Anchors Aweigh

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I am a civilian employee of the Navy, at a large base on the East Coast. More than that I cannot tell you, because what I am about to reveal in this story would get me in serious trouble, and I need my job. I have an engineering degree, and my work involves a lot of problem solving and analysis. I guess that makes me a little nerdy, but I am more adventurous than you might think. I am a 32 year old single woman, and have never been married.

I do not have much social life, especially lately. I just ended another relationship with a man, and I am not in the dating game at the moment. My co-workers are mostly married, and the others are not interested in me. I guess an engineer chick is the last thing most men want. My sex life has been reduced to masturbation, almost nightly, and a good night’s sleep. I watch internet porn occasionally, and I am amazed at the huge cocks, especially when they are shoved up a woman’s asshole.

I purchased a sex toy on-line, a penis shaped dildo to use when I pleasure myself. When it arrived, it was smaller than I expected. When I read the packaging, it became clear. It said “Suitable for anal insertion”. That intrigued me, and I tested it that night. I coated it with Vaseline, and carefully pushed it up my asshole. I left it in while I played with my clit and made myself come. It was quite pleasant. I decided to name it “rubber-dickie” as a private joke. When I was a little girl I had a bath toy I called rubber-duckie.

This scenario became routine for me, and soon I did not need the Vaseline. My only other sex life is a regular blowjob for my boss. He asked me for this some time ago, he said he “needed it” about once a week. He implied that if I did him this favor, he would take care of me. I do it for the job security. He is not an ugly old creep, he is a fairly handsome guy in his thirties. He calls me into his private office for a meeting, locks the door, and sits on his chair with his pants down while I blow him. I have learned to enjoy it, but I am not telling him that. I want him to remain obligated to me.

You may judge me if you wish, but “I am what I am”. I warned you that I am more adventurous than you might think. In college most of my dates just wanted me to suck them off, which I did, and I learned to be quite good at it. My relationships with men after college left me vaguely unsatisfied, and I broke up with them after a few months. Recently I have been feeling horny, and I came to the conclusion that I needed to get laid. I hope you are not offended by my use of plain language about sex. I am not the girly-girl type to say “Please make love to me”, I am more likely to just say “Fuck me!”

I approached this as a project that needed to be researched, analyzed, and completed. My engineering problem solving approach took over. I did not want love and romance, or even dinner and a movie; I just wanted to get fucked. A totally anonymous, one-night stand of screwing.

Some of the women in the office talk about letting themselves get picked up by a sailor, and having one-night stand sex. That does not appeal to me for a few reasons. The guys on the surface ships may be out on a deployment for 6 or 8 months, but they have regular port calls where they hook up with prostitutes. I do not want to catch something from a third-world hooker. My analytical mind arrived at another interesting idea. The nuclear subs with the missile capability do not make any foreign port calls. They call these subs “boomers” and their mission is to immediately submerge when they leave port, and they do not surface until just before they return to home port. They lurk submerged, secret and undetected as a threat to any country that might attack us. What interests me is that the crew is isolated for the length of the deployment, with no chance for sex or even masturbation because there is no privacy. I can only imagine how much pent up sexual energy these young guys have when they return to port.

The departures and arrivals of ships including the subs is classified confidential, not secret or top secret. I am cleared for confidential, so I began to look for a returning “boomer”. I soon discovered one, returning in two days. My plans came together. I would wait at the gate where the sailors come out on leave or liberty, and look for a likely candidate with a SSBN hull number on his sleeve. That will tell me he just arrived on the returning sub.

I will meet him and introduce myself, first name only, and pick him up. I will think of a good pickup line. I have quite a bit of stored up sexual energy myself, and I want to experiment with one of these guys to see if they explode like an erupting volcano. I want to be on the receiving end of that hot eruption.

The day of the arrival of the sub, I took the afternoon off. I just told my boss I was leaving early. He is in no position to refuse me anything if he wants to keep blowing his load in my mouth. At my apartment, I dressed in something I thought was attractive and sexy, but not too sexy. I do not want to look bahis firmaları like a hooker, but I want him to be interested. A short skirt with heels seemed just right, to show off my legs.

