirtatious and the more I showed her my jealousy the worse she got.

We went up to a bar for lunch and ordered some cocktails. I think we both felt the need for a hair of the dog drink after the previous night. One drink led to another though and we ended up drinking and chatting all afternoon.

She told me how horny she was and that some of the fit bodies on show at the beach got her mind racing and that she desperately needed a fuck.

It’d probably been three or four days since we last had sex, because of not really having anywhere to do it.

“I never got any last night either, did I!?” She said.

Lisa and I had been together a year and I was madly in love with her, but I didn’t trust her as far as I could throw her. She had told me she had cheated on me in the past, when we first started dating. I knew that wasn’t the only occasion though. I had found a used condom in her car a few weeks before we went away travelling.

We had a blazing row about it, she’d told me her sister had borrowed her car to go out with her boyfriend so it must have been them. I didn’t believe her though, her story didn’t really add up, plus her sister was very different to her, quite prim and proper. I couldn’t imagine her getting banged on the back seat of a car and then not clearing up her mess.

She told me to stop being so paranoid and to “just fucking drop it.” So, as I didn’t really have any evidence, I apologised and dropped it.

I quizzed her sisters boyfriend about it not long before we were due to leave on our travels and he told me it definitely wasn’t them. This information hurt like a bitch because I really wanted to believe her.

I went away with this on my mind, but I didn’t tell Lisa about it. I’d already accused her of cheating and I risked losing her if I continued being jealous. Plus I was so looking forward to traveling and I was hoping it’d rekindle our relationship a bit. I knew that whoever she’d been fucking wasn’t coming traveling with us so I tried to put it to the back of my mind.

If I’m honest, the idea of her cheating turned me on, I couldn’t understand my feelings because I didn’t want her to cheat, I was angry that she obviously had, but at the same time I found myself thinking about it whenever I masturbated. I was confused.

I started looking at cuckold porn and became very aroused by the idea, It became a bit of an obsession. But I hadn’t looked güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri at any porn in the month or so I’d been traveling, so the idea had been momentarily put to the back of my mind for the time being.

As we sat there in the bar that afternoon I decided to ask her what her and James were chatting about in the bar the previous night. He had been chatting her up, along with Alan, most of the night, much to my annoyance.

“It was a good night last night wasn’t it?” I started.

“Yeah, it was fun.” Lisa replied. “I enjoyed watching you feel James up.” She smiled. “It made me fucking wet.”

“Really?” I exclaimed.

“Sure.” She remarked, grinning wildly.

“That’s why you keep going on about it then.” I replied.

I liked the fact that it turned her on, she had made me feel ashamed about it all day, but to find out it was because it turned her on made it a bit more bearable.

“How big is it then?” She asked.

“What, His dick?” I asked. “I don’t know, I don’t really want to talk about it.” I said, feeling a little uncomfortable. “Anyway what were you talking to him about for so long.”

“I’ll answer if you answer.” She said giggling. “He said you saw him in the showers, so you’ve had a good look and feel. How big is it?”

Her probing made me feel uneasy. I didn’t want to answer her question, I wanted to forget about it, but she wasn’t going to let me. Plus I was intrigued to find out what they were chatting about.

“It’s pretty big I guess.” I said. “Maybe seven inches. I lied, it was almost certainly bigger than that.

“Cut or uncut?” She continued quizzing me.

“Uncut.” I said. “Why?” She smiled and took a sip of her drink. “I like uncut.” She said grinning.

“Okay, so now you know, tell me what you were talking about for so long?”

“You’re so fucking jealous” she laughed shaking her head and getting up from her seat. “If you must know, he wants to fuck me.” She said, winking at me and walking off towards the toilet, leaving me sitting there gob-smacked.

I sat there for a couple of minutes, mulling over what she’d just said. Then I got a text message. It was Lisa.

“I’m in the ladies, playing with myself.” She wrote. “Get yourself in here.”

I walked over to the ladies toilet, looking around to make sure nobody noticed me. The bar was quiet so it wasn’t a problem.

I coughed to let her know I was there.

“In here.” She said, and I pushed open the door. She was sat on the toilet with the seat down, her knickers round her ankles, playing with her cunt.

“Come here.” She said, grabbing my face and kissing me passionately. “Lick my fucking pussy.”

