An After School Treat

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It was third period, and my favorite class of the day. It was History class with Mr. Breslow. Now I know it may seem weird that my favorite class was History, but it wasn’t for the content of the class, it because Mr. Breslow was the absolute hottest teacher I had ever had. He was about 6’4″ with soft brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. He had spent his college days playing football, and his body was still in amazing shape, even 5 years after finishing his school. He clearly still worked out.

It was no surprise that I wasn’t the only girl who found Mr. Breslow attractive. If anyone were to look around the classroom on any day, there would be a handful of girls staring at his perfection. As third period strolled along and we spent time reviewing for our upcoming final, I caught a piece of information that I thought I could work to my advantage.

“And I will be available after school today if anyone needs any help reviewing over the content for the final.” said Mr. Breslow.

I immediately raised my hand to ask a question, as my plan had already started to form.

“Yes, Katie.” Mr. Breslow called.

“How long will you be available today?” I asked.

“I can stay until everyone is satisfied with the help I have given them.” he replied.

Thoughts started racing through my head. I had always fantasized about being with Mr. Breslow, but today was going to be the day that I made my move. I had spent too long dreaming about the palm of his hand spanking my ass. His fingers slipping into my pussy. His cock sliding up and down my throat and eager pussy. I was finally 18 years old and it was time.

I spent the rest of the day worrying about how long I would have to wait until everyone left, and if I looked okay. I was wearing black leggings and a blue blouse. In the past I had wondered, as every girl does, if I were attractive. Fortunately for me, my past boyfriends and their friends had assured me that I looked very sexy with my long blonde hair and my nice round ass. Regardless of how assured I felt, I did feel the need to walk up to one of my guy friends and ask him how my ass looked. He turned a little red, but he complied, gave me a nice stare and told me that it looked especially good today in those leggings.

As the 7th period and end of day bell rang, I grabbed my history supplies and walked straight to Mr. Breslow’s room. As I arrived and waited a few minutes, I noticed that 7 other students had taken Mr. Breslow up on his offer. As we all talked about the Revolutionary War, the Indian Removal Act, and Slavery, students slowly but surely started to leave the classroom. An hour and a half had passed before I was finally the only student left in the room.

“I didn’t expect to see you here so long Katie.” he said.

“I just want to make sure I do well on the test Mr. Breslow.” I replied

“Well that’s great! Whenever you have any questions, feel free to come up to my desk. You can stay as long as you want.”

I waited a few minutes to make my move. I had thought that the move I was going to make was a little cliche, but I wanted to make sure Mr. Breslow was at least a little interested before I went any further. As I was writing my notes, I purposely dropped my pencil to the ground. I got up out of my chair, dropped to my knees, and stuck my ass up in the air to retrieve it. I went nice and slow for effect. As I grabbed my pencil, I turned my head back toward Mr. Breslow’s desk to see that he was starring right at my ass, just as I had hoped. I got up and spoke.

“You like what you see?” I asked.

“Excuse me Katie?” He asked back.

“We both know I just caught you bahis firmaları starring!” I said as confidence started to build in my voice. I was in power here for a moment and I knew it.

“Katie, I was simply looking at what you were doing, as I noticed you were not in the desk.” He said, trying to play it off.

“Regardless, did you like what you saw?” I said more flirtatiously.

“You and I both know that Is inappropriate.” He replied.

I placed my hands on his desk and starred into his beautiful eyes. “Well I’m not leaving until you answer the question. We both know that you saw my ass there, so until you answer if you liked it or not, I will not be satisfied with the help I have received today.”

Mr. Breslow looked back at me and could tell that I had put him in a tough situation. His eyes left mine and looked toward the door, which was closed, and then came back to my eyes. What he said next shocked me. “I don’t think I got a good enough look to tell if I liked it or not Katie. So why don’t you turn around, put your elbows on your desk, and stick that ass out again so I can make a proper judgement on that ass of yours?”

Taken aback by what Mr. Breslow said, I sank back into myself and complied with his demand. The control I had in the situation had left, and what would happen next was completely up to him. As I set my elbows on the desk and stuck my ass out, I heard Mr. Breslow get up. “Stay where you are Katie.” He said. “I think you have made your intentions of your long visit today clear.”