I arrived at the main gate of the base on time, and waited to see what happened. As the sailors came out at liberty call, I watched carefully for my target. A tall, good-looking petty officer walked out, and I spotted the arm patch that identified him as a crew member of a missile sub. I called out to him “Petty officer, can I speak to you for a minute?”

He looked me up and down and decided it would be OK. When he was close enough, I said “My name is Julie (not really) and I am from our Women’s Club in the city. We decided in our last meeting that we wanted to say thank you to our servicemen. I was selected to come here and do that. So on behalf of all of our club members, thank you for your service.” With that I moved very close to him and took his hand in mine.

Military people are hearing that ‘thank you for your service’ comment a lot these days, and he said “Very kind of you all to do this, we appreciate it.”

I moved even closer and whispered in his ear, “I would like to thank you in a much more intimate way.” I saw the look of surprise and suspicion in his eyes. “I am not a prostitute, but I have very liberal views about sex, and my friends in the club thought I would be glad to do it. And I am.”

He was still very suspicious, and I could tell he was thinking that this was some kind of setup to rob him or something. I said “Look, we can go to a very nice hotel where I have reserved a room. You are a foot taller and a lot stronger than me, if need be I think you can take me.”

That was clearly true, and he thought for a minute before saying “OK, let’s go.” I led him to my parked car and we got in. It was a pretty quiet but short drive to the hotel, and he stayed in the car when I went in to the lobby to check in.

I came out and parked the car, and said “All right, let’s go in.”

We went in the side door and up the stairs. I sensed that he was checking out my legs and ass as he followed me. We went into the room, and remained standing. There was an awkward silence. He was waiting for me to get things started, so I did. I took off my shoes, and began to undress. He got the message, and he started to undress also.

I watched him strip as I stripped down, slowly so I didn’t get too far ahead of him. I still had my sexy panties on when he was completely naked. There he was, standing tall, a magnificent young man, tall and lean and muscular. Also standing tall was the most beautiful penis I have ever seen outside of a porn video. Perfectly straight, much longer than any I have experienced, with a smooth, pink helmet-head. The head was wet and glistening with clear seminal fluid. This guy was overflowing and ready to burst.

I moved next to him and we embraced. He began to fondle my breasts, which was OK, but I got more serious. I took his penis in my hand and held it tightly. It had a firm, heavy feel, and it got harder and longer as I stroked it. I realized that he was about to cum, and I didn’t want it to be wasted all over the floor, so I went down on my knees and took his penis in my mouth. I could only get about half of it in my mouth, but I slid that in and out while I stroked the rest of it with my thumb and forefinger encircling it.

I would have needed a stop-watch to time it; he quickly started to cum. The first spurt hit the back of my mouth so hard I choked and gagged a little, but I recovered and started swallowing. Each time I swallowed he filled my mouth again. I couldn’t keep up with the flow, and some cum ran out of the corners of my mouth and dribbled off my chin onto the floor.

He was unsteady on his feet, and I got up and led him to the bed. We lay side-by-side with our arms around each other, and he said “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be so quick.”

I answered “Don’t be sorry. I kind of expected that.” Of course, I didn’t want to tell him that I knew he had been isolated and sex-starved for weeks. I did not want him to know how I got that information.

I said “Just relax and rest for a while. When you recover, we can start over.” He was not the type to just idly wait, and he moved down to my crotch and pulled my panties off, and started to lick my wet pussy. He was very good at it, surprising for such a young man. Occasionally he would brush his tongue over my anus, and I wondered if that was what he was most interested in. He tried to make it seem accidental, but I knew better.

Soon I had my own grunting, squealing orgasm. Now we both have had the edge taken off. We went back to our side-by-side position, and embraced. We both needed to catch our breath and recover, and we slowly did.

I began to play with his meat-pole again, and it miraculously swelled and hardened. He asked “What do you want me to do?” I guess he thought maybe we were just going to do each other orally.

I whispered in his ear “I was kaçak iddaa hoping you were going to fuck me.” He didn’t need any encouragement; he helped me onto my back and moved into position over me.

