After the Wedding

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Asha had already arranged the dinner and drinks and was waiting for me as I came out of the shower only in my towel. She came to me and took off my towel and dried me up. I stood their fully naked for the first time in front of her without any embarrassment; as if it was the most natural thing between a 28 year old nephew and his 38 year old auntie.

She then gave my hard cock a soft squeeze that was poking at her all the while she dried me. She smiled wickedly at me as she walked back and then slowly took off her skirt and the shirt before settling on the couch on the other end of the room. She was now wearing only her undergarments, red lacy bra and panties that were rather see through. I put a pair of fresh cotton boxers that was lying on the bed. She had already poured two helpings of the premium Scotch that she had brought from Australia. I finished my drink in a gulp and looked into her lust filled eyes. I went and sat opposite to her on the chair.

I sat their thinking of the events that had lead us to this blissful moment as she slowly took her drink.

Today was my cousin’s marriage. Asha auntie had flown in from Sydney yesterday evening for the marriage. I reached here today early morning, having driven more than 100 miles from Bangalore, where I am working as a Senior HR Executive in an MNC. My uncle had arranged two rooms in this hotel for me and my auntie as his house was already full with relatives. I slept for few hours and then got freshened up. I got dressed to go to my cousin’s marriage.

Then I went to auntie’s room to see if she was ready to go for the marriage. Auntie was already getting dressed as I entered her room. Only in her blouse and petticoat, she was starting to wear her sari. Her beautiful flat tummy and enchanting navel were open to my eyes. Her low cut semi transparent blouse was showing a lot of cleavage and her black bra through the material. She had at least 36D boobs which were looking great in her confining clothes. Her round shapely bums were a treat to any eyes. Her rather tight petticoat accentuated the curves of her beautiful bottoms. I could see her panty lines through the petticoat. The entire view was magical, I was filled with lust for her the moment I saw her in that state.

All the while she was observing my gaze and just smiled at me when our eyes met.

“Arun, I will be ready in few minutes. Would you mind having a drink with me now? It kind of keeps me fresh and steady” putting down the sari on the bed, she asked me and went to the liquor cabinet. I nodded my assent and went near her. She handed over the glass to me. I looked at her smooth exposed cleavage as she drank. I was brought back to earth by the feeling of her hands on mine. She was smiling when our eyes locked on to each others. She kissed me on my forehead, her blouse covered boobs kissing my chest. I could feel the familiar sensation of hardness between my legs.

“Arun, I am not interested in most of Jay’s relatives. After his death, except few, not many have contacted me. I have nobody other than you for company. So please don’t leave my side. You are the only one relative I really love to be with…..” after a moment of silence she added, “Hope it won’t be a problem for you!” I was only happy to oblige; I too was not interested in my father’s side of relatives, except for the cousin who was getting married today and Asha auntie, as she used to be really close to me before leaving to Australia with Jay uncle, due to his job requirement. I just smiled at her and put my hand on hers’ to assure her of my unrelenting companionship.

We went straight to the Church were the ceremony was arranged, the journey was uneventful with we just catching upon each other’s lives. The ceremony had already begun when we reached. The function went well and during the reception we got to meet and chat with all of our relatives. As promised I never left auntie’s side. As per the tradition all the relatives are to gather at the bride’s house after the reception, so we both went to uncle’s house where few other rituals were to be finished before the newly wed were set free. The marriage turned out to be much more fun than I had anticipated, thanks to my auntie’s company and also to few of my other relatives who were quite friendly. By around 4 PM we left our uncle’s house after saying goodbye to our relatives.

We headed back to the hotel. On our way back auntie put her hands softly on my thighs. “Arun, thanks for being a great company” auntie expressed her appreciation. Her hands continued to rest on my thighs. I was afraid of getting distracted by my mounting sexual tension. But nothing more happened and we reached the hotel without any untoward happening.

“I am rather tired, need some rest. Come to my room by around 7 and we will have dinner together” auntie said as she went into her room. I went to my room which was opposite hers’. My room had a beautiful view of the valley that casino şirketleri stood magnificently kissing the Arabian Sea.

