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When I stop to think about it, I can’t believe how much my life has changed in the last year. Everything I thought I knew about myself has changed drastically. Let me start by describing myself. My name is Peter. I’m 37, a project manager for a mid sized, well established tech company. I’m 6′, 190 lbs, and I try to keep myself in decent shape. I’ve been happily married to the same beautiful woman for the last 11 years.

Jenny is a knockout. Though she never seems to notice, she constantly turns heads wherever we go. Beautiful chestnut hair, green eyes, and curves that should demand speed limits. She is frequently compared to the redhead on Mad Men, which always makes her blush. We met in my third year of college, when I spent the summer break with my frat brother at his family’s cabin in Lake Tahoe. Jenny was waitressing at the local grill, and after some innocent flirting (innocent on her part), I was in love. It took me several visits to get up the nerve to finally ask her out, and when she said yes, I was so flustered, I dumped my soda in my lap.

We went out about 10 times that summer, never going past some gentle petting. Jenny wasn’t a prude, but she stated clearly that she was saving herself for marriage, and despite my best efforts to sway her, she held firm to her values. As much as I respected that, I went home from each date with blue balls. When summer ended, we kept in touch, and got together whenever my academic schedule would allow the 2 hour drive to see her. Our relationship progressed, and got more serious. And six months after I graduated, we were married. Jenny kept her vow of virginity right up to the honeymoon.

Our first night, when she came out of the bathroom dressed in a white lacy baby doll, I was so excited, I came as soon as she touched me. Literally. As much as I had thought of this moment, as much as I had visualized taking control of the situation, and being the suave, strong man, teaching my young innocent virgin bride the ways of lovemaking, I was mortified when I realized I had just shot off at her first touch. She jumped when it happened, obviously shocked by it, but recovered quickly, and giggled in a sweet, innocent way that eased my embarrassment, and soon had me laughing too. The second attempt went much better.

After her initial discomfort at losing her virginity, she really got off quite easily, and seemed genuinely fascinated by my cock while we lay together after. Her head on my chest, tracing her finger over the shaft and around the head, causing me to stir again which made her giggle some more. It was 3 days before we even left the honeymoon suite.

Life falls into routines, and ours was no exception. I advanced through 3 different jobs at 3 different companies, and 18 months ago, took a position with my current company as a project manager. The company is good sized, but our division is moderately small with about 50 full time employees. The VP that heads our division is a fairly young guy, Tom Rhodes. A business phenom and fast riser that, I was told, was aggressively pursued by the top brass. He had come on board about 3 months before I started with the company.

Although we had spoken, I did not think he knew my name, as our paths did not cross that often. That was, until the division’s annual barbecue. I had gone stag to last year’s party because my wife was visiting her sister that weekend. Tom had hosted, and I stayed just long enough so as not to appear rude, but it seemed the party was really taking off when I left, and co-workers talked about it for weeks after, saying Tom threw an “epic party”. There was a lot of buzz about this year’s upcoming party as well, since Tom would again be hosting.

The day of the party dawned bright and warm, and Jenny came downstairs looking sensational as always, wearing a beautiful pale blue cotton sun dress with little daisies on it. I hadn’t seen this dress on her before, but she looked stunning, and she blushed at my approving smile, before I could even tell her how awesome she looked.

We arrived at the party around 2:00. It was already in full swing, and everybody seemed to be having a good time. The food was great, and the hired bar staff were keeping everybody’s drinks full. Tom was making the rounds drifting from group to group engaging all of his guests and making sure no one was left wanting for anything.

Jenny and I were talking with some co-workers when Tom joined us, and introductions were made. As I have observed at work, Tom immediately becomes the center of any universe he enters. He is the quintessential alpha male. Six foot four, swimmers build, chiseled jaw, naturally curly black hair and piercing blue eyes. But it’s more than just that. Tom has an aura about him. Intelligent and well spoken, he puts others at ease with his genuine interest, and warm personality. Yeah, ok… I’m a little jealous of the guy.

Jenny and I had our backs to him when he approached our circle. Jenny was just taking a sip of her wine when Tom was introduced, she actually gasped canlı bahis şirketleri when their eyes met. He looked equally taken aback.

