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Andrew”s Misplaced Trust Chapter 1 – Meet Andrew

There may be some real events that inspired parts of this, or not.

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Finally, the story I”ve been promising. This is a chapter story and there are about 35 chapters before the second story. This story while purely fiction, is very close to me. You can email me if you wish to learn more. I also hope that you comment and share during this journey with Andrew as he grows up. I hope to keep you engaged and will do my best to post regularly. If I feel something needs to be re-written it may delay by a bit. I need to find enough pictures for all 35 chapters too. Fun! Enjoy!

I have a synopsis, but it has some spoilers. Let me know if I should include it or put it on my blog.


– Chapter 1 – Get to know Andrew –

Some boys are momma”s boys, some are their dad”s spitting image. Andrew Owens doesn”t really know where he fits. On the one hand, he always ran to his mom, Dorothy, for approval and advice. She could be supportive or become the bitch from hell. If anyone even accused him of something, she automatically decided he was guilty and there was no explanation or way out of it. He could have been sitting in her lap when the incident happened, proving his innocence, but she would still punish him as if he did it.

His father, Kent, on the other hand, was very soft-spoken and gentle. At least that”s how he seemed to Andrew. When he came home from work and found Andrew was in trouble, he had to tread lightly since his wife wasn”t speaking to anyone, so he had to go see his boy to find out what happened.

Today was no different. Andrew was in trouble again. As he sat on the bed next to Andrew, he pulled him close. “Son, can you tell me what happened?” He was gently brushing Andrews” hair out of his eyes with his large, soft hand, offering him a handkerchief that he always carried around. “I”m sure it”s not as bad as you think, buddy, but you can”t keep upsetting your mother.” Like Andrew, he was unsure how to deal with his wife”s anger and silence. Her reactions were totally unpredictable and usually unreasonable.

Between sobs, Andrew told the story. “Dad, I was just out playing with my hot wheels on the porch. Mikey came over and took one of mine and put it in his pocket. I told mom what he did. When she came out to the porch, Mikey told her that I had taken one of his, and he came to take it back.”

“Did you take his hot wheel?” Kent asked as he lifted his boy onto his lap, wrapping his arms around him.

“I didn”t take it. I know not to steal. I even showed Mom all of the cars in my box. She didn”t care and made me give Mikey any car he wanted, even though he had already taken one. I called her a bitch daddy.” Tears were rolling down his face. “Mikey was grinning and happy as he took my best cars. He even took the one you gave me on my birthday. I just ran to my room because I knew Mom was going to be mad.”

Kent hugged him tighter and was rubbing Andrew”s tummy trying to calm him. “I”m sorry, son. I believe you. Your mom just doesn”t want any trouble, so it”s easier to give in to people. I”ll get you a new car, son. We ankara escort can sneak out on Saturday and get you a few new cars.” He sat there sniffing Andrews” hair and caressing him. His hand went lower as he rubbed over his little boy”s warm crotch. He was enjoying the moment, but his erection started to poke up into the boy”s back. He held him for another moment before he lifted him up, turned him around, and kissed him on his forehead. “I need to go make dinner. Take some deep breaths and relax. In 30 minutes, go wash up and come out for dinner. Wash your face too and get the tears off.” As he stood, he picked up the book Andrew was reading and took a look at it. “I see you”ve been reading about building things. With all the reading you do, you”re one smart kid.” Kent left to go make dinner.

It”s too bad that Andrew didn”t feel so smart when dealing with his mom. Andrew grabbed the handkerchief his daddy gave him and blew his nose in it before returning to his book. He always loved it when his daddy came in and held him and rubbed his tummy and wiener through his pants.

At dinner, it was just the two of them. Mom had left once Kent came home and didn”t return for dinner. “Where”s mom?” Andrew asked, even though he knew better than to ask.

“I don”t know, son. She left.”

“Oh.” Andrew felt like it was his fault and sat in silence eating the yummy dinner his daddy made.

