Anna from Ukraine Ch. 01

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“You’re coming with us, Anna?”

Mona’s offer took the Ukrainian girl by surprise.

“To your cabin?”

“Why not? It’s not that small. Sure we can fit you in there. Unless you prefer to stay here with all the others?”

The choice was not a difficult one. Their entire class had come along on this forest trip. The main cabin would be packed, 19-20 of her classmates, both girls and boys. Even if the other cabin – owned by Mona’s parents – was smaller, it would be just the 3 of them.

“Sure you don’t mind?”

Since Anna came to this small-town Norwegian high-school as an exchange student, a little over a week ago, Mona and Marianne were the ones she had been talking to the most. Actually, more or less the only ones she had been talking to. But she was still surprised they would invite exactly her and none of the other girls. Or boys, for that matter.

Mona looked at her with her greyish blue eyes. The late August heat and all the walking had made the freckles on her beautiful face even more prominent.

“Anna, we want you to come with us, ok?”

It sounded almost like an order.

“Get your backpack, honey,” Mona smiled. “Can’t wait to leave behind all the losers here.” They said goodbye to the teachers and headed off into a small path in the forest.

The two Norwegian girls chatted away as they covered the mile to the cabin belonging to Mona’s parents. Mona had a special talent for sarcasms, Anna noted, and a tendency to badmouth practically everybody from their class.

“She’s evil, isn’t she,” Marianne smiled. “Don’t worry, we don’t talk about you like that.”

“Really?” Anna laughed. “Never?”

“Never,” Mona confirmed. “We never talk bad about people we like.”

“And we like you,” Marianne added.

Wow, Anna thought, are they like inviting her to be their friend or something? Their directness was unusual, especially for Norwegians, who were otherwise so shy. But she had immediately noticed that Mona and Marianne were different. More confident, more intelligent, more fun. Mona seemed like the more assertive one, the one more likely to get herself – or you – into trouble. Her cousin was of the slightly more silent type. Then again, she always had a mischievous twinkle in her eye, so you never really knew where you had her.

Another thing they had in common? They were both hot like fire. Mona with her beautiful strawberry blonde hair – Anna had a thing for redheads – and copious freckles that decorated her beautiful face. She was slim and of average height, with perky, smallish breasts. The slightly taller Marianne was equally delicious, with long, naturally blonde hair, stunning blue eyes, larger breasts and slender legs that were to die for. Despite the differences, it was easy to see they were cousins. Superior genes, Anna had caught herself thinking more than once while looking at them.

“Ok, this will be your room. Me and Mona will share the other one.”

The cabin was tiny, but perfect for just the three of them. It also had a nice terrace overlooking a small and completely secluded lake. This part of the forest belonged to the farm owned by Marianne’s parents.

“Of course, there is no running water here. No electricity either. But you didn’t expect that, did you?”

“That’s not a problem.”

“Who need running water anyway, when the lake is right under our noses? Marianne and I have been swimming here every summer since we were little girls.”

Anna glanced down at the quiet, almost serene lake. The sunset here must be stunning, she thought. It was still half an hour or so away, though, and it was still hot. Unusually hot for Norway in late August, she’d been told.

“Are you coming with us?”

Marianne’s voice interrupted Anna’s thoughts.


“Would you like to go swimming with us?”

Mona corrected her cousin.

“What kind of ridiculous question is that? Of course she would.”

Anna glanced down at the lake again. A bath would be really refreshing after all this walking. Shame she didn’t bring her bikini.

“I don’t really have a bathing suit.”

Mona smiled.

“Neither do we. In fact, we never bring bathing suits here.”

“There are no other cabins here,” Marianne explained. “And nobody uses this lake for anything.”

Marianne had only reached mid-sentence before Anna’s eyes had undressed her down to her panties. Did this mean Mona and Marianne would be topless? She had caught herself fantasizing about Marianne’s breasts a few times already in the short week she’d been here. And now they would be unveiled in front of her? Just like that?

Or maybe they would be swimming in their bras. Of course they would. I mean, she just couldn’t be THAT lucky.

“Ok, then. Sure, I could use a bath after all this walking.”

“Great, ” Marianne smiled. And with no further ado she started undressing. Just like that. Off went her t-shirt and, as it turned out, the Norwegian 18-year old was not wearing a bra. Anna had sort of suspected that, but again thought canlı bahis it almost too good to be true.