“Jenny? Jenny McIntyre?”

“It’s Jenny Thompson now” then, “Oh my god, little Tommy Rodeo all grown up… and not so little anymore.” she said looking him over.

He pulled her into a hug that she fully returned. Jenny saw my puzzled look when they parted, and went on to explain that she used to babysit Tom when she was in high school.

“His parents had that beautiful home on the lake I pointed out to you, remember?”

I seemed to recall it as she described it. She went on without waiting for my acknowledgment, “I can’t believe it, Tommy, look at you!”

Tom seemed equally excited, telling stories of how his friends would make excuses to come over whenever Jenny was babysitting because they all had huge crushes on her, and how they had, on more than one occasion, climbed the tree outside her house to try to get a peek at her changing in her room. This had her blushing profusely, and had the group chuckling.

I excused myself to go refill our drinks, and got stuck chatting with one of the other project managers at the bar. When I finally found Jenny again, she and Tom were sitting alone by the pool, heads together re-living their youth. Jenny’s hand was resting on his.

She almost seemed surprised when I interrupted them, as if coming out of a daydream. Tom however, seemed to be as in control as ever. Standing up, he took the drinks from me and set them on the side table, saying “Well, I’ve stolen enough of your day. I’m being rude to my other guests. Jenny, It was great seeing you again.”

Shaking my hand, he said “Peter, you’re a very lucky man, Jenny was my dream girl.”

He turned to go, but then as if suddenly remembering, he turned and said “Oh, Jenny tells me you play basketball, you should join me at our gym. A group of us play a couple of times a week”.

And with that, he was off, mingling with another group of guests. I turned to Jenny to ask how basketball came up, but she was following Tom’s departure with her eyes, still in her daydream. We left the party about an hour later, Jenny and Tom sharing another warm hug, and Tom’s reminder to me that we should hit his gym this week for some 2 on 2.

On the drive home, Jenny was definitely frisky, reaching over to rub my thigh, and lightly teasing my cock with her delicate fingers tickling over my ever tightening shorts. When we got home, we didn’t even make it past the foyer. Jenny pulled me forcefully into her as soon as we closed the door. Grabbing my hair and biting my neck, she pulled us back against the door. Leaning into her, I reached up under her dress to find her panties soaking with her juices. What had gotten in to her? She never acted this way before. I’ve seen her react passionately before, but rarely initiating sex, and with such hunger. I didn’t have time to ponder, as her animalistic demands woke my own hungers.

As I worked her panties midway down her silky thighs, she surprised me again, pulling my hair, and pushing me physically down to my knees. With one hand still gripping my hair, her other hand hurriedly pulled up the hem of her skirt. She thrust her pelvis forward, pulling my head up into her pussy. Her heat was as tangible as her flesh. Her scent so delicate, yet so powerful, I was suddenly drunk with her, as delirious in my desire to devour her, as she was determined to be eaten.

My mouth found her lips and forcefully parted them with my tongue, driving across her clitoris as she immediately exploded with a guttural scream slamming her head back into the door, and almost knocking me unconscious as she continued to grip my hair while convulsing with the most intense orgasm I’ve ever been party to. Her hands were clenched in my hair until her convulsions subsided, then she lazily slid down to rest on the tile with her back to the door, legs splayed with her skirt bunched at her waist, and her panties stretched across her mid thighs. A blissful smile on her face. I lay back with my head resting on her thighs, looking up at her, and enjoying her euphoria.

This didn’t last long however, as I still had a raging hard on that would soon need attention. I asked her “what got into you?”, thinking I already knew the answer.

Jenny started to play it off to the wine, but then said “besides, you look hot in those shorts.” We were both laughing as she pulled me to my feet, and led me to our room, where we made passionate love, and fell asleep in each others arms.

The following Tuesday, Tom sent me an email, inviting me to join him after work at his health club for a little 2 on 2. Despite not having played basketball for about a year, I knew not to turn down this opportunity. Tom and I teamed up against a couple of friends of his, and despite my rusty skills, we pulled out 2 of the 3 games. Tom was impressive, and was the reason we did as well as we did. After the game, I jumped in the locker room shower canlı kaçak iddaa to wash off.

