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I woke up with sunlight streaming through the bedroom window. My head hurt a little, but not as much as I deserved. I’d stayed up late the previous night drinking with my brother Sam, his girlfriend Annette, and their friend Mickey. Mickey was staying over so he and Sam could get up early to go fishing, and what had started as a couple of drinks had evolved into something more serious.

I got up and wandered around the house; went to the bathroom, put the kettle on to make tea. Sam and Mick had obviously left hours ago, and hadn’t bothered to clean up before they went. I checked the news on the internet till the kettle whistled. As I got up to go to the kitchen, I heard a voice from Sam’s bedroom calling “make me tea if you have any mercy!”.

I opened Sam’s bedroom door. Annette was lying under the doona, looking angelic as always. I’d been hoping I’d catch her undressed, but no such luck. “What if I have no mercy?” I asked.

“Oh please,” she said. “You big bad boys made me drink all those nasty drinks last night, and I think I must have been allergic to one of them, because my head hurts really badly.”

“Yeah right,” I said. “Or maybe it was something you ate. How do you have it?”

“White and sweet, please, just like me.” White and sweet was exactly the way to describe her, too. She had soft blonde hair, Angelina Jolie lips, and fuck me eyes. And I desperately wanted to fuck her. Watching her in a short skirt or a bikini had been a wet dream come true for me ever since she’d met Sam. I just went and made the tea.

When I brought the cup back to her room, she was still lying in the bed. I placed it on the bedside drawers and started to leave. “Hey, stay and talk to me” she called. I wasn’t going to refuse any reasonable request from her, so I sat on the bed.

We chatted for a while, until she decided it was time to drink her tea, so she had to sit up in the bed. Finally, I thought, I get to see what she is wearing. ankara escort She sat up, and she was wearing nothing at all. Her soft milky breasts were shamelessly visible to me. She smiled at me. “You’ve seen a woman naked before, haven’t you?” she asked.

“Well yes,” I replied, “but not you.”

“I thought I might give you a thrill,” she told me. “So how come you don’t have a girlfriend?”

I was beginning to have a problem, with my cock getting hard and trying to part my robe. But no way was I going to chicken out of this situation. Sam was away all day, and I would watch his girlfriend undressed until then if I could. “I have high standards. And I want to finish studying before I get too involved” I told her.

“But you’re not a virgin, are you?” she asked. You have fucked a girl, haven’t you?”

I was intimidated by the directness of the question, and her undress, but I was going to see where this conversation led. “Of course!” I told her.

“Tell me about it” she said. “Tell me about your last fuck. Tell me everything.”

What was she trying to achieve here? “Are you really interested?” I asked.

She sat up straighter so I could tell she really was wearing nothing at all. The curve of her hips, where panties would be, was visible to me. “When I get a hangover like this, I get really horny. Really horny. Like you would not believe. And Sam is not here to satisfy me, so I want you to talk dirty to me. I want to hear every detail of your last fuck, and don’t censor anything, or I’ll never give this privilege again.”

That made sense. “OK then, it was with Sue. You know Sue who finished her degree and got the job in Sydney? Well it was in the last week she was here. We’d been fucking on and off for a few months, and she and I went out to dinner together as a sort of goodbye. We went to this place in the city where every table is in a separate cubicle, and there are lots of hangings so it’s very private. We planned a special çukurambar escort fuck, so she wore a short skirt and black stockings and no knickers. I wore no underwear either.

“Dinner was a lot of fun, we were groping each other under the table the whole time. I had two fingers up her cunt half the night, and every time the waiter came I had to take them out. The last time, as the waiter came to the table I stuck one finger in her mouth, so she licked her cunt juices off my finger in front of the waiter. I don’t think he knew what day it was, let alone what we were doing. She tried to give me a blow job under the table as well, but we couldn’t really get comfortable, so we didn’t achieve that. Just as we were leaving I told her to undo another button on her blouse, so as we left the restaurant you could have easily seen her breasts if you’d looked.”

Annette was engrossed in the story. She’d raised her knees and seemed to be stroking herself under the doona. “So she got your cock out in the restaurant, did she?” she asked.

“Oh yes,” I replied. “In fact she made it a rule that I had to eat the whole main course with my cock out. Once she thought the waiter was coming over to us, and she hid it under the table cloth, but when she realised he was going to another table she put it back where she could see it.”

“So after dinner, we were as horny as all get out, and went for a walk down by the river, you know, where the expensive apartments are. It wasn’t late, but there was nobody else down there. Unfortanately it’s pretty well lit, and there is nowhere to hide, so it’s really hard to find a private spot. Eventually we found a bench behind a garden, overlooking the river. There were some people barbequeing on a balcony of one of the apartments, but the garden hid us from them.”

I could hear slippery noises from under the doona now, and Annette’s face was fixed on my groin. “Get on with it!” she gasped.

“We dikmen escort sat down on the bench, and I undid the rest of Sue’s buttons, and opened her blouse so that her breasts were fully revealed. There was nobody to see, but it was the principle of the thing. Then I slid my finger into her cunt, and played with her clit, and we kissed with as much tongue as we could manage. She spread her legs as wide as she could, with her cunt open to the river, and we stayed that way till she came, sort of going ‘oh, oh, oh’. Then she told me she needed to be fucked. She stood up, and leaned on the rail by the river. I stood behind her, lifted her skirt, and slipped my cock into her wet cunt. After only a few strokes I came hard inside her, and we both had to sit on the bench to recover.”

Annette had stopped looking at me now, her face was contorted, and she was breathing hard. The doona must have been frustrating her, because she threw it off, and I could see that with one hand she had two fingers in her cunt, and with the other she was playing her clit. She was a true blonde, I noted, and she shaved. She really was perfect after all! With almost a scream, she came, and she moaned and thrashed and quivered and moaned some more. I was awestruck. I slipped my robe off and started stroking my cock.

For a few minutes more, she writhed and gasped and made all sorts of cute orgasmic noises. I continued pumping my cock, wondering what was coming next. She lay back on the pillow, and finally saw what I was doing. “I really need to be fucked, now” she told me. “But I’m sorry, you can’t do it.” I felt that sinking feeling… “I do want to see you come, though, I’m just not taking any chances. Do you want me to suck you off? Jerk you off?”

I had had this fantasy many times. I straddled her chest, so that my cock hung over her chin. “Jerk me off,” I told her. Her hands reached up and started jerking me in front of her face. She had a gorgeous face. Framed by blonde hair, with Angelina Jolie lips and fuck me eyes. Her fuck me eyes watched my cock. Her small hands pumped me. I lifted her head higher on the pillow, and said “I’m about to come. Look at me. And keep your mouth wide open.” And she did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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