“DON’T STARE”, was all Anna could think. The short glimpse she got before she forced herself to look another way was all she needed to know about Marianne’s breasts. They were even more stunning than she had imagined them. Large and soft, resting harmoniously on her chest, with perky nipples encircled by small, pink areola.

Anna’s strategy of looking the other way immediately backfired though. Because what was the next thing her eyes bumped into? Mona, who was also undressing. And looking directly at her while doing so.

“Just ignore my cuz,” Anna heard Marianne comment. “She’s always been an exhibitionist.”

“Me an exhibitionist?” Mona laughed. “That’s rich coming from somebody who obviously can’t wait to get out of her panties!”

Out of her – Anna turned her face again and there she was. Marianne. Naked. It was possibly – no, most definitely – the most beautiful thing Anna had ever seen in her 18-yeard old life. Her amazing legs that seemed to go on forever. The hairy, dark-blonde triangle between them. Anna just felt like getting down on her knees and just sniff her, bury her nose in her cunt. It took her a second longer to look away this time.

Mona said something. Anna was almost afraid to turn around to look at her.


Mona gave her no choice. The Ukrainian brunette turned her head again. Mona was naked. And just as divine as Marianne. Her skin was pale, freckles were scattered all over her slim shoulders and small, perky breasts. Unlike her cousin, she was completely shaved.

Mona’s eyes caught Anna’s. And held on to them. Anna was in a mess. The two stunning Norwegian cousins in all their naked glory, right in front of her… couple with the intense afternoon heat. She felt as though she could just faint any moment.

“So, Anna, my Ukrainian friend”, Mona said, not taking her eyes off Anna’s for a second, “you intend to swim in all that?”

Anna heard Marianne laugh.

“Maybe they don’t have nude girls in Ukraine.”

“Really?” Mona quipped. “That was not my impression last time I watched lesbian webcams.”

“I rest my case,” was Marianne’s immediate reply, followed by more laughter.

“Come on,” Mona urged the Ukrainian girl. “There’s really nobody here. We’ve been swimming nude here for as long as I can remember.”

“I think we tried using bikinis here once, a long, long time ago,” Marianne added. “We decided it was dull and pointless.”


Mona was getting impatient.

“Give her some time, cuz,” Marianne said. “Listen, Anna. Why don’t you undress on your own and then join us.”

“Just follow the splashing sounds,” Mona smiled.

The two Norwegians darted off in the direction of the water. Mona looked back to catch Anna staring at their perk, small asses.

“See ya!”

Anna had to sit down for a second. Her brain had stopped functioning. It was all too intense. Two girls that she had actually even been fantasizing about, had just undressed in front of her. And told her to undress too. So what was this? For sure, she’d heard about the relaxed attitude to nudity in the Nordic countries. Was this what it was?

Just as her brain had started working again, Anna noticed the two pairs of panties left behind by the Scandinavian nymphs. With the garments hugging the cousins’ pussies all day, the smell must be absolute heaven. She felt like sniffing them, but decided not to. Instead, she started removing her own clothes. They had invited her to swim with them in the nude. Why? For fun? Or because they wanted to see her naked too? She was an attractive girl herself, that much she aware of. But then again.. This was a weird country. It could mean anything. They could just be pulling her leg. But Anna noticed that the objections were counting for less and less. She wanted this. She wanted them to see her naked.

With every inch of her slender body exposed, she ran the 200 meters or so down to the lakeside. The cousins were already in the middle of the lake. “Good swimmers,” she thought.

“The water is lovely,” Mona yelled. Soon, Anna, a decent swimmer herself, was heading towards them. It was like her body was acting on its own now, like her brain was turned off.

“Wow, you’re fast!” Marianne exclaimed.

“Cool!” Mona added. “This cabin and this lake is our favourite spot. Would be really awkward if you were challenged in the swimming department.”

Anna didn’t know what to say. Again, brain turned off.

“Er.. I.. I like swimming.”

“You like swimming!” Mona echoed. “Exactly!”

“You looked almost like a fish there, swimming towards us,” Marianne added.

“A fish?” Mona gasped. “Are you comparing our gorgeous friend to a fish? I know biology is not my favourite subject, but I have never seen a fish species with such a nice body.”

“Maybe you have never studied Ukrainian fish?” Anna quipped, immediately regretting coming up with something that lame.

“Maybe I haven’t!” bahis siteleri Anna could feel Mona’s hand on her bare shoulder. “Means it must be about time I did!”