He walked over to the door, locked it, and turned the sign in the window that read “available” to the other side saying “unavailable” and walked back over to me. He looked at my ass, still sticking out for about a minute before he reached out, grabbed my ass, and leaned over and whispered in my ear “I love what I see.”

My already moist pussy started to flood as I got extremely wet with Mr. Breslow’s words and action. He was grabbing my ass! Before I knew it he was doing even more. With my leggings still on he began to spank me.

“Oh my God!” I screamed out in a sexy tone as I felt his open hand smack my ass.

“Do you like that?” He said seductively.

“Yes sir don’t stop.” I replied

He kept spanking me for a while, making me more wet with each spank. Eventually, he found it necessary to remove my leggings. As he did so he leaned over again to whisper in my ear. “Baby we are going to be here for a while.”

As he removed my leggings he continued to spank my ass, leaving hand prints of his huge hands with each spank. After about twenty hard spanks to my now tender bare ass he finally asked me the question I had been waiting for. “Do you want this cock Katie?” he said.

“Yes sir.” I replied in small state of shock.

“Then on your knees slut.” He said as he made a gesture.

As I got up and dropped to my knees, I still couldn’t believe what was happening. My fantasy was coming true and Mr. Breslow was getting really into it. I wanted him to make me feel like a slut, and him calling me that just made me want him more.

“Now remove my belt, unzip my pants, and take them off.” He said.

Again, I followed his orders and removed his pants and underwear to expose a very large roughly 8.5″ cock starring me down. I looked at the cock and then up at him and he said “You want this cock baby?”

“Yes sir.” I said again.

“Tell me you want it.” He told me.

“I want your big cock Mr. Breslow!”

“Where do you want it slut?”

“In my mouth and pussy sir.”

“Then suck!” he said.

Without hesitation, I took his cock into my mouth kaçak iddaa and started sucking. I was sucking him slowly up and down as he leaned back on his desk. His cock was bigger than anything I had ever had, and it was difficult to get down my throat.

“There you go baby.” He said as I continued to take him deeper and deeper into my mouth. As I kept sucking, I found that I was coming up a bit short of taking him completely in my mouth. Apparently he could tell that was the case as well and without hesitation he turned his upper body, swept everything off his desk, picked me up, and threw me on it.

“Oh my Mr Breslow!” I said as I could hardly handle what was happening.

“You like that?” he asked as he positioned me on my back with my head hanging off of the desk. The next thing I knew, his balls were hanging right by my eyes. “Open wide.” he said as he slammed his cock deep into my throat.

Mr. Breslow was tired of me not being able to take his whole cock in my mouth and decided he would force it down by facefucking me. He had not been gentle throughout the experience, and this was no different. He was thrusting quickly in and out of my throat. His balls were slapping against my forehead, and I was loving every second of it. The feeling of being his submissive student slut was so good that when he gave me a moment to catch my breath I said “Thank you Mr. Breslow.”

“No, thank you Katie.” He said as he signaled for me to stand up. I got up off the desk and stood up right in front of him. I was still wearing my blue blouse, which clearly bothered him as he ripped it off of my body, sending loose a couple of buttons. He then removed my bra and I stood in front of him completely naked. At this moment, I aided him with the rest of his clothes, until he too was naked in front of me. His body looked amazing in its glory. Incredible muscles, six pack abs, and the cock of a God.

“Lay down on the desk.” Mr Breslow commanded. Not one to say no, I quickly laid down on the desk. At this moment, Mr Breslow got down low and started licking my pussy. His tongue going back and forth over my clit and inside my pussy drove me wild.

“Oh Mr. Breslow that’s so good!” I moaned as he expertly continued to eat my pussy. He then stood up, reached down and put two fingers in me.

“Looks like you’re ready.” he said as he pulled the fingers out of me and placed his cock right up to my pussy lips. He then thrust forward and thrust his entire 8.5″ cock deep into me. I let out a moan filled with pain and pleasure, as a cock had never been that deep in me before.

“Do you like it?” He asked.

“I love it!” I replied as he started to thrust in and out, picking up pace with each and every thrust deep into me until he could not fuck me any harder. I moaned and screamed as his balls rammed into my ass cheeks and my head hit back on the desk with every thrust. He then lifted my legs up in the air, sending me a feeling of pure ecstasy.