Dinner was really good tonight. One benefit of mom leaving was that daddy always made the best meals. His mom really didn”t know how to cook. After dinner, Andrew quietly cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher. He heard the garage door opener and quickly ran back to his room and buried his head in his book. He could hear his parents talking, but couldn”t hear what they were saying. It sounded like some arguing, but he couldn”t make out anything.

Out in the living room, Kent greeted his wife. “Hi honey. I have some dinner if you like.”

“Why the hell would I want dinner? That kid is going to be the end of me.” She huffed as she went and sat on the couch and turned on the TV.

Kent and Dorothy sat in silence until it was time for Andrew to get ready for bed. This was Kent”s job, and he looked forward to this intimate time with his boy.

“How”s my handsome little boy doing? It”s been a hard day, hasn”t it? I know what would make you feel better. Let”s get you into the tub and ready for bed.” Andrew really did like it when dad helped him with his bath. Daddy always made it fun. Andrew stripped off his clothes and went to the bathroom where daddy was drawing a warm bath. “Come here, son. You know I love you, right.”

“Yeah, daddy. I love you too.” He hugged his daddy. Andrew stepped back, shivering with his arms folded across his chest while his dad held his shoulders, admiring his lean boy body. Andrew noticed his daddy always seemed to focus on his privates, and that always caused him to get a boner.

“The water is ready. Hop in son.” Andrew stepped into the tub while his dad held on to his torso as he sat down. Kent was carefully soaping up Andrews” hair. To rinse the shampoo off, he cupped his hands and dipped them in the water. He marveled at the beautiful little boy he created. He loved how his son had the same deep blue eyes that he had and saw a sparkle behind the sadness lurking inside this little boy. Grabbing the soap and a washcloth, he scrubbed the boys” back, chest, arms, and legs. He dropped the washcloth and used his bare hands to clean the little boy”s round butt, carefully parting the cheeks and cleaning down to the little pink star.

“That tickles daddy. It feels good.” Andrew enjoyed being touched there.

Kent always circled Andrew”s pucker, enjoying escort ankara the effect it had caused his boy to twitch. Turning his attention to the boy”s rigid front side, he slid his fingers up and down the shaft and swirled the tiny balls in his fingers.

“Daddy! Keep doing that!” Andrew half giggled and half gasped. “Yes! More, daddy!”

Kent enjoyed his son and being able to please him really turned him on. His own cock was starting to chub. “Time to get out,” he said as he pulled the drain lever. He held out a big towel. “Let”s get you dry.” Leaving the towel over the boy”s shoulders, he walked him back to his bedroom. Kent pulled down the bed coverings and patted it and Andrew hopped in naked. “Naked or jammies tonight?” he asked.

“Naked! Will you lie with me and tell me a story?”

“How about if we just cuddle for a bit? It”s been a long day.” Kent had already stripped down to his boxers and t-shirt. He laid next to Andrew, spooning him. His hand gently caressed Andrew”s belly as he placed his nose in the crook of Andrew”s neck and his hard cock that slipped out of his boxers was resting in the boy”s crack. He kissed the boy”s neck. “I love you, son. You”re my perfect boy.”

“Mommy doesn”t think I”m perfect, she hates me.”

“Your mom doesn”t hate you; she just doesn”t know what to do with a little boy. She loves you, but has a hard time understanding why boys do what they do. She”s trying to be a good mom.” Kent”s hands had moved a bit lower, and he started focusing on the boys” hard cocklet and tiny balls. Kent did this all the time, acting as if it was normal. Andrew didn”t seem to mind, and their conversation continued as if nothing was going on.

“She won”t ever talk about it. Even after I”m in trouble, she won”t tell me what I did wrong. I just feel like I can never do anything right. She won”t ever listen!” Andrew let out a little moan as Kent continued rubbing his cocklet, forgetting all about being in trouble. “Ooh, Daddy, that feels so good. Please don”t stop.”

Kent just kept rubbing and kissing Andrew. It didn”t take long for Andrew to start purring as he fell asleep. His body was perfect, like an angel laying there in bed. Kent got up, pulled up the cover, leaned over and kissed him, then turned off the light to let Andrew sleep.