I obliged, getting on my knees and burying my face in her snatch. She always liked to talk dirty when we fucked and she didn’t hold back this time.

“Oh, yes that’s it. Lick my slutty little cunt.” She said as I nibbled on her clit. “You like the taste of it don’t you?”

I did love going down on her and she loved receiving it. I made her cum loudly as I licked away that afternoon and she didn’t seem bothered if anyone walked in as her screams echoed off the tiled walls.

I was rock hard, but she just got up and pulled her knickers up after she recovered from her orgasm.

“What about me?” I asked.

“I did you last night.” She said teasingly, walking out of the cubicle and looking in the mirror to fix her hair. “I’ll get the drinks in if you want to sort yourself out.”

“Hang on.” I said “what about, you know… what you said before you came in here… about James wanting to fuck you?” She smiled again, looking at me in the mirror.

“Why don’t you think about his nice thick cock filling me up as you wank yourself off?” She said, licking her lips seductively. “That’s what I was thinking about while you were licking me.”

“What the fuck?” I said shocked at her language. “That doesn’t do it for me babe!”

“Bullshit.” She laughed. “I’ve seen your search history.” She said walking out the door and smiling back at me.

I was horrified at what was coming out of her mouth, but I was still rock hard and wanted to cum. I dismissed what she said and went into güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the men’s toilets, leaving her to get some drinks.

I sat in a cubicle for about fifteen minutes playing with myself. I’m not going to lie, all I could think about was what she had just said and I was rock hard. I wanked myself off furiously, thinking about James putting his big cock inside my girlfriend until I squirted a big load of jizz all over the floor.

I cleaned myself up and went to rejoin Lisa. As I walked back out to where she was sitting I noticed she wasn’t alone, she was chatting to a guy. As I got closer I realised it was James.

“Hi babe.” Said Lisa. “Did you have a good wank?” I was embarrassed so I dismissed her comment. “I hope you don’t mind but I invited James to join us.” She said casually.

To say I was pissed off was an understatement, despite the fact I’d just jerked myself silly thinking about the two of them.

“Oh, why did you do that?” I asked, not caring if I offended James. “I thought we were having a nice afternoon!?”

“Don’t be so fucking rude.” She replied. “James is traveling alone, he wanted some company. Either sit down and have a drink with us or don’t. But I think you owe him an apology.

I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t fancy sitting there with them, but if I left them alone who knows what would happen. Lisa stared at me as if to prompt my apology

“Ok, I’m sorry.” I said half heartedly, pulling up a seat.

“No worries mate.” Said James. “Sorry to intrude, it’s just it’s not every day you get asked out for a drink by such a beautiful girl. Even if her fella’s there as well.” He added jokingly.

We had a laugh to be fair, sitting and chatting with James. It was awkward at first but Lisa has a knack of making the best out of situations. She’s so blunt and upfront with people, she’s very sociable and. easy to talk to.

We found out he was twenty-five , from Melbourne and was taking a few months off work following redundancy, he had some money to spend and wanted to fulfil his dream of traveling around Australia.

I knew though, knowing Lisa as I did, that, before long the conversation would turn to sex, and that was something I was dreading..

“Have you had much action since you’ve been away then?” Lisa asked James playfully.

“Sex you mean?” He replied, taken aback by her forwardness. “Um, I’ve had a bit, Yes.”

“A bit? I’m surprised a good looking guy like you with a fit body and a big cock doesn’t get laid every night.” Lisa said, seductively sucking on her straw and completely ignoring the fact that I was there.

“Thanks.” James replied. “I do ok.”

I decided to have it out with Lisa while James went to the toilet.

“What are you playing at?” I said bitterly. “Inviting him for a drink and openly flirting with him as if I’m not even here!”

“Lighten up for gods sake.” She responded. “I’m just having fun.”

Her casual manner wasn’t uncommon and it always wound me up, this day was no exception.

“How do you think I feel? Sitting here listening to you telling him he’s good looking and that he’s got a big cock?” I retorted.

“Oh, you’re boring me now, I’m just making conversation, will you stop being so jealous and possessive!?” She replied.

“Well you keep going on about his big cock and you tell me he wants to fuck you, how am I supposed to feel, for fucks sake!?? I barked.

