Amy and Quinne’s First Date

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“What’s next then?” Amy asked.

Quinne raised an eyebrow as she tugged on her pantyhose, her face settling on a casual smirk.

“What more are you after?” Quinne responded.

Amy had pushed the question to the back of her mind during the last few days, and had been completely blank while she had been tied down. She couldn’t avoid thinking about it now – she had to wonder what she wanted. Initially, it was an impromptu dalliance with a beautiful woman. Quinne had given her the first – and greatest – orgasms of her life. Amy had always assumed that she would end up with a man; not because she was attracted but because everyone spoke of relationships that way. Until that first morning, Amy had never given any thought to what she found attractive or beautiful, and Quinne…

Amy had spent the evening tied up, erotically tortured, forced to sexually service Quinne and endure several orgasms that seemed to never end. It was a thrilling, excruciating, confronting experience. She still wasn’t sure what she wanted, but she did want more of the Amazonian. She watched as Quinne flexed her taut calf muscles, pulling nylon threads up towards her hips.

“How about a date?”

Quinne paused dressing, the smirk falling off her face.


Amy gathered her courage and spoke her mind. “A date? Time spent together between two individuals designed to develop intimacy and a deeper knowledge of the other?”

The taller woman reached out to her and stroked Amy’s bare thigh before giving it a hard smack.

“I think we can build some intimacy in other ways,” Quinne said seductively. “I definitely know I can get a deeper knowledge of you without too much trouble.”

Quinne’s lascivious tongue moistened her lips; Amy was again impressed by the other woman’s libido but was undeterred.

“I want to know everything about you. Not just sexually. Who you really are. What you do. What you like. What you hate. What makes you tick,” Amy confessed. “I don’t even know your last name!”

The smile softened on Quinne’s face; it didn’t disappear, but for the first time Amy saw uncertainty in the Amazon’s eyes.

“Can’t we just enjoy this for what it is? Isn’t it a thrill having wild sex with a complete stranger?”

“It has been exciting,” Amy admitted. “And I’m hungry for more. But I want the whole package – the good, the bad, the ugly, even the weird.”

Quinne looked at her with deep hazel eyes. Amy felt like she was under intense scrutiny, as if Quinne had only just considered broader possibilities. They stared at each other for several moments and Amy wondered if she’d just blown it. Still, she needed to take the chance. Sex was fun – more fun than she’d ever imagined – but a greater desire had been awoken in her.

After a long pause, Quinne spoke slowly.

“What kind of date?”

Amy stood out in front of the coffee shop and fidgeted nervously. She had fussed endlessly over what to wear – she’d never been on a date with another girl before and wasn’t sure how to act or behave. How girly was she supposed to be? Quinne was a gorgeous, full-bodied woman, but Amy had never seen her in a public setting – would she dress conservatively?

Amy ended up settling on a short jacket over a form fitting sky blue top, a knee-length grey skirt and high heels. She only had the one pair and had very little experience walking in them, but she liked the way it pushed out her bust and behind. Gazing into the mirror earlier, she admired her own form and felt…desirable. There was now the problem of her hair though – she could never seem to make something presentable out of it. The blonde tips had a slight curl to them, and she decided to brush it all to one side. The combination gave her a slight pixie look.

She glanced anxiously at her watch for the fifth time since she arrived.

Ten minutes late. Amy began to wonder if this had been an extraordinarily bad idea.

What if she just wanted a quick fling? What if she doesn’t like me? What if…

Amy’s mental train was quickly running off the tracks when she noticed a tall woman with a confident gait striding towards her. She wore a tight-fitting low cut blouse with ruffled sleeves, blue jeans buckled with a thick leather belt, and a pair of black shoes. Her brunette mane hung loosely down past her shoulders, billowing slightly around in the gentle breeze. The ensemble might have seemed a little too practical if not for her extremely loosely bound top – the slightest breeze tousled the open garment, giving Amy an eyeful of bountiful cleavage. Amy thought that a decent gust would cause the other woman’s breasts to accidentally burst from their cavalier confinement.

“Hello there beautiful,” Quinne greeted her, a slight grin on her face.

Amy tried to respond but found herself spluttering over her words.

“Oh…hey! How are you…Quinne?” Amy stammered.

“Better now,” the older woman answered. “Aren’t you adorable in your skirt and heels?”

Amy flushed with slight annoyance at the undertone of mockery.

“And I’ve always been fond of pirate-chic!” she bahis firmaları retorted.