The next morning was pretty typical. It was almost as if someone had pressed a reset button. Mom popped into Andrew”s room all happy and cheery as if nothing was wrong. “Morning son, time to get up.” She said as she pulled down the covers, revealing her naked little boy. His morning wood greeted her. “Young man, get that filthy thing to the toilet!”

Andrew hopped out of bed and ran to the toilet. He stood there pointing his morning wood down, so he didn”t make a mess. He knew he would get in trouble for missing the toilet even if he cleaned it up. He finished up and washed his hands before returning to his room.

“Put these on and get out to breakfast before you”re late for school.” She walked down the hall to the kitchen.

Andrew went out and got his own breakfast. He carefully put the dishes in the dishwasher and quietly left for school. He had to walk 3 blocks to the local elementary school to catch a bus to another elementary school. His mom put him in a special program for gifted children at the urging of his teacher. The teacher said he was bored with her lessons and he didn”t fit in with the other kids. Andrew needed to be challenged. Mom didn”t understand this. To her, Andrew was just a stupid troublemaker.

Even the gifted school was easy for Andrew, and he made a lot of friends who were also bussed into the school. They were the little geeks and got to do fun projects and learn in ankara escort bayan different ways than the `reggies” as the regular students were called. It also allowed him to avoid the neighborhood bullies during school, who all liked to pick on him. They found it was easy to get him to cry. Andrew wasn”t ever crying about what they were saying or did to him; he was crying about getting into trouble because he knew that if he got into a fight he was automatically going to be grounded to his room. He was used to being called a “little cry baby” or “faggot.” The kicks and punches no longer hurt. For the most part, he was able to outrun them, so he could avoid getting into trouble. As long as he hid the bruises from his mom and didn”t ruin his clothes, she didn”t get upset. Andrew became an expert at hiding injuries and lying to avoid punishment.

After school, he walked home from the bus stop. He usually arrived about an hour after school was out, so he was able to avoid the bullies on the way home unless they were waiting for him. Sometimes they had detention at their school, which let them out at about the time the bus arrived, so he wasn”t always lucky. This afternoon, the neighbor”s kids were out playing. “Come here, sissy boy, little faggot!” Andrew took off running and made it home as he heard one of them scream out, “We”re going to get you tomorrow, fag boy!”

Andrew had enough and decided he was going to be ready for them tomorrow. He went out back to `play” and while he was out there, he placed a shovel inside the gate to the back yard. The gate had a pull string on it, and he made sure the string was dangling on the outside so he could quickly grab it when he got home.

Mom was surprisingly in a good mood tonight, and her microwave dinner wasn”t too awful. After watching TV with his parents, he was able to spend his favorite time of the day with his daddy. “I”m ready for my bath, daddy.” He ran down the hall and stripped naked so he could have his bath.

“Let me look at you, big boy.” Kent said as he held his boy to inspect him again. “You”re a sexy little boy, you know? I see the bruises are gone from last week. That”s good. I”m sorry the boys were mean to you.”

“Daddy, I”m faster than they are, so I can get away. It”s when they gang up on me that I can”t escape. When they hit me, I try to make sure it”s under my clothes so mommy doesn”t see.”

“That”s good, son. We don”t want her to be mad at you because they hit you.” Kent proceeded to get Andrew in the bath and hurried to his favorite part. “Lean forward, son.” He pushed his hand down to play with his boy”s cute little butt. Tonight, he pressed a little more into the pink star, and Andrew moaned a bit and also shuddered. Kent”s finger breached the hole and slipped inside. “Do you like it when I touch you there, son?”

“Yes, daddy, it feels good.”

Kent took his time, wiggling it a bit before moving on.

“I”m glad you liked that. I have even more to show you later. Lean back now son, I need to clean your boy bits.” As Andrew leaned back, his boy boner was poking up out of the bubbles. Kent spent a lot of time rubbing Andrew”s spike until he was pretty certain the boy was close to having his dry cum, but he stopped. He wanted the boy to build up stamina.

The two went to the bedroom and spooned until Andrew was asleep. Kent kissed his boy on the back of his head. There was a glob of Kent”s pre-cum just above the boys” crack. Kent leaned in and licked it up before covering him up for the night.

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