My mind was full of fantasies of my auntie as I hit my bed with exhaustion. I woke up to the sound of the door bell. I went and opened the door. It was Asha auntie. She was wearing a light blue skirt that dropped just below her knees and a loose shirt-like white sleeveless top. “It’s already 7.30 you sleepy head, I thought I will check on you. I have ordered dinner to your room, we will have it here” she said as I locked the door. Her gaze went to my boner which I was trying unsuccessfully to hide. “Is it because of me or because you were dreaming of fucking some beautiful sexy girl” I was stunned at her very open question. I stammered something for an answer which she smilingly ignored. The use of word ‘fuck’ kept ringing in mind, arousing me further.

She went and sat on the bed and invited me to sit near her. I sat near her and she fell back on to the bed, I followed. She looked into my eyes and asked “Arun, was it me in your dream?” I was searching for a lie to tell her, but all I could tell her was the truth. “I am so happy to hear that I still have a fan and he still lusts after me even after all these years and the age catching in on me” it was not the response I had expected. I was expecting her to scold me for all the lustful dreams I have had about her.

“Auntie, I don’t think you look aged. For me you are still the young loving sexy (some how I gathered courage to say the last adjective) auntie I knew before you left to Australia. I had a crush on you since my childhood and it is still there” I confessed. She changed her position and our eyes met in a lustful awakening. Our lips met, hers’ softly on mine. The kiss lingered for few moments. First it was a soft one then our lust overtaking us, we passionately explored each others mouth with our tongues. Her hand reached into my drawers and took hold of my hard cock. I was in a magical sexual paradise. Our encounter was interrupted by the service boy who had brought in our dinner.

“Dear, go freshen up and then we will have our dinner and then we can…. And from now on call me Asha, not auntie” she told me as the service guy disappeared behind the door. She then went and locked the door.

“Yes, Asha” giving her a small peck on her cheek I went to bathe. She was waiting for me on the bed as I came from the bathroom in just my towel.

This is how it all happened; and here I am sitting near my semi-naked auntie on the couch drinking liquor with her and expecting to fuck her before the day ends.

We finished our dinner in an awkward silence that filled the room with our sexual tensions. After putting the dishes out in front of the room for the room service to pick it up, I went and sat with her on the couch. She came and sat close to me, our bodies touching. Her naked smooth silky skin on mine sent shivers of sensual lust all over my body. She poured more scotch into our glass. Sipping her drink, she gently leaned onto my shoulders. I took my right hand and put it around her, holding her softly in my arms. She looked into my eyes and our lips met. Softly I took her lips into my mouth, her saliva mixing with mine. Our tongues reached into each others. Putting back her glass she stroked my hard straining cock over my boxers. My hands reached behind her and gently caressed her back.

Braking away from the slow sensual kiss she stood in front of me. She removed my boxers. I leaned back to the couch into a relaxing posture. She then kissed the tip of my cock lightly and giving it a tight squeeze she climbed on to my lap. I held her with both my hands and pulled her to me. My erect cock was nestled in between her thighs touching her panties that covered her treasure. I started to explore her face with my tongue and gradually went to her neck. She moaned in pleasure. She arched herself into me as my tongue reached into her ample cleavage. I unclasped her bra hooks and freed her beautiful round firm breasts. I started to suck on her left tit at first and then on the other. My right hand went down her back and into her panties. My fingers reached onto her pussy lips and started exploring the valley in a circular motion. Her moans started to grow louder and she thrust her panty covered pussy on to my dick that was straining with pleasure.

Moving back up my tongue explored her ears, licking its insides. She burst into a fit of giggles. I inhaled in the intoxicating scent of her smooth curly hair. She bent over and kissed the nape of my neck.

I pushed her back and looked into her eyes which were yearning with carnal desire. I gently took the sexy curvaceous but slim frame of her body into my hands and walked over to the bed. I gently laid her on the bed and climbed on top of her. My hard dick was now poking at her flat smooth abdomen. Kissing her neck my mouth went on to attack her boobs passionately. I casino firmaları then moved down kissing all over her body and stopped at the elastic band of her panties. After kissing her already wet pussy over the panties, I removed it entirely. Now we were both fully naked. Her pussy was a neatly shaven haven, just as I liked it to be. I wet down between her thighs and started to lick the entire length of her bald magical snatch. After few moments I concentrated my work on her clitoris. She thrust her pussy up into my mouth for more pleasure. She pushed my head down and held me tightly there. I licked the outer side of her pee hole which made her climax for the first time with me.