Quinne barked a short laugh and grasped Amy’s hand.

“I like it when you get a little irritated. Your face goes all pink and you get so much more passionate,” Quinne said.

Amy puffed out a breath and stared at the tall woman for several long seconds before Quinne glomped onto her with a big hug.

“Don’t mind my teasing. You’d know by now how much I like doing that,” Quinne winked. “It’s your date. What did you have in mind?”

Amy had to pull away from the magnificent breasts pressed into her face, and self-consciously straightened her jacket.

“Well, I thought we could sit and chat for a while. Maybe have a coffee? Talk about ourselves?”

Quinne rolled her eyes a little. “Sounds like a barn-burner.”

Amy poked Quinne’s stomach with the tip of her finger. “You’re being stupid. Sure I want to find out who you are but that could be fun.”

The tall woman didn’t look entirely convinced but Amy continued.

“Well you could tell me about what you like to do…what you like to have done to you…who you’ve done…?”

A smile slowly crept across Quinne’s face. “Yeah?”

“Yeah. After that, maybe do an activity? Do you like movies?”

“Depends what’s on. Who I’m with,” Quinne said, her tone rising slightly. “And how crowded it is.”

The two women sat at the coffee shop sitting on the café’s plush couches. They’d had a polite, if odd conversation for several minutes where they’d exchanged basic personal information. Amy was growing increasingly frustrated by the interaction however, as Quinne would continually distract her with tiny flirtations. A mischievous wink at the end of an otherwise innocuous statement, a hand on Amy’s knee to punctuate a sentence, the flick of a finger to pick up cream from her coffee – all were designed to pull her attention away from talking and towards Quinne’s obvious desire.

“…and I looked stupid for so many years with those things,” Quinne said, gentle humour on her lips. “Still, I’ve got perfect teeth now and I figured, what the hell? Orthodonics make a lot of money. I don’t have to deal with the worst, and best of all, I get to deal with people who are at my mercy all day.”

“Is everything about sex with you?” Amy asked with alarm.

“Of course not. I’m a professional. I don’t get turned on by having a child pinned to my examination chair.”

“But you do like the power,” Amy stated.

Quinne grinned. “Is that any worse a motive than money for a job? Or having no reason at all? Or doing it because your parents told you to do so?”

Amy suddenly felt on the back foot. She was continually surprised by Quinne’s perceptiveness – although she’d betrayed very little about her own past, the older woman had struck onto her history adroitly.

“I have a good job that I like for the most part,” Amy defended. “Does it matter that it was recommended to me by someone else?”

Amy felt the brunette’s eyes examining her keenly. She had to stifle a gasp as she felt skin brushing up and down her leg – Quinne had slipped off one of her shoes and was now rubbing the inside of Amy’s leg gently.

“Probably not,” Quinne said after a time. “It takes time to figure out what we like. I studied philosophy and religion when I was in college. Didn’t know what I wanted to do. Made me feel smarter than everyone else though. Took me a long time to realise I liked that feeling of control over others…”

Quinne paused deliberately to stroke upwards with her toe, reaching above Amy’s knee and towards her inner thigh.

“…and I wanted to do that in every aspect of my life,” she finished.

Amy grasped the foot with her hands and put it softly but firmly down on the ground. Every touch of the flesh filled her with exhilaration but if she let it go on too much longer, Quinne would undoubtedly go deeper.

“Just how long did that all take,” Amy asked, with more than a touch of breathiness on her voice.

Quinne reclined backwards on her chair taking a slow sip of her drink. She didn’t seem at all concerned about the physical rebuff, having a thoughtful expression on her face.

“I started in college at 16, so about fifteen years to get here?”

“You’re only 33?”

Amy was shocked. She had thought that Quinne was middle aged – other women her own age behaved so girlishly that having a mature sexuality seemed decades away. Quinne smiled nonchalantly and ran a finger around the tip of her coffee cup. The motion was slow, alluring; a practiced movement of her finger.

They gazed at one another for several moments before Amy started feeling stupid for her outburst, and decided to change the topic.

“So, uh, would you like to see a movie?” Amy asked.

The older woman continued to rub the top of the cup while she answered.

“Sure, I’d love to go to a movie with you. We can…continue talking there, in the quiet…and the dark.”