About 2 minutes later, Tom came in to use the stall across from me. I turned at the sound, I’m sure I did a double take, as my eyes couldn’t immediately comprehend what they saw. I knew Tom was in great shape, but what shocked me, was the massive piece of cock meat this guy was carrying. I caught myself staring at what must have been 8″ of thick flaccid dick just slapping on his thigh as he walking into the shower. I turned my head away so fast, it must have been obvious, and was determined not to look back for the remainder of my shower. I finished my shower as quickly as possible, and wrapped a towel around me as I headed back to the locker. I still had the towel around my waist, and was sitting on the bench looking through my gym bag for my deodorant when Tom came out of the shower toweling off as he walked over to where our lockers were.

I had my head down when he approached, and looked up just as he pulled the towel from around his waist, exposing that horse cock literally 12 inches from my face. I don’t know how long I was staring at it, but he definitely noticed this time, re-directing my attention with a gentle “ahem” sound.

I snapped my head back as if slapped, and started mumbling an apology/excuse when he suddenly laughed, causing me to blush a deep crimson.

Tom saw my embarrassment, and apologized for laughing, stating “I’m sorry Peter. I’m used to getting reactions in the locker room, but that was just funny. It’s just a cock, like any other.”

I replied without thinking, “That’s not like any cock I’ve ever seen!” causing another chuckle from Tom, as we both realized I was still staring at it. That’s when it twitched. This time I didn’t jump back. I also suddenly didn’t care that I was still staring at it, taking in all of it’s fleshy thickness, wondering at the bulbous head hiding under the foreskin. The room was suddenly very quiet, neither of us speaking. I was barely breathing as I ever so slightly leaned in, eyes wide, waiting for, what, I don’t know, but suddenly I was aware of only this cock, it’s growing thickness, it’s clean, manly smell, the weighty balls lifting it away from his thighs. The plum of a head was becoming engorged as the shaft lengthened before my eyes. It was a thing of beauty.

This was a moment in time I would later look back upon as a major changing point in my life. Suddenly the cock twitched again touching my left cheek breaking the spell for a moment. I took my eyes off the cock and without moving my head, looked up at the owner of this sculpture. Tom looked down at me with a wicked knowing grin. He said nothing, but placed one hand on my head as if giving his blessing, and guided my head forward to his cock.

I didn’t know what I was doing, but as soon as his cock head touched my face, I opened my mouth, and let my tongue slip out to meet it. I felt a need to taste and explore this man flesh, with it’s man smell, with it’s pulsing strength. I apprehensively reached up with my right hand to grasp the shaft below the head, as I slipped to my knees for better position. Kneading the flesh back to expose the full knob, my tongue greedily explored the slit, gathering the salty dew, and drawing it into my mouth. I savored the viscous promise of things to come as I eyed his cock from this new vantage point.

From below, his cock was even more impressive. Daunting even, as I contemplated fitting it in my mouth. But that was just a brief thought as I took hold with both hands now, pumping the flesh as my lips secured the head, and my tongue worked under and around the foreskin begging out the prize. Tom leaned back into his locker and moaned loudly, saying something my brain couldn’t process as my eyes closed and I focused my entire being on pleasuring this beautiful cock. At one point my left hand drifted back to cup and knead his massive balls, and I wondered how much cum they must hold.

That question was answered all too soon, as, moments later, Tom’s hand on my head gripped my hair, and he mumbled something incoherent a moment before his cock swelled, and his hips bucked as the first blast of cum jetted down my throat, followed by several more as I swallowed repeatedly, finally able to savor the last few spurts that settled on my tongue. I didn’t want to let the cock out of my mouth, attempting to pull more of it in as it softened.

Eventually, I felt Tom’s hand release my hair, and just rest on my head, as I leaned into his thigh still licking his shaft like a puppy. After a minute like this, I heard a noise in another part of the locker room, and quickly pulled back, suddenly embarrassed at the situation, and realizing the gravity of what just took place. I had just sucked another man’s cock! My bosses cock no less! The look on my face must have said it all, because Tom took me by the shoulders as he lifted me to my feet, looking me square in the eyes.

He quietly, but deliberately said “Peter, it’s OK, we’re cool. canlı kaçak bahis Nobody else knows about this.” As I scanned around the locker room, I started to breathe a little easier, coming back to reality, my brain began to work again.