“Arun, I need you inside me now. Please don’t make me wait any more” she pleaded. I too was not in a mood to wait and so I took my hard excited cock in my hands and guided it into her wet waiting snatch. With a slow and soft thrust I entered her fully. She gasped with delight. I remained in her without any moment for a few seconds and then started to thrust gently to and fro in her. My thick cock filled her fully. She tightened her pussy around my dick for more sexual gratification. Her second orgasm was building and I too felt my climax building. I looked into her eyes and I could see her love and desire for me in there. At that moment we climaxed together. After discharging my full load in her lovely snatch and kissing her forehead softly, I rolled over her and lay on my back near her. A satiated smile crossed across or faces and we hugged each other intensely.

After few hours of sleep, I woke up to sound of Asha getting up from the bed. I switched on the bed lamp and looked at her questioningly. “I need to pee'” Asha answered. I checked the clock and it was 2 AM.

“Please, may I watch” I asked her. “I always wanted to see a woman pee; may I” I inquired. I was hoping against hope that she would agree, as I looked at her waiting for an answer.

She smiled and added “You are very naughty. I am okay if that is what you want.” She went to the toilet to pee. I went behind her watching the swaying form of her beautiful round bums. She sat on the commode and started to pee. I went near her and knelt in front of her. She smiled and brushed her hand through my hair. I looked eagerly at her pee hole and the gushing stream of pee. Few droplets of her urine splashed on to my chest as it hit the edge of the commode. I liked the feel of her hot yellow water on my skin. At last it came to an end, it was indeed a beautiful view for me. I leaned on to her and kissed the underside of her beautiful boobs. She smiled and kissed my forehead and held my face between her breasts. I broke the embrace and catching her bums I pulled her towards me. I kissed the sides of her pussy and then inhaled the smell of her pee in. I moved my mouth to her pee hole and licked clean what little droplet of her remaining urine.

“Oh…” she cooed with pleasure and excitement. “You like the taste of my pee, you mischievous nephew of mine” she playfully added. She was now trembling with her eventual orgasm.

“Asha, I think I love even your pee” I expressed my excited state and started putting the tip of my tongue inside her pee hole for more of her juices. She loved every inch of my tongue in her pee hole. She thrust her pussy upward in extreme pleasure. I then stood up and announced that I need to take a leak. But she just sat there without moving an inch. I warned her that if she didn’t move, I will bathe her in my piss. She challenged me and in no time I was peeing on her boobs and smooth flat stomach. She took hold of my semi hard cock and directed my urine to her pussy. Then when it was over she engulfed her mouth on my cock and sucked out the balance urine. She began a slow blowjob at first taking my now hard dick fully into her mouth. Then I started fucking her mouth passionately enjoying the sensation of her lovely mouth and the sensational tongue work she was giving me. I came in no time; she took the entire load with rather great sexual thirst. A great sense of sexual satisfaction is the only emotion I could see in her at that moment.

We then washed each other and went to sleep. We slept in each others arms peacefully for many hours. We then woke up and made love to each other this time very tenderly before putting ourselves through the morning chores.

Asha was set to fly back that evening, but she called her agent and rescheduled her flight for the morning next day.

We let ourselves enjoy each others companionship the entire time we had before she left to Australia, making love in between many lustful fucking sessions. And without waking me up she left to the airport in the morning.

I woke up to the sensation of a soft hand stroking my hard cock. When I looked, it was a small but beautiful frame of a woman in maid’s dress who was stroking me; her other hand was inside her panties. She backed off the movement I woke up. güvenilir casino I looked at her body eagerly, memory of Asha coming to me in a flash. I was fully naked entirely exposing my manhood to the maid. She was standing there fear in her eyes, waiting for my reprimand. The maid was beautiful, but not as beautiful as Asha. She was of smaller size, a thin short frame. Her maid’s gown reached only to her knees. She was trembling with embarrassment and fear.