The two women walked together through the poorly-lit corridor and looked out into the darkened cinema. Maddeningly, kaçak iddaa Quinne had left the movie selection up to her, and Amy had no idea what to choose. There were no hints about what to pick in terms of genre and she steadfastly refused to pick a romantic comedy – Amy found them cliché, insincere and unrealistic. There weren’t too many other choices, so she picked a historical biopic. She didn’t mind them but she figured that it would give her the chance to chat to Quinne some more without being too distracting or too boring.

They reached the end of the entry corridor and were at the forefront of the cinema. It was a mid-morning session (and clearly not a popular movie) so there were only a handful of patrons in a cinema that seated two or three hundred. There was a middle aged couple quietly bickering in the middle row, and three men who looked to be in their early twenties seated right up in the front. She looked at Quinne, who noticed her gaze and placed a hand at the small of Amy’s back.

“So,” Amy said. “Where do you like to sit?”

Without saying a word, the hand on her back slide down to her side and grabbed Amy’s hand. Quinne strode up the cinema stairs, half-dragging, half-pulling a surprised Amy towards the top.

Amy found herself standing on the top row. Quinne had released her hand and was sitting comfortably in the centre seat of the row. She surveyed the spot – it was a good ten metres diagonally from the nearest patron. The darkness of the cinema made it difficult to see more than the stairs, which were lit along the floor.

Quinne whistled; Amy turned and saw the older woman patting the seat next to her invitingly. Amy obliged her, taking a moment to get settled. She put her arms down on the armrest but felt her left arm slap against flesh – Quinne had pulled up the dividing armature between the chairs. She suddenly towered over Amy, her face just centimetres from her own. Amy shrank away in alarm but Quinne reached up to her face and pulled her in closer, kissing her deeply.

Amy was stunned for a moment. The giantess’ mouth was so firm but soft, and Amy could not help but try to drink her in. There was a slight sweetness to her lips that Amy found intoxicating.

After several long moments, Quinne broke the kiss. Amy lazily opened her eyes and saw Quinne smiling.

“Up here, no one can see us,” Quinne said, gesturing out over the cinema.

Amy took a moment to stare out across the cinema. Each row was a step down from the previous one, meaning that by four rows down, the only thing that could be seen was their tops of their heads. It also seemed like they were almost a hundred metres away from the screen.

“I’m not sure I get it,” Amy responded. “It seems to me that we have the second worst spot in the whole place – it’s so hard to see from here. The only place worse is the front row, where those guys are sitting.”

Quinne mimed a face-palming action, but then leaned in to whisper in her ear.

“It’s only a bad spot if you care about watching this movie.”

Amy looked at her quizzically. Comprehension suddenly dawned on her when a warm hand began rubbing her bare knee.

“Oh. Oh!”

She was thankful that the cinema was so dark, otherwise Quinne would have seen her face grow flush with the embarrassment of her naiveté. Amy seemed to continually have a blank spot for Quinne’s innuendo.

“Have you…have you ever done this before?” Amy asked nervously.

“Many times. We did this just the other day at my house,” Quinne said, running her hand along Amy’s knee and brushing the hemline of the skirt. In this seated position, the skirt barely covered her thighs and Quinne’s attentions drew dangerously close.

Amy reached over to the blonde woman’s thigh and gave it a slight pinch. Quinne only smirked harder.

“Smartass bitch. You know what I meant.”

She leaned in and whispered into Quinne’s ear.

“I meant have you ever had sex in a cinema?”

Quinne didn’t respond except to push further up Amy’s leg. Amy took a deep breath through her nose as experienced fingers approached her crotch. She felt Quinne’s fingers push inwards and touch her underwear. Daring fingers lifted the sides of her silken panties and invade the darker confines.

“Are you…always so…whoa…forward?” Amy asked as fingertips continued brushed against her. She’d hoped that the day might go this way, but she didn’t anticipate it happening so quickly or in such a public place.

Amy took another breath, slightly shuddering when she felt a stroking motion against her clitoris.

The minor luminescence in the cinema dimmed further until they were shrouded in complete darkness. The projector turned on and the pre-show commercials began to play. Amy felt herself jump at the sudden loud noise blaring from the cinema speakers, though she couldn’t be sure that it wasn’t caused by the finger running concentric circles around her clit.