I realized he was right. I still couldn’t look him in the eye though, and, noticing this, he laughed and slapped me on the shoulder saying “Dude, that was amazing”. I laughed also, but my head was still spinning, trying to comprehend what had just happened. I was still sitting on the bench, fumbling in my gym bag when Tom dressed and left, saying he’d see me at the office tomorrow. It was probably 20 minutes later when my brain functioned enough for me to finish dressing and head home.

That night, Jenny noticed how distracted I was during dinner, but I just played it off on a work project. She asked about Tom, knowing we had played basketball, and I gave vague details of our game, noting he was pretty good.

She surprised me by replying “I’ll bet”, and when I gave her a questioning look, said “Well he has a pretty athletic body Pete”, quickly changing the subject to the new carpeting she wanted to have installed.

We made love that night, and we both came pretty quick. I suspect, oddly enough, that we were both picturing the same person during that session.

This was a very strange time for me. I had always known I was straight. I had never even considered that I could be attracted to a man. I played sports growing up, and lived in a frat house during my college years. I have been in locker rooms and communal showers without ever giving a second thought to another guy’s junk. And honestly, I don’t think I was necessarily attracted to Tom… but that cock.

I can’t explain what it was about that beautiful piece of meat that set my mouth drooling, but, it just had a profound effect on me. I found it difficult over the next week to keep my mind on anything else. Not at work, not at home, and not in the bedroom. My mind kept drifting to that wonderful cock.

Three days after the locker room incident, my wife walked into the garage to find me pants around my ankles, eyes closed, jerking off . I never even heard her come into the garage. Apparently she stood there for about 2 minutes, just watching me, with a confused look, and a smirk on her face. I jumped out of my skin, and nearly tripped over my pants when she touched my arm. Laughing hysterically, she steadied me, but it took about 3 more minutes before she could recover enough to actually speak. Between fits of laughter, she apologized for startling me, asked what got into me, and then asked if she could help. I couldn’t answer the first question, but the answer to the second question was obvious.

The following Tuesday, I was summoned to Tom’s office. Playing it off like it was no big deal to the others in my office, secretly my heart was in my throat, my thoughts drifting between the dread of being face to face with him, and the image of his cock dangling in front of my drooling mouth. As nervous as I was sitting in his outer office, I still had an erection that I had to hide under my project files. Tom’s secretary finally ushered me in to Tom’s office, stating “Mr. Rhodes will be with you momentarily.”

A few minutes later Tom strode out of his private bathroom, drying his hands as he crossed to his desk. “Peter, I’m glad you could meet with me” he said as if I was doing him a favor.

Small talk ensued including him asking after Jenny, summer vacation plans, etc. After about 5 minutes of idle chit chat, Tom directed the conversation to work related matters, asking me about projects I was working on, time lines and so forth. As we chatted, he came around to the front of his desk, and leaned on the edge, the now apparent bulge in his slacks enticingly close. Hands leaning back on the surface of his desk, and a knowing grin growing on his face as he saw me dry mouthed, shifting my gaze from the stirring bulge, to his eyes, and then back to the bulge. Every time I looked back to his face, his grin widened, validating in his mind, my crumbling self control, and my growing desire.

Knowing I was under his control, he slowly looked down at his slacks, bringing my eyes down with his to rest on the now obvious elephant (trunk) in the room. I had a brief moment of concern, looking back over my shoulder to the office door. Knowing his secretary was just on the other side of that unlocked door. Was she the sort that would just walk in unannounced? Tom could see my concerns on my face, but I think he liked putting me to a decision, because he let it hang there. Without giving me any sense of security, he reached down with his right hand and slowly lowered his zipper, and replaced his hand on the desk surface, laying the rest of the decision on me.

I paused for about 5 seconds, doubt and desire battling inside me. But desire won out as I slipped from the chair to me knees, reaching with both hands for his belt buckle.

It took me a minute to work his pants and boxers over the edge of the desk, Tom doing nothing else to help. Playing a little mind game with me, making me work for my reward. As I got the boxers down to mid thigh, his cock was straining as if spring loaded, waiting to pop out and hit me in the face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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