My pussy was wide-open and so wet that his cock slid up into me with one push. In case you think I am exaggerating about the length of his penis, he hit bottom. I have never had this happen before. I have not had sex with that many men, but I have had more than a few and none of them did this. The head bumped up against my cervix, and there were still a couple of inches to go!

He fucked me expertly, not too fast or too slow. His long cock limited his stroke when it hit bottom. It must be frustrating for him to not be able to get all of it in.

He stopped with it in me as far as it would go, and reached behind me and just touched my asshole with one finger. He looked in my eyes to see if there was any disapproval, but I just smiled sweetly at him. He took that as an OK, and slowly pushed his long, bony middle finger all the way up my ass.

I whispered “You can do anything you want to do to me.” I was hoping he would replace his finger with his beautiful cock. We were on the same page, and he helped me turn over onto my stomach. He was on his knees as he guided me, and his incredibly long cock was bobbing and swaying like the yardarm of an old Navy sailing ship from hundreds of years ago.

I felt apprehensive about taking it up my asshole, but I wanted it in spite of my concern. It was the length that concerned me, not the thickness. It was a little thicker than the rubber dildo I put up my ass when I masturbate, but it was a lot longer. I hoped I would not end up in the hospital, but it was too late to turn back now. His cock was coated with my vaginal juices, so that would help with penetration.

I closed my eyes and waited, trembling with anticipation. He moved over me, and I felt the smooth head gently touch my asshole. He is much taller than me, and although he hovered over me to avoid crushing me, I had the feeling of being dominated. I was finally going to have a real cock up my ass, and the longest one I have ever seen, at that.

I was so aroused I wanted to beg him to shove it in, but I didn’t have to. He poked and prodded but apparently he couldn’t find the hole. I reacted to this as a technical problem to be solved. I often wondered why cocks were not designed differently. If they were tapered down to the tip, they would go in much easier.

The big head is pretty, but not very efficient for penetration. I reached up and grabbed one of the pillows, and put it under my hips to raise my butt up in the air, to present a better angle of attack. I put my finger up my vagina and then up my asshole to transfer as much lubrication as possible. I said “Let me do it,” and grasped his stiff cock. I guided it to my anus, and made sure it was dead-center on the opening. I said “Try it now,” and as he pushed I wiggled his cock from side-to-side to work the head in.

Our mutual efforts succeeded, and as he pushed it hard, about two or three inches went into me. I exhaled and said “Oh!” He stopped, concerned that it hurt me. It didn’t, it just surprised me. It stretched and filled me, and I liked it. Knowing that it was not some rubber sex toy, but his flesh-and-blood cock that was in me was exciting.

The ring of muscle right at the entrance was stretched to the max. Then I felt it snap, and just relax and let go. He put his hands on my shoulders, for leverage I guess, and to hold me so I couldn’t crawl away. I had no intention of trying to escape, I surrendered in complete submission.

When he was sure I was not uncomfortable, he started to ease it in deeper. Each time he pushed, it slid in a fraction of an inch deeper. I just held still and accepted it. I assumed if he hit some kind of roadblock where it wouldn’t go any further, we both would know it. So far, so good. I mean really, really good.

It was now much further up me than my dildo had ever been, and I was hoping he would not stop. He didn’t, and I think the head of his cock was in the vicinity of my belly-button (on the inside!)

With each push in I thought that was all I could take, but each time he proved me wrong and a little more went in me. He methodically and relentlessly inserted it deeper. It was not painful or even uncomfortable, it was just a feeling of being stretched and filled with his bare cock. I think five full minutes must have elapsed as he inserted himself into me, but with one final push it was all the way in.

Now he started to slide it in and out, not very fast because it was still really tight. I have never felt anything like it. The bare skin of his cock was much more exciting than the cold, impersonal, feeling of my rubber-dickie.

I am usually proactive when I am having sex. Some men have said they felt like I fucked them as much as they fucked me. Not this time. I was perfectly still, very compliant and as limp as a rag doll, and I surrendered to him completely.

I kaçak bahis was glad that he did not use a condom, any cleanliness issues could be fixed with soap and water in the shower, and I could feel the smooth helmet-head up in me. Trapping his semen in a rubber instead of absorbing it into me would be a terrible waste. I thought about the little slit-hole on the tip, and how his precious love-juice would squirt out of it into my insides.