“She must be some kind of mermaid then,” Marianne suggested.

“That is possible. We would have to check, you know, below her waistline to verify that.” The Norwegian redhead looked as though she was pondering some deep, philosophical issue. “I guess I would be willing to perform such a check. All in the name of science, of course.”

Marianne laughed. Anna didn’t know how to respond, so she laughed too, nervously.

“Look, the sun is about to set.”

Marianne was right. It was really spectacular.

“Wow, I just love the sunsets here,” Mona sighed. “They’re just so romantic.”

With that, she put her mouth on her cousin’s lips.

“It’s so beautiful here, I just have to kiss somebody.”

Marianne responded by extending her tongue. Mona opened her mouth as if to let it in, then pulled back teasingly. The blonde did not give up so easily though, grabbing her cousin’s head and holding it firm so that she could insert her tongue. Anna just stared mesmerised as the two 18-year old gorgeous Norwegian cousins made out just a few inches from her face. Not only could she see it, she could HEAR it, every sound made as their tongues intertwined and saliva was exchanged between the two heavenly mouths. It even deafened the splashing sounds as they were using the legs to stay afloat in the water,

Marianne finally pulled back and let out a deep sigh. Mona wiped her cousin’s saliva off her lips with her fingers.

“I know,” she smiled. “Kissing cousins.”

“You do not find it… disturbing?” Marianne asked.

“No!”, Anna exclaimed. “I mean, why… It was beautiful.”

She felt a hand on her wet hair. Anna turned her head to gaze into Mona’s stunning grey eyes. The freckles on her nose were so sexy. Her stunning red hair, dripping. She was still catching her breath after making out with her cousin.

Anna opened her mouth. The moment seemed to last forever. Mona’s hot breath on her face. Her eyes dizzy with desire. There was no question. This stunning redhead wanted her. Badly.

The Ukrainian girl had kissed before, but nothing had ever been like this. The softness of Mona’s tongue, the delicious taste of her mouth, her hands pulling her closer in the water, so that their delightful naked bodies were embracing. If Mona had been the one to initiate the kiss, Anna was quick to counter-attack, sliding her tongue into the redhead’s mouth, stroking her hands down her back. While kissing, they had to stay afloat, which led to some more or less unintended movements – Anna felt Mona’s thigh bump against her crotch.

“My turn”, a voice interrupted.

“Oh my God, she kisses like an angel”, Mona sighed, breathing heavily, reluctantly pulling away. To be instantly replaced by her blonde cousin.

Marianne pressed her soft breasts against Anna’s. Gone was the finesse, she just plunged her tongue into Anna’s mouth.

“She must be really hot for me,” Anna thought, as Marianne’s tongue was probing deep inside her mouth. She felt the blonde girls’ hands on her buttocks as their tongues’ saliva-filled battle unfolded. Her mouth tasted so sweet! Again, the fact they were in water made them bump into each other in funny ways and she could feel Marianne’s pussy hair tickling her.

Mona, apparently growing impatient, embraced Anna from behind, cupping her right breast with one of her hands, and planting wet kisses all over her neck. With Mona and Marianne’s bodies enveloping her, the Ukrainian girl just needed to move her legs a little to stay afloat. The two cousins’ hands were all over her body, venturing ever closer to her cunt, until she could feel Mona’s fingers slide inside her vagina from behind. Anna let out a big gasp. She had never felt anything like this. Mona’s fingers continued to slide slowly in and out of the depths of her pussy. Anna responded by breathing heavily into Marianne’s face.

“Aaaaaaaahhh. Yeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeees!! Please, don’t stop.”

She couldn’t hold back any longer. Her body convulsing, she clung desperately to Marianne as orgasmic waves rolled through her slender teenage body.


She couldn’t really remember how, but somehow they had managed to get back on land. The orgasm was so strong it should have sucked all life out of her, but Anna wanted more. She wanted to taste them. Mona and Marianne. It was as though she was struggling with a thirst that could only be quenched by the juices flowing from the pussies of two stunning Norwegian cousins.

She was standing on the terrace of the cabin, again making out with Marianne. She was about to motion for the blonde girl to lie down so that she could go down on her, but something unexpected got in the way of her immediate plans.

Anna felt Mona’s lips on her buttocks. Then her tongue. Moving… closer… to the crack between them. It felt insanely exciting… but..

“You have never had anybody lick you there?” bahis şirketleri Marianne asked, all the time looking deep into Anna’s eyes.