I looked at Lisa and noticed her face change, I could tell I had really pissed her off. She doesn’t take shit off anyone, least of all me so I began to regret my actions.

“Hey listen here, it was you that told me he’s got a big cock. I don’t even know it for sure because I haven’t seen it… yet.” She added spitefully. “You’re the one who ogled over it in the showers and you’re the one who copped a feel of it last night. Not me. So don’t get on your high fucking horse with me. If you don’t like it you can leave us alone.”

“Do what you want.” I said angrily as I walked out of the bar, leaving her there alone, waiting for James to return. I regretted it almost immediately because I knew it would have made her angry, and when she was angry she always liked güvenilir bahis şirketleri to spite me.

I sat and smoked a cigarette on the sea wall, it was late afternoon but there were still plenty of people on the beach and in the sea. I sat there pondering for a while, wondering if I had overreacted.

Lisa always had a way of making me feel like I was in the wrong about any disagreement we had. I always found myself apologising and grovelling to her, even though people would say to me that they thought she was sometimes out of order. In the whole time we’d knwn each other I don’t think she’d ever apologised to me about anything.

Don’t get me wrong, she had her good points. I mean aside from her looks she was very generous, funny, sociable and generally a very likeable person. Where as I’m more shy and reserved, I find it harder to get to know people. Lisa made friends wherever she went, unfortunately it’s the amount of male friends she had which I had a problem with.

As I sat there I got talking to another guy from the hostel, we chatted for about fifteen minutes, I was still feeling a l drunk and my mood soon subsided. I decided to go back and extend an olive branch to Lisa. I’d come to the conclusion I’d overreacted.

When I got back to the bar they weren’t there, I tried calling her but it went to voicemail. As I returned to the beach I noticed them sitting on a towel in the sand. chatting away.

My heart fell a bit when I noticed she was topless. It wasn’t a surprise, she always went topless. But watching her sitting there flirting with this guy as he looked at her beautiful big breasts made my jealousy mount further.

I decided to sit and watch them to gage the extent of their flirting. They weren’t aware of me as I was too far away. Lisa seemed to be laughing at everything James said. ‘He’s not that fucking funny’ I said to myself quietly.

She had her hand on his knee as she sat there, upright, toking on her cigarette. He was laid out casually, wearing just a pair of board shorts. His toned body looked impressive as the sun shon off it.

I watched James turn on his front as Lisa rubbed suntan lotion in his back. I must admit I felt my cock twitch in my shorts at the sight of this, it didn’t stop me being mad though.

Then he did the same to her, just like the day before. He squeezed lotion on her back and began to rub it in, he was more thorough this time though, moving down the back of her thighs, rubbing it all down her legs, right back up to where her leg met her bikini bottoms.

I could just about hear her giggle over the sea breeze. ‘Fucking bitch’ I thought as I looked down and found that I was hard as a rock again.

I did my best to hide my erection as I sat there looking on. I thought I’d give her a call again. As her phone rang I noticed her lean over to pick it up, only to put it back down again when she noticed it was me.

Again my heart fell, I felt like I was watching our relationship fall apart in front of my eyes, but I was strangely aroused by it. I didn’t know what to do.

Next they got up and walked towards the sea, they disappeared out of sight among the beach goers for a moment, but I caught sight of them again a minute or so later in the waves.

James was picking her up and throwing her into the sea, I heard her screams of laughter as she got dunked into the ocean, she playfully splashed him back.

Then she leant in a nestled her head into his chest, putting her arm around him. I couldn’t believe I was watching an, albeit mild, public display of affection from my girlfriend, towards another man.

I watched her beautiful tits bob up and down as they walked back to their towels, the afternoon sun glistening off her perfect, wet body as she confidently strolled up the beach with her seemingly new crush holding her hand.

I couldn’t help but notice the outline of James’ huge member through his shorts again as they collapsed back down on their towels.

I made my way slowly and sullenly back to the hostel after my erection subsided, leaving the two lovebirds enjoying each other’s company.

When I got in I took a long, cool, soapy shower and stroked my hard but seemingly inadequate cock to a rather intense and shameful orgasm All the while wondering what my beautiful girlfriend was getting up to with her handsome, donkey dicked stud.

The warm jets of my semen mixed with the soap suds on the floor and washed down the drain, just like my relationship with Lisa.

To be continued…

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