I was eager for him to cum in me, but at the same time I didn’t want this to end. He kept steadily fucking me, and he did last quite a long time. I was in a trance-like state of reverie, and I felt like I was floating on a warm cloud. I had never felt like this being fucked in the vagina. The difference is, your vagina is a closed system for baby-making, a cul-de-sac. The feeling I had with his cock up my asshole was that it was truly INSIDE me, deep in the center of my very being. As far as I was concerned it would be all right if he fucked me for six hours, if he could.

Of course, he couldn’t, and I sensed that he was close to orgasm. I whispered, “Make sure it is all the way in.” The words had an immediate effect, and he pushed his cock all the way up my ass and held still. He quivered and grunted, and I felt his semen gush into me. I expected a smaller amount because I had broken him in with the blowjob, but it felt like just as much as I had taken in my mouth.

I felt six or seven separate spurts, with more oozing out in between each one. My theory about sex-deprived young men was correct. In less than an hour, I had taken two immense loads into me, one down my throat and one up my asshole, and I felt wonderful. I was on the brink of an orgasm, but I did not slip over the edge. However, I was very satisfied and happy.

He fell on top of me, and I just held still, impaled by his long tool. We were breathing hard, and finally we recovered enough to separate. I was reminded of how much had been in me by how long it took to pull it all out. We went back to side-by-side and kissed affectionately. This was not love and romance, this was anonymous sex, but we could still be appreciative.

A calm, quiet feeling of satisfaction came over me. This was not the usual post-orgasm feeling, it was different. I felt both filled and fulfilled, knowing that his semen, alive and full of his sperm and his DNA, was deep inside me. I knew that my body would absorb it and make part of him into part of me. I have never felt like that with vaginal or oral sex, even though I enjoyed have men cum in me.

I whispered “Thank you” in his ear.

He said “For my service?”

I giggled and said “Yes, that too!”

We got into a pillow-talk session, and I told him “You are really good at that. Do you do that to all of your women?”

He surprised me and answered “No. This was the first time for me. The other women I have tried it with all refused. They were terrified. I guess I am too large.”

What fools they are, I thought, there is no such thing as too large.

“But you have had a lot of experience” he said.

“No, that was my first time, too.” I replied.

He had a skeptical expression and said “But you took all of it. I was surprised.”

“No more surprised than I was! Once you got it in me, I didn’t want you to stop. You just kept sliding in further and further. It wasn’t uncomfortable, I just felt full of you.”

“Did you feel me cum in you?”

“Are you kidding? God, yes! There was so much of it!”

He looked a little embarrassed, and said “I haven’t had sex in a while.”

I know, I thought to myself. That was my plan. We were silent for a while, and I said “We have the room for the night. I am in no hurry if you aren’t. Just relax and rest.”

Before long, he was asleep, and I soon followed. I lay face-down, because I did not want any of his bodily fluid to leak out of me. Not just to avoid the mess, the main reason was I want it in me, permanently. Some women seem to think that semen is just a disgusting by-product of sex. Not me, I crave it. Even when I blow my boss, who I have no feelings of affection for, I swallow his little loads.

I woke up with a start about two hours later. I thought about what had happened, and I came to a conclusion about myself. Probably the reason that my relationships with men didn’t work out well was because I am obviously very anally erotic. You would think that I would have known that because of my masturbation technique, with my sex toy up my ass. But I had never translated that to actually taking a cock up my ass. None of my previous men attempted anal sex, and I was too stupid to ask for it. No wonder that I was frustrated and unsatisfied.

It was dumb luck that I picked this guy, with his physical endowment and his desire to fuck a woman anally. And it was also dumb luck that I had been prepping myself for it with my masturbation toy. If I had been a total virgin it might have been painful.

He was still asleep, so I took advantage of the opportunity and grasped his cock. As I played with it, it grew and got rock-hard. He woke up, and looked at me with a sleepy expression. I said, “Can you do it again?” He mumbled yes, and I clarified “Up my ass?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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