She was Nazreen, a regular cleaning staff of the hotel. She is of 25 years of age and comes from a nearby colony. She was not fair but not too dark either. Her breasts were small but round. Her ass was her real feature that attracted me most.

She had seen the door to my room unlocked and ventured in. She then saw me lying fully naked on my back showing a hard morning cock. While enquiring about her I never gave thought to cover myself with any cloth and my hard on was still prominently displayed. And all the while her gaze was fixed on my thick hard cock. I sat up on the bed and took her hand in mine and asked her to sit down. She anxiously sat on the edge of the bed. “Nazreen, do you like my cock” I asked her looking into those beautiful eyes. She nodded in assent. “It’s all yours if you want” I added. She seemed surprised at my response. Knowing that I will not succeed, I was searching for Asha in her.

She smiled nervously back at me. My cock subsided to a semi-hard state by this time. I took her hand and placed on my dick. She looked into my eyes searching for something. I guessed that she wanted more assurance from me. I reached forward and kissed her on her forehead to assure her that I too wanted it. “Nazreen, please do lock the door and come back if you want this. You are free to go, if you don’t. I won’t hurt you or force you” I softly told her. She stood up and went to the door. For a moment I thought she wouldn’t come back, but she locked the door and came back. I was thrilled and my cock was coming back to life. Nazreen came and sat next to me on the bed and took my cock in her hand. She slowly stroked my cock to full mast. She then stood up and removed her gown. She had no bra on. She wore cotton pink panties. Kneeling in between my spread out legs she took my cock in her mouth. Her small mouth couldn’t fully engulf my cock. But she seemed to know what she did, because within no time I came in her mouth. She gulped down most of the load, but some spilled through the sides of her mouth.

She seemed happy and I felt that she liked sucking cock. I reached and took hold of her shoulders and laid her on my chest. She was so light; I could easily lift her up like a paper. Her erect tits pressed into my chest. The sensation was wonderful. My now soft dick lay under her pantie covered pussy. I kissed hard on her lips and she opened her mouth to allow my tongue in. She was really enthusiastic and soon I was to find that she was a tigress in the bed. She bit my lips and chewed in my lower lips into her mouth. All this brought my dick to a semi-hard state. I laid her on her back and went to her boobs and started to suck on her tits. She screamed in pleasure. My hands reached down and removed her panties. She had a neatly trimmed public hair. Putting her between my legs and reaching to her face I placed the tip of my cock on her lips. She opened her mouth and sucked on my hard cock. After few seconds I took out the cock from her mouth. She seemed disappointed.

Then I went down to her thighs, firstly kissing her inner thighs my fingers reached into her pussy. She started to squirm in sexual joy. I put my tongue into her pussy which was already wet in anticipation and tasted her for few minutes. Without wasting any more time I guided my dick into her love hole. Though she was small in frame, her pussy engulfed my dick almost entirely without much difficulty. I started stroking in and out of her. Gradually I increased my speed. She thrust back in unison with my thrusts. She came twice before I emptied my load into her eager pussy. I kissed softly on her lips and then on her forehead and lay on her side. She then took my cock that was covered with our combined love juices and sucked on it. She made it hard again and kissed the tip lovingly. Nazreen sat on my dick impaling the full length of it into her pussy. She fucked my cock with great wanton hunger. The pleasure taking over her pain, she hit her third orgasm. I felt my release hitting her insides. Totally spent she collapsed on to my chest, my dick still inside her. After few hours of sleep we bathed together. I gave her 1,000 rupees as a token of appreciation. Saying thank you she gave a soft kiss on my lips. She then left the room with a satisfied smile.

Lying back on my bed, I saw a note on the bed lamp table. It was from Asha. It read;

“Arun, you are a wonderful lover. I would have loved if this lasted longer. Come to me in Australia. I will be waiting… Yours Asha…”

N.B.: I have left you a gift… Do enjoy but don’t hurt her, my love…

I couldn’t believe; Nazreen was Asha’s gift to me. I smiled and got up to pack my bags for the return journey. Already my heart was planning my relocation to Australia.

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