“OH MY GOD MR. BRESLOW!!” I screamed as my body shook uncontrollably. “I”M CUMMING!!” I released and my body shook and my juices flowed onto his cock. Mr. Breslow pulled out, but he wasn’t finished.

“Turn around and bend over the desk!” he demanded. I got myself into position as he wanted me to and Mr. Breslow dropped down to lick up my pussy juices. I moaned until his tongue found a new spot.

“What are you doing?” I asked as Mr. Breslow’s tongue left my asshole long enough for him to reply by saying “As I told you before, I love your ass.”

Nerves started to rush back to me as I was not sure about what was going to happen. I had never had a cock up my ass before, and kaçak bahis although I thought about it, Mr. Breslow was huge, and I wasn’t sure my virgin ass could handle him. The only thing that kept me from asking him to stop was how much I wanted this to happen again in the future. Reluctantly I said “Then fuck my ass sir.”

“Good slut.” he replied as he continued licking and spitting in my asshole to get me ready. He first stuck one finger in which made me moan with a little pain. Once I got comfortable with one, he went to two, then three, all while mixing in more licking and spitting.

“I think you’re ready.” he said as he stood up and started to position his cock. All I could do was nod my head in the affirmative. I was scared but excited. Mr. Breslow then gave my ass a hard slap, and slowly started to insert his cock into my virgin ass.

“Ouch!” I shrieked as he continued inserting his cock.

“It’ll start to feel good soon.” he said as he started slowly thrusting in and out of me. The pain was intense and tears started dripping from my eyes. Mr. Breslow’s cock was so big, and it was filling me up completely.

“It’s okay.” he said. “Just relax.” as he continued to thrust slowly. I took his advice and tried to relax. After a couple of minutes the pain was gone and the pleasure started to sink in. The fact that I had his cock in my ass only turned me on more. The thought of how naughty I was being enhanced the pleasure, and my moans of pain turned into moans of incredible pleasure.

“Fuck me harder!” I demanded as I looked back at him. A smirk went across his face as he replied “That’s what I thought slut!”

All of a sudden Mr. Breslow picked up the pace greatly. His cock was sliding deep inside and out of my asshole over and over again, shaking the desk and my body. His balls were slapping against my pussy adding more pleasure. I couldn’t help but talk dirty as my comfort was now complete with him.

“Fuck my ass Mr. Breslow. Make this naught school slut your whore” I said. I didn’t know what came over me, but Mr. Breslow was very into it.

“Take that cock you filthy school slut. You’re mine whenever I want you understand?” he said.

“Yes sir, I’m all yours! Pound me harder!” I said.

Mr. Breslow continued to fuck my ass as hard a he could, pounding me while we exchanged dirtier and dirtier talk. “Oh fuck I’m going to cum!” Mr. Breslow screamed as he pulled his dick out my ass and dropped me to my knees. He then released a huge load of cum on to my face and into my mouth. I swallowed what I could and Mr. Breslow pulled me up and for the first time his lips touched mine and we kissed deeply.

“Thank you.” I said as our lips came apart.

“Thank you Katie.” he said. “Are you satisfied with the help you received today?”

“Very much.” I said in a seductive and flirtatious tone.

“Good. I’m sure we will be seeing plenty of each other next semester.”

“I hope so!” I replied as we parted and I started to get dressed. I put my leggings, bra, and what was left of my blouse back on. “Well thanks again Mr. Breslow.” I said.

As I grabbed my things and started to walk to the door, Mr. Breslow grabbed my arm and brought me back to face him and kissed me one last time. As we parted, he said “I wouldn’t worry much about that test tomorrow Katie. Something tells me you’ll be just fine.”

“Thank you sir.” I said as I walked out of the classroom. I made my way out of the building to the parking lot with a ripped blouse that was showing my bra and dried cum on my face. Luckily, school had ended almost three hours ago, and the building and parking lot were practically empty. My only worry was to get home and into the shower before my parents noticed.

As I drove home I thought about the amazing experience I had just had with Mr. Breslow. I knew it would surely not be the last.

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