Her breathing became more and more laboured as Quinne rubbed her clitoris harder. Amy became acutely aware of herself and her surroundings with the cacophonous noise of kaçak bahis the cinema. She was convinced that no one else would come into the movie theatre at this point, but she couldn’t help but moan when Quinne played with her body like this. Quinne adjusted to reposition her hand for better access, and Amy apprehensively looked at the other patrons. The men in the front row were roughhousing somewhat in the front row but weren’t looking around. The couple several rows from them were engrossed in the advertisements but their proximity and potential visibility still made Amy nervous. Excitement coursed through her veins at their illicit activity. There wasn’t a huge chance of getting caught but there was still a chance…

Somehow the public area – darkened as it was – heightened Amy’s sensations and energy swelled in her body. She felt braver, exhilarated. And she wanted to take a chance. Amy snaked her arm around Quinne’s towards the older woman’s jeans and began to rub her thighs. Quinne slowed her ministrations, parting her own legs to give Amy better access.

She searched around in the dark, feeling a warmer patch in between the pant legs and moved towards the button above. Amy fumbled with the button, attempting to unfasten it but wasn’t dextrous enough to undo it with one hand.

Need both hands, Amy thought. It’s also too distracting right now…

Amy clamped her legs onto Quinne’s naughty hand in order to hold it in place and reached over with her other hand. She smiled as she felt Quinne attempt to free her hand; the movement tickled her vulva. With the use of both hands, Amy pulled down the zipper on Quinne’s jeans and unbutton the fly. She leaned back in her seat and released the hand between her thighs. The older woman leaned in and tickled Amy’s ears with her salacious tongue.

“You,” Quinne breathed, “are getting dirty, aren’t you?”

It was Amy’s turn now to respond with action – she spider walked her hand across Quinne’s pants and into the now open fly. It felt warm and moist within. Amy groped about and felt soft hairs pass over her fingers.

“You aren’t wearing any panties?!” Amy asked.

Quinne bit gently on her earlobe while a flurry of movement over her clitoris made Amy shudder with pleasure.

“I thought they might end up soggy so I left them at home,” Quinne said.

“Aren’t you…uh…worried that your pants might get wet too?”

The fingers paused their rapid attentions for a moment and Amy could just make out a puzzled look on her face. A grin slowly slid back over Quinne.

“Guess I didn’t think that one all that well.”

Amy felt a sudden rush of pleasure as fingers danced once more over her clit.

“Maybe we’ll have to get some new pants after this,” Quinne finished.

Amy returned the favour in kind; she thrust her hand deep down into Quinne’s pants. She had become well-acquainted enough with the other woman’s vagina to know where the right spot was and she drew a circle around the clit before tracing a line around the puffy lips.

A kind of competition broke out between the two women. They both rubbed each other in the back row of the cinema, trying to get the other to orgasm first. Quinne had much greater access to Amy; she felt herself shiver and shudder as she came close to cumming. Multiple fingers were brought to bear against her clit, and as each one brushed across another would stroke through.

Amy had her own advantage though. Her hand down Quinne’s pants was a challenging position, but she had found she could use her thumb to tease Quinne’s clit while her fingers tickled the labia. She shifted her arm in an attempt to get better access while fingering the taller woman; the motion must have done something right as a moan escaped Quinne’s mouth.

I must have pressed down in all the right places by going deeper, Amy thought.

Amy smiled having discovered this little secret, and deliberately pulled her arm up and down, getting continually faster. Quinne’s own efforts began to slow as Amy caressed, rubbed and skimmed her pussy with more and more vigour. She concentrated her fondling efforts even more and felt the lips quiver across her fingertips. Short staggered groans of pleasure erupted from Quinne; Amy leaned in closer and pressed her face against the taller woman’s bust. She redoubled her efforts; the new, closer angle let her apply even more pressure across the clit and vulva. Quinne began to heave, her body convulsing and shuddering involuntarily. Strong hands grasped Amy’s head and held her tightly to Quinne’s breasts, and she could feel the rhythmic spasms coursing throughout the body.

A single, magnificent tremor thrust Quinne’s body forward and if not for the hands anchoring her head, Amy would have been vaulted from the seat. She slowed down her arm’s movement to a crawl and cupped her hand over Quinne’s pussy, feeling the warmth keenly against her bare flesh.

They sat in that position for several long movements and Amy listened to Quinne’s breathing gradually reduce from ragged to relaxed. Hands slacked around her head and Amy looked up into sated brown eyes. Quinne lifted her chin with a single finger and drank Amy’s lips with a deep, lustful kiss. Amy closed her eyes and returned the kiss, savouring the moment and relishing the taste of the orgasmic woman.

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