Anna shook her head.

“Let her. She loves it and you will love it too.”

“But..” Anna remembered that she hadn’t had a shower since last night. Even though they had just come out of the water, she knew she wasn’t squeaky clean there.

“I… I need to shower first.”

Marianne just smiled.

“Believe me, you’re so hot she doesn’t care.”

“She really must like me,” Anna thought, not putting up any resistance as Mona separated her ass cheeks with her hands. The sensation as the tip of Mona’s tongue made contact with her asshole was absolutely exquisite. She sighed deeply into Marianne’s face as Mona started probing her most private, intimate opening with her tongue. For sure, she had always loved playing with that part of her anatomy, ever since she started masturbating. But to have somebody else – an attractive girl like Mona – lick her there, wow, that was, like, transcendental or something.

She was already nearing her second orgasm when she felt something soft and wet between her cunt lips. She glanced down to see Marianne’s blonde head planted between her legs. She tried to hold back, wanting this to last forever… Her pussy, her anus, licked simultaneously by two sublimely beautiful Norwegian cousins. Her whole body started shaking violently, she felt like her legs were giving away underneath her, but Mona and Marianne’s hands around her hips kept her from falling.

“Fucking hell!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaahhhh!!”

The last orgasmic convulsions rolled through her slender body, leaving the exhausted Ukrainian with just one question: When would she wake up from this dream?


The next thing she remembered she had ended up on some kind of mattress inside the cabin, with her head between a girl’s legs. At the time, she probably wasn’t even reflecting on whose pussy it was – although she recall it being unshaved, so it must have been Marianne’s. The 18-year old Ukrainian licked her new Norwegian friend like her life depended on it. She had tasted pussy before, but nothing had ever tasted as delicious as the furry, soaking wet Norwegian cunt she had her face buried in right now. She felt a pair of hands pull her even closer, a pair of legs wrapping themselves tightly around her head. When the body underneath her started trembling more and more violently, the grip loosened and Anna literally had to come up for air – she was gasping for breath, her face glistening with sweat and cunt juice. She heard loud screaming and some utterly incomprehensible Norwegian words.

An exhausted Anna has just rolled over on her back, when Mona moaned something into her ear.

“Will you lick my ass? Please, Anna? Will you? Can you do that?”

The Ukrainian 18-year old responded by licking her lips.

“Thanks,” Mona muttered, sitting up with her knees on either side of Anna’s head. The Slavic brunette looked up at the Norwegian girl’s perky little behind as it slowly descended on her. Between the redhead’s delicious butt cheeks a tiny, puckered, light-brown opening was revealing itself. Anna stuck her tongue out, desperately wanting to make contact with Mona’s most private hole.


For the Ukrainian teenager, it was an almost religious experience. She was doing it! She was licking someone – a super-hot Norwegian redhead! – in the most intimate part of her body. It was happening! She had been eager to do this to Marina – her ex back in Ukraine – but had chickened out, afraid her lover would considered her a perv or something. All of Anna’s previous anal experience had been limited to her own masturbation sessions – she loved pushing her middle finger as deep inside her ass as it could possibly get and would even lick her finger afterwards to enjoy the taste. But this – was even better! Anna tried to make the tip of her tongue as sharp as possible, she wanted to probe her friend’s asshole, fully taste it.


Anna’s tongue continued to penetrate Mona’s ass as the insatiable redhead moaned incomprehensibly, mixing English and Norwegian words. Anna, on the other hand, was so lost in the taste and smell of Mona’s ass that she at first hardly noticed something soft and wet probing between her cunt lips. Her pussy was being eaten by Marianne. Anna spread her slender legs wider to allow her blonde Norwegian friend unlimited access to her honeypot. Marianne responded by gently inserting the tip of her finger inside Anna’s anus while continuing to lick her cunt. The intimate touch elicited an immediate moan from the excited brunette.

“Yes, please, push it deeper”, Anna moaned under her breath, half inaudibly, but Marianne somehow got the message, and Anna felt a slippery finger penetrate her anus. The Ukrainian teen was tight there, but Marianne’s slim, slippery finger was the perfect fit. She pushed her ass against Marianne’s finger, trying to force it even deeper inside her. At the same time, the Ukrainian kept her tongue glued to Mona’s divine asshole, the redhead’s ass shaking and trembling so violently that Anna had to use her hands to